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Manan sheel Feb 15
Many kings there have been,
Many those who tried to leave their mark,
and thought that they left.
They were destroyed by nature and time,
in some years.
Nature and time, the real kings, they spare none.
Yet, the one who lives for others,
becomes a sweetheart of these kings...

© Manan sheel.
I just watched the movie 'Kedarnath' and my poem is inspired by the movie :) :)
Johnny walker Feb 13
So confused my mind
to much drifting from dreams to fantasy how
strange does life seem
to me now from what
Is just year

To how quickly things have changed life turned full circle back to where
before I married my girl
alone again still asking why and did all what happened come

So strange the world to now I live having had twenty great years of marriage to be again the life of a loner all In life now will do alone
just can't get used the Idea
where once I lived that life
that at the time never was a problem

I suppose It age that makes the difference now where once youth was on my side for no fear I had lived from day to day with never a plan In place

But Im old and become more fearful of life and to what It has In store now my sweetheart and left with the fear of facing life alone
Now my sweetheart gone In creeps the fear of being alone
to face an uncertain world
Oh those beautiful days lost to summer days
never thought to ever
Beautiful days lost to summer walking arm In arm with your
Beautiful days lost to summer stopping momentarily to hold her
close kiss her sweet
On beautiful days lost to summer thought never to end happily living the sunshine
Oh those beautiful days lost to summer warm glorious days never thought
But sadly those beautiful days lost to summer
ended the day my sweetheart passed
Remembering days lost to summer never thought ever to end
Manan sheel Feb 2
Yes, you people
would have dreamed
of your sweetheart,
A thousand things you
would want to see
in your sweetheart,
Oh! I want but one -
May she love me,
May she love my heart
for its tears,
May she be a gift of flowers,
to my tender heart,
May she fill it with her fragrance,
My tears, her fragrance,
Let these two combine,
And I won't ask for anything else...

© Manan sheel.
Johnny walker Jan 27
Of late I've found myself drifting back to dreams
to memories of my past to
Where I feel safe from lives harsh
And was thinking back to one of the very first times I walk out with Helen beautiful warm summers day walking the fields at the back of my
had my arm around her waist she had a very pretty summary dress on and her favourite perfume Estee Lauder Youth
feeling a bit adventures I slowly lowered my hand when I felt stinging session on quickly taking my hand away
right the middle of my palm a huge honey bee
I brushed the bee away and had returned home to remove the sting with tweezers
I learned very Important message that day don't put your hand on a lady without her permission or you to may a sting from huge honey
Valuable lesson when first walking out with my sweetheart never put your
hand a lady without seeking permission first
Johnny walker Jan 23
The very first time I looked upon her smiling face as I held her hand I knew this girl was mine and she would be my only
She took away my breath with the passion of the first kiss I knew my life was changing forever and would never be the same again
when she took away my breath with that very first kiss the first time she took my hand and placed on her breast so soft yet
The first time I slowly
undressed her letting each Item of clothing fall gently to the floor I caressed the lovely curves of her
ripping off my clothes I drew her to me and as the nakedness of our bodies came together with the sensitivity as we brushed against each
I laid her down to where I made love to her Afterwards I lay exhausted but as looked Into her eyes of blue eyes that told so much I knew she loved me just as much as I loved
With a smile on my face, I fell to sleep with the sent of perfume filling the air all around with my sweetheart laid In my arms
Thoughts and  memories of the first and only  I fell In love with who became my wife of twenty years God bless her
Daisy Jan 4
Where are you going
Where are you going, o madman!
Everything is here sweetheart,
Catch me if u can.
You have bewitched me with your black art.

You have committed a beautiful crime,
Stole my heart and my dreams,
I gave you all my precious time.
My love for you is  extreme.

Where are you going, o crazy man!
Everything is here sweetheart,
Our love was began in the season of rain,
This is where we start.

You are in love with my mask more than me,
By embellishing a beautiful smile.
I’ve pulled a curtain over my secret, you see,
I have a disguise which is very versatile.

Where are you going, o madman!
Everything is here sweetheart,
Catch me if u can.
You have bewitched me with your black art.

You become a flame,
Let me burn and make me ablaze,
I am an extinguished fire, so don’t blame.
You’ll achieve only smoke, not my sign or my name.

Where are you going, o crazy man!
Everything is here sweetheart,
Our love was began in the season of rain.
This is where we start.

You become my prisoner,
Come to the lock up,
Let me be your jailer,
Get ready and stand up.
OpenWorldView Sep 2018
Loneliness wanted to take my life.
And night after night I slept in coffins
which carried my empty soul.

But like a gentle spring breeze
have you quenched evil winter dreams.

Withered leaves became green,
bad turned into good,
tenderness penetrated my pores.

I've reached the highest goal
and find no fear in me.

Death can take me now,
but the soul
belongs to the dearest
who sleeps with me.
Johnny walker Dec 2018
I close my eyes to pictures of my past life running through my mind almost
like watching a film stopping at the various point
to relive beautiful moments shared with Helen
The very first time I saw her as school girl not knowing she would become my
Many years later the first time we met, the time we sat In a parked snow falling bitterly cold then walking her back
home looking into her eyes and knowing I would marry this girl she would have my baby the wedding
day reception held In our back
garden such a warm sunny day how lucky we were that day unforgettable dream and wonderful memories that will stay with me forever
whilst awake or In
Close my eye's and she Is there as If she'd never been away my sweetheart Helen she will never leave
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