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Anais Vionet Nov 2020
What stands guaranteed?
The moon's drifting away, oh
inconstant cosmos.

Gravity fights us,
taxes come due, boys will ******,
some things are certain.

What about love? We
need extended warranties
for consumer faith.

Permanent pressed
love - no crumpled hopes
- investor safety.

“Love bonds”, or "emo-
care?” No worry, we’ll find a
marketable name...
few things are guaranteed and romance isn't one of them... why not??
Zack Ripley Mar 2020
"What are you thinking about?"
"You. Me. The world. Life. Happiness."
You smile and say "is that all?"
"You know me.
I think about everything.
What are you thinking about?"
"Well, I WAS worrying.
About bills. Insurance. Our health. The future.
But then you distracted me."
"And what are you thinking about now?"
"That I wish I had your optimism.
But for now, no more worrying. It's time to breathe.
I'm just glad to be here in this moment with you."
Carlo C Gomez Jan 2020
That does it!
My heart got trashed again.
It's time to get renters insurance.
Jack L Martin Sep 2018
I have some aches that are not fiction
so my doctor wrote a prescription

She sent it to the pharmacy near
so I can get my mind adhered

I went to pick it up today
assured that all would be ok

The pharmacy tech was really nice
but said I had to pay full price

It seems as though I was denied
my insurance claimed the doctor lied

All I wanted was to feel better
but now i'm shackled to this fetter

I pay my premium; my budget festers
while the insurance company pays their investors

I guess i'll wait another year
insanity comes closer, I fear.
Karijinbba Jul 2018
There was a very cautious man
Who never laughed or played
He never risked, he never tried,
He never sang or prayed.
And when he on day passed away,
His insurance was denied,
For since he never really lived,
They claimed he never died.
Jump into life lose win grow shrink live hate cry love love and love children men women cat dog anything share what you learn so others won't have to suffer.
nick armbrister Apr 2018
Death Cash
Life insurance death payout doesn’t make sense
Surely you’re meant to be a live to enjoy the payout?
But they only pay when you’re dead and buried
Something aint right there…
nick armbrister Apr 2018
Uncle Sam
When will the company payout?
Just like Catch 22
All the benefits come after death
You sign on the line

And pay the cash
For the listed benefits
But you don’t see them
Not a single ******* one

They’re left to your loved ones
Don’t have a wife or kids?
Too bad then
Uncle Sam will claim your benefits

To enrich his war chest
And defeat the *** and the ****
And the Reds after that
The benefits are all his
Lydia Nov 2017
I wish my lotion had glitter in it
I also wish my head didn't hurt
I had a nightmare that I was back in the hospital the day my insurance company denied my medication
I can't afford it,
So I can't sleep now
But yesterday I dreamed I was back in the hospital like when I was a kid
I was only there a couple of times, for testing and for times I forgot my medication
There was a bit of a learning curve for a seven year old
But I'm moving out next year
I've already learned
I take my vitamins, I go to my doctor visits
I finally got my sports clearances,
But I can't drive a car without my medication
I can't work somedays either
So as I lay here, by myself, I can't help but remember the nurse who gave me a friendship bracelet in the emergency room on Christmas
The saline in my arm was cold, and they stopped giving me blankets because I had a fever
I was twelve years old and it was snowing in Atlanta for the first time in years
I couldn't tell from my windowless room
The nurse put lotion on my hands with glitter in it
I had a fever because I was dehydrated
I was dehydrated because I forgot my medication at home in Pennsylvania.
I do want to state that I am fine. I have a chronic medical condition. I've had it for my entire life, I was diagnosed as a kid. Most children grow out of it by age 12, I was that rare exception to the word "most" and so I still struggle with the same condition even as I go into college. I will have it for my entire life. It was only recently proven to be a real disorder and is now finally being properly studied, but my insurance hasn't caught up and listed the medication as necessary for my condition. I am currently in round two of appeal.
Remmy Aug 2017
I'm uncomfortable
I'm uncomfortable in this feminine peice of **** others call a body
I look in the mirror and all I see is deadname
My body isn't me
My body is deadname
I figured this out yesterday
So I finalized my decision to get top surgery
Only to find out that my insurance matches my peice of **** body
Top surgery isn't covered
Apparently it's cosmetic
You don't have to live in a body that's wrong
It's not my fault I was put in a body with ***** and curves and bumps in all the wrong places
I don't have 5000 dollars because I already had to pay for intensive outpatient therapy that insurance wouldn't cover
What's the point of having insurance if it only costs and doesn't pay
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