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m i a Jul 2017
she made me speechless,
everyday words could
never describe her,
so i found beautiful
words that described
the beautiful her.
she is inexpressible.
   [coming soon.]
m i a Mar 2017
hearts and minds have become televised
we give every part of us for the world to
see and judge, because we crave attention
and criticism more than ever, just so we
can hold a grudge, like fudge
when have we ever
seen a society more damaged
than our own?
m i a Feb 2017
i feel drunk when i think
about you
you were a past memory
a dream
as if you were never real
please help me erase you from my memories.
m i a Feb 2017
you search deeply in her eyes for pieces of me

you seem to fail everytime
and give her up easily
just like one. two. three.

you fall asleep
hoping and dreaming
to erase memories of me

but you're too blind to
be able to search & see
for the special key
that'll help you
forget me

for i am your biggest regret
your most stressing debt
your worst threat
but don't fret or

i'm sure you'll
forget our little
duet someday
to my love, my babe.
  Jan 2017 m i a
Gabriel burnS
bodies are galaxies;
and within ours
go all rogue in seconds,
talking to each other
permission and consent;
without our knowledge;
there is a plot
behind our backs,
a conspiracy
of unexplored possibilities;
and like plastic dolls
at the hands of gods
we are drawn so close,
a clash ensues
of comfort zones
with the aid of gravity;
we'll regain control,
of course,
just before impact
m i a Jan 2017
poetry for me is not the emotions i'm feeling,
but the emotions i felt
for they have been transformed into words and onto paper,
and are no longer apart of me,
but instead are now apart of something bigger, and far beyond me
this is poetry for me.
  Jan 2017 m i a
you + me
i thought
we would
stay together
for infinity

i felt like
i was in
my prime

but you
me from
your life
i guess you wanted something < than me

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