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creates possibility and possibility begot prosperity. While humility makes prosperity durability till eternity."
Mona Nov 13
up late
sat upright
i contemplate

is it too late?
how much of a state is my mind state?

i feel stuck in time
am i stagnant or am i fluid?

i wanna leap off the bed or the earth
what is the symbolic meaning of a birth?
is there even such a thing?
if so, what is the symbolic meaning of death?

we all die
is that the symbol?
is it a parable?
who knows
your guess is as good as anyone elses

we pretend all day long
of our competencies
truth is, such endeavours
limit our ability to see
how the world is in raw form
we build our lives and wishes
within a simulation

we all subscribe to the simulation
in our own way

only till we own the simulations of our mind
can we really see
the ethereal and rich nature of reality
reality is not fixed
it cannot be named like a person
it is bigger than me or you
or any organism that inhabits it
let's have some humility
for Christ's sake
M Vogel Nov 12
Selmhem Naise

"...A fire broke out backstage in a theatre. The clown came out to warn the public; they thought it was a joke and applauded. He repeated it; the acclaim was even greater. I think that's just how the world will come to an end:
to general applause from wits who believe it's a joke."


Uncanny wit
A bit of a ****.
And his Glory he hides
As the red orb he slides
Over the nose that knows.
It is to only "they that can see"
His 'pose that shows.
The clown is a genius...
And so very few knows.

Tell him...
Tell the clown what it is that you see,
In and through his funny-colored eyes.
Maybe the glory that is his
Will pierce through disguise
In order to be
What each of us that 'see'
Do already see.
That we
Are in the company

Of a truthteller kinda feller.

from a whole new kind of crowd

pale blue colored iris,
presents the circle
and puts the Glory out to hide, hide..

If he could see in himself
What it is that we see...
I can't help but wonder
What the outcome would be

oh great scott..
preston Nov 12
Stephan W

She said, with a quietly-kind heart--

"Please, sir.. just promise me that you
will always be there.."

And so i was.. in my own limited fashion.
Time went on, and she-- thought that i,

like all the others.. had just moved on.

but I never did.
with ones like her, I never do

no need to.

blessed are the meek..
for they shall inherit the earth

:) <3 xo
Adi N Nov 8
You are an act of the Creator,
But your ego makes you feel superior
-a tragedy of the human mind.

You can't outrun a Cheetah nor
can you outlive a Banyan tree.
Observe other life far superior than you,
and perceive the higher force all around.

Become humble while there is still time.
Derrick Cox Nov 6
I went to the deli
and ordered a grilled cheese on a roll.
The rest of that day was warm.
melted Swiss cheese.

I went to the deli
and ordered a chicken cutlet on a hero
with nothing on it.
The rest of my day was regular;
no sauce or anything extra needed.

The next day,
I went to the deli
And ordered a turkey, egg, and cheese
on a roll.
I tasted ketchup and mayonnaise
along with everything else.
I could have changed it,
but instead threw it away
disgusted and frustrated.
The rest of my day was not what I ordered.

The day after that,
I went to the deli
and ordered a tuna on whole wheat bread.
I received it on a hero
which I didn’t want because
I wasn’t that hungry.
So I decided to share
one half of my sandwich
with a homeless man
considering I had no one else
to eat with.

The day after that,
I went to the deli
and got a PB n J.
I bit into my sandwich
and tasted no jelly.
Not sweet,
but not a big deal for me either.
I went about the rest of my day
tasting peanut butter and bread.
ShininGale Oct 30
Why can't I say NO?
Am I afraid or just stupid?
I kept agreeing with people that did nothing but abuse me.
But even with that treatment I chose to be kind.

Ask me why?

Because I promised Him I'll be fine.
fine with sorrow for I know one day he'll save me.
I swear to bare, because I knew someone cared.
believe me when I say, cruelness is in the air...
but somewhere is where we are our own Heir.

I'm a mess, I can't stay calm in my nest.
I am exhausted because I can't rest.
I say yes because I thought that's the best.
despite saying those things I knew nothing will fickle,
in the end I will always say YES.
Despite saying that I don't really regret helping anyone, because I always say to them that "that's the least I can do". It is true, this poetry ain't hate nor rant but I just want to relate to some who doesn't feel okay anymore every time they say yes. ALWAYS REMEMBER TO DO SOMETHING YOU LIKE SO THAT REGRET WON'T HAVE ITS CHANCE. I help other people because I love seeing someone have lesser problem...and also, the story goes like this... my grandfather died helping other people yet he did not regret it, well that's how it was told :<<<


still without him physically I STILL WANT TO CONTINUE, because he is with me! HE IS WITH ME!!!
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