Liv 6h
We run from the downpour
to the safety of the car
a warm glow of paper cups
steam rising from their mouths
now silenced by water

I say,
“I hope he likes his hot chocolate
with a shot of rain"

You respond with a laugh;
Small and fleeting
and sincere.
I feel stranded and I feel watched.
Like a prisoner.
I hate it.
fuck everything and everyone.
shane 22h
i can be whatever
you want me
to be,

i can be the waves
crashing down
to the shores
to find solitude
in your arms,
aching to seek everything
i can never truly have;

i can be the treacherous current,
sweeping you away
from the palms
of pandora's box,
reaching out
to lay their mouths
( shut / stitched / knitted )
filled with tribulation.

i can fold myself
into neat edges,
abandoning every ghost town
i conquered
and called mine,
every window sill
attached with symbiosis
and laced with piles of
'sorry' and 'forgive me.'

i can be metaphors
clinging around every part of you,
wishing to be liberated
from reveries
accompanied with memories
of how you held me
with qualmy and shivering hands.

so tell me
i can be
whatever you
want me to be.
so please dont leave me again
I gather a lump of snow in my hand, compacting it into a small ball
You stand across from me, turned away and completely oblivious to the oncoming onslaught.
I pull my arm back, and launch the snowball at your back. It makes contact and you stumble forward slightly due to the impact.
You turn around and our eyes meet.
Then, we're suddenly laughing, clutching our sides in mirth.
You return the favor by throwing a clump of snow at my head while I'm doubled over. The snowball fight rages on.

We traipse back inside, exhausted from our icy battle. Our faces rosy and our arms aching, we collapse next to one another on the couch.
I grab a nearby blanket and wrap it around us, pulling us closer together. We bathe in the warmth of each other's body heat, and take comfort in one another's presence. I softly kiss your forehead and fall asleep in your arms.

I wake to the sound of sizzling, and the smell of sausages. You're in the kitchen, cooking breakfast. I sneak up behind you and surprise you by wrapping my arms around you and giving you a tight squeeze. You jump in shock, but quickly relax and continue cooking. I sit back down on the couch and savor the time we've spent together.
What will it take just to find that special day?
Count your sins
One, two, three,
Revisit the hurt
That you caused to me

Steer your thoughts in my direction
Look back
Are you afraid
Of your own reflection?

Are you afraid of what you’ll see
The ghosts and terrors that are haunting me?

Face your fears, I’ve faced mine
A hundred million thousand times

You held me down, you were a person of trust
You should not be forgiven
But punished, you must

Look back on your actions
May they fill you with dread
Yes it’s true
We all wish you were dead

Hang your noose high  
Off the highest tree
String yourself up
Do this for me

For this is your penance
For the crime you have done
You say you are a victim
But I’m the true one

For what I have lost
I will never get back
Something everyone had
But something I lack

I look at myself
What was I then?
Was I merely a tool
To be used by men?

I will smash that mirror
No! I am my own!
I am no longer a tool
For I have grown!

Bigger and stronger
I have fought for my life
I’m now an adult
I’m someone’s wife

My destiny is my own
I’ll create my own way
I’ll tell you what I think
When we meet some day

You’ll get an ear full
Full of fire and wit
You will deny deny deny
But we both know you did it

Now hang you head
In utter disgrace
You are an embarrassment to us
You must leave this place

We don’t want you here
You wasted your chance
To have a normal family
When you shoved your hand in my pants

I did not fight
I did not scream
But I was a child
Now it seems like a dream

Children cannot consent
This you knew
Stop pretending
That you’re a victim too!

You knew what you did
We all trusted you
Sorry I’m not lying
I only said what was true

When you held me down
Defiled my name
Laughing and smiling
Now my whole life is stained

The games are over now
Now the battle will start
Look into my eyes, tell me
Do you really have a heart?

The heart of a father?
A husband or friend?
A so called victim
Anyone would defend?

You say it is lies
I make it a big deal
Shut the fuck up
Beg for forgiveness and kneel

Kneel on the ground
Cry at my feet
Beg for forgiveness
I’ll make it short and sweet

As I tell you I know
Of all you have done
You truly really are
The evil one

Collect your lies
Your thoughts and deceit
Get the fuck out of here!
You coward, retreat!

You are not welcome back
Though you think you may be
In reality few want to see you
They know what you did to me

Why don’t you face me?
Face to face and hand to hand
Are you worried
That I’ll prove to be more then a man?

I’ve lived more hardship
Then you could ever explain
It hardened and aged me
No, it brings me no shame

For now I am older
In my thoughts, in my heart
There are hot embers within me
Get back, a fire may start!

You won’t face me at all
You know I will burn you
Burn your wicked flesh and bones
Down to the last sinew

You won’t make it if you fight me
This you know to be true
You will think you are fighting me

But in the end
It is YOU
poetry is like the wind
it goes wherever it wills
in flux forever, ever changing
where rules of
communication divine
are traded for amorphous sentiment
hearts speaking random words
without a care for sounding
professional, formal, political
but are free and inspired
Poetry is the communication of the spirit

Flowing through me like the wind through the leaves

Like a gust of air, I feel the inspiration sweep over my consciousness

And I begin to write down my potentially aimless thoughts onto the computer screen

I don't care if my words come out like a jumbled mess, akin to a teen's sloppy bedroom

My soul is living and breathing as the words come forth from within

And no one is going to take that freedom from me at all

I will continue rambling until the day I die
Making a full return to HelloPoetry. Here's my new poem.
Dark as night
Silent as death
Cold as ice
Loving as death

We wander aimlessly
Knowing not what we seek
What we’ll find
Who’ll we will meet

Endlessly we dream
And daydreams
Wishes came true
Our worst fears come to life

Then we wake

Left wanting
In pain

What reason do we have to dream
Left to wander in times flowing stream
We call out into the silence
We hear nothing but an echo of our pleas

In dreams we wander
Aimlessly searching
Praying we are not alone

At night we rest
Only to return to our dreams
This time different
Then what before they seemed

Bright as fire
Loud as a hurricane
Hot as lava
Heartless as an angel

We seek to follow
The path we see
Laid out before us
Where does it lead

Continuously we sleep
Lucid dreams
Epic dreams
Our greatest memories replay all night

Then we once again wake

Left happy
And sated

But what reason do we have for dreams
Following the winding path to where it leads
Singing with glee
Bells ringing in harmony

In dreams we wander
Hopefully searching
Dancing in ecstasy

In dreams we wander
Searching hopelessly
In dreams we wander
Calling sorrowfully
N 4d
While bearing the weather of a storm, you don't consider the aftermath; you don't consider the damage that's being done. In that moment, all you can do is brace yourself. You hide, tuck your head between your knees, close your eyes and try to convince yourself it isn't happening. The ground shakes, the wind whistles through the cracks of the doors and it feels like the world may fall from beneath you, but you bear it. And then, after what feels like a piece of forever, the wind settles, the rain stops and you can breath easy. You survived. For a while, you think its over. The calm is a silent whisper convincing you that you'll be okay. You think all is passed. Until you look up, step outside your home and see the damage that's been done. The gardens that have been destroyed by fallen trees, the broken windows of the house down the street, the flood of water from the rain that swallows everything in its way. That's when you realize; the worst part has only just begun.

Losing you was the storm. It was slow at first, then it progressed as time went by and became aggressive...angry. It was loud, it came too many words that should have remained unsaid to save ourselves from the damage. But you see, you didn't consider the aftermath of breaking me. You didn't care enough to spare me the pain of forgetting every promise you ever made me; telling me things that to this day create thunder in the back of my mind of the sunniest of days. I braced myself, convinced myself we could survive this. I convinced myself that your anger was a cloud that needed to release its rain. And rain it did. But its been days since it stopped raining and I'm still coughing up water from the flood you left behind.
Just when I thought we were in this together, you couldn't handle the changing weather and I'm here in a pile of broken branches with bruised feet and bloody knees wondering how I could have avoided this. What happens when the one thing you try to protect is destroyed? What happens when it's my heart?

How do you fix the aftermath of a storm when its somewhere your hands cant reach?
I'm the verse,
I am the blanket of the cold night,
I am the night in a blanket
like caffein in a coffin,
like grey in gray.

The above text read now by a torturer to its victim.
Everyone is the author of every thing
before being made
                   of flesh and brain.


Go straight
with no paths.
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