You saw my message
But didn't reply
you ignored me,
please tell me why.

I approached you as a stranger,
Wanna be your friend
But your ignorance
Brought all that to an end

I wrote a poem for you
Just to make you smile
But you didn't even notice
Even once for a while

Is that your ego
Who's not letting you to be open
Or its your attitude
To make me feel broken

So answer me now
Why i was ignored
Do you think its your friendship
which i cannot afford?

the reason i watch for the small things is because,
you may not know it, but when I walk home from work in the middle of the road, I’m seeing things as if i may never see them again because I don’t know where my mind is taking me.
I spit my prayers through grit teeth, it’s forced from my guardian's mouth when she looks through my feed and texts and tweets at night to fuel her (sometimes) self righteous ego and maintain control over my life.
when she read through my sketchbook that one morning, all i can now see are her invisible fingerprints on the page. I can’t see my words the same because there was a crime.. trespassing into my mind, even though i can’t let myself in. but I’ve changed my passcode and you’re too sloppy to realize that I know what you’re doing.
i’ve changed my locks and committed mental suicide with that key that I swallowed
still inside.

11:11-11:21pm a stream of consciousness

First in chamber then exposed to shame
Now the process of making excuses lame

"Ego's false belief"
Now I got some relief.

Since your desire to rule
Hence you must be a big fool

some random lines to share
Kashif Riaz Apr 17

Who's in senses
and who's in not
Who's more egoist
and who's bigger insane
Both are hateable
but I can't say that
The home is toxic
but I have to breathe
Environment is killing
but I have to live
Live in silence
ready for more punches
No other way
just be patient
Can't take stand
against my own assets

I no longer take others leave of absence
for it has nothing to do with me

running away
does not cure anxiety

running prolongs the truth
from slapping you in the face
all of my cards on the table now
here is my Ace

I ran away once
I dealt with the aftermath
for months

I know by now
that when I try to avoid
reality catches up

memories make you feel sick
you question,
"what could I have done
to make this outcome different?"

my heart breaks
but I don't
throw me no more bones
I radiate grace

the only way out of your head
is to pump the breaks and deal
actions take precedence
over words once said

face emotions
listen to your heart
ego is the only force
tearing love
and human connection apart

history tends to repeat itself

I am still alive.
You want to check
Listen the heart beats,
It still flow the blood.
Nervous are still working ,
Go check it with the bottom .
Now came closer
Peep in my soul ,
It's dead .
Look in the eyes ,
They drained.
Dreams are vanished
Hopes are shattered
But no issue ,
As I am still alive
The blood is still flows!!

sunprincess Mar 27

Today, my ego's out of control
I love me, myself and I
And I can't control my ego

and you certainly  can't control
my ego either!

I love me, myself and I

Timothy hill Mar 25

Love is some thing all life supports.

With out it the world would fail.

The Earth would also become pale.

If we yell and scream, at the movies and watching diaster and actions go un punhised.

What's the point in which we construct these out comes.

Down and applued, we strive for less friction in a world meant to hate.

All out comes in life are choas theory.

It's said a point of refresh in a moment spells greatness in outer ways.

Anti Struggles in a frayed life, would be nice if like flawless with a twister of held mischief.

Fictitious, his ambitious where you couldn't have thought of your own inventions.

Ingenious, with his very own mission you call him god I call him devious.

Mysterious, her cousins is with the hammer of dawn he seeks.

Many miles where traveled his path still un finished.

Until the hands grasp the power they will never have problems in life any more.

No more falling of tears.

Many days smudge with hard core pain.

Oceans rase each year over laping the coasts and its piers.

What to do too stop what it will yield.

Egos gone completion needing a new depition.

Reason of a world held high captions.

Compassion of a few is a winners ball.

Fades of ego in a darkless room.

Colors are prized as found of new surround.

Life movies passion sight ego limitless
Lynn Al-Abiad Mar 25

I learned never to alert certain people when they're being disrespectful
- they don't care who they hurt and they'll disrespect you in return. No exceptions.
Not to mention the judgmental sheep that applaud for them. Yeah... Those people-oids will boost shitty egos higher down cracked soil.
Archaic humans don't deserve my time, they don't deserve kindness - they don't even know it exists.
Let them drown in their cynical tones and mental complexes on their own.

- LynnAA

We're in 2017 and some people haven't even crossed 1528 yet.

Krystal Lèleck Mar 17

Where do you think
your fleeting hate goes?
It makes itself home
inside my heart,
my stomach,
my bones.
What if I told you,
I have enough anger of my own?
Anger that I deal, and have dealt, with
instead of just sporadically shown.
Your hate is just steam,
it makes egos feel good to be mean…
but you see, you have steam
whereas I….
I have the fire within me.
And on your hate, it feeds.
And grows.
And seethes.
Until there will be no oxygen
left to breathe.
Do you see
What this means?

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