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Oct 2018 · 576
Hairy Blue Monster
Jack L Martin Oct 2018
Cookie Cookie
Yum Yum Yum
in my mouth
down to my tumm

Specks of crumbs
upon my thumb
bit it off
that was dumb!
Oct 2018 · 542
The Story of Formaltown
Jack L Martin Oct 2018
There once was a place
where the townspeople were formal
they made fun of people
who didn't act "normal"

The loyal, royal cow
didn't like
that the townspeople
wouldn't bow

The scary, hairy bear
didn't like
that the townspeople
would stare

The teeny, tiny mice
didn't like
that the townspeople
weren't nice

The swirly, whirly bird
didn't like
that the townspeople
acted absurd!

One day a wise old owl
came to town
and asked the townspeople
to settle down

The wise old owl
made a decree;
"The townspeople should be nice
to everybody!"

"There are people afoot
that act different than you,
but they are still people,
and deserve respect, too!"

The townspeople realized
that the wise old owl was keen,
The townspeople felt bad
that they were being so mean.

The townspeople's hearts
filled with love that was hearty,
and decided to throw everyone
a party!

Thr loyal, royal cow
liked that the townspeople would bow!

The scary, hairy bear
Liked that the townspeople would stare!

The teeny, tiny mice
liked that the townspeople were nice!

as for the the swirly, whirly bird....
the townspeople's friendship, was preferred!

The End
Oct 2018 · 1.3k
The Sickly Heart Thief
Jack L Martin Oct 2018
He stands next to her bedside
Her eyes closed to the world
Unaware of her surroundings
Unaware of his presence

It was three weeks since the accident
Her children did not survive
The other passenger that was in the car
In the other room, barely alive

The news crews have disappeared
The lawyers and judges on hold
Our attention spans have vanished
This story has gotten old

He extends his hands loving warmth
Gently below her breast
Wishing to feel her heart once more
Beating within her chest

A smile breaks his haunted face
As memories flow within,
Of life she shared with all her kin
Each victory, every sin.

The ache in her soul, it resonates loudly
The misery and pain that would follow
too many years of aches and recovery
Haunts when she wakes up tomorrow

He knows that he can take only one;
All the burden and nothing to gain
The power that's bestowed within him
He decides to relieve her of pain

His gentle hand caresses her cheek,
The devoted servant standing by
A shock of hope, an energy bolt
jolts life and she opens her eyes!

Un-amused, bruised, dazed and confused
The patient in complete disbelief
As if surprised, looks in his eyes
This man; the sickly heart thief

Her eyes filled with tears, her heart filled with fears
Not knowing of her dear children's fate
The man reassured, they both joined the herd
Their souls rest at God's pearly gate

She wanted to scream, in horror, it seemed
Not knowing at what's coming next
The very kind stranger who laid in a manger
Now stands at the pearly gate's steps

He reached out his hand and issued command
"You're safe now, your life is now free.
"You'll surely employ, your heart filled with joy
Now, child please do come with me!"

"And what of my mate, and what of his fate?
The man in the adjoining room?"
The soul of the sky, with tear in his eye
Said that her mate's soul was scheduled for doom!

"The man that's next door, is mean to the core
His mind and his heart, black as pitch,
The hurt left beneath, forever bequeathed
His soul's path is straight to the ditch."

"His heart full of tar, he left me with scars
Forgiveness is not what you preach?
My soul will not rest as it views from afar
This man that you leave at the beach."

The holy man said that before he is dead
The darkened heart has time to heal
Forgiveness and penance is now his life's sentence
The darkened heart needs time to heal

And so they ascended, their holiness blended
All things that were wronged turned to right
The angel of death; he took her very last breath

and her essence.................... returned to the light!
Jack L Martin Sep 2018
Doggie Dog, Doggie Dog
Writing in his doggie blog.

Catty Cat, Catty Cat
Chillin' in her catty flat.

Mousey Mouse, Mousey Mouse
Cleaning up his mousey house.

Foxy Fox, Foxy Fox
Packing up her foxy box.

Ducky Duck, Ducky Duck
Swimming in the gunky muck.

Goosy Goose, Goosy Goose
Putting her smart mind to use.

Ratty Rat, Ratty Rat
Story's over.  That is that.
My first children's poem.
Sep 2018 · 2.3k
Santa Cross
Jack L Martin Sep 2018
A bowl of coal to feed my soul,
An elf, a shelf;
reindeer retreat.

A toll to troll the Northern Pole,
A sleigh to treat my seat.  

He's making a list...
Sep 2018 · 609
Hungry Hungry Hypocrite
Jack L Martin Sep 2018
I ate a monkey;
It tasted funky.

I ate a mule;
Yeah, that was cruel!

I ate a squirrel;
My stomach whirled.

I ate a skunk;
Oh man, that stunk!
Sep 2018 · 5.8k
The Wealth of Mental Health
Jack L Martin Sep 2018
I have some aches that are not fiction
so my doctor wrote a prescription

She sent it to the pharmacy near
so I can get my mind adhered

I went to pick it up today
assured that all would be ok

The pharmacy tech was really nice
but said I had to pay full price

It seems as though I was denied
my insurance claimed the doctor lied

All I wanted was to feel better
but now i'm shackled to this fetter

I pay my premium; my budget festers
while the insurance company pays their investors

I guess i'll wait another year
insanity comes closer, I fear.
Sep 2018 · 1.8k
Divorce Course
Jack L Martin Sep 2018
There's an ick in my crick,
that makes me feel sick,
my insides are taring in two!

I seek some relief,
complete disbelief,
this sickness contracted from you!

I put on my scarf,
am ready to ****,
my temperature rises above.

I'm ready to hurl,
my diamonds and pearls,
lost all of their their lustrous love.

It lays at my feet,
spread out on the street,
I told you that I wasn't faking.

My mind and my heart,
all splattered apart,
my soul lays there now for the taking!
Sep 2018 · 531
The Follower
Jack L Martin Sep 2018
You fly a sky,
So try do I.
Your eye is dry,
So cry do I.
You sigh a lie,
So why do I?
You fry a guy,
So die do I.
Sep 2018 · 378
Miss Understood
Jack L Martin Sep 2018
"I see what you mean!"
signed the deaf lady,
to the blind man,
who replied,  
"I'll pretend I didn't hear that!"
Sep 2018 · 331
Never in Chicago
Jack L Martin Sep 2018
"I'm on a roll!" said the ketchup to the hot dog.
Sep 2018 · 553
Beauty is Screen Deep
Jack L Martin Sep 2018
Our eyes do not lie;
hide behind the keyboard and cry.
This is where our true intentions die.

Our eyes do not cry;
hide behind the keyboard and die.
This is where our true intentions lie.

Our eyes do not die;
hide behind the keyboard and lie.
This is where our true intentions cry.
Sep 2018 · 205
Winter Not Included
Jack L Martin Sep 2018
I wear sweaters in much better weather.
There's a cool chill that flares in the air,
if Spring has sprung, and Summer is ******,
then Fall gets all of the flair, so there!
Sep 2018 · 611
Thumbs Up Gal
Jack L Martin Sep 2018
There once was a woman with thumbs;
thought everyone's poems were dumb.
She'd click on the "like" with a vampire's strike,
till her ego was comfortably numb!
Sep 2018 · 3.3k
The Sound Of Music Practice
Jack L Martin Sep 2018
"Stop It!" shouted the man
who was dressed in a ***** pin stripe suit,
eye glasses half askew on his nose,
ski-***** haircut sported since his youth.

My face turned blank, shoulders shrugged
not fearing this man's belligerent outburst
because I was used to it;
it was the hundredth time I felt it's sting.

I stood there, patiently and quiet
caressing my double bass violin
my secret seventh grade lover;
she had **** curves and a deep, soothing voice.

I stood there, impatiently and quiet
waiting for Mr. Heidrich to finish the lesson
focused on the third seat violinist
whom played without feeling, again.

I stood there, overbearingly anxious
tapping on the shoulder of my wooden BFF
my rendition of the William Tell Overture
A performance worthy of a Grammy!

The man in the ***** pin stripe suit,
turned and looked at me, scornfully
his half-bald head turned beet red
body shook violently like an earthquake!

The energy released from his gullet
would have made Mount Vesuvius jealous
fiery vocals of curse and rage
would have made the evilest of demons run for cover!

My face turned blank, shoulders shrugged
not fearing this man's belligerent outburst
because I was used to it;
it was the 101st time I felt it's sting.
Sep 2018 · 2.4k
The Waiting Room
Jack L Martin Sep 2018
Pain in my rear
sitting here
dog pants in heat
expecting treats
for being good boys
Sep 2018 · 236
First Try (10w)
Jack L Martin Sep 2018
My first
ten word poem
is about nothing
at all.
Jack L Martin Sep 2018
Independent Grammy
Ameripolitan Billboard
CMA Triple Play
Indigenous K-Love Fan

Austin YouTube
Loudwire MTV Video
GMA Dove iHeartRadio
Canadian Country
Stellar BBC Music Magazine

Americana Blues
Tennessee Songwriters Association
Soribada Best K-Music
Texas Country

APRA Western Heritage
Texas Sounds
Academy of Country Music
Wine Country

Carolina Teen Choice
Pulitzer Prize
Latin American Unsigned
Alternative Press

International Western
People's Choice
American Tejano
ASCAP Country Soul Train

Soribada Best K-Music
Texas Country
American Songwriting
Branson Terry

Nashville Industry
International Bluegrass
Sep 2018 · 1.3k
Rhetoric Rick
Jack L Martin Sep 2018
There once was a man named Rick
Who carried a red blackthorn stick
He flailed it blatantly
that ancient shillelagh
The bataireacht fighter was quick!
Jack L Martin Sep 2018
There will always be rainbows;
Light beams transformed into color

Some colors we see
Some colors we deny

All colors convert into patterns of

* beauty *

Regardless of what names we give them
Sep 2018 · 226
How to fix humanity
Sep 2018 · 521
Darkest Dark
Jack L Martin Sep 2018
Deepest deep
Peeping peep
Mindless mind
Blinding blind

Double down
Hellish hound
Demon's demon
Screaming dreaming

Melted truth
Eldest youth
Dare despair
Careless care

Bottomless pit
Full of ****
Bells of hell
Deepest well

There, my heart stopped caring.
Sep 2018 · 1.1k
Bipolar Molar
Jack L Martin Sep 2018
Cured with silver; cavity cave,
gingivitis fills the nave.
Sticky spit flows like an ocean,
Roller coaster motion lotion.

Help me grind the tasty cud;
salad shooter full of mud.
Conversations headed south,
excruciating pain in mouth.

Super duper happy smiles,
pearly whites go on for miles.
Hid behind the sharpened canine
Ridden guilt rides on the main line.

Dudes with moods do take a turn,
good emotions crash and burn.
Sep 2018 · 212
Today Show No No!
Jack L Martin Sep 2018
The city tourist
waving to the TV screen;
it's not about you!
Sep 2018 · 424
The Bed Zone
Jack L Martin Sep 2018
A kiss from my sweet
energizes my morning;
coffee's love can wait
Sep 2018 · 2.5k
Jack L Martin Sep 2018
Micro vampires
A disease spreading blood lust;
The devil's syringe
Jack L Martin Sep 2018
Hanging on the wall, next to my bed post,
A friend of the forest looks surprised, most.
Oh dear, she did not hear the gunshot near,
Nor tree nor hill nor her fawn shed a tear.

Over there, the finest hair of the hare,
Cute and fluffy hopping into my stew.
It's seat is sweet and hard to beat I swear,
Though his hide is gamey and tough to chew.

A sow, a cow is how I eat for now,
I feast on the beasts with the finest meats.
Fresh flesh on my breath, fresh blood on my brow,
Slaughtered, like their daughters; fair market treats.

I feel nothing for these creatures I hunt.
Would you rather feast on the yeast they shunt?
Sep 2018 · 4.7k
Demon in Angels Clothing
Jack L Martin Sep 2018
Mirror, Mirror
what do I see?
My demon staring
back at me!

That very same demon
that gives me fright
in early day coffee
and every night!

The demon is handsome
with devilish smile
Sad, they don't know
that this demon is vile!

There's times that he buries
himself deep inside
But, when he comes out
there's nowhere to hide!

The demon is tricky
at every turn
disguised as an angel;
ready to burn!

Fantastic achievement!
You're doing great!
The demon said, "Nope!"
then pooped on my plate!

You're doing much better!
Keep up the good work!
The demon says, "Whatever!"
Man! He's such a ****!

When I tried to fight him;
my body would ache.
I've finally learned
that that's a mistake!

I made a decision
to let my heart mend
and welcome the demon
in as a friend!

You can sit quietly;
don't ring my bell
because if you do
Sep 2018 · 768
We are meant to die
Jack L Martin Sep 2018
Drugs contain compounds
Not naturally derived
Not nature's intention
We don't eat jellyfish

Yet, we disect them
And process them
To make pills
To ease the pain

Is this part
Of the Devine plan
To make ourselves

We are meant to hurt
We are meant to suffer
We are meant to die
Not live forever

Is population control

Only the strongest
Will survive
This is
Nature's Devine plan

Only the smartest
Who survive
The digital age
Will find freedom

When we all convert
To ones and zeros
Will we finally realize
Sep 2018 · 3.2k
Depression Question
Jack L Martin Sep 2018
Do birds question their existance?
Do bees think they're alive?
Does the walrus fight the resistance?
Do horses just survive?

Does the grass give a rat's ***?
Do the trees even care?
Do the shrubs think the bushes are crass?
Do the flowers curse and swear?

Do the rolling plains feel plain?
Do the mountains feel like a molehill?
Does the ocean just go through the motion?
Do the valleys lay in alleys like road ****?

Does the Earth feel worth?
Does Uranus feel hanus?
Does Jupiter hate its girth?

Our Universe is the worst!
Sep 2018 · 208
Intervention Convention
Jack L Martin Sep 2018
Down Isle one thousand
in booth number three
you'll find trepidation
Brewed up in a tea

A new reservation
A live presentation
of self preservation
In the row next to me

A section of reflection
and anger deflection
will give me direction;
This seminar is free!

A booth full of flyers
with snitches and liars
are there for the criers
"Out of place", I decree!

Discover the artist
that's working the hardest
ideas are farthest
from reality

Their booth I will spend
all the way till the end
their work, it will mend
me holistically

When the convention is over
my home, I will rover
to settle with the prover
my sanity

The trip was successful
relaxing and restful
no longer so stressful
Sep 2018 · 215
Liquid Audio
Jack L Martin Sep 2018
As I lay on my comfort king
fading in slowly from falsehood
splatters of moisture pain the leaves
and drip on to other things
that gravity has claimed for its own

Splatters of rain on aluminum
liquid flowing through it's crevice
gathering momentum' s energy
gliding down the metal channel
giving it's soul back to the earth
Jack L Martin Sep 2018
Oh, for what was I a boy, so long ago,
Dancing freely amongst the tall tree tops.
Greedily breathing the morning dew's glow,
Mind settling down, vast daydreaming flops.

Gazing eyes upon sweets and fruits of bliss,
Sorrow has it's days and merriment be.
As bitterness eye followed for a kiss,
Delivered confusion under my tree.

Curious rovers bellow sounds of bleak,
Hell fellows chamfer happiness askew.
Mind's eye worrying a shadowless shriek,
Running humming my innocence aflew.

Events that played out like song of sorrow,
Gift to thine eye and forgotten tomorrow.
My first Shakespearean Sonnet
Sep 2018 · 633
Broken Arms
Jack L Martin Sep 2018
I can't reach you
they do not move
nailed to the cross
broken arms

Shattered at the bone
blistered and diseased
muscular atrophy
broken arms

They want to feel
they want to grow
they want to give warmth
broken arms

Would you lend your strength
so that they can give you
one last hug?
broken arms

Will you please nail them
back onto the cross
so that they can be numb again?
broken arms

Will you please walk away
and leave me in agony
sorrow is the new happy
broken arms

Do not pity me
pity is for the weak
my knuckles drag on the ground
broken arms

Rotten and deformed
decayed and putrid
burred six feet under
broken arms
Sep 2018 · 5.1k
"Hello Valued Customer"
Jack L Martin Sep 2018
was uttered in a
computer generated,
gender neutral tone
by the impersonal,
grocery checkout machine.

"Enter your customer ID now!"
demands the artificial human.

"And... if I don't?"
I query the metallic shell
of what once was
a minimum wage employee.

There was no reply.
Sep 2018 · 181
Jack L Martin Sep 2018
If I could,
I would!
But, I can't,
So, I won't.
Sep 2018 · 1.9k
The Captain's Query
Jack L Martin Sep 2018
Whatever happened to the common man who sits in the shadows and listens to the pillowed breeze of merchant ships sailing on ancient seas?
Sep 2018 · 5.5k
Bucks Starbucks
Jack L Martin Sep 2018
Giannis Antetokounmpo
Drinks Ouzo
In his Greek Freak
Pumpkin Spiced Latte

The grande size is
$5.25 USD
Salary of Giannis Antetokounmpo
$24.16 million USD Per year

One USD per meal (Meal Math)
$24.16 million USD feeds
1,655 families of four
per year

"With two years remaining on his previous contract, according to multiple reports Aaron Rodgers will receive $67 million by the end of 2018 and more than $80 million by March next year."

What's wrong with this picture?
Sep 2018 · 612
Google Map to Heaven
Jack L Martin Sep 2018
Head south on W Doubt Drive
0.2 mi

Turn right onto N Confused Court
0.8 mi

Slight left to stay on N Frustrated Fairway
1.0 mi

Turn right onto W ******* Rd
0.2 mi

Turn left onto N Hell Hwy
0.5 mi

Turn right onto W Anger Ave
0.2 mi

Turn left onto N Pain Place
1.6 mi

Turn right onto W Suffering St
0.2 mi

Turn left onto N Regret Road
1.1 mi

Turn right onto W Depression Drive
0.2 mi

Turn left onto N 68th St

N 68th St turns slightly left and becomes S Agony Ave
0.4 mi

Continue onto E Therapy Terrace

Slight right to stay on Self Forgiveness Blvd
0.4 mi

Turn right onto E Understanding Way
2.2 mi

Turn left onto Acceptance Alley
0.5 mi

Continue onto Lovers Lane
0.3 mi

Lovers Lane turns slightly right and becomes Peace Place
99,000,000 mi

You have arrived at your destination.
To get to heaven, you must first go through Hell!
Sep 2018 · 2.4k
Jack L Martin Sep 2018
1. A word that rhymes with 'Orange'

This is the word's
only purpose:
A word to rhyme with "Orange!'

"That is a goarnge orange!"
Sep 2018 · 1.2k
Bar Bee
Jack L Martin Sep 2018
Where is Ken?
He's such a doll!
He and Todd are dancing with Skipper
grinding to "Milkshake"

Another round
for the ladies
sitting by themselves
in the corner

Thanks for the drink, sucker!
you can go away now
We're here for the free *****
on Ladie's Night

All men want
is to get laid
another round
of Rumple Minze!

We have mates
they are on the dance floor
grinding on Skipper
She's such a *****!

All men want
is to get laid
another round
of Rumple Minze!

We love our men
like they love
their *****
"straight and to the point!"

Hey Ladies
I am genuinely nice guy
highly educated
a few pounds overweight

FU** off loser!
How dare he talk to us

We have mates
they are in the parking lot
grinding on Skipper
She's such a *****!

All men want
is to get laid
another round
of Rumple Minze!

Where the hell did they go?
They left the club
with Skipper
She's such a *****!

Don't worry Midge
i'lll drvesed us hoooomee
u tttttttt

f ir


another round
of Rumple Minze!
Sep 2018 · 277
Nothing rhymes with Orange
Jack L Martin Sep 2018
This statement is a lie.

"Nothing" does NOT
rhyme with "Orange!"

The definition
Of "Nothing"
Does not state
"Rhymes with Orange"
Sep 2018 · 456
Humility Mobility
Jack L Martin Sep 2018
Imitation is NOT
the best form of flattery
when the imitator
gets credit for the idea.
Sep 2018 · 571
Kryptonite Delight
Jack L Martin Sep 2018
I'm not a fan of Superman,
he doesn't know what it's like,
to be human;
a foe he can not fight.
Sep 2018 · 743
The Freedom of Speech
Jack L Martin Sep 2018
The sound waves that emanate
from one's throat and mind
echo about;
freely through space and time

Whether those sound waves
are received by
intelligent life
is the real mystery?!
Sep 2018 · 308
My Astro to your Scooby
Jack L Martin Sep 2018
As I stare into the starlit sky
I wonder if i'll catch this guy?
Does Jupiter hide behind it's moons?
Do specters and goblins dance it's tunes?

Will Velma ever sing my song?
My heart for her will ever long!

Daphne, don't laugh at me!
Can't you see that what's happening,
is beautiful and sacred,
I wish you were naked
in my Mystery Van, half bake-ed
Sep 2018 · 382
WebEx ExWeb
Jack L Martin Sep 2018
My new addiction
is to write good poetry;
ignoring day job
Jack L Martin Sep 2018
Hint: I put a hex on you!

Dedicated to all the geeks and freaks who support the digital world.
Sep 2018 · 459
The Marching
Jack L Martin Sep 2018
They are creatures
of another world
of another existence
they look like the Schmoo!

They follow you
wherever you go
every footstep
every path

they will catch up to you!
and when they do......
you die.
Jack L Martin Sep 2018
You poked my heart
just enough
to realize
that this is MY heart to break!

and I choose
cover it up


all wrapped up in a KEVLAR VEST!

with a itty bitty,
teeny tiny,
bullet-proof window

just big enough
for a single
beam of light
to enter

and reflect back
to your eyes
for you to see
the beauty within
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