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Jules 1d
Some kid called you hot
Happens more often than not
I'm glad it's their to boost your ego
You feel uncomfortable
but yet enjoy it though?
Darby 1d
I am tired of feeling lost in you
I am tired of running back when you call
I am tired of never being enough
I am tired of being nothing to you and everything to your ego
I am tired of this bitter taste,
of your voice in my head when I can't sleep
of looking for signs of you on every street
of wishing I had been what you needed
because, you never saw me as anything more than a little girl with a lesson to be learned, and yourself as the perfect teacher.
Jeff Lewis Oct 5
Very much, I want
to write something really grand
and deep
and profound.
Something that will make
the reader gasp at its erudition
But, so often,
we don't get what we want.
So, what is it that I need?
Erudition-- I found that fancy word in my thesaurus.

I think thesauruses are really cool tools, but really!? Erudition?
labyrinth Sep 24
I could have been a priest
Or an astronaut maybe
A president or a statesman at least
A poet could’ve easily been me

A professional athlete, or a shipmaster with a crew
What a proficient doctor I would’ve been
A **** good musician or a scientist too
Let alone being a chief archaeologist or something

Ended up being an ordinary man
Thousands of clients and their needs
As ordinary as a real-estate broker and
Been busy rusting with useless deeds.

Couldn’t figure it out to this day. How? Why?
And don’t know how to respond, either
Not much time left. Dad? Ma?
Or anybody else for that matter?
Not copyrighted yet
Sacrelicious Sep 28
But are we even real, though?
It's never been like second nature for me.

Reality may be cruel.
But I'll make my own.

In my mind's eye.
Where I can fade.
Off into the darkness of a sunset, too early .

Melancholy in the new moons light.
Sulking to the vibes of sympathetic souls.

Searching for the light.
In the dark side of PTSD.
Disassociative press and inflamy for rolling with nature.

But I'll have my friends.
That you can't see.
In a place where everybody likes me.

I'm crawling out of my skin.
Incinerating, internally for eternity.

The srategic train wreck express has been derailed.
And I have a new ego.
We are Sacrelicious.
William Troup Sep 24
   time effaced!
   Eyes, still red laced,
      clean the shelves our ego did lowly set!
      Advise still buried in a mind reset
   where thee, with heart,
   torn apart ...
Karen M Jun 24
Inflated egos float up
to the summit with fates
cradled in each hand to
decide whether we peak
or plummet.
Mark Wanless Sep 17
the song will tell the count of bones sleeping
what call to arms doth break the peace again
there is no cause but willful thought holding
blade to human throat but for blind swollen
greed calls to all and is heard by many
loudly no place other than ego bliss
i speak amid the stars in my own way
not vaulted source of truth but comely kiss
that whispers out to total mind you me
crawling spec on battlefield woeful sees
world of blood and yearns soft to speak of free
KM Hanslik Sep 7
Lately, been on an ego trip
just trying not to flip my ****
or put my fists wherever they'll fit,
meet your skin and feel it rip
Been on a lifelong ego trip
telling myself just to go with it,
feeling lost and trying to sift
through all the *******, leaving matches lit
wherever I go, take a sip but swallow slow
feeling like I'm about to blow,
about to go off & I don't even know
how to make reparations
with all these half-strained relations,
half-numb sensations
eating away at my patience;
hit the ground running; touchdown on pavement
& you can ask me how my day went,
maybe you really do care
about global warming and solar flares,
but it's been rough even trying to comb my hair
hit me up like you've been there
or follow up with one of your blank stares,
but I'm good on that, I think I've had my share
trying not to go off in parking lots and coining insults on-the-spot
one-liner comebacks on-the-dot;

Been on a trip with my ego
just following wherever she goes
but she can take me down some dark roads,
I guess that's why I go with the flow
so much but I'm tryna break out of that
like trying not to swing when you're up to bat,
swimming in **** like a sewage rat,
Been riding my ego cause it gets me high
head in the gutter, middle fingers to the sky
leave my conscience on standby,
shooting shots like a drive-by,
ground zero and time to let these bullets fly
just another petty cry
for something we never knew was a lie
turns out we've been milking our will to live dry;
I think it's time to put our egos aside,
I think I wanna get off this ride.
KM Hanslik Sep 7
We only smoke when breathing feels too slow
The harder you build me up the worse the letdown goes,
& I've been back and forth between my anxiety and the truth
only swallowing the pieces that'll go down smooth
It's a slippery *****, trying to hold onto hope
maybe someday you'll find some self worth in the dark
stop lighting fires with everything that holds a spark;
I've been living too long at half mast
letting my hazards flash at half past
3 when the **** wears off and nightmares have passed
and sleep can cut you a break but even that doesn't last,
living good but we've been living fast
too fast to see liberty, too fast to find sympathy
I've been living with this raw regret
that I won't see tomorrow, yet
I've still got dreams they've just lost their gleam
sugar coat the way my heart tears at its seams
and getting lost is just another means
to find the right path
stake your claim wherever you think it might last;
empires were built and destroyed
long before atomic bombs were deployed,
long before the middle class became unemployed
so don't be acting like you've seen it all before
like you've knocked on every door
even though you've hit the floor, there's a lot more than pain in store
work through your thoughts before picking at others' locks
some things aren't what they seem and aren't meant to be seen
but I believe the truth will come
over you before all's said and done,
keep your head where you can find it
don't get your ego locked behind it.
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