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Perhaps I should have
Kept my big mouth shut
Perhaps I should have
Never said “Yeah But”

Perhaps I should have
Put all things aside
Perhaps I should have
Just swallowed my pride

Perhaps I should have
Opened up my ears
Perhaps I should have
Listened to your tears

Perhaps I should have
Seen the tears you cried
Perhaps I should have
Just swallowed my pride

Perhaps I should have
Been more sensitive
Perhaps I should have
Had advice to give

Perhaps I should have
Put ego aside
Perhaps I should have
Just swallowed my pride

Perhaps I should have
Held you by the hand
Perhaps I should have
Been a bigger man

Perhaps I should have
Stood right by your side
Perhaps I should have
Just swallowed my pride

Perhaps I should have
Told you “Don’t worry”
Perhaps I should have
Told you “I’m sorry”

Perhaps I should have
Admitted I lied
Perhaps I should have
Just swallowed my pride
by-Ronnie Doe
kept to myself on silent hill
where grasshoppers used to frolic

eyes that spy don't realize
like-minds in wooden boxes
read their own would be actions

can't rationalize honesty
different strokes in choices projected
pandering in placating platitudes

never did learn how to turn polite
into untruths earning respect
through coddling flattery

backscratchers are unnecessary
when you don't count numbers
to feel worth a ****

broken beautiful even in cracked truth
taken as is wholeheartedly
but wholeheartedly never fit
into wooden boxes

where people polish egos
and truth reads like what you want to hear
unspoken expectations cultivate disappointment

caring is never pretty when it's real
honesty, with no lies, is hard to look at
in reflections of things one tries to bury

it's the beginning of trust that scrounges
for reasons to doubt
running into cradling arms

far from the unknown feeling of acceptance
where bones are broken beautiful
and scars are proof you won the battle
942 days 14 hours and 5 minutes
Since I lost you
Each day I remember you
And tell myself you will come back
And I'll spend time with you
And I will tell you how I love you
How I miss having you around
I wanted to write something for you
As soon as you left us
But I couldn’t bring myself to accept that
To accept that you were gone
To accept that you wont come back
Before I lost you
Death was a myth
And funerals were celebration of life in disguise
I didn’t know loss until you left
I didn’t know hurt until you were no more
I never understood regret and guilt
Until you couldn’t hear my apology
And so I cried
For all the times I refused to pick your calls
Because I was mad at you
For all the times I didn’t share my poems with you
For the times I hated you for abandoning me
And I cried for you leaving without a goodbye
I cried because death took you
And I never said how much I loved you
And even when everyone was saying goodbyes
And even singing praises about you
I knew if you were around you laughed
Because you never understood human hypocrisy
Because you knew those praises weren't real
Because you knew you were kind but never meek
So they gave you false praises and cried because they had to
And I realized even in death they misunderstood you
Cause even in death all you would want is them to be real with you
And all around me were people filled with guilt
Not sadness just guilt
Though the world might have forgotten about you
I didn’t for a second allow myself the thought
I wanted to remember you
As a reminder
Of what happens when we hold grudges
Of what happens when we don’t forgive
Of how we lose because of pride
Of how painful it is to lose and feel guilty
And so when I looked at your casket
There you were eyes closed
With that single dreadlock on your forehead
I begged you to wake up and forgive me
To smile at me, heck even hit me
But you were gone and it was too late
And I saw something I couldn’t forget
You in a wooden box lying in it
With that face of yours
That made me angry some days
And made me happy most days
And when they lowered you to the ground
When they made you one with soil
A piece of me followed you to the after life
A piece I will never recover
Others lost a friend, a son and boyfriend
I just lost a brother I had abandoned
A part of me I could never get back
And each day I pray for your forgiveness
And pray for peace of heart
Joyce Tshibasu
R.i.p brother finally i found courage to write how i feel
Some of us
are just
a free meal to
Curious brains
Lustful eyes
Hungry egos

Know your worth
and become good appetizers
to the ones
who value you
Like a feast
from paradise
ZenOfferings Dec 8
Everybody knows
But we all feign a defect
And that is our role
Azulverde Dec 6
how does the brain of a mermaid look like?
not like mine
not like mine
invisible like me
                    I can't become a myth
I want to escape
                    become a lost child again, an orphan by choice
I want to erase it all
                    even the dreams I never had
reality took me everything
reality is not everything
between my ego and my fears
I'm just invisible
I can't look past others
I can't look back
I thought my heart would save me
                    but he came with me
I thought we would be good together
                    but he is just as ******* lost as I am
Nathalie Nov 25
You know if an experience is of your soul by the way it feels. There is a soothing awareness that calms any doubts and fears. You do not deny yourself the opportunities because you know it is presented to achieve a new level of mindfulness. You surrender to the offering by trusting the guidance of your heart. You open up and hear the inner voice that leads and discerns between the wants of your ego and the call of your spirit.

You realize that everything you attract is being granted in trust to the evolving and revealing of who you truly are. There are no mistakes only judgements and apprehensions hardened by lower frequencies and fear spiked beliefs. You are led by grace and when you tune in to its love and devotion for you, you relinquish the obsessive need to know everything before taking a leap of faith.

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