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O My Beloved! says the groom’s silent delight
When he looks into the bride’s beautiful eyes.
Such a delight but drenched into a kind of plight.

Oh! look at the zest of the bride;
vibrance in her calculated smile
decorated with the crimson dress
for the choice of her life
makes it a wonderful night.

And the two lives fused with a ritualistic tie!
Carlo C Gomez Jan 12
Poor deluded brute
he waves his sword
in orchestration
to a ruthless symphony
played for miserable centuries:
the running of the bulls
"sketches of pain"
some monsters come
decked out in hat and cape
inside the arena of his pride
where he hears the chant
within the arts of
cowardice and cruelty
where he envisions
the feathered crown

Gala! Gala!
"how to see the toreador"
lost as San Fermín
pricked by hairpin
pierced by ragged horn
suerte de la muerte (luck of death)
foreshadowing Hemingway
turns into the troubled sun
and underneath his muleta
a deep red
blood alchemy
his fame spilling out
in drips and drabs
as the crowd sings
'Pobre de Mí (Poor Me)'
to the mystic stab of church bells

Zywa Dec 2021
From the compost-heap

of languages and ideas --

are poems growing.
"J.R.R. Tolkien: a biography" (1977, Humphrey Carpenter)

After: John Tolkien about authorship, saying:
"One writes such a story [..] it grows like a seed in the dark out of the leaf-mold of the mind: [..] on one's personal compost-heap; and my mold is evidently made largely of linguistic matter."

Collection "WriteWiser signage"
Methmi Mandara Apr 2021
New year comes for us, not in January first
Cos’ the sun moves to the zodiac of goat
Flowers smile, birds sings to cheer his journey
Ah…ha April came with laughter and harmony

Time for new years’ fest
The kookoo bird said staying at the west
With a whistle with happiness zest
I and thou know it’s the best

Blast of fire crackers with a huge sound
Happiness, purity, the nation found
Wee kids playing all around
Fireworks passing without a bound

Erabadu blossoms red and bright
Bending towards the new year sight
Sinhala spring through day and night
Time to have fun with a pillow fight

Being in the country with a year through spring
This is the best time which is the sun bring
Put on a smile and wash off the grin
Come everyone it’s time to swing

Sweet meats passing hand by hand
Drum beating waving as an Eastern band
Cleaning the shelter by sweeping the sand
New year’s princess, spring is on stand
Sri Lanka doesn't have any seasonal change like Winter, Spring, Autumn and Summer. Everyday, it's like spring but the Spring is increasing on the month of April

As it is mentioned in Sri Lankan Astrology, the sun is travelling from through the Zodiac sign circle. When the sun finished one circle from Pisces and again started from Capricorn, It's new year for us.

Here, I have mentioned about a bird named Kookoo. It is an endemic bird of Sri Lanka who is so active throughout this season. All it's sound is waving through the nature throughout this month.

This season is full of fireworks and crackers.....

Also, here I have mentioned about a flower called Erabadu. It is also an endemic flower of Sri Lanka. It is red in color which especially blooms in April.

The thing I have mentioned about a pillow fight is also a game done on this season. There is a wooden stand above the ground where  2 people sit on with one hand tied. They are fighting with a pillow until one falls to the ground.

I have said "Come everyone, It's time to swing" You may wonder what this means! Swinging is an activity we are doing throughout this season. We hang 2 ropes on a tree and keep a wood in the between those two. Then we are sitting on it...Swinging and having fun.

This is a time which all Sri Lankan share sweets, Clean all shelters. This is the happiest time of Sri Lanka.
The Little King Mar 2021
Why is it in this world,
That we build our love on hate,
And we build our hate on love.

Why is it,
That we strive to have,
To keep,
To take to get all these material gains.

Why is it in our hearts,
That we blame our lack of change on traditions,
But fail to see the tradition of change.

Why are our hearts closed in this world that should be open?
quinn Feb 2021
let’s pretend that our ancestors danced in forests and ate flowers
so that we can do the same, without feeling embarrassed,
because, really, we’re just honouring our forebears, their tradition.
the past was apparently full of flower crowns
B Bonnete Feb 2021
There's a boy in Venice
He sits quietly in a sullen ally
Velvet hands, scarlet feet
Strumming his guitar
He sings with a voice rooted in pain
Scratched by broken dreams
But when he played
His heart filled the empty arpeggio
With no other ambition but to please
He sat, and he played with ease
Staring down at his everything
Loving her

There's a girl in satin
Holding onto her chest
Shame succumbed by joy
Painting her bambola’s face
Her small feet dangling from the golden framed chair
Pink cheeks
Braided hair
Her doll looked the same
Putting down the paint brush she sat there
Loving her

The boy in Venice plays,
He strokes the strings
Hopping from one string to the other
Calloused extremities creating a symphony
And the girl in satin heard
And she danced
The boy who's face was viewed by none shifted up
And he danced
Two people
one world
one song
Ndagire Shamim Feb 2021
"you can take a man out of the village but can't take the village out of the man" unknown

you wake up everyday,
feeling owned, controlled, limited and unfulfilled.
with a big desire in your heart,
an aching in your mind,
to find your spot.

the mystery of who you are,
who you want to be,
and who you can be.
you choose your aspirations,
because your strong mind won't relent,
won't let fear pick a life for you,
exploring it you ask,
is it the past that you are afraid of?
or the unknown future that you face?
what keeps you still in bed?

you know you have always wanted to break free,
free from feeling empty,
confused, unknown, potentious but untapped,
waiting for love and acceptance.....
the standards set 1000 years and more before you,
yet your family and society expects you to live by them,
keeping you in a viscous circle of fear,
day in and day out.

so what is it that you are truly afraid of?
the you that is undiscovered,
your strength without fear,
your courage to be,
your reign without looking away from who you are.

it is time
Kristin Dec 2020
"Our people don't build fences"
and so
I didn't learn boundaries

"Our women don't talk like that"
and so
I didn't speak up

"Our children are always nice"
and so
I didn't learn where it was healthy to store my rage

"Our family doesn't do things like that"
and so
I didn't have the courage to try at times

"Our roots are here"
and so
I didn't leave with confidence


I built boundaries
and so
I healed

I spoke up
and so
I healed

I raged
and so
I healed

I tried
and so
I healed

I left
and so
I healed
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