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  Aug 2019 m i a
Guy Furniture
If it wasn't meant to happen
then let it pass
but enjoy the good times whilst it lasts
Don't be sad as it starts to end
find the good in goodbye
and be happy that it ever began
If it's meant to happen
it surely will
As we have no options in life
no free will
All I know
is you'll be happy in the end
So if it's not now
than it's not nearly the end.
m i a Aug 2019
and i know we’re not supposed to chase love, trust me i know
but darling why do i want to chase you
even though
i know it’s wrong?

they say you should let love find you, but what if i already found you, and i just have to wait for you to find me? that’s not wrong right?

i will choose to chase you—
not to make you love me,
but so that you can find me
on your own time, i’ll  always
wait for you to find me. always.
im in a quarrel with myself because im chasing someone who is so hard to catch, but im willing to risk it all for him. i really really am.
m i a Aug 2019
i poured my heart out to you
through a blue rectangle box
h o p i n g your eyes would
light up just like your phone
screen did when my confession
got to you.

but, even though my thoughts
were obviously delivered—
my emotions were not conveyed
and all i received in return was
a simple but haunting, “okay.”
i recently have learned that it is so much better to confess to someone he old fashion way, instead of through text or dms. trust me guys.
m i a Aug 2019
i have begged the earth
to orbit faster so that our days may
be shorter and i can finally have
you in my
arms again.
for my love, who is yet to know that my heart belongs to him.
m i a Jul 2017
she made me speechless,
everyday words could
never describe her,
so i found beautiful
words that described
the beautiful her.
she is inexpressible.
   [coming soon.]
m i a Mar 2017
hearts and minds have become televised
we give every part of us for the world to
see and judge, because we crave attention
and criticism more than ever, just so we
can hold a grudge, like fudge
when have we ever
seen a society more damaged
than our own?
m i a Feb 2017
i feel drunk when i think
about you
you were a past memory
a dream
as if you were never real
please help me erase you from my memories.
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