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Bruises may hurt.
Scrapes may burn.
Burns may sting.
The thing that hurts the most,
burns the most,
and may sting the most-
This is true on so many levels. Who else can relate?
Aurora Feb 9
You realize how ****** you are
When you look at your heart
An see how you let someone
To cause all of these bruises
In the name of love
He left colors
That blemished my face
In purple,
Blue, yellow,
And red.

Then having a blade
Through my heart,
But only hearing
A voidless
Of "I love you."
Alec Feb 6
Blood is Red,
Bruises are Blue,
You are Special,
And that why I love you.
Just a little twist for V day.  I was listening to Good With Grenades - Bruises and Bitemarks when I wrote this
Charlotte Feb 5
I listened to your words like they were the rush of nicotine I crave.

I listened to you as you played victim to your own crimes.

Your crimes against me.

Cheated and bruised I still relied on you.

My reliance on you was like my cigarette addiction.

I craved you, I wanted you, sometimes needed you, but in the end, you were cancer in my lungs just like the smoke.

Soon enough you broke, under the pressure of cleaning up the mess you made.

The mess you had made of me.

You left pieces of me scattered throughout the yard of an old house where the memories of your lips on my skin lie.

The memories of the promises you shattered while you left bruises on my heart and skin.
FIrst love
bloodied lip
bloodied knuckles
black eye
a white sky filled with purple galaxies
kisses bonded with blood
hand holding interlocked with war
a river flows through the night sky
the stars glisten
a quiet whisper
a massacre of thoughts
a canvas displays strokes of pain

Sara Kellie Jan 15
I'm on the edge.
I'm on the edge.
So many edges. . . .
with no chasms . . .
. . . . . . no freefall
. . . . I have crossed.

Where is my chasm?
"pain, just pain"

I have overcome.

Where is my chasm?

No chasm, No edge.


So many bruises. So many wounds.
Bruises with bruises.
Wounds with wounds.
Obscrea Dec 2018
They crashed and collided
Like the stars of a universe
Destructive, yet beautiful.
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