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it's absurd to let a sweetheart slip away
but impossible to keep her around
Johnny walker Jun 17
So silent now that of my life
I could hear a tear drop fall
from my sweetheart from those beautiful blue
So silent I hear them fall from Heaven to where my sweetheart Is a permanent resident
Her tear that fall upon my pillows whilst I'm deep In sleep at night In my dreams I've seen her tears
fall like
And when I wake upon the morning light to know last night she was sat here with me while I slept and cried tears on my
Silence In  the dead of night tears are falling from Heaven from my sweetheart oh so beautiful blue eyes that I never got
Empty chair were my sweetheart once did sit
now our kitten taken to sitting there as If she
knows who once sat
Rooms that no longer
echo her voice rooms
have fallen silent no
longer hear her calling
Oh how I miss her for
rooms that felt so much
love but only feel the
cold now strange I
just the simple
things Funny sometimes
It's just the
simple thing
Funny how sometimes it's just the simple things you miss when a person has
Sam May 29
I woke up the next morning and looked over
There he was right next to me
Laying awake and staring
His beautiful eyes looking deeply into mine
This was a wonderful way to start our day

Then I made him pancakes
He really loves when I bake for him
He said he wanted to bake with me forever
Like my little assistant
Baking is very important to us

We sat together on the couch and made plans for the day
A fun little trip to Walmart
We needed more baking ingredients
He said he wanted to make pudding and a cute little cake
I smiled and happily agreed

We ran our errands and went back home
I sat down and he threw himself at me
He trusts me so much to catch him every time
I always do my best to keep him safe
We cuddled for a while while watching baking shows

We joke and cook and kiss all evening
Then it’s time for a shower
We love taking showers together
We love taking care of each other
It’s the most wholesome thing

Then we get into bed
I hold him or he holds me
We make sure the other is okay
Then we talk and talk and talk
Until we fall asleep again

We constantly say “I love you”
We make each other gifts
We have a ton of ***
We are “that couple”
We are so, so happy with each other

But I think we both agree that our absolute favorite type of day
Is the mundane day
I absolutely love these days with my amazing man. He’s the first person I could say that I can do absolutely nothing with and feel like we’re having the time of our lives. This is to my love, mi amor, my sweetheart. <3
Johnny walker May 14
Oh how I felt so alive the day
that I kissed my bride I held our wedding
and all through the wedding photo's
and not once did I let
It fall from my hand Oh
so proud that I truly
for had me wife
at one time I
would have thought  Impossible she gifted a son but not did I
not even for a moment I'd
be laying  a Red Rose on
I gone from the proudest day to my saddest day when a Red
Rose I laid on her grave a
that said It all a single red rose for my sweetheart
Sierra Apr 13
The things I thought were so important,
are no longer relevant.
You remolded my idea of a perfect man.
Patient and gentle,
Caring and kind.
I'm so happy,  you are all mine.
Johnny walker Mar 31
Sitting at my door on a glorious summers day
sun shining In a lovely blue sky
not a cloud In
site birds singing there's the song of summer for so
they are happy and they are making feel
too, on this glorious day
thoughts turn to my girl who sadly has gone but left me with
beautiful memories
to cherish the rest of my days, the days described as my days of Heaven for
laid In her arms kissing her
lips It was pure Heaven to me, but If I don't make It to Heaven then at least I've
have had a taste
Heaven and what It would be like with Helen on this Earth whilst laid In her
With Helen I tasted Heaven here on Earth but when I die
and If I dont make It to
Heaven then at least I will have had a taste of what
could Heaven be like whilst laid the arms of my
Ella Downing Mar 26
Who could it have been?
You, who walked with me but wouldn't be seen

Who could it have been?
You, who came and went before we had chance to consider ourselves as more

Who could it have been?
You, who brought a tidal-term of tiredness, tension and too-tight-space

Who could it have been?
Maybe you, the ally.
The constant safety net who can crack the shell in two
Whose potential lies there bubbling, slowly evaporating
Like driving towards sunset

But it was you.
The realist could-have of all
The love I never felt I earned
because I didn't need to.
My best friend
Karijinbba Mar 22
Nothing hurts me more deeply,
then your
physical silence
so dead calm
not knowing
if you're living
or colder
in your grave

Speak to me
I love you so.
By: Karijinbba
All rights reserved
Indifference as cold
as forgetting
an absent loved one
a painful un necessary tactic of "less is more"
in the solitary life
of a precious lover
left behind. Hate me
I beg you,your rancor hurts me less then being forgotten!( Revised comment 03-22-19)
Manan sheel Feb 15
Many kings there have been,
Many those who tried to leave their mark,
and thought that they left.
They were destroyed by nature and time,
in some years.
Nature and time, the real kings, they spare none.
Yet, the one who lives for others,
becomes a sweetheart of these kings...

© Manan sheel.
I just watched the movie 'Kedarnath' and my poem is inspired by the movie :) :)
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