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As you are reading this
I am standing right behind you
ha! Fool, you're too slow.
I've teleported exactly 5402.4 miles away from your location already.
This is the power of my metacognition.
Jesus may have walked on water, but my metacognition powers have changed the course of history
Afterall, who won world war 1, 2, gave birth to Albert Einstein and Elon Musk and founded America?
It was only because of the genius of my metacognition
And now, after collecting the 8 chaos emeralds
I have emerged from a chrysalis
And evolved into the perfect being
Worship me, puny mortals
pluviophile Feb 10
tell me to stop getting distracted
because it's so easy for you to say that
tell me to stop binge eating
because it's so easy for you to say that
tell me to stop overthinking things
because it's so easy for you to say that
tell me to stop getting scared
because it's so easy for you to say that
it's like you think i want to be like this
if i could stop then i would
it's harder than it seems
when i think about the word stop
the only think i can think about it to stop living
It’s funny
I used to read and write
Laugh and type
But now I can’t
I’m falling
And as the frustration grows
Mountainous procrastination as I try to remember
My mind can’t stop writhing

My body moving
Head saying yes
Sentences halved and mashed and forgot
Frantic boredom
As I fill filled space
The wave of papers
Books and words
That I’ve neglected
Hit me greater than before
The yells, tears, bad grades, hurt
Take me all at once
Under water, out again
Some day I’ll drown
I stopped working on this for a while and just finished it. Try to spot the stylistic difference from the times I stopped and started.
Nancy Jan 24
My phone’s brightness is at 0%
(but it still hurts my eyes)
My computer screen is zoomed in to 175%,
(but I still can’t comprehend a single sentence on the screen)
I have turned the volume all the way up,
(but still hear my family’s conversation as if they’re speaking through a mic)
The volume is as low as it can be without being silent,
(but it still hurts my ears)
I have cocooned myself in the softest blanket in the house,
(but it’s still so itchy I can’t sleep)
I’m pinching the webbing between my fingers as hard as I can,
(but I still can’t feel a **** thing)
And it all feels so wrong -
That I’m either turned up to eleven,
Or I don’t feel anything at all.
remember that time in september
when the moon was spinning
when the moon was shaking off its blues
when you reached up to taste some
and you woke up with the chills
and you said put me under the sun

it was the first time we laughed after many days
it was the last time we exhaled jet-black giggles
picking away at our severe-face syndrome
we were taking form
we were becoming you and i and you said,
that's a heavy thing to be...
when you're coming from nothing.
Aimin Dec 2018
My mind feels
As though it

To experience ADD
is to have your brain
Switch between
Six different channels,
Six different themes.
It will always feel like you are
Rocketing between things.

In the span of a second,
Your mind will explore the dying children
In Mozambique.
In the next ponder,
Your mind indulges in the roleplay of
Naruto and the pink-haired chick.

I have no power over
Who dances in my play.
I know they bring flames,
But I’m uncertain as to
Who is managing the stage.
I am the director of this show, yet
I was banned to say.

The show has no ending, no beginning,
My life didn't come with instructions.
So I ****** it up and just lived with it.

In the moments that I daydream,
I always force myself to be in the present.
In fear that the world will think
I'm too dumb or complacent.
But that's just how my brain works.

Ten seconds gone,
I am travelling across the pool.
A red bruise on my lips and
A ***** on my tooth.
I ask myself again,
Then and there,
How and when
Did I get this bruise?

It can be such a disadvantage,
It can be such a gift.
To be wholesome in a way,
But to also lack the basics.

I feel like I’m constantly living between
The two binary opposites.
As regulating emotions
can become a huge problem
I  may have creativity and the sway,
But I'm also managing my impulsivity every day.

Do you know
Why I zone out
And lose focus?
My world inside
Can just be too chaotic.
But trust that I'm working on it.

I know this faucet will flow seamlessly
And being more aware of this condition
Will only help me manage it.

So what have I to lose,
In the midst of this plight?
I’ve been writing a lot of poetry,
Haven’t I?

Emily Dec 2018
I smoke until I can feel nothing
Because it is better than feeling everything
That's what it is. Everything
My heart is like my head
A thousand different thoughts, shifting and twisting
Changing, over and over again.
And I feel everything.
Always overwhelming, endless emotions
That never dissipate, but only build
My body is too small to hold all of this
It shouldn't be possible
I'm bone weary
I'm stuck in a current and I can't get out
Wave after wave after wave and I can't catch my breath
The world is spinning above me
And nothing will still
I feel everything
So I smoke until I can feel nothing
My Ocd is flipping switches,
My adhd is pulling pupet strings,
My brain is on vaction for most of the day,
and when he comes home it's night,
his favorite time to party.....
I get no rest,
And tomorrow there's a flippin' test!
I have some problems... Don't judge me .....
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