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Psychosa Nov 11
And through my death,
I have been initiated by the dark goddesses that dance under the forbidden moonlight,
into my birthright,
to truly be alive.
abhinav Oct 23
Imma white strand
underneath that wide band
on your round land
under the heap among profound men
just someone unique, identified from a mile back
*** mild 'attack
seeing me took a step back
thinking me of a **** wack
who isn't like em
I've been cut
I've been dyed
I've died
yet resurfaced just like a lie
screaming at your face dare ******* deny.
sense of individuality and self-acceptance in the face of societal expectations
1923 Sep 23
This was too much to carry

I am letting it go

It was always too heavy

I've decided to float
I S A A C Sep 13
You did it again
I forgave and repented
But after you did it again
I am feeling resentment
you do not care, hands in my hair
you never share your words, i care
i care to listen
i care to hear
i care to know all your fears
i care and i hate it
i care, i think its fated
do i stay while you run me over or get out of your way?
do i stay in the flames another day?
burn my ego?
burn any grace
Ghxstcxt Jul 5
All talk no action
not even a fraction
Surmount humility
Profound inaction
Abound rigidity
Tall walk short stature
The American way
Work force pays for the
CEOs big payday
Do as I say
Not do as I do
Under the guise of
"we want to improve"
It's so easy to see
their ego's fragility
with the words they use
I can feel it in the air

I can feel it everywhere

A darkness has crept in

The world has gone mad

I'm fighting an invisible fight

There is no love left among mankind

I feel an icy chill down my spine

Everyone is on edge

Zero tolerance for one another

And even a kind deed is misinterpreted

People have lost all common sense

Conscience has gone

And the big 'I' with its best friend EGO has moved to the front of the line  

There is no room for God in a Godless world

For people have chosen hatred over Love
sean achilleos
His crown sat bent -
    and it looked quite odd
          on the shady side
          of his sparse baldhead

His ego reigned
     while his daughter sweet
          could not make the move
          to get past her dread

His aproned slave
     dared not make a sound
          to defy the rules
          'til he made her dead

His cranium
     suffered sudden blows
          when an illness struck
          with the news ahead

He spat in barks
     telling all who came
          they should breathe their last
          and he died instead
a bitter-sweet ditty like a child's play poem
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