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j Mar 9
you put yourself down
just so you can lift me up
with a casual reminder,
a good thought,
a sense of solace,
a form of comfort,
you keep me on the ground,
safe and sound,
without holding me down
or pushing me around,
you’re close enough
yet so far away,
you hold my hand
so that i don’t float away
yet you still insist i fly my way,

and your words;
they’d hold me tight
as they swear it’ll be okay,
and your words, your songs;
an anchor for a flying ship,
a promise that it’ll be alright,
a glimpse of light,
a handful of hope
enough to get me through the night,
and your words, your songs,
your presence;
a sense of solace,
a form of comfort,
a promise that it’ll be okay,
and that i’ll never fade away.
happy birthday ❤️
AIA Mar 1
Our meeting is like a mathematical formula
Commandments of religion, providence of the universe;
The evidence of destiny given to me
You're the source of my dream
Take it, take it
My hand reaching out to you is my chosen fate.
Don't worry, love
None of this is a coincidence
We're totally different, baby
Because we're the two who found our destiny
From the day of the universe's creation and beyond
Through the infinite centuries and beyond
In the previous life and maybe the next too
We're eternally together
Once Again, this is a song lyric from BTS titled DNA. Please try to watch and listen to it. Thank you! :*
#BangtanSonyeondan #kimtaehyung #jeonjungkook
AIA Feb 28
If it was for you
I could pretend that I was happy even if I was sad
If it was for you
I could pretend that I was strong even if I was hurt
Wishing that love is perfect as itself
Wishing all my weakness can be hidden
In a dream where nothing worked out for me
I raised a flower that couldn't bloom
I raised a flower that's couldn't bloom in a dream that can't come true
This is an English translation of a song lyrics titled *Fake Love* of a Korean Boy Band BTS. Try to listen to it and to their songs they are so meaningful. Also, they have a lot of songs that can make people relate not just about loving someone but also about loving ourselves.

#KimSeokJin #MinYoongi #KimNamJoon #JungHoseok #ParkJimin #KimTaehyung #JeonJungkook #BangtanSonyeondan
rita powell Feb 25
When the daemon of a person is lost
that person will wander through trackless wastes.

If she sweeps her house and prays diligently,
It may be
that seven new spirits
will come and take up residence with her
and there will be dancing
and a turning
and a new fire may be kindled.
Inspired by Luke 11:25 and the loss of my beloved Siamese cate
rita powell Feb 25
giraffe comes to the dinner party
rabbit in the moon
shark flies through night sky
to devour dancers in the cage
white tiger leaps to cover my eyes
what kind of song is this?
Inspired by a Korean zen koan by Master Hyobong and the BTS MV Idol
rita powell Feb 25
It is the soaring
The arched back

You must have chaos inside you
To give birth to a dancing star

Alive reaching
To speak to guide

The chaos inside
Everything all at once

The arched back
Sound of heels on a marble floor in a big quiet room
Filled with art

Huge external sound of the *****
A ticket

To get lost
All at once
   The table
     The glassware
         The cocktail
The landscape
   The love
       The company
The clothes
    The beautiful shape
        The taught and soft skin
The text

Can’t contain

Everything all at once
The arched back

The flight is worth the fall.
moon Feb 15
i had to keep reminding myself that things would be okay.
that even if things aren't okay now,
they will be,
after another long, tiring day,
i pat myself on the back.
i felt my muscles ache from doing so but knowing that you're here for me was enough to make me feel better already
inspired by promise by jimin
He taught me all the colors of love
And none of them was
TaeTae..... I purple you..... To the moon and back
But still, i purple my bunny more,
Bunny..... I purple you...... To the saturn and back(coz that's the farthest we've reached
In the street full of flowers,
I saw you again.
The sound of film can be heard,
Didn't care if what I captured was blurred.

You probably didn't know when you started hurting me.
I approached you and I want to be honest with you this night.
I still wonder, wonder, beautiful story.
I still wander, wander, next story.

You were hurting too,
Now promise me,
Don't throw yourself away.
You should be your light baby.

Like the other day,
Come in front of me baby.
I want you to be your night.
In this scenery full of flowers,
Interwine our pinkies,
I want to make you mine.
I really love 'Scenery' of BTS ' V and 'Promise' of BTS' Jimin. I was thinking of creating a separate poem of the two but why not combine?  So I tried but I think it's messy so I'm sorry.
I wanted to live for you.
I wanted to sacrifice myself for you.
It's always you that I love.
I gave you more than just enough.
As I kept doing it,
The squall inside me became uncontrolled.
It caused me a lot of pain.
I only realize now,
I'm the one I should love in this world.
This precious soul of mine.
Not so perfect but so beautiful.
Epiphany means a sudden realization. I got inspired by Epiphany of Bts Jin. You guys should listen to it. It is a beautiful song.
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