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I wish you knew that the thought of being replaced makes me shake
There are so many others who you'd be way more interested in
It's okay, you can go... I'll be here, working through the heartache.

please don't go, i need you. i'll do anything...
She gets messages from so many people who are better at conversations, better at not being awkward, better at showing their emotions, better at making her interested... She has no reason to talk to me anymore... I wish I could tell her how afraid I am of her finding someone better. I hope she knows...
Emily Aug 17
So I've been replaced.
It's just a fact, can't be erased.
Maybe if I close my eyes.
They could all go away.
She is pretty. She is nice.
She looks lovely. She is kind.
Now he likes her, when he used to like me.
It is over before it could begin.
I lost my friends. I've been replaced.
That's fine. I didn't need them anyway.
I can't get new ones.
The school year has been established already.
I have no where to sit cause she took my seat.
I've been replaced yet again.
She is a willing adversary
But I don't think I will fight her.
I said I wanted to be alone.
Now they left me. Now they're gone.
Cause they like Azure better.
He wants Azure. He used to want me.
They like Azure. They used to like me.
She took my place. I've been replaced.
It shouldn't bother me.
They were my friends, and now their hers.
I was his crush and he was mine.
Now he likes her. I still like him.
I've been replaced.

I think this is kinda self explanatory...
i stare at these pages
as if the words
are going to be enough
to bring you back,
as if the blood spilled
will be all you need
to see that i'm right here.
yet once again,
all i'm left with
is ink stained hands
and a fracture in my chest.
- i hate how you can walk away just as easily as i'd give you everything.
Nina Jul 1
You said your life would be lonelier without me.
So tell me,
Are you lonely now?
Or have you replaced me with someone else
Putting painful thoughts away only pleasant memories for me
I've moved on thinking only of memorable days spent with Helen all
those days we were so full of life
holding hands walking out on sunny days Helen
loved the sun on
days she'd come alive her pain was somewhat less In the summer
Helen suffered so bad In
winter but once the sun returned she would come to life like a
In spring burst Into bloom
after their winter hibernation but then colour coming back to
Helen cheeks just so good to see
we both loved the summer but we never really had a chance for one last summer
together but I have memories of previous
shared still so fresh In my thoughts and there
they'll remain such precious memories of true love
Putting bad memories away to now only remember the good days spent with Helen so Im happy she still with me
eva-mae Jan 25
mary jane has taken you away from me
you're so obsessed with the sensation
of breathing her in
it seems you have forgotten the feeling
of my lips, my hair, my embrace
in place of what you perceive as a better

mary jane has taken you away from me.
the people who love could never
love as intensely as she
caresses your senses, changes the tense
in which you think
do you think about me at all anymore?
see if you will tell
that i haven't been doing well.
polihelly Nov 2018
I met you
We've been bestfriends
We've shared a lot of memories
We've been separated

We kept in touch
We talked almost everyday
You share everything with me

I introduced my other bestfriend to you
You guys been so close
Even you haven't seen each other yet
It seems like she knew you more than me

I was once the one whom you talked to
I was once the one you rely on
I was once your bestfriend

Did she just replace me?
Is she more than me?
I am the one who knew you for years
She just knew you for a very short period of time
Yet she acts like she's your "bestfriend"

Do I regret it?
Do I feel mad about it?
I envy her
I wish to be her
But no
I am more than her

I will understand it now
Just now
I'll be more considerate
I'm happy, you are happy
I'm fine..
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