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A prince from the heaven
Who was Fallen to Busan
Melting worldwide heart
With your magical arts

A nightingaleous voice
Taking us to our utopia
A bunny smile
To make our euphoria
Wrote this for the birthday of the BTS member, Jeon Jungkook
She is not as kind as Cinderella
Who had pair of glass shoes
She is not as worthy as Jasmine
Who went on a magical carpet ride
She doesn’t have a long golden hair
As Rapunzel in the tall tower
She is not as fortunate as Sleeping Beauty
Who woke up from a century’s sleep
She doesn’t have a green gloomy tail
As little mermaid in the deep ocean
She is not as powerful as Queen Elsa
To create castles with frozen water
She is not as  brave as Belle in amber
Who went on her life with a beast
She is not Wendy with Peter beside
To fly through the clouds in the night

But she maybe Snow White
And seven of you are her seven dwarfs
Who takes care of her
Till she meet her own prince
The Seven Dwarfs are the Boys of the South Korean Boybad BTS
Srujani May 27
Never knew you have The truth untold behind
to make you Hold me tight
am just loving this Serendipity
that you are the cause of my Euphoria
Begin during my Epiphany of Fake love Tear days
made it went smooth like Butter

you are the only Butterfly of My time that
I can't Let go on what Your eyes tell
Promise you never to Lie despite of any Purpose
let the rhythm of our Heartbeat make out a Magic shop
where memories can Stay Forever young

Love like Life goes ON Still with you
heart said I need u even
when i imagined being you Like! Pied piper Filter
even when it went all Blue & grey

now after all this Love maze
I know i can Make it right
there is no 00:00 needed to Fix you
let me be you're Anpanman
Stay gold....i found my Home
let me show you how it looks like
when it comes to a Boy with luv

ugh! Everythingoeson Just one day my Paradise!
but for now let your Inner child
sleep like Winter bear under the Moon Light,
Tomorrow let's Awake with a cup of Spring days Coffee
where i gonna Film out with The eternal smile of yours
& do anything For you!
Srujani May 23
Just imagine loving someone just looking at them
observing their smallest gestures and acts
& getting excited like a kid
where you never found yourself like this before

laughing just because they are laughing
getting touched with their words which were actually so usual

sometimes being lover feeling proud
sometimes feeling like a mom who is proud of her child

finding the cuteness in their hotness
finding the vividness when everything was blur
finding the similarities knowing more as if like a serious PHD

and that smile when you watch their pic
where one day suddenly finding out that you can hear pictures
finding out that their name had became an emotion

and finally accepting the truth that
they actually don't even know your existence
but also accepting that this will be the love till eternity
In the world of temporary loves
I feel at least this fangirling will forever⟬⟭
mey Apr 20
I know you probably won’t be able to read this bit of my soul, but I just wanted to say that up until now, I’ve crossed an uncountable number of lines. To other people, it may seem like I make a big deal out of minuscule things, but as a human, I’ve made many, many mistakes..but, I’m not one to forgive myself. I’m the kind who fits herself into the stereotypes ones boxed into.
       I’m the “nerd”, “the mute”; “quiet kid”, “the hopeless romantic”, and every other category they box me into. I don’t fight back. I don’t look them in the eye. I just sit there with my head drooped, silently wishing to go by unnoticed, because the truth is..I’m afraid. I’m afraid of what they might say back. I’m afraid of messing up, I’m afraid, I’m afraid, I’m afraid. But most of all..I’m afraid of their words. I’m afraid of their words because what they might say back is unknown. By the time I wait, the words just melt underneath my tongue, and all that’s left is the uncertainty.
       Through my experiences, I learned that I don’t need to be afraid. I learned that people can be harsh sometimes, but it’s not my fault. There’s nothing wrong with me. The only person who was wrong, was the person who thought they had power over me. The power to change my mind, to make me think that I’m not worth it. That I’m not worth it..?

Then came these seven angels..
           They taught me to love myself, little by little, everyday. My world turned right side up, and there was nothing left to lose. Back before then, I remember not bothering to look both ways before crossing the street, because I thought, there was no good reason to live. I was wrong. I slowly started to realize my worth, I wasn’t what people said I was, because the only definition they were giving, was a reflection of themselves. I mean sure not everything was perfect from then on since, but I still continued to love myself because of these seven men from South Korea who had such an impact on me, that I could never forget.
            From then on, I was the girl who didn’t let labels stop her from being her own self, I was the girl who kicked open the box of stereotypes she was stuck in for a long time. I was the girl who stopped apologizing for the things she did right. I was the girl who never stopped dreaming. But most of all..I am now the girl who’s not alone. I have these seven brave handsome looking knights and an entire “ARMY” after all.
It may seem like I was pretty subtle about these “seven angels” I was talking about, but a true ARMY would know exactly who I’m talking about. 💜
mey Apr 16
ㅡ 💜] In all shades of purple; my violet crayons. The ones I never have enough of. The ones I use to colour the evening sky. Rare, but beautiful.
heureuseelle Apr 14
A three letter word that I've always seen, but don't know what it mean. Then 7 amazing boys came into my life and kept me alive. They gave my wings another reason fly, they have shown me my worth in this beautiful world. They gave me a shoulder to cry on, hands to hold on to and their backs to lean on to, they're the reason that I smile that stretches for a mile. Thank you for being there for me, for making me smile and cry at the same time, thank you for bringing faith back into my life and thank you for saving me my anpanmans.
Rahel Mar 15
Know that we're proud.
Know that even you've lost a Grammy, Army shouts out loud
I hope you know by you we'll always, always stand.
So, taetae, babie, chin up,
Know that you have an OCEAN of people with you
so i tell you, next time will bring better luck. :)
Jungkook-ah, you might not always let others know how you feel
But know that you are the real deal
And godddd, do you know how many hearts you steal?
Yoongi, Agust D, we love you.
Though you've had a rough last year, you've come back with a desire to start anew
Know that you're talented and loved, through and through.
Seokjinnie, my almost-spirit animal, you've always made people laugh
But sometimes
No one sees you hurting, cries on your behalf
And to you I tell, know that you're our moon. :)
Hoba, you unveil darkness with your light
Lighting up any room you're in with a simple smile,
Know that we cherish you and are grateful for you, and you, ***, are gonna go miles.
Namjoonie, my lil rubber duck (ducktan!), you are my comfort person
Know that, in this world, protecting you needs no reason.
I adore you.
Jiminie, the aphrodite to my ares, sleep peacefully
Sleep knowing that there are millions of people watching over you, guarding you.

May the universe hold you in the hollow of its hand.
This was written to ease the heartbreak of me watching their reaction over and over again to somehow telepathically comfort tae flinching.
You had no money
We knew, that's not funny
To eat, To drink
Or to travel by bus
But now as a superstar, you got all
You pursued your dreams
And you see our screams
You are our rapper,

Cute thin long eyes
Which cannot tell lies
The soft smile of your face
Makes me happy, no matter what case
A kind loving heart
You had from the start
You are our rapper,
I wrote this for South Korean Rapper Suga of BTS on his birthday
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