Audora Jan 5

I am made entirely of ruins
and i destroy all that i touch

L Dec 2017

I am ruined,
I ruin you and me,
I'm in ruins,
Trusting only me,
I have ruined,
The glue in between,
Oh, I ruin,
Every path that crosses me.

I smoke when I am angry and when I'm sad. I smoke now in a parking lot, thinking of what we had.
Marie Nov 2017

if we were honest
we would hand the truth
like loaded metal to hold
against our heads

but we sow lies like salt
and all we can grow
is too afraid the other
would pull the trigger

if we were honest,
but we're ruins.
Seema Nov 2017

One needs to be brave
To walk inside those caves
Where lays the ruins and graves
Spirits luring and crave

The path clears within
Where the air grows thin
The tunnel that bores pain
Draws many people in

The dark caves whispers
Come in, my seekers
Echos out the cries of creepers
Who are those sleepers?

In the night of full moon
When the sun sets in the noon
The smearing mist swoon
Eating away the light too soon

The air chills around this place
Shivers the nerves,freezes your face
Yet the horrific night moves in pace
The fear drowns everyone within its space...


Spilling imagination. Fictional write.
Blois Nov 2017

I don't know what to do with it all,
the flowers, the elephant and the
ruins under my feet.
The long and brooding presence.

It is clear that I haven't come to grips
with this upsidedown world. I shouln't have
saved all these goodbyes (at the end, all die
and their ghosts will never leave you).

I saw you floating today and I found
how hard it is to scream underwater.

Irina BBota Oct 2017

I believe… that the night hides abyss of silence,
fleeting butterflies swirls and bends over my eyelashes,
gloomy shadows, shuddering cavalcades of emotions,
the seed of light breaks down the tangled paths of life …

I believe... that nostalgia has the perfume of a rainbow
what strikes the unwritten verse between my lips,
with withered sounds resonating on the alley of life
the noisy clinker wants the world to amuse ...

I believe... that the water's murmur reflects bulbs of light,
the sad dance of the autumn cuts the road to ruins,
the trembling forest, dry, now deeply broken,
wants to mourne in front of heaven, making things right  ...

I believe... that springs will mirror in the quiet waters,
the serene sighs will once whisper my name,
to disturb the calm of warm hours with a charming smile,
to turn on the desire with his mouth hungry for love ...

Lily Mae Oct 2017

Stepping back in time
while embracing the spirits
of times long cast to the wind
our hearts open and senses
become alive; hyper aware

Moving in slow motion
feeling the strength of the shield
in place, chills move through me;
I look at you and see the same
breath ceases for a moment

Walking across the threshold
of ancient ruins the inhale takes place
causing my thoughts to swim inside
eons of yesteryear's while arms of
old hold me up; embracing all that once was

It was there that I saw a part of you for
the first time
a part that was whole with bold edgings;
someone strong within themselves
while combining flesh and spirit

That moment was reminded of our own
history, our past walks together on this earth
and it was when that I knew I loved
you from this lifetime and all others;
a solid form of truth in a world of lies

Finding the foundation in ruins~

the world

was nothing but ruins

a future

no one wanted

it came in words

in letters

in the fists thrown by many

as if 21 guns

as said in the song

shot out at once

but no arms were in surrender

just blood everywhere

tears on every childs face

corpses of families everywhere

if only

we could've known

this was preventable

this could be solved

with just the words

I'm Sorry

these ruins

are our present

if only

we could go back

to our not so ruined past

I wrote this a year ago but it's kind of relative to recent events. Also, yes it is I, I am back after 3 year Hiatus.
Ako Aug 2017

I am a debris
Of what you built inside that
I prayed for eons

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