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Sweetheart ...
the owner of my heart ...
i'm whispering to you ...
with a passion's whispers ...
and calling you ...
within my heart ...
from my so far place ...
in the language as all lovers ...
but ,...
i'm not like those lovers ...
because ...
the feelings and the love ...
that i hold inside ...
no one get ...
like what i feel about you ...
and , how i be ...
when it's the night ...
when i hug my pillow ...
between my arms ...
to feel you as real ...
with me ...
until the sun rise ...
to start my day ...
with you ...

love you ...

hazem al ...
Danielle Apr 3
How does it feel like to float in a complete void, alone with an uncertainty of surviving and going back to where you used to live? I was talking about the Sputnik II, the famous satellite launched with the dog Laika aboard. The very scene also portrays the life here on land. Each day, I'm caving in my own realities, an impressive way of escaping. It has buried me in that idea of you existing on it. It is a badge to be given, a sigh each time you twist the **** on the door.

And there I am, a banquet of a montage of a violent delight, a beauty of the sea cascading the shore, it's in my veins, a rushing current of this mere event. I watched people applaud, how the glass clinks, and you, an array of sun, so immaculate, I can't look away.

I cannot bear losing it.

and we'll be a specks withering, it is a bittersweet love:

I would endlessly live on it.
In her eyes
is a sea of

In her heart
is warmth
beyond the sun

She will love
thee and the
World will stop
Muhammad Ali Jul 2022
with you I am
without you I’m not
you make my life
the best i’ve ever thought
your precious soul alone
is my very and only home
with your heavenly love I shine
like glittering stars from moonshine

October 31st, 2021
Would you like
to stand with me here
appreciating the sun that rises?
my sweetheart.
Indonesia, 4th January 2022
Arif Aditya Abyan Nugroho
Farah Taskin Aug 2021
You're the heady perfume of a bunch of tuberoses
I'm intensely fond of you
You murmur into the silky breeze
I hear your name in the sweet note of a cuckoo

The symbol of immorality-
the polar star is devoted to you
My life without you
is meaningless
through and through.
pnam Feb 2021
Every morning begins with you in my mind
When you are not with me O my sweetheart
Every night in my dreams you be so kind
To wish those dreams stay and never depart

Hindi - Translation
Bus aapki yaad se shooru hoti hai har subah
Jab nahi rahte ** paas mere, mere dil-rooba
Aate raho har raaton ke khawabon mein sahi
Aarzoo meri un khwabon se na jaagoon kabhi !
Bailey Nov 2020
Today my demon asked "why won't your feet move?"

I feel my broken lips turn into a frown looking forward at my smirking demon I say
"You should know, you were the one who nailed them into this never melting ice"

As her smirk grows and a full boasted laugh erupts from her broken lips she turns her bloodshot eyes to look right into mine and says "No sweetheart that was all you"
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