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i am
nothing more than
a vestige of existence;
an iota of deception.

even if
the rays of the sun
encapsulate me,
the streaks of moonlight
seem to weave itself
the empty shell that i am;

the murmurs
of the night-entangled hallways
call out to me,
claiming me as their own.

i am
nothing more
than an intruder
in this borrowed body,
mourning for the tragedies
forgotten and erased.
the night is drunk with rage.
On a ridge by the ocean, the dragon respires.
Hide rugged as the coastline, against him the eons crash like waves.
Legend enchants the seabreeze, an inbreath to a shimmering trance.
Before the incandescent glow sparks like innocence into a fire.
The crystal-eyed call this Hollywood.
I discovered you there, costumed in flames, as the discharged smoke became your disguise.
Together, we performed as if we were in the dark.
Scorching exhales fogged your glasses and stifled my voice.
They say, “When you are mad, you see nothing”.  

All saints watched us in the dark this time.
Camera lenses covered your eyes and captured the revellers.
Tides ****** my mind and erased the crime.
Until they told me that I was on fire.
Misted glasses repelled a kaleidoscope of your sublime.
So, from the stake, I rasped for nothing more than an ashen grey.

Orbs burning, you grow blind, but see the truth.
My gilded urn haunted you, gold’s sharp sting.
Fairy-dust spells your name, always sparkling.
Old glasses and lapsed cinders don’t brand you.
Only your frame in my pillows would do.
I gaze into your eyes; am I dreaming?
They say, “When you are mad you see nothing.”
But madness is what you chose to see through.
And you saw blue in eyes I thought were grey
With iridescence glowing from your face.
You tasted darker than the fruits I stole.
And I’m the secret that you won’t betray,
Fused to your body with a slumber’s lace.
See through me! For my heart beats to your soul.
This is my first poem I've published here! It's a love poem inspired by fantasy/fairy-tales and how they make you feel. Really hope you enjoy!
emily 2d
Last night you made me feel alive,
For the first time in forever.
But not the kind of alive that she made me feel—
Because she made me feel like the world
in which we live in is enchanted,
When I touched her I believed in magic,
And I finally understood what it meant
To feel infinite at the hands of another soul.
I kissed her dizzy on the bathroom floor and an unnamed heaven was discovered in her lips.
If I only knew,
I wouldn't take time for granted
Now I can only wish,
Hope for time to be bended
If I had not been stubborn,
I wouldn't have regretted
Now I desperately hold myself,
Binding my heart that was shredded
I look up at the clouds,
Begging to grant my wish that I requested.
I took a shot in the dark,
Knowing that I wil get rejected.
Regrets, regrets, regrets. If I only knew, I would have cherished those moments. If I only knew, I would have glanced at you. If I only knew, I would have hugged you. Now, I can only reminisce the days you were still here. I can only dream of you. No amount of tears can bring you back and I can not accept that.
Julia Rose Oct 10
This is not what I thought it would be
(No, in fact, it’s plenty more),
but I let myself fall because I know
you’ll catch me.

or in-between,
I am the sky.
...Was I always this way?

My eyelids would not succumb to the
wrath of the sun
(Now I bask in the orange emanations,
plainly appreciating);
Dancing on my lips are
the droplets of clouds;
(At first they stung, but now,
I need them.)

I am the sky -
We pervade each other.
(You brought me up here.)
I was not always this way.

Do I fear the ambiguity
of the empyrean around me,
the peak of heavens,
brushing fingertips with souls
who reside here, at this level?
(I thought I did not believe
in Heaven but here I am.)

There is nothing to fear
of height except the fall;

and how could I fear a fall,
even one from such length,
the point of Earth’s crown,
with everything to lose;

How can I fear this fall
when I know
you’re here
to catch me?

(in love, I am so vulnerable)
Tina RSH Oct 13
600 feet up in the air with you
Battling gravity tooth and nail
"No strings attached” you say

While my soul has already nestled  
in your arms
There comes an incoherent yell  
Of an old friend from beneath
Her alarm attempts to tickle my ears
Yet I’m held to your heart too close
To care for anything
Other than the melody of your pulse
"No strings attached” you say.

Aye- agreed!  
What holds us together is a chain
you must know.  
Looping itself around us both  
With each twist we take
In your whirlwind of passion
Every tiny particle of space removed
Locking us together- as one
“No strings attached”  

You murmur into a deaf ear
Hurling my soul out of your lap  
At long last.

600 feet downwards I’m shot
Like a bullet out of a ruthless gun
Landing in wrong hands  
and wrong beds on my way
in mid-air,suspended
In dreams spinning

Now I’m fumbling in my heart  
for the rusty chain  
That held us together  
The old friend too yells “No strings attached”  
My chest is empty
You must have pulled at my heartstrings..
🖤 :)
Haueru Oct 13
I don't regret nothing it's nothing wrong with trials or disappointments or hell failure
How will you grow, how will you learn to succeed
How will you come to be better than the last time mistakes are a given
Key focus and effort
is all you need to know
If you truly are valued..but..
If you can't forgive how can you truly live
I am thankful
I Can
Yaoyan Oct 12
Once, the wild forest
Treaded beneath,
Its vestigial remains laid under my feet,
In pockets of youth that grew out of the ashes.

Once, the wild forest –
I dreamt of it, sleepwalking, moontalking,
I dreamt of walking down that forest floor,
down mountain slopes and crowded ravines,
and curving around the canopy as the birds do.

Oh, the wild forest,
How you sleep and slumber,
How you call to me with all your moss and your green.
Your spiders spinning webs, the old sequoia tree
Who has seen more than I will in a thousand lives.

Once, the wild forest,
Treaded beneath my feet.
How that ancient spirit slumbers,
How the forest sleeps.
Yaoyan Oct 12
Music played
Out loud
Fills the air around me.

I drop the headphones
Somewhere between 5th street
And an A minor chord
From the string base and
The violins.

Winter is coming.
The frost tipped grass-
Crystals in the sun,
Are fading by the light.

Winds blow the tune back to me.
Out my mouth pours a song.

It is a twinkling thing
An anthesis against the background
But the beat is the same-
In time with my steps.

Music played
In silence
Fills my soul within.
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