Grace Nicole Jun 24

Fine, I'm broken
Very broken
I've done things I can't take back
Sure, your shattered
Terribly shattered
You can't stop living in the past
This world is falling
Falling apart
There is no way to get around it
I'll kiss you softly
Hold you tightly
You've just got to love me back
So keep looking in my eyes
Maybe for tonight
Let's just be seventeen
We'll have no more problems
No more troubles
No need to be fixed
Just for tonight
Only you and I exist
Yes, were damaged
Very damaged
Yet I want a life with you
Because you're the one I choose

Inspired by Veronica and J.D. from "Heathers." This was made listening to the song "Seventeen" from the musical.
tamia Jun 14

the prophets and all the grownups were right
when they said that 17 was a beautiful age.
it is the age of falling in love,
when we are still young enough to hang onto a thread
but old enough to know better.
17 is being on the verge of entering
into the dreaded age of responsibility,
but wanting something more
than what this youth permits.
17 is a transitional time,
when the heart may know not its place
but what it beats for.
17 is a strange time
of learning and growing and being,
and i suppose we will all always be
who we were at seventeen.

Kee May 23

How long should I sit here and pretend that I haven't wanted to end it for 17 years?
How long should I say 'I'm good' when I was just crying the bathroom ten minutes ago?
How long should I stare in the mirror and say 'Maybe I'll cut my hair tomorrow' knowing deep down I won't go for the next six months.
How long should I avoid the inevitable?
How long is too long?
How long can I look at this world, this society, and think that this is the type of world I want to live in?

I guess at this point in our lives the world looks so much scarier. Especially when you're only a seventeen year old, sitting in high school classrooms, only seeing the world from a tiny photo on our phones.
Then right when you think you're getting a grip on your life they push you out into this whole other part of our universe you never expected you would get to. The grown up part. The getting a job part. The paying taxes part. The finding the perfect person for you part.
Its all thrown at you at once when you're seventeen.
To be honest if you've survived through the 5 years after high school you deserve a fucking trophy.
Because its scary man.

-LM| Midnight Thoughts
Anne Jan 14

Seventeen girls are lined up on a sidewalk;
Each one a year older than the one beside her.

Hello, One.
All things pure and graceful.
A perfect accident that would put a nebula to shame.
You aren't anything, yet you are so loved.

How do you do, five?
A cluster of merriment and wonder.
I'm sure you're well.
Tell the fairies I still love them.

Hi, Fourteen.
You're nailed in a blizzard,
And I'm sorry.
Lighting yourself on fire will not prevent you from dying.
You will make it.

Good evening, sixteen.
You are kind and harsh; everything you should be.
You're the girl every child is scared to become.

Hello, seventeen.
You're here, you're alive;
And that's all you need to be.
You've been cut, killed, milked and fed to dogs.
Yet you're still here.

But on the opposite side of the pavement, I see more.
Eighteen, nineteen, twenty.
I can see for miles.

I've only been able to read about the past.
I can mail old friends,
re-watch films.

But for the first time in my existence,
I can see a future.

I see girls learning, loving and growing in ways that I can't yet understand.

That's why I thank you;
All of you.
One through seventeen.
You have nearly killed me,
But I owe everything to you.

Yesterday I turn 17 years old; something that I would have thought to be impossible a few years ago.
Lunar Love Dec 2016

so young,
you've already taken
the world
by a storm
grabbing their gazes
enticing their ears

so old,
you're still taking
our hearts
by a gentle breeze
sweeping us off
of our feet

you are the element

from us carats, to you, seventeen!

for seventeen's first MAMA win! i will always be so happy and grateful for your hard work.
m i a Nov 2016

not only had i loved you

i adored you,




but even as i adored you,

you still came toward me,

with a glistening sword,

inbetween, what i thought

to be your precious fingers,

and stabbed my heart, as if

as if it were a piece of cardboard,

you ripped it apart, you ripped me

apart and yet,





darling, how i adored you.

this can be taken any way, whether it be of friendship, love, or a parent-child relationship. i hope this was somwhow enjoyable. *akkinda is korean for 'adore.'
Skylar Bouchard May 2016

When I was 17
I drank too much and only thought of myself
Now I'm 23
Not a damned thing has changed
And I'm damned just the same.

If I work all damn day
At least I'll play my nights away
If I stumble to your doorstep
Can you make sure I get home okay?
Either way, I'm damned just the same.

Some hearts are hard to hold
I can barely stand mine, I can't handle yours
She left me shaking in my boots
Like I'm 17 years old
Either way, I'm damned just the same.

Went to sell my soul
Met the devil at the crossroads
He said "I can't help you son,
No one would ever want that soul.
But I'll see you soon,
'cause you're damned just the same."

Written by Skylar Bouchard. All Rights Reserved.
Used and recorded by the band "Two Socks".
Lunar Love Apr 2016

1) We might have met with a hello, and I might have brushed it off by saying "later", but you were patient and waited for me. That's how I came to know of and learned to love you.
2) You keep telling me I was a carat in your diamond, that when I'm with you, you shine brighter and become stronger. Up to this day, you still make me feel so appreciated, needed and worthy, that I have learned to value what it means to live.
3) You adored me so much, that even with dried lips, you never failed to make my day with you smiling so wide at me, telling me over and over again that I'm the one you love, despite me telling you to stop because it was getting a little too cheesy.
4) And when you raised your hands up in the air, cheering me on, I  felt so much support, energy and positivity to get me through the hell days of life. "Long live us," you said. And I cling on to those special three words for the hope of future.
5) To win a race in life, you pushed me on, endlessly shouting "Ah yeah!" with every accomplishment and dream I fulfilled.
6) Being a risk-taker, you beckoned me to venture out with you to experience new things, moments, feelings and places. I never knew I could jam into myself so much in one day, but I did because you were there to help carry it all.
7) Even from our teens, into and past the twenties, I know we'll be here for each other. We've waited for each other for so long; finally we have a chance to be the mornings and nights we dreamed of.
8) When we grow up all the more, we'll understand each other more, and the both of us will change. But wouldn't it be true love already if our love for our changed selves still stay the same?
9) When you danced and took my hand in yours, I swear that was the time when you entered my heart with admiration bursting out of me, feeding my five senses alive.
10) And you were both a bliss and pain of mine. Whatever bad or good you've been through, I felt it all because we belong to each other.
11) Sometimes you fool around, but I love how you can be such a gentleman. Telling me to cover my knees, wear buttoned shirts all the way to my neck to prevent my collarbones from peeking out. But you don't know sometimes I like to see your collarbones, or neck veins. You're only human and I just stare in awe at your jawline, with my jaws dropping so in an unladylike fashion.
12) Who could forget February 14th? The first day you called me yours. I love how smart it was of you to do that; every Valentine's will be our anniversary. You were far away on that day, but you sent me flowers. Polaroids of you holding flowers, to be exact. I love how you were funny like that.
13) And chocolate. I love chocolate. You sang me songs about chocolate. Sweet, rich and just the right texture-- both your voice and chocolate.
14) The time you've spent staying up all night for me and my happiness; honestly was sometimes making me sad to see you weren't getting enough sleep or rest. You sacrificed so much for me, but all I can do is just love you more and more each day. Tell me, how can I make up for it? Appreciating every talent you have and every single thing and detail you created, was not enough. Even this writing is not enough.
15) There are countless times where you danced for me. Til now, you have never failed to sweep me off of my feet. Literally. But that's okay, if I fall. I know you'll be there to catch me.
16) And here is a new era. In the past, no matter how many times you complimented how good I look, I never really took you seriously or believed such words. Who knew a song about calling me pretty changed my viewpoint? At times, I don't get myself too for changing my thinking so quickly, but you still accept and love me anyways.
17) I may have been here since day one or not, I may have been here since the fourteenth or not, but rest assured, I promise you: I will be here until the end. And as cliche as it sounds, or as overused as it is, I'll always say the most raw and barest line of affection: I love you.

Here's seventeen reasons why I love you, Seventeen. But these reasons, and so many, many more, cannot amount to the love I feel for you. Even if I was able to write millions of books and get them translated into 50 languages, my feelings won't be enough. But I hope these words reach you one day, because you deserve to hear and know them.

I dedicate this to Seventeen, and to Carats. If you've noticed, the 17 reasons are derived from past experiences, moments, and their song lyrics. You just have to figure out which one is which (haha). You can read this "from me to seventeen", or "from me to bias". I tried to generalize it as much as possible, so that everyone, even non-carats could relate to it. I hope you enjoyed reading this, as much as I enjoyed writing it (and crying while trying to collect myself and my feelings). Here's to Seventeen and a successful era for them and us!

(c): @wnjnhi on twitter
Lunar Love Apr 2016

I missed him not in raindrops,
But in roaring tidal waves.
We were wild.

I missed him not in breezes,
But in dizzy hurricanes.
We were crazy.

I missed him not in a bouquet,
But in a maze of flower gardens.
We were lost.

I missed him not in a cloud,
But in the heavens above.
We were ethereal.

I missed him not in a rain puddle,
But in the lakes and seas.
We were deep.

I missed him not in the new world,
But in historical lands.
And up to this day, it's still the same,
We are classic.

To Karen: the first hansol poem I've ever written goes to you. Protect him, he's a classic keeper.
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