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You've never given
Me reasons to stay
But, your love
Catches my eye like a star in the sky

The surprises come
When I'm lonely
Without your lovely
Face on my mind

When I look at the mirror
Your fingertips touch my softly
I wonder what touches my soul
Bringing my mind in focus

Your lovely presence
Must be a disguise
I hope she'll forgive me.
It's her birthday.
And I forgot.
Nolan Willett Apr 2020
The road to heaven
Is paved with bad intentions.
My own proverb of hell for a favorite poet
Blessing Thabane Apr 2020
On my worst days
I'm a mess
On my best days
I'm a terrible mess
Most of the time
I'm a gracefully shattered soup bowl,

I'm a wonderful mess
Glorified mess
Confident mess
I'm 'gonna show them what I got' mess
I'm 'Better days are coming' mess
I'm a mess with a hope,

Ideas, I'm an innovative mess
I'm a lonely mess
'i don't know who I am' mess
I'm a lost mess
I'm a proud mess
You should see me
I walk bodly, keep my head up, strut about like I was America's first model
I embrace the mess that I am
Because this mess is a
Friend, daughter, student, leader
This mess is a lover, partner, ride or die
This mess is imperfectly perfect
This mess makes mistakes
Has regrets
But this mess will never give up...
Truth is , I'm not even a mess anymore
I'm just a shattered clay,
BrokenSoup bowl
My Potter's touch failed me...
This is a poem about life, growing up and trying your best to keep your head up even when it's impossible to. Embrace those bad days and remember to be kind to yourself, take it one step at a time... you'll get there
sunshine Feb 2020
you're swimming in my dreams
dancing in my thoughts
whenever I close my eyes,
yours are there to replace mine

taking off all your fears
dressing me up with soft words
laying next to me and casting down lies
your soul is mine forever
love notes
love poems
love something

Colm Dec 2019
Too much time
Not enough air
Stale paling walls and melted snow
Sometimes home is the one place to which you cannot go
The one thought of which you dare not revisit in there
When Home Isn't Home (Go)
Colm Nov 2019
Justice isn't yours to challenge
Observe the only change with ease
It's best to simply let it be
As when you're not involved
In the sinfulness of it all
Don't let your mind wander for even a second
Instead be free, smile and flee
"Clean your room. And set your own house in order first, before trying to reorder the world."
The consequences of your actions
Are a burden I suppose I asked for
When I agreed to belong to you
When I offered you sanctuary in my arms

Yet tonight - they are so heavy
And I no longer wish to carry them
My legs are so tired darling
Please just admit that you were wrong

My legs are so tired darling
Break the generational chain that binds us to this nonsense.
. . . Let me make this clear
I don't know why I'm so ******* sad
So ******* sad all the time
Self help articles and hobbies and pills
Never helped me
Never helped me at all
I've been sad half my life
But now I'm fine
Everything is fine
So what's the deal?
What's the deal
Chris Jul 2019
How can we
Connect to
Someone who
Has gone through
Something so

I've never
Been beaten
By someone
With a whip
But sill I
Can connect.

How funny.
Masha Yurkevich May 2019

Seeing a spider in my room isn't scary.

It's scary when it


Anyone else with me on this one?
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