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BeLoved Jul 22
As I sit here on the bitter edge of seventeen
I daydream about the time the grass were green
I hate the way your love makes me act like a fein
Do you even think of me.
Happy birthday love,
Mia Kuhnle Apr 2
When I was 17
I wanted to be just like it.  
A girl of the heedless, of a twisted wind
And lashing overstory.
Bold in choice eyes burning gallant
When I stood not alone
On screaming nights
In crowded habitation

Writing my future’s
Threatening tumult
Apart from regularity
Prerogative, accompanying grail
Withered leaves of change.
Left with nothing more,
But to turn them over.
Inspired by and based off of the works of Larsen Bowker
Ishant17 Mar 29
When I was seventeen
I  held onto the destiny,
But now see i’m eighteen
And where I’ve been.
All the mountains,
Seemed Nearby hills
But look I just tumbled down,
From the very top
All bruised and broken.
There’s this wide ocean to dive
But  they don’t know
I drowned.
Oh I was just seventeen!
doing everything  
I didn’t mean.
But see it’s late... for
Yesterday I  turned eighteen
They say, it is summer that
the sun shines  the brightest
but they don’t know
It  burned too.
it all seemed
so small,
just like a hole
in the gigantic boat,
I overlooked for
I had just turned seventeen
And forgot  that
someday  I’ll be eighteen.
It was all just a fancy,
a teenage melody,
sweet to taste
but poison to my body.
The carefree vibrant soul
nourished my
seventeen and nothing
was left for the
soon to be eighteen.
Oh what I have been, just
while jumping to the eighteen.
A jump takes you upwards
but mine was directed
only downwards.
Down Down
down with  him
they all shouted.
Shouts their faces didn’t shout
but ones only my backs could hear.
Ohh seventeen!!
Ooh eighteen!!
Wish I had a different
Ending to my teen.
Austin Mizelle Dec 2018
In all honesty,
Seventeen syllables just
Can’t show all my love.
For her
Scared of the answer
And blind it with a bottle
To know what she thinks
I hold it and cuddle
The sour desperation of fear from her
And desire to know from me
She hides to pain to show
What I'm afraid of is me
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