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LiLMiSSHoTRoD Sep 28
he's such a sweet
such a sweet old man
he's a treat even though his feet smell like dead meat
an old ham

such a sweet old man
still ain't taking no **** wooden nickels!
his hands and creases smell like really dill pickles...

or pickle juice, as he says, because pickles make their own juice
i swear he thinks cucumbers are made from pickles
i haven't the heart to tell him and ruin his heaven waiting

a place where you don't have to buy pickles to get good pickle juice

such a sweet old man
10 dead animals living with him, if you include his wife, and the 3 dead rats in the traps
the other dead animals didn't matter anyhow...
they were all HER pets, just as he once was her pet

he's also going to die soon
and not matter

it doesn't bother the sweet old man one bit though
what bothers him is losing his pickle juicer when his wife died
he was sure he put it the root cellar...
on the 17th floor
of the hospital he lives in now

i haven't the heart to tell him and ruin his heaven waiting
such a sweet old man deserves heaven
the magnitude of the real pickle juice alone, that was better than pickle juice from the old days

when pickles were pure and pickle juice didn't have vinegar!

made that sweet old man's eyes light up and his heart flutter
he giggled, then he died so gently

such a sweet old man
dying gently

such a sweet old man
never did take no **** wooden nickels!
old ham
life never hurt him and death gently tickles
Betty Aug 19
Furrow face, deep ruts
savage cuts that only time and years can plough
fertile grain
once waving yellow in your fields
does not remain
chaff blown brittle on the winter wind
will settle now and then on barren land
sadly turned to sand
Francie Lynch Aug 16
The older man seemed confused.
I slowed, turned in my drive.
I was just returning from the airport.
He fell on the road too,
And got a nasty **** to his left knee.
Later, I learned he had onset of the dreaded D.
This morning, I flew a plane,
Then slipped right back into humanity
From the mirth of azure skies.
Tip of the cap to McGee's "High Flight." Wonderful poem.

I think my writing is becoming more like texting. :0
Avoiding Dementia
Will's Wellness Wager
Pascal's Wager.  Alzheimer's Disease.  Dementia. Haiku.
Kirsty Taylor Apr 25
Every night, I lie in bed and think of her, her lost eyes

My heart cries as I see her sitting alone
   Staring vacantly out the window at the bird feeder
   The bitter truth is
   The things she forgets are the banal moments
   Her days have become groundhog, so is it so bad to not realise that she is in that cycle?
   The things that matter she still remembers
The time when she was 8 and had laughter with passing soldiers

Playing pranks on those same soldiers with the cheeky grin that’s never left her
When she nearly ended up in Canada to stay safe
Sharing sweets with the best friend she loved and lost

She remembers mum when she was just a foot tall
She remembers me when I could only utter the odd word
She remembers my brother when he had the cheekiest grin, and the brightest laugh
She may even remember better than we all do
Its funny how that works
Laughter is the best medicine she tells me
This is something I now believe wholeheartedly
As every time I see her I see it in action
She makes me laugh
She helps me understand life
She respects me
She builds me up

Strength, endless strength
Smile, the smile it never leaves her
Leaving her breaks me,
But seeing her break, hurts me.
Reality, she isn’t broken
Just stuck on the rewind button
She’s still here
She’s still with me
She’s one of the lucky ones
I’m one of the lucky ones
We’re one of the lucky ones

People ask how is she doing?
I simply answer she is in a battle against groundhog day, And get this she is winning.
I was brooming below the bed once,
and suddenly swayed

a flashback rushed my head

we used to play that game,
do you remember?
until dementia took you away
When the one you love
is losing the way,
forgetting everything that was.
Seeing everything in another way.
Doesn’t know anymore who you are.
Stranger all the way.
Want to scream mother this is me!! She looks at you but doesn’t see!!
Hurts to the bone
Whole world is falling apart
Losing   someone while they’re still here gives
So much pain in the heart.

~When memories are lost everything is lost~

Many are confronted with a love one with dementia! Very hard thing to deal with.
Will you remember

When we grow old
Sweet Love of mine
Will you still remember
The time that we were young
And you did surrender

When nothing was too much for you
To keep me satisfied
To hold my hand all through
the night
Till morning light arrive

Will you remember
how you held me tight
So I would dream so sweet
A love that felt so deep inside
My love promise me.....

When time is there
and  we must part
When angels make their call
to follow them back into the light
Promise me my love
Promise me  you’ll wait
till  angels come for me
So that I too
can surrender now
My sweetest love of all.
Will you remember me?

It’s a vey painful and sad experience when you lose ;someone you love little by little.
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