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Chris Jul 15
How can we
Connect to
Someone who
Has gone through
Something so

I've never
Been beaten
By someone
With a whip
But sill I
Can connect.

How funny.

Seeing a spider in my room isn't scary.

It's scary when it


Anyone else with me on this one?
Seanathon May 14
This is me
Standing on a tower cold
Pushing up the clouded skies
With fingers stretched wide
Trying to hold back the rainy clouds
Until this imitation month
Which proclaims to be a daughter of May
Proceeds to pass us by

May isn't for rain
Stealing her sisters MO
Dimitri Ali Mar 31
Running from her home she seeks a better life,
An escape from the bloodshed, the tears, the pain and the strife.
At our ports they come by the hundreds it seems,
But her, in her eyes you can see the lost family, her hopes her dreams.

A broken soul with pieces left behind her,
Yet people would still take advantage of her.
Trap her, force her to do unspeakable things,
The tears she'd cry and keep it all in,
On her soul people place their sins.

She tries truly,
Though abused and treated cruely,
Though she's used she looks up lovingly,
Because if she doesn't she'd end up hurt badly.

I'm not proud to say where I'm from,
But this is the situation in my country currently.
Boatloads of Venezuelan refugees come daily,
In hope to escape the hell behind, they stumble into hell here blindly,
While people who care but are powerless, look on sadly.
While we claim on live to see monsters that require supernatural expulsion,
A soul is dieing without justice head held on the guillotine of corruption.
We are the monsters so don't live in fear,
We are the monsters who haunt the people who seek refuge here.
A poem on the current state of my once sweet nation I call home
memoona kazmi Feb 28
if she kisses you,
with her eyes open,
it means she's not there yet,
she's not lost into it,
the enchanting garden of love,
is yet to be reached by her,
the demon against love are still to be fought,
the potion of love,
is yet to be drunk,
and if her eyes are still open,
when you move your fingers,
in her hairs,
and if she still can't feel your heat,
she isn't yours to keep.........
Bohemian Feb 12
Those chests inflated of pride
Sheer a bit more
A bit more as they conceive a wound more
to have another one
To the ranger within,just as an evil within
To each of us
Lil Sunflower Nov 2018
You say that I’m your one and only but you don’t prove it. You say that you love me but you didn’t really. You say that we will last for a long time but that’s not gonna happen. You say that you wanna kiss but every time we try you chicken out. You say I can have your jacket but you act like it’s the only thing you have in life. You say that you wanna hug but you hugs feel awkward and stiff. You say you wanna be my boyfriend but do you really?
Micah Gerdes Nov 2018
It is cold outside
And warm in here. There is mist
On the window. Can’t see.
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