You said I could never be replaced,
That I was so special to you.
Then you left.
And just like that,
You found a better version.
And did exactly what you said you wouldn’t do.
But not only did you break your promise,
You broke my heart too.
aennij 6d
you told me i was the one,
but now you are gone.
i realized you're not a man,
for in what we have you had run.

you were my star, you were my sun.
in the morning, you were my coffee can.
but like a travel trailer, like a caravan,
you left me all undone.

i know, i have the need to act upon.
but if you are happy, stay and have fun.
now, this may sound like a plan,
but what we need now is a repugn.
for my bestfriend who was replaced.
stas Jun 25
Why have you been acting so strange lately?
Is it just a phase or does worse awaits me?
We used to talk so greatly.
Did you suddenly realise you couldn't save me?
You're being such a bitch now,
where's my baby?
Your mean words are driving me crazy.

Is it because you found someone new?
What made you see me from a different view?
Felt like you were the only one that got what I was going trough.
Our friendship felt so true.
So what the fuck am I supposed to do?
Can't you see I really miss you?

Lately it feels like I have no one.
You used to be me go-to, but I guess you're done.
I get it, you can't show me love if you ain't got none.
At least I had a lot of fun.

I love you,
you were my light,
you were my sun.
The title prob doesn't make sense, but thats what I used to call my friend. She started to become friends with someone else and suddenly she started to act like such a bitch. We used to be really close but now we don't even talk anymore. I feel like I miss her but she is happy we aren't friends anymore idk. Friend break-ups are the worst :(

Even the Ocean

With all of its might
And all of its momentum

Can't stop its tides from shifting
Or tell the wind which way to blow

Written: June 4, 2018

All rights reserved.
I’m like glass.

Broken easily.
Can’t be fixed.
Is always replaceable.

                          With love,
Umi May 13
Is what rings through my senses as I am about to pass out,
Quater past three, it has been me who wrote through the night until now, serene and clear was it's beginning which now only became a dark memory, recurring in my sleepy mind begging for slumber,
However, such are the thoughts of one who was too weak,
Knowledge was thrust into me, yet the chains of destiny remain bounding, almost tying me up to some sort, I cannot escape.
Oh how I cannot escape this dreamlike tale of misry and restlessnes,
Oh how I couldn't protect my heart in love from dying back then.
It all came to the point of no return until they were replaced.
But why not me ? What was it which I had left to do to go as well ?
Perhaps it was decided that it should have been so all along,
I shouldn't complain, even though humans live wretchedly,
Living and finding a new light to hang onto,
Is what I find very beautiful

~ Umi
This is it folks
ergsweet Feb 9
It’s like,
A glitch in the system
Something stopped working.
Fix it,
Reload the data
Delete the inconvenience.
Everything’s brand new,
No viruses,
No defects.
The infected files are gone.
Time passes time.
Broken, fixed
Broken, fixed
There’s nothing left.
Back to throwing it out
And getting a new one.
Replace, replace, replaced.
It’s not grammarptically correct when it comes to computer language, but I tried my best lol I wrote this poem when I was feeling really depressed today. All the emotions came at once and I took them all in like a computer. Everything infectious and alarming were coming all at once.
Lily Sales Dec 2017
i'm not even sad or angry anymore because i know that she is just you trying to replace me. she is another one of me and nothing more. she has blonde hair and light eyes similar to mine. she has a similar laugh and voice as me. she has dancing skills my hugs and kisses that are similar to mine. she has everything that i have. she isn't the replacement of me because no one can replace what you and i had. we broke each other and fought so many times but still managed to call it "love". i did say that she is nothing more because no one will have blonde hair and light eyes how i will. she simply reminds you of me. when you look into your eyes you will try and look for me and when she walks away from you while flipping her hair you will wait for the warm scent of my hair but it will not be there. you will try to make her laugh to hear my sweet laughter one more time but you will not hear it and instead of making you laugh it will make you feel despair because her laugh isn't mine. you will whisper sweet nothings into her ear and try to get the same response that you did from me in my voice but i won't be there and you won't hear me. you will take her hand to dance with her so maybe it would give you the chance to dance with me one more time but you won't be as happy because she will not make you happy how i had once done. you will hug her expecting to get a warm hug that smells like vanilla and a kiss that tastes like cinnamon but you will get a hug that is as cold as your heart and a smell of desperation and the kiss will only taste like the lust you have for her because of me. but i won't show up. you will not get me. my hugs. or my kisses. instead you will get her. the sad replacement of me. and i feel sorry for you because you will go through so many people to find me but you will only find little pieces or nothing at all.
Druzzayne Rika Nov 2017
One day
this is going to end
whatever that started
because time doesn't understand

the breeze comes
passing by decades
get everything replaced
this place will look no same

the fast we embrace
the memory escapes
and we forget it ever lived
that one day, we've been in.
Iska Nov 2017
I am the trending poem.                                                            ­            
         you see me and I make you feel alive
                                             so you like me and re-post me
                                                              ­    then you leave me alone to die.
I am your forgotten lines.
             you created me with a careful love
                                                          an­d decisive rhymes
                                      and then to the bottom of your page I'm shoved.
I am forgotten, alone and unloved
                           a faded smile a broken dove
                                               I once was beautiful, touching.
                                                       ­   now, I've been replaced, I'm nothing.
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