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love is a lifetime of examples of how we can overcome our fears, worries, and doubts.
It is invisible but can be seen, it is intangible but can be felt,
it is inaudible but you know it when you hear it.
at times it can seem to be extinct, and others make you as euphoric as the most powerful drug.
in the end it is only you who can choose to let it in, push it away, or accept it
Strang thing called love, none can point to it but it is all around but it is deadly as beautiful
BoringBoy Sep 4
I didn't want to let go...
of all of our memories
of the long lost nights talking
of the dreams we'd share to one another
of the interest that was once mutual.

I didn't want it to change...
at least not into this
i liked you so much
i couldn't tell you what this feeling is.

But you let me go, and I fell on your shallow ground...
i wasn't the prettiest, so you didn't want me
i wasn't the funniest, not entertaining
i'm not the most colorful, so you didn't see me
but you used to...what happened?

Yet, after I told you that I couldn't watch you disappear...
and although you didn't seem to care
somehow, i felt relieved.

Because it wasn't you that I was going to lose...
but just another part of me.
i saved my self, and i got away.
i truly cared for you
after all the things telling me not to...
and you let me get away.
thank you
japheth Aug 29
there are poetries

meant to be read,

there are poetries

meant to be spoken,

but all poetries

are meant to be felt.
Johnny walker Aug 29
She was all and everything
to me I was blinded to everything except her beauty and her goodness that came from deep
Such loverly kind and caring person that's what Helen surely was to all that knew her I was the luckiest man for I had won her
Johnny walker Jul 26
The times I've awoken to
the morning light In a cold sweat from last nights dreams I did not want to relive not even In my
Dreams of sweetheart as
she was passing away last moments with her feeling
the grip of her hand In
slowly falling away for my sweetheart was fading away from this life that we'd shared together that I now have to live
Something has changed
Since I last was awake
Sounds are wrong
My pulse is unnerved
My limbs are sitting strangely
The world blurs
As rain twinkles down
Crouching outside
On the edge
Of a field of weeds
I am not wanted
I do not belong
Some space is being taken
By me
That is not mine to take
Hahaha something is wrong.
Johnny walker May 22
Goodbye my love and true friend the one who stayed brave to the very end I'll say bye untill we again not In
this life but the
And although I her miss so
In truth I never really let her go for her spirit never left for she'll always be with
The bravest woman I've ever known and stayed so very true to me so blessed I've been to be her
Ellie Grace May 10
This is bravery
baring my soul for all to see
making my voice heard
and my pain felt
saying to the world
that I am here

A Heart for Two

something I asked you.

so I thought I'd lost it.
But then when I felt
your love
I knew that it was not a
Heart for Two
but a
Heart for Me and You
Too bad you can't go to the store and ask for a Heart for Two.
Johnny walker Apr 16
And as I walked out with my sweetheart one day
such beautiful day and the sun shone brightly as I held her hand
for I never wanted to let her hand go for the first time In my life I felt like a man walking out with my sweetheart at my
so proud of this girl who now walked  by my side often to park It's to there we would go to where we'd sit and talk for a
remember the first kiss so well for It was that first kiss and I knew this girl would be mine for the first In my life I felt like a
walking out with this pretty girl called
there by side It wasn't long
before Helen became my wife and we both  embarked on a wonderful
First-time life I felt like a man walking out with this called at my side and the first kiss we ever had it then I knew Helen would be mine
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