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They were too clear
I could feel the hate
The regrets
It felt sad and once I woke up
I feel sick
Jessica Oge Feb 9
As a drop in the ocean
I need my Ripple Felt.
Amanda Kay Burke Dec 2020
Dear lover, best friend,
This *** I know is special
Like the first time felt
Touched for the very first time
Sanjana Tripathi Dec 2020

There is a silence,
Hidden in the loudest chaos.
There is a pain,
Hidden in the brightest smile.

There is a feeling,
Hidden in the backspaced words.
There is a thunder,
Hidden in the calmness.

Not every silence,
Need chaos to understand.
Not every pain,
Need tears to heal.

Not every feeling,
Need words to express,
Not every thunder,
Needs calmness to burst.

Sometimes things are,
Just meant to be understood.
Not to be justified or explained,
Just meant to be felt.

©Sanjana Tripathi
Silence needs to be understood.
Poetic T Sep 2020
We ponder upon the emotions and metaphors
                                    of the meaning of forever.

Is it our wording our voice, is it a single verse sang
                            within tune with out a tune

that holds our meaning to the here after.

What is out contribution,

      do we sing or justly fade.

For we weren't a stepping stone,
               but a pebble that got buried in the sand.

Now but lost in the footsteps that never even felt us.
Colm Aug 2020
I don’t bleed for you
Burn or in weeping fall like rain
With closed eyes or with headwinds sway
But like stars glistening
With night sky coldly watching
I am reminded
And think of you often
In a bright minded sort of way
Such a feeling. So felt. LOL self.
Colm Jul 2020
When I think about it. Like the dawn forgotten. Such feelings begin before we're even aware of them. Grow before we can even control them. And usually break before we could begin to explain them. Steadily forward and with a vision of hope, we all flow and have feelings floating around in our heads. Well most.
Celestial Jul 2020
You are a poets dream,
If I am to be a poet.
Hair as light and fluffy as a cloud.
Yet dense and woven like,
Vines in a forest of trees.

You are a poets dream.
If I am to put words on paper.
Smile as wide as the horizon.
Yet devious and charming like,
the demons that are biblical.

You are a poets dream.
If I am to believe in the word.
Eyes as deep as the ocean.
Yet changing and searching like,
a lighthouse in the storm.

You are a poets dream.
If I am to keep the beat.
Hands as strong as stone.
Yet guiding and scarred like,
the seasoned boat captian.

You are a poets dream.
If I am to patch the scene.
Heart as heavy as an anchor.
Yet beating and living like,
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