I am not a vacation where you temporarily stay as long as its fun,
and where you leave when the fun is over.

I am not a game,
a game that you play until you can't get any further and quit when it's getting harder.

It feels like I used to be your favorite song, but you are slowly lowering the volume.

02:37 a.m.
Anivel Aidan Mar 19

remember your first bicycle?
i was so happy, so eager to learn,
i remember going through so much pain
falling on my face, picked up by my dad
as i cried and he kissed my feet saying
'there, it's all good now'
but then the bicycle ended up being my life
for a few short years
but then it is too small, and i was too big
i have grown, and it hadn't.
so i said goodbye and put it on the corner of the garage.
bought a brand new one.

i realize now, it's kind of like you and me.
you have grown, back then, and i hadn't.
you've made other friends, and i hadn't.
that's why when i'm not what you wanted,
not what you needed anymore, you left,
little by little.
you replaced me, just like the yellow bicycle
that leans onto the wall, unused and forgotten.

Things were fine
until I started to feel alone.
Things were fine
until I wasn't needed.
Things were fine
until I was replaced.

I was happy
until I started to feel alone.
I was happy
until he chose a toxic relationship over me.
I was happy
until he replaced me as his best friend.

I was content
until I started to feel alone.
I was content
until I began to feel invisible.
I was content
until I became a waste of space.

I was recovering
until I started to feel alone.
I was recovering
until he tried to validate hurting me.
I was recovering
until he proved I wasn't important anymore.

I was getting over it
until I started to feel alone.
I was getting over it
until I started to feel alone.
I was getting over it
until I started to feel alone.


Oh dear...

I spent years on our relationship.

I have lots of friends like you.

But your betrayal hit me like whip.

And if I only had friends who are true.

I’d only need one

to replace you.

orangesherbet Nov 2016

i feel replaced

there's always someone funnier for you to talk to,
deeper for you to contemplate with,
prettier for you to compliment
and it's killing me.

all i want is you to re-place me back into your life.

the hyphen makes a lot of difference.
possibly Jul 2016

If somewhere
he's stuck
caught in a web
between her legs,
I'll know
that he is gone
and there's nothing
left to say.

Lost feelings
J Valle Jul 2016

I have to ask
How's he better than me?
Why did you chose him,
Instead of me?

I don't want to know,
Cause it'll break my heart,
You won't say it,
And I won't mention it,
But we both know
He's better than me.

He's got something
You won't let go,
Something brighter
Something better

I have to ask,
Will you be mine again?

He's got everything, but I promise you all my heart if you are willing to take it.

I'm tired of giving myself away just for you.

I'm tired of giving all the time I have. When you won't give me a second of yours.

I'm tired of the unreturned phone calls.

I tired of the text messages with no replies.

I'm tired of the unsaid hellos,

and the never said goodbyes.

But most of all I'm tired of you pretending like I never existed.

of feeling angry.

of seeing how you replaced me with her.

of now hearing you laughs or your jokes

of not feeling the smile on my face, when you enter a room.

I'm Tired.
The Overbolded Beauty © 2016

How am I supposed to feel
When you tell me I'm the one
But make me feel second best.

Clockwork May 2016

He took our future
Our love our passion
Our long and our rushed walks
Our serious and our stupid talks
Our kisses and hugs of every fashion
He took it all
Crumpled it into a ball
And you just let him
Maybe I was always meant to fall
And this is the only real future
That was possible...
But I still hold on
To that scrap of hope
He and you threw
Away and I won't
Let go of it
Because inside it is my dreams
My trust love memories and reems and reems
Of love notes, frogs in throats
And hopeless hopes I felt and wrote when I first saw your eyes gleam
Back when they gleamed and sparkled for me...

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