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Ash Young Nov 15
I think I’m losing my poetry.
Not in some bleak, calamitous way,
Just – I don’t know how to start anymore.

Is that the problem?
That I’m caught up in my once-upon-a-times
And my dark-and-stormy-nights?

Or. I’m trapped in my metaphors.
Even – I’m tangled in my analogies.
Trying to tap the trees of every experience I’ve ever had and
Bleed them for all their meaning.
Picking up each imperfect seed of memory and desperately
Injecting their cores with GMO/Pesticide/Make this Matter/Juice.

This cyclical little life of mine is whirling too quickly,
My tail is tying knots in my intestines.
I can see the nape of my neck approaching in the distance,
Time taps her toes on my scaled sloping back and tsk-tsks not long now.

I keep on asking her what the countdown is for.
She checks her watch and smiles.
- The sun sets, and the sun rises, and I do nothing with my day at all.
Serena Oct 25
Will I ever not be excited to meet myself?
Will I ever stop expecting a knock at the door, to find myself on the other side, saying
“Hello, it’s so good to finally see you!”

Is there a part of me so removed from the paths I have taken
That is doing everything it can to make its way back to me?
Is she a lover I have forgotten too soon?

Will I no longer await the arrival of someone new
To join me behind the mirror and let me absorb
Enough of her newness to be considered whole?

When do I become
And until then, who is this?
xjf Sep 8
In the back of my stair storage
I have a bin
within my old sins lie
Otherwise I'll forget
as soon as it leaves my eyes
I'm liable


I have lost so many things
some misplaced
stolen, I’m sure
I've lost people
For the same reasons

Its enough to drive me manic
I can’t trace
where the last place
I had it
The worst
Is when I don't even know
I've lost it
until the universe
decides to taunt and tease me
with that information

I've lost songs
that hold memories
of my childhood within their lyrics
I've lost movies
Some I've just watched too many times
I've lost feelings
at least all the intensity in them

I've started hoarding

I told myself I'm not losing that nostalgia
So I'm boarding them up in boxes
I'm being present in my past
and these are the paradoxes
In which my unlost will hopefully last

Not to be dramatic
But I love to be dramatic
You're one thing I look for every time
But I couldn't find you if I tried
No crumbs, no remnant
nothing in these boxes
will cause remembrance

One day, I'll be going through
and one day, I won't care to find you
Evie Helen Jun 9
Actually I haven’t
Decided just yet
How I will
Doom myself today
Kris Burhans May 3
I feel like a shell of a human,
A vessel for others to see.
I build personalities for other people,
But what about the real me?

I've asked for so long to be seen,
But the masks I wear are all they know.
I don't want to find out who I am,
And it's hard to let go.

I've forgotten who I am inside,
And it's time for me to break free.
But the thought of finding the real me,
Is enough to make me flee.

I'm tired of playing this game,
Of pretending to be someone I'm not.
But the thought of finding the real me,
Is enough to make me distraught.

It's hard to know where to begin,
To break down the walls I've built.
But I know that I need to take this step,
And let my true self be revealed.

So I'll face my fear of the unknown,
And let my true self be free.
I'll no longer be a shell of a human,
And I'll finally know who I'm meant to be.
I don't even know the real me anymore
Chris Apr 23
A misty morning; skies clearing

I see the rainbow; endearing

I follow its glow; *** of gold

Adventure and fun; I've been sold

When I close in; I look around

I see once more; stories abound!
Have a good idea
Start project
Tell everyone.

Never finish
From a young age I tried to fit in,
Observing those around me from where i was sitting.
Taking in their smiles, jokes and body language,
Learning this social code which they use to their advantage.
My manual is not the same,written entirely for me but I have not read it properly.
Navigating a world where I copy to survive,
Forver wondering if I sustain this will I learn to thrive?
I have become a result of continuous masking,
In social situations I feel like I am drowning.
Living in a world which does not feel for me,all I can do is write about my isolation in poetry.
Lauren Faith Mar 10

my inner dialogue
telling me
just to

Get Up

but i cant
the executive in charge of function said
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