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Nothing in the world is mine
Not even my own shadow
For I try to hold my shadow
It either moves away...
Or disappears .....!!

Why then...
Talk about the one I love
Pretty well...knowing...
He will never be mine..!!
It's again ...
Nothing in the world is mine ..!!
Lulu Sarmiento Sep 2017
She was a lady of valor and of might,
But she was also weak, scared and couldn’t fight;
Her love was as passionate as lovers could be,
But her tears were as painful as thorns should be.

You informed her not that you’re leaving,
Soon, you’ll see her bitterly crying;
Until she has foreseen the doom,
You couldn’t respond ‘cause her face was of gloom.

It fell down; her tears of love was real,
She almost cry her heart out with pain the that she feels;
Your knightly arms will calm her,
On her face will be a carved laughter.

But it cannot be done any more.
You’re too far and you leaved her with a sore.
She was bewildered, wandering from the ocean floor.
In her beautiful visage her tears pour.

The enormous waves on the ocean’s surface,
Her rushing tears from her gloomy face;
On the fine seashore sands,
There she walks and behind the yacht she stands.

Your memoirs are her reminisces of the past,
On the sunset, there her eyes was caste.
Dawn came of no assurance,
She awakes but she responded with no compliance.

She yearns for your presence.
She weeps for your absence.
She longs for reconciliation.
She was beaten out of compassion.
pnam May 26
Holding you close  in my arm
See love birds flying in swarm
My heart runs happy and free
With you love comes naturally

My heart will just be a recluse
Shudder to think if I ever loose
Priceless treasured heart of thee
With you love comes naturally

Your heart brimmed in limitless love
Shining bright showering from above
Our connection made  by almighty
With you love comes naturally

From this moment until eternity
Time lived earthly feeling heavenly
Lasting bonds yet flying freely
With you love comes naturally

Never felt true love so clearer
Keep this love blessed forever
Every day in prayers I plea
With you love comes naturally
feeling close yet so free
Oh, sweetheart.
You're every star in the sky.
You remind me of a snowdrop encased in dark, cracked resin. Maybe frozen into the ice, then, deep beneath where the sun ever reached. The pride of the leviathan of the deep.
God, you're breathtaking.
Your eyes convey a thousand wishes, hope still glinting deep in there. You cultivate it like a small ember, a glowing shard of coal in the rain. It never goes out, not all the way. You can always blow it back to life.
You absolutely astound me.
Your bravery, your courage, your presence, it envelops me like the rumble of a thunderstorm deep within my chest. Your existence shines so bright it could light a path through Victorian London smog, your machinations a delightful enigma.
I cannot imagine not knowing you now.
Alabaster and deep azure, soot and iridescent verdant. I could get lost in your soul. Gazing into your mind feels like ****** of a secret, absolute ******. You make my blood boil. My veins are blue, bluest blue, thinking about you.
You're every book on the shelf.
You're every smile from a stranger.
You're every star in the sky.
Oh, sweetheart.
Marian Solis May 14
You’re just like a balloon
That I wanted so dearly
Like a child so amused
With the feeling and its hues.

One day as I watch you
As distant as always,
I didn’t know it was the day
You’ll be wanting to stay.

I’m the child, you’re my balloon
We’ll forever stay in tune;
I dance with you under the sun,
I dream of you under the moon.

One day you flew away,
Another child wanted you to stay.
You left me, empty and lonely;
Feeling the mark from your string.
pnam Apr 22
With us not together for now
Sweet voices and pics of thee to wow
Your love true as much mine to thou

Loving heart with heavenly face
Mystic eyes gaze amazing grace
I fall for you in time and space

With make up or without naturally
To me you will always be lovely
Loving you makes me happy and free

Beyond the beautiful somatic veneer
Priceless treasure your heart dear
Trust always this love will persevere
Imagine my heart
Without you
Oh sweetheart
Imagine my life
Without you
My beautiful wife,
Imagine myself
Without you every day
I'd be truly lost,
Without you my
Beautiful wife..
My Sweetheart Love
Sweetheart ...

to your eyes ...
i'm talking with ..
always and every time ...
even when i dive in a asleep ...
i drew your eyes ...
so deeply inside me ...
to keep talking with you ....
about my longs and desires ...
yes ...
desire you sweetheart ...
I crave to your sleepy eyes ...
and for a  touch your hand to my hands ...
desire you in every night ...
crave to an endless hug ...
until the sun rise ...
while my heart beats...
between your hands ...
to feel it's desire ...
while it beats ...
only for you ...

yes sweetheart ...
as a rare sunshine ...
your beauty face is ...
as a deep sea ...
your eyes are ...
and as this big world ...
your loving heart is ...

desire you ...
long for you ...
only you ...
sweet angel mine ...

love you sweetheart ...

hazem al ...
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