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The stars dance
to a song we know by ear.
In circles, they move;
gold dust envelopes us
in varied rhythms,
and amplifies the volume
our bodies speak in singularity.

That spring day,
I held a delicious glimpse
of your soul.

But like heavy hands
on ivory keys,
my eyes quivered open
to the darkest winter.

For a moment in time,
the cosmos allowed me
to shine with you.
I have already forgotten
the glimmer in your eyes,
like a ship that passed in the night;
a star that leads me
back to shore.
Can you tell that this one is about BTS HAHA
isabella Jul 21
“In the street filled with flowers/I see you today as well/Would it be possible to carry it inside me”

Flowers twine up your arms like lightly inked tattoos,
The back of your pages burn a bright image into my brain,
I see you today and I see you tomorrow,
I can almost imagine a future within your garden.

“In the park that the dawn’s moon has passed over/I now fill it with my emotions/This song is headed towards you”

The flowers are wilted in the garden, the park benches shine with frosty light,
The moon wavers in the sky and with each droplet it breaks into more pieces,
I wish my emotions were as still as the puddles on the ground,
But peace has no song, the dawn sings only for love, blooming for you.

“I hear the sound of the film/That is lit up by the moon in the night sky”

Our relationship unravels, each roll thin and transparent,
If I held it up to the sky the stars would shine through.
It’s time to move on, it’s time for another park, another walk,
Another smile, another breath, another touch, another film.

“I still wonder wonder beautiful story/Still wonder wonder best part”

I may wonder what would have happened,
I may remember the times of joy and exhilaration,
Remember the way our moon shone clear in the night sky,
It truly was a beautiful story.

“I still wander wander next story/I want to make you mine”

Our story may have been beautiful,
But the dawn follows the night just as
Each story follows another.
Will you be mine?
isabella Jul 21
“Full of loneliness/This garden bloomed”

surrounded by people yet isolated
my heart yearns for someone it cannot have,
the roses twist around empty air,
they yet cannot grow without the weeds

“What is your name?”

your name is all the letters of the alphabets,
sprawled along the floor of my soul like cats relaxing in the sun,
i feel them purring through my chest, my hands, my mouth,
and your name slips between my lips as i unravel.

“All of your warmth is real/The blue flower your hand was picking/I want to hold it but”

the first time i held your hand was by accident,
the second time a soft tug at my wrist,
the rose within my heart pursued your roots,
i held on and you never ever let go.

Don't smile on me
Light on me

“It’s my fate/Don’t smile on me/Lie to me”

my mama told me true love was hard to find,
you smiled at me and told me you loved me,
and the light and darkness separated like the red sea,
but was it light or a lie? there really is no difference, is there

“I can’t show you a ruined part of myself/Once again I put a mask again and go to see you”

if you knew i loved you the way i’ve always wanted to,
what would you say to me? twice i’ve broken
a light a lie and a lesson
can you teach me not to cry?

“But I still want you”

in the deepest darkest night, i take off my mask
see the cracks etched on my face,
and smile uncertainly at the mirror, imagining you
i’ll see you tomorrow. i can’t help but want you.
Nimrat Kaur Jul 1
Love Maze

Through the blood and sweat I write
a wishful story you'll remember.
A flower which bloomed too soon I thought
was only my own to surrender.

A voice I once heard urged me
to speak myself and love myself.
Although I attempted to touch it
That voice I heard, was someone else.

I ran around in a pool of tears
afraid and wet from pain.
I ran around only in circles
it was a maze I wandered around in vain.

And so I heard that lonely ballad,
a voice that wasn't my own.
In my pool of tears as I searched
I realized my maze was made of stones.

"A little push, a little tug"
I heard the voice tell me.
"Is all it takes to begin the growth
of your very own journey."

I felt it's warmth was
the closest to reality.
The voice that kept on
urging me.

For when I swam ahead
instead of search, I realized
I had found my magic shop
undisguised, it vaporized...

The stones fell away
my maze was shattered.
For now I saw before me
a "love" maze, the stones were all scattered.

-Little Saint
cyrene Jun 21
diamonds were what I could never be.
but as night fell; I outshined the moonlight.
now, diamonds dream of being me
Today marks as your 7th year,
We'll never stop to cheer.
BTS plus ARMY consists of seven letters,
BTS has seven members.
We cry and laugh with you.
You made us feel loved and made us accept our flaws.
When we are exhausted, we don't get tired because we have you.
We are continuing to break the walls.
So don't worry about anything,
We'll stay with you forever.
We are together bulletproof.
We Purple you.
We Purple you💜
BangtansGirl Apr 11
I found this story on insta....pls check it out. this post is all about it  (ctto)

        it's true armys, where did that contagious bunny smile go? why? why do people have to be like this? all questions that have been rushing through my broken mind. it doesn't have to be like this. he shouldn't get this. yet he does. and it breaks me to watch day by day, that smile fade....
it breaks me..
because i truly want him to have everything. i will give him my life,

but how do I do that? how can I make him happy...

                    a girl that loves him...who is miles away...she is so far away. so hard to reach him, give him her touch. so far to whisper in his soft ears that he is enough. she wants the very best for this angel but how can she give him the 'very best' when she will never pass that test. she wants him to know how much she cares. that "it doesn't matter what they say. you are perfect by the way".... but when reality hits hard.. that no matter how much she believes, she will never feel his heart. she will never be able to tell him "i love you so much". she can only cry, and watch as he breaks and sighs.
but no matter what happens, she made a promise "i promise to never say goodbye" but she will stop to try. trying to stop all his tears while her eyes blur from her own. because she knows no matter how hard she tries and tries, she will never be the one. the one to stop him from falling apart. she goes crazy every night, her head feeling so light. her broken voice whispers out
"I love you so **** much. I want you to love yourself. to not listen to them. because you are perfect my love. I don't want you to cry anymore. that's enough of the tears and heartbreaks. those people that hate, they aren't worth your precious time. I know it's hard...pain kills. but I am here...and you don't know that. but I am here. so I just hope you realize that you are my world and... I don't ever wish to see you fall. so while I am lying on my knees, ready to die. do me a favour and smile. do me a favour and get up on your would make my life"
and then reality hits again... she can wish and wish and try every second of the day...but she will never get to say this to his face. only in her head, it's true that he will be hers, but outside her cruel mind, she realizes "he will never be mine".
and the pain, once again, she burst out into tears, finally accepting the fact that
"I am just a fan"
BangtansGirl Mar 11
I ran towards the full moon, into the controlling night sky. I was breathless, chasing this mysterious guy. I asked myself “is it possible to be in love with someone you don’t know”. But we had met, in a dream, somewhere under the rainbow. The blinding moon casted my shadow, but as I got closer to my mysterious love, I knew there will be a faithful tomorrow. Even though I don’t know this fellow, he made me so happy yet so hollow. I felt so drained, my sadness still remains. Because I am chasing after a guy, with the darkness following me, but when I meet my love, I know I will be free. Just wait and you see, the way he will kiss me. And hug me. How he will adore my soul. Wait and you'll see... how we will
slowly become a whole.
BangtansGirl Mar 9
From the moon and back, and back to the moon again, I can’t write how much I love you using a hundred pens. You fill my life with such joy, my lovely, pale boy. The little time I have known your existence on this earth, I have learned your beautiful worth. You taught me so much, I wish I can reach you and express my love but sadly you are out of touch. So for now, I write you this love letter, so your day will not be bitter. I love you so dearly
, my beautiful min yoongi.
chris Feb 26
that make me,


even if i fall,
             i come right up, and scream

even if i fall,
             i come right up, and scream
      that's how we've always been

even if my knees drop to the ground,
         as long as they don't get buried,
it won't matter
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