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Laura Mar 3
I want you to know
That I'm the best
You'll ever have
Because not many
Could put up
With your *******
Your indecisiveness
Your inattentive responses
Your tired love making
Your hurtful jokes
Your empty love

Move on fast
Move on slow
Search high
Search low
I'll still be
The ******* best
You ever had
And that's
Your cross
To bear
Because I'm still
The best
And you're just alone

Lost without me
Without my love
Without my lips
Without everything
That makes me
The best you've
Ever had
Emma Pals Feb 23
Snowy white Saturday morning.
All is calm and peaceful.
As the big flakes of snow drift down,
They give the ground a big blanket
Everything is so peaceful

Despite the stillness of the world,
Thoughts, still, destroy everything tranquil.
Minds filled with terrible thoughts,
Ideas that demolish all things good.

The snow falls white on the earth.
Blood spills from tired veins,
Turning crisp white snow to a ****** mess.
Red hot blood thaws the frozen snow-covered earth.

Sleeping peacefully, covered by the snowy blanket,
No more thoughts, no more ideas.
A final breath on a
Snowy white Saturday morning.
The snow is falling outside and apparently so am I so here's this piece I wrote this morning
Laura Feb 16
I want what we once had
But I want it
With someone else
Because you didn't
My efforts

I just wish
I could find
A taker
Who wanted me
As much
As I wanted them

Because I'm tired of
Day dreaming
Over what
We once had

I'm through
Thinking of nothing
But ******* you

I'm through
Giving you time
That you don't
******* deserve

I'm through
Kissing frogs
And ******* ****
To get what
We once had
When I'm
So worthy of it
Without you
esther Feb 16
you're my Friday night
and i'm your Saturday morning
you seem more ideal than me
but i offer you the comfort that you need
you give me life
i give you peace.
KKM Jan 23
something about checkered ties & purple hearts clenches a part of my hand that keeps me from writing to you and i cant even blame the snow for falling on a saturday bc God knows something needs to come down on us and it cant be our blue realizations or late movie night plans 76 days post April fools where once again the scar on your right hand will remind me of vicious wolves who only know fear and full moons, something we never talk about bc Halloween comes in a different month than Christmas & apparently that's an issue about advent calendars, not mood swings so constant you'll burn your pinky on a tray of bruschetta toast 4 times & react differently each time the heat wants to darken your skin unkindly
Haylin Jan 21
Oh how I dread you
Can you just go away for one more day

You could be anything or nothing at all
You're just Tuesday

**** DAY
I finally get to look forward to the weekend

The day before Friday
Anything could happen, but it wouldn't count

The most annoying day because of Rebecca Black
But it means we have 2 days of no *******

Thank you for no school
But sadly you go by too fast

Ruined because you know tomorrow is Monday
The one day I remember to do my homework
Jane Jan 19
I looked outside, the sun is shining where it hasn't for days.
I looked inside, it's been caliginous for months.

The smoke over my tea seems foreign,
My gazes are empty,
My flesh feels hardened.

My thoughts don't haunt me anymore,
we live together, a familiar routine.

It's an odd place to be in,
when you're acquiescent for Departure,
but wary of the destination.

Death will grace us all in a given day,
how to act as a catalyst,
I wondered,
simply, keep your door inviting.

As I sat with a blizzard inside,
a deep sunken calm emerged within.

I asked, "who is it?"
"your solace", it answered.

I asked again, confused, "who is it?"
"your tranquil", it answered.

I asked once again, unsure, "who is it?"
"your Departure", it answered. I smiled.

"What kept you so long?", I asked,
"you have. May I stay?", it asked me.

"You've never left. A perpetual guest is always welcome." I answered.

The sound of violins overcame me,
an odd, fitting melody.
only dreaming
woke up
to kisses
     cups of coffee

- katrina ******
instagram: @wordsbykatrina
twitter: @_wordsbykatrina
M-E Jan 4
Tomorrow is my movies night
Yay. Finally, something nice
To forget a harsh week
And long days of work
Will I watch a comedy for a laugh
- Night school -
- Let's be cops -
Or rewatch action/revenge korean
- A bittersweet life -
I missed the heartpounding movies
I think a horror/sci-fi would do
- Life -
A spanish thriller would be nice too
- Los ojos de Julia -
Maybe an animation
Have a nice, fun time with my niece
- Big hero 6 -
- Frozen -
Or a mind-blowing anime for myself
- Akira -
The last choice I wouldn't choose
A romantic movie
- My sassy girl and The notebook -
Erase these, I think I will re-watch Saw

Lost in so many choices
Can you send me recommendations.
I know its not a poetry. I just thought to share this riddle made of 46 movies that I cannot pick one fun, entertaining movie of it.
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