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Jay M Dec 2020
Would you mind if I caused you hell?
That's all I bring
Chaos and pain
Crumbling with nothing to gain
Besides perhaps some company
In this long since ghost town

Desperately cleaning the cobwebs
Pick up, tidy it all up
Sweep away the lingering destruction
Bring back life in the ruins
Scrap by scrap
Nail by nail
Stone by stone
It shall be whole again

Pick up the pieces
Shattered glass on chilling stone
Fragment by fragment
Gently placed in a burnt wooden box
Where it once stood
Burning and bright
Hoping to one day be forged anew

Clouds of grey consume all color
Drained away to a place unseen
Wind scarcely moving the dust
Circulating the near stale air

Change will come
To these ruins one day
As hope holds fast

- Jay M
December 11th, 2020
Veritia Venandi Nov 2020
A brief sense of history takes over my olfactory lobes
Sniffing, I smell ancient burnt bricks and lime mortar
My hands reach for the uneven floor piled with ages of dust and the ragged walls portraying a dull grey...
Reminiscent of the times lost and stabbed by cruel hands of destiny...
Pieces of carvings of flowers and animals lay scattered on the frozen grounds
An eerie stillness presides over them causing my heart to tremble in an unknown sorrow...
Statues, full and broken seem to lay all over as if knocked out by the ravages of time...
What enigma is this time? Like a vain ruler, it rules over the ruin...unaffected by the lost happiness of this once glorious kingdom...
Darkness is the new king and silence the queen
That reigns terror in this empty palace day and night
Roots seem to have penetrated into its giant stone of a heart...
And wild birds have found a shelter in its once forbidden chambers...

I wander aimlessly pondering over the sights I see...

The full moon shines on my face through a crack in the roof...
As if wondering about the purpose of my visit into this empty land
I remain silent feeling the chill of mystery that surrounds my soul...
I suddenly realise that I feel solace in this vacancy... That same vacancy tries to reign over my heart... shredding it into pieces...
Maybe that is why I can so much sympathise with this non living entity...
It is as if my mind and the mind of this ancient structure are one and the same...
We seem to connect to each other, like old lost friends...
For who better can understand the essence of a ruin other than the one whose life feels like a ruin...

Tired I lay over it's bare ground feeling the memories of the days gone by...The ringing laughters,the shedded tears ,the spilled secrets and the peace lost forever...

Time passed over on the wings of a bat...
And finally an ancient sleep took over...!
Just a fictional write!
I wrote it out of my love for ancient places:)
Thank you so much for stopping by and taking the time to read! ❤❤
Alexis Janelle Aug 2020
He's the  marvelous,
He is frightful and strong,
One thing that he did wrong,
Was to choose the Queen,

He listens to her,
Obeyed her,
He loves his wife,
But she's bad news,

One time we lost our troops,
Engaged in  war our kingdom started with,
I am sure it wasn't the Kings fault,
Maybe the Queen did it,

She's the one who imposed the plan,
The King played his part,
No wondered how he's handled with no wounds,
Whiten clothes never bathed in filthy blood,

And the Queen?
She's just being there cleaning up the wounds,
Acting she cared,
But she's just patching up her mistakes,

Days passed,
Our kingdom could've been worse,
If we waited for the battle,
The enemies would be prepared,

Unfinished armor,
Explosive things,
Unprepared troops,
Hail to the glory of the King,

He is sure the mightiest,
He protected the Kingdom,
He is the Great,
The only mistake he did was to marry the Queen
lua Aug 2020
and there is darkness once again in this place
of the gentle strum of a broken guitar
and the old crumbling walls that surround us
eager to give in
and let the ceiling ripple
crashing like giant waves
on a bright beach's shore
but we escape
from all these things birthed from ruin
and the tenderness of a warm hand
we escape
each fragmented laugh that echo the halls
and the days etched into the earth
we escape
and leave our souls behind
one piece at a time
and plant it into the soil
hoping it could grow and flourish
in this dark place.
Lily Priest Jul 2020
Im quixsotically sick
Pining for my pick of the nostalgic.
Ruined stone upon ruined stone
With their merest mutterings
hold more splendour
Than the present,
So absent I become,
Distracted and whimsical
In my love for all I will never see
Sujan Jun 2020
As memories become,
Ruins of the past,
Remnants of history,
Hazy and distant

See, how time flies
michael Jun 2020
Around time scarred columns,
Sun bleached waves swell.
No songs or poems
Can say
What these weathered walls tell.
Patterson Jun 2020
There is broken stone under my feet,
toppled pillars, their carved surfaces
reduced to dust now filtering through
the stray rays of light.
The windows now wide open
like wounds, like the skies and seas.
This fallen cathedral is a signal,
this is holy ground
you may never tread on.

These ruins are my birthplace,
the dying light, my mother.
These stones are my bones,
the fractured columns witness
my recreation.
I am new,

And as I open my eyes for the first time,
the wind fills my lungs and kisses my lips.
And I am in love once more.
I am in love with the light
breaking through the clouds,
in love with a warmth
that I've never felt before.
In love with the seas beyond my walls
and the ivy beneath my feet.
I am in love with life
and what I am slowly becoming

Fiercely in love with the breaking
and the tearing: the shedding of old skin.
And I am happy
I am wild
I am free

I am home
May 30 - and now I began to come to terms with who I am and the power I have within me to recreate my life.  The ruins I once believed myself to be can be made into something lovely
Ileana Amara Apr 2020
Coffee sessions at 0219 St. Café,
Past 4 PM in the afternoon,
Flipping the rattan-made tissue holder,
"What's our case for today?"

Hours would go on for stories and opinions,
About our lives we all have yet fathomed.

It would start with no "Hello's" or "Hey's"
But "café later?" and "No" wasn't an answer,
Friends exist to have your back,
and for coffee and life discussions.

In a slow yet seemingly rapid motion of time,
No more greetings or invites or even goodbyes,
the usual café across the street was taken down,
Before anyone knew, we were walking down separated roads, it was a slow fade.

A lovely, comprehending friendship and frequent coffees,
all wrapped up with an invincible quiet farewell,
Worse than a bleeding heartbreak without any anesthesia,
I hold my composure up for such bittersweet ruins.

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