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Erin 5h
a flurry of words
filled with quiet passion
accompanied our every exchange

beautiful melodies
sweet sharp raw
coiled themselves around us
as we stumbled blindly through the darkness

our souls in rhythm
until we exhausted ourselves
in a crescendo of harmony
Erin 15h
you and me
in another world
where we whisper the evenings away
and sleep softly through summer mornings
where i drink your sweet mouth
and you the smoothness of my skin
where our thoughts and words are colored by a delicate mist
our time measured by gentle heartbeats and soft breaths
our love exists
in another world
Erin 15h
remnants of the day
scatter across the table like fallen petals
stories bounce from my lips to your ears
thoughts from your mind pinprick the sky
flooding the night with a soft light
the rhythm of our laughter washes over us
erasing the chaos of the day
and just for a moment
our quiet love calms our weathered souls
Erin 15h
you caught me off guard
but deep down I knew
I felt a stirring
the pull of a connection yet shaped
we danced with our words
cautious then bolder
each step entwined with your confidence and my curiosity
before I knew it
I was lost in the music
colored by the lyrics of your thoughts
Spike Harper Oct 11
What has changed.
Surely it must be plain to see.
Rooting oneself in anything but this moment.
Is one way to certainly spell disappointment.
Too many days spent autographing pages.
Like a name makes the man.
Or perhaps.
So that the past can only condemn its owner.
Destined to be a heretic of life itself.
A hidden transgression cant hurt those it does not reach.
Then why is it chained through the bone.
Chasing daylight like the moon.
Slowly the wound festers deep and driven.
Don't you know.
These ailments take on a mind for themselves.
why else would we create them if not to one day speak.
It is the stone that shatters a paradigm.
The avalanche brought down by a whisper.
Or rather a whimper.
Yet there can be no tears here.
Not when this creations time was set.
Don't be fooled by negligence wearing the mask of ignorance.
But first its time to put down the blame.
For there is no one else in the room....
...And that laughing was beginning to irritate.
Miesha Oct 7
The wind is non-existent here
The leaves have stopped dancing
Yet, the birds still trill your name
Hoping to resurrect you.
Your lack of presence causes
Unrest within my soul.
The fire within burns
                                 Causing such misery.

The wind is non-existent here
The leaves are still
Yet, the birds cry out for you
Desperate for your breeze
As I am haunted by your embrace
Your fingertips etch my face
Begging for memories to be erased
As I fall from grace
Aching for an escape.

The wind no longer touches my foundation
I’m stuck in this narration
Due to a cosmic separation
Which causes starvation
For a love that blossomed
In the dead of winter
Such sweet hibernation

The wind is non-existent here.
The person I am writing about astrology sign is the element air; Libra. She pulls away because of raw emotions between us, and she runs, and then she comes back because her heart aches for me. She doesn't know how to handle such emotions this deep connection. So, she ran this last time to figure out her own healing before she attempts such a deep connection with someone like me.
Spike Harper Oct 4
These lungs have known.
A floating feeling that gives pause to struggles.
Experienced wind leave so quickly.
That space seemed to reject life itself.
Even when retracting the icy stalagtites back into a living cadaver.
Did it seem less horrific when under a microscope.
Focusing on a single point makes the big picture invisible.
Hiding behind layers of memories.
Doesn't ensure the years they promised.
Just more things to add to a collage that. No one will see.
How does one plead with inevitability.
Fate is supposed to come knocking.
But when home is no longer standing.
It looks more like a wave goodbye.
And so these feet come to the next precipice in which was foretold so many pages ago.
How strangely comforting that knowing a pain lessens it's return.
So now it matters very little because it's not an if anymore.
The sign says stop.
But the road is long.
With room for only one.
At least no one will see the tears.
J Sep 27
Let go
Of my exit strategy
The day I met you
There was nothing to run from
Only a home to come to
libra Sep 27
i watched the way you watched that girl at the beach
the way the salt water fell off her smooth, bronzed skin
down the supple curve of her hips
ever since then
i have tried to mold my waist into an hourglass shape
tried to scrub
and tear
and squeeze away the thickness in my thighs
or the jiggle of my belly
or the blackened purple stretch marks that travel up my abdomen

i watched the way you watched that ******* the beach,
and ever since then i have wanted to be her
beautiful, smooth and perfect
but all i have found as i scanned the expanse of my body
was acne scars, scabs that used to be bug bites,
the tiny bumps on my arms and the tiny hairs on my chin

i watched the way you watched that ******* the beach,
she was the kind of perfect i will never be
i want to  know what it feels like to be beautiful
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