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The invisible scar
Of the patriarchy
Hangs over us
Masked by the shadows of tradition
Concealed within
Dazzling bursts of color
Billowing skirts
And spirited dancing

Hot acid flung
Scathing, searing, scalding
Because weak men
Cannot handle rejection

Wed the one you love
And bring shame
Upon the family
Honor killings
As if ruthless ******
Brings morality and dignity

And now #JusticeforAiman
Our only crime
Is being female
Yet fingers are still pointed
At us
At the length of our dresses
At the makeup on our faces
At the way we smiled

How long
Until we are finally fed up
With a society
That would rather
A dead child
Over a girl?
James LR May 13
Brick upon uneven brick,
We built our standards high.
The stones we laid, morality,
Are slowly stripped away
By brick uneven brick.
Morality's demise.
Chicken Apr 20
Smell the tradition in the air
Be it fire, or a roast dinner
The town crier calls and,
he doth declare
‘If you ain’t frownin’ you’re a sinner’
At this table,
We do not swear,
At this table,
We show respect,
At this table,
We love, only love,
At this table,
We share our day,

In this home,
We do not strike,
In this home,
We do not spite,
In this home,
We show love, only love,
In this home,
We share our sanctuary,
My grandmothers rules from years gone by..
(C) [email protected] 17/04/2019
Sai Kurup Apr 10
Head spinning
Heart aching
Torn between worlds
Like cloth being ripped apart

One of tradition
Speaking my native tongue
Wearing my culture
A dress adorned
With the tales of nameless ancestors
Lost to history

One of modernity
Pursuing the passions
That burn like a blazing sun in me
Eyes sharp, voice echoing

Trying to find day and night
In search of me
Zywa Mar 19
No blood needs to flow
we may as well separate
and combat only in stories
who we are, brothers and sisters

with the common needs
for a place of their own and virtues
that are sometimes vices
knowing better, living better

thinking to be better
willing to sacrifice lives
for lack of an angel
who stops us

only reading the discord
in the stories and concealing
that we are brothers and sisters
as if we are not
Isaac and Ishmael

Collection “From sacred Scripts”
Matthew Jan 14
Boy meets girl
They fall in love
and live happily ever after.
That's the way it has always been.

Boy meets boy or
Girl meets girl
they fall love
But one has to "disappear" tragically.
That's the way it has always been.
What a ******
Zywa Dec 2018
It's a tradition, an old superstition
the night is hot, we'll go
and do it, as soon as everyone is sleeping
we sneak out of the house

leaving our husbands
as to take a ***

It is not far to the rock
with the flat stripe of white
In the light of the moon
we *** from laughing

when we undress for the picture
because we want a proof

We slide our **** warm
over the pale ***** on the middle
of the Chilchliflue. Landed
in the grass we feel

with each other for the beginning
of a baby in our belly
Glacial erratic boulder in Steinhof (Solothurn)

Collection "The Big Secret"
AuEcologica Dec 2018
Do we let culture, tradition decide our fate?
Whom we love; whom we fear.

The belief from misunderstandings,
devotion to the lack of education—
steer the wheel.

Is your influence thought through?
Is it within reason; is it justified?

We fear what we do not comprehend.
It is decided, but not by us—
others steer the wheel.

The master of the home, of your kingdom, come.
Is, will and will always remain to be: You.
Knit Personality Dec 2018
My eleventh toe is green.
    I take it out at Christmas,
Hold it above my head,
    And ask around for kisses.

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