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Jeff Lewis Sep 26
Stale airs stalled in a fetid grasp;
Wilting both body and soul.

Seems for years wishing on sargasso seas for even yet the barest breeze.

Without direction. The birds, the gulls, the albatross have left me to my fate.

Sweating life which I canpppp ill afford,
I pace this motionless deck.

Recalling, wishing the storms of youth. Then, at least, there was movement

In fevered dreams, I faced down gales.
On a dying ship I approached that shore.

The sun peels, cooking flesh, but here
not even scavengers deem to come.
ChrisYellow Sep 11
Oh, treacherous pull of endless floor
under our light inconsequential trample,
in equal measure, the feather is won
cursed by thee, to its inevitable fall.

Thy naked invisible attraction
sways the seas in moonlight dates,
holds north and south feet kissin',
and has us visiting the sun from west!

Force that collects from all distance
a grip the scale takes the measure,
I miss ye largely drifting in space.

Ye are a tango between bodies,
from a bang that predates time,
sculpting atomic dust into planets.
a troubadour
till aghast
with crime
that apolitically
is verselet
with cabal
and state
pore fourth
their rot
and an
ulterior land
when imperial
country broker
the peace
process that
descendants may
repeal this
year again!
YusufKudsi Jun 12
In the middle of the desert lost and hopeless
I found my North star at my darkest moment
It gave me hope and showed me the way
I fell in love with a shining star
She was bright but faraway
blackbiird Jun 11
in the middle is where
I let go and You catch me.
in the middle is where I lose
myself and became whole again
in You.

in the middle is where
You sew together
my broken heart.
In the middle is where
You want me.

so I'm trusting that
in the middle
is where You'll perform
Your greatest miracle.
When I tried running, God always found me. I'm learning that in the middle is where I'm supposed to be. I'm safe in God's hands. In the middle is where he won't ever let me go. He wants to renew my mind and my soul and teach me to rely on him.
flower-color May 22
not everything has to make sense
not everything needs a reason
we need the space in between
where we can just think  
the moment when common sense isn't so common
the middle part of right and wrong

so when u see someone doing something u dont understand
dont ask why - just try it for yourself
Keerti May 16
For all the million reasons why I can’t love myself
I hate you for turning me into this
I wish I was a flower or dog with no senses
So I would not have to put up such pretenses
Or the Great Wall for defenses
All because you two don’t face the consequences
Which I do, for you
Because the world has no logical rules
It’s simply who can shout the loudest and longest
And I’m stuck between you two
In a cage in solitude
love or hate
nothing in between

hot or cold
nothing quite the same

catching or losing
everything and nothing
losing interest faster than catching feelings.
Stay in the middle.
You will fall down again.
Then you'll climbing back to hill from hell!
my annal
spirit laid
her in
a bright
vain that
grew so
in her
whim that
attire her
Waz with
desire and
ran like
a deer
to her
frosty cone
on the
metro square
a time in the middle
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