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And my love she lies
a sleeping like seed
beneath the ground
to await the coming
Sun and the day when
I will join her for It's
the first time be been

For when I layed her
down to rest and placed flowers on her grave
and as I walked away
I felt so guilty for
leaving her there for the first time on her

But In the summer Its
nice to where she lies when the flowers come
to bloom and birds do
sing again

And I sit and talk to her and tell her to be patient I will be joining her
In a little while, I can
spend much more time
In the summer
Helen she lise awaiting For Me but I've always felt guilty for leaving her for time alone
A taste of honey on
her lips I placed my
hands upon her
She took my breath
with the passion of
her kiss
Felt Heaven was now within my grasp for
true love I'd found at
First kiss with Helen took my breath away felt Heaven
Bea Aguilar Feb 3
“When was the last time you felt rejected?”
This is her way of opening me.
Pointing out the things
That broke me.
That breaks me.

I answered as tears carefully falls down
On my cheeks
As if feeling every pain
I intake.

“It was when I heard him say,
“It isn’t the same anymore.””
When I think about you my heart drops
When I hear your name my heart throbs
And when I'm near you my heart stops
I don't ever want this feeling to end...
Johnny walker Dec 2018
For twenty years I lived  the life with a beautiful
Felt like a King with his queen we ruled our own
the little kingdom that of our home
our castle an English mans home to where we lived and loved
but sadly she died and my castle walls came crashing
our kingdom was
all but gone our realm
our reign as king and queen was
Live with Helen I felt like a king Helen being my queen
Zahrina Dec 2018
She's a moonlight;
when the day comes
you will terribly miss her.

And when the night comes;
you extremely need her.
by zh.rn on the chapter of S.H.E
Luna Jay Dec 2018
A love like the wind-
Not seen,
A heart that you mend-
I gleam,
You sew the seam.
So now I carry with me
These things unseen.
My secret-
no,no that is not right
what i write?
change my sight

what sight!
she imprisoned my sight
to her sight

no, no that is not right
i will right

to her
no to her heart

telling in bright
about what i felt

i felt lonely
when she was wide
of my sight
love is nearest relationship between two hearts
Johnny walker Dec 2018
True love Is being there
no matter comes you
way, putting your loved
ones need first before
your own
Pleasure there ****** needs before your own respect and treat them as a woman should
Never take them for granted make every moment count If you're last, be grateful you've found someone who loves you
Always remember Love Is for the lucky, as It was for
Always felt love Is for lucky, as I considered It was for me finding Helen
sky Nov 2018
I once tried to write a poem
about how I felt.
but it was too hard,
for I was too numb
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