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Elsa Aug 21
The first time i saw you,
i felt complete,
like butterflies flying in a summers heat,
it seemed a part of me was put together like a perfect puzzle piece.

You gave me many reasons to be alive,
and to continue down this path in order to fully love myself,
with loving words that seem to speak to my heart,
and soul.

And even though you didn't know i existed, i'm forever grateful to be alive now,
you gave me the inspiration to keep going ,
but you'll ever even know it,
and all this gratitude goes to you,
your group,
and your music.
Elsa Aug 19
My lovely kpop, you inspire me to write.
How I love the way you dance, sing and put your heart and soul into your lyrics.
Your constantly invading my mind day and through the night,
Always dreaming about the wise stories you've told through your music.

Let me compare you to a gentle tune?
You are more fancy and more amazing.
Bright sun heating the blazing month of June,
And summertime has the overgrazing.

How do I love you? Let me count the ways.
I love your songs and personality.
Thinking of your astute songs fills my days.
My love for you is the congenital abnormality.

Now I must away with a chancy heart,
Remember my cute words whilst we're apart.
please no hate for my liking of kpop, this is just how i feel, if you dot like it dont comment.. Thank you.
LN Apr 2019
I've loved before
But back then it wasn't me who loved,
It was my anima.

The fake love
Was just my body and someone else's soul.
So then my shadows
Showed me my darkness.

My introspection
Showed me myself.
So I grew to love myself
And love as myself
No more fake love.

So here I am,
Loving all over again
But it feel like never before
I know it has happened
But this time feels like first time

Coz this time
Its not my anima in love
Its my persona in love.
Love yourself Her: anima
Love yourself Tear: shadow
Love yourself Answer : self
Map of soul : persona
LN Apr 2019
It's a difficult love
I adore you,
Love you,
Care for you,
Fight the whole world for you,
And you don't even know that I exist.
I can even tell you about the number of moles on your face..... The ones that you might have not even noticed, but you can't even tell that a girl in a far away country exist to whome you mean the world.

I'm a fangirl.
LN Mar 2019
Love hurts
It causes anger,
Why don't you love me back?

(its not original........)
BANGTAN is love, life, obsession.... Purple
Park Shin Mar 2019
If loving you is a crime,
Then I am guilty, yes I am.
I'll admit it all this time,
I loved you, as a woman, as a fan.
No need to hide the screaming reality.
There's no escape from my insanity.
Don't ask me where my fearless passion started.
For I don't know, I just found my self addicted.
You change my life without trying
You set my heart in jail, and I'm crying.
I dream to walk with you under the moonlight.
Stealing a moment,
To hold your hand for the entire night.
Your lips and smiles makes me shiver
As I stare at your eyes, crime has overpower.
I committed the crime,
But I'm the one who been murdered.
By the way your body move,
With the music your group rendered.
An arrow from your bow struck my heart.
Love arrest my innocent soul from the start.
But I don't repent this crime I did.
For stealing your heart is all I wanted.
Call me crazy, but I don't care
I won't look back for the word fear.
Punishment of pain might await.
Let me be judged by the law of fate.
Oh my love, I'm a sinner , yes I am,
Because loving you from the start is all I've done.
this poem is dedicated to all my bias in Kpop,  specially to Bts Park Jimin
LN Feb 2019
He taught me all the colors of love
And none of them was
TaeTae..... I purple you..... To the moon and back
But still, i purple my bunny more,
Bunny..... I purple you...... To the saturn and back(coz that's the farthest we've reached
LN Dec 2018
I saw him in a K-Vibe store
His sight melted my ice-*******.
He saw me watching and smiled at me.
Walked the short distance, my heart filling with glee.
Our hands brushed,
We both blushed,
And then I noticed the thing that broke the love spell
He was wearing an EXO hoodie
And I a BTS sweat with koya smell
And hence we couldn't be together
for I am an ARMY and he an EXO-L

Lol its just for fun
No hard feelings for EXO-Ls

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