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Leifa 2d
The breadth of a cliff
Gauged as narrow,
Glossed with ego.

To his chagrin
He could fall in
And strike the final shoal.

Atoll, a toll.
On her cherry lips,
Beckons a cheery lay.

To have failed
Trounces the fool
That thorns his ears
Of her musical display.
Uninherently existent and interdependent
A subject's nature is objectivity
Realizing emptiness
Non-doing like fluid taking shape
Desireless volition, pure you can say
In proximity to emanated primordial material
Rays of the Original?

All implemented by mind.

Forms as subtle as ideas
Every idea being,
An electromagnetic field of
Fire and air
Water and earth and ether
A true mage's manipulation
A seed's potential
Hope this aint too metaphysical

All implemented by mind.
All implemented by mind.

Self-grasping ego
Attached to the ever passing
To touch a state where there's no duality
No up or down or here or there
Some call it the true self
Whose nature is omnipresent

All implemented by mind.

Pushing explanation to its extent
Exhausting all conditions, preconceptions and intuition
Nothing to do
Except rest in Presence

All implemented by mind.
Megan Sep 22
Breathe me out slowly  
In your silhouette, I fall
Like your disciple
I’m not me at all
Words pull the trigger
To them, I’ll surrender
Begging for my mercy
Watch me at my feet
Surrendering to my ego
Chad Young Sep 17
What is my pride?
I'm a Baha'i, I study math and physics, and I study
martial arts.
Then this is where people may hurt me the most.
They will make my dimension into a lie,
contradict what I know so well.
A shove or a push, even a slap or hit only affects my body.
Hurting my feelings by making me feel unloved, that
is only my mammalian brain.
But defying my reason and insight - this is where I am
most weak.
To call my religion a plan of the Illuminati,
by calling my science untrue,
by saying I don't know anything of martial arts.
This is where the ego of the world now dwells:
within the reasoning mind.
This is where my testing will take place:
letting go of knowledge
to meet the words of the naysayer.

I will take your words and
transform them into love.
Then I will wait until I find a companion
heart, to tell my truth to.
reflecting on life mistakes and the movie "Creed" where Creed goes to jail for punching someone
Z Sep 14
Alone I walk an unpredictable trail,
Mind racing analyzing all the ways I fail.
Feeling that the surrounding reality stands still,
As if everything surrounding me attacks at their will,
Alone with nature’s vitality, separated by the emotions we feel.
Perceptions of life’s purpose is to endure the suffering,
Pain brings the opportunity of a lesson,
Student of life, searching for knowledge insatiably.
Empathy, gratitude, a positive attitude,
Clear cut path to humbling, a fractured ego,
Comfort is an illusion, primary emotions a placebo.
Obstacles on the trail... rivers, fallen trees and stones,
No one here to utter words capable of breaking bones.
Language more powerful than the Manhattan project,
Weaponized communication formulated without logic.
Living through our actions, dangerous words become silent,
Respected for our effort, Results of an ego no longer defiant.
Shrouded in chaos no absolute truth,
Awareness resides with a present mind.
Accepting of spaces magnificent design,
New moments present an opportunity to own.
Anxiety provoked mind crippled in fear,
Trust the process then your path will be clear.
Darkness sheds a light in the end,
Growth is in the shadows, humanities path to ascend.
Feedback is always appreciated.
A man is always
A man
Until he meets
Then, he is
A boy
Genre: Observational
Theme: Silenced Ego
Adi N Sep 6
You hopped into the courtyard minding your own business,
I was so intrigued and driven by impulsiveness.

I was a kid ignorant of life’s way,
I deeply regret taking your life away,
Please forgive me, life has made me pay,
You must have been reborn, I hope you are okay.
Karen Rego Sep 6
You feel like a ******* ugly stone,
Sitting inside our heads like it is your own.

But you are actually a defect, which we all should reject
You are unwanted, and you need to be confronted!

When were you born, how did we allow you to grow,
Just leave, you’re not needed anymore!

You damage relationships, you ruin happiness and you cause hurt,
You think you’re above all, but you’re actually really small!

We want to be humble, we want to be grateful and we want to be nice,
But as long as you’re here, we’re all just paying your price.

We cannot afford you anymore; you have become our foe,
Talking to you Ego, it is time for you to go!
Adi N Sep 4
The more you have, the more you want
...that's your trap.
The less you are, the more you have
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