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Maybe she's a better fit
Maybe you can handle it
Cause maybe her dreams aren't quite as big

Maybe she's a better fit
Maybe you won't hold against
Me how easy it is to fall for friends

Maybe she's a better fit
Maybe this is for the best
And she'll teach you things that I couldn't

Maybe she's a better fit
Maybe I needed this
To see her in my place so I could love again

Maybe she's a better fit
Maybe you and I weren't it
But I'll always believe that we were worth the risk
Nylee Aug 13
Everything is decided
what I do and do not
it may be predestined or what

Everywhere I am
I'd be just easily be replaced
this passing time
it means nothing
futility of everything
it is limitless.

well it is fate
this life
my life
basket full
of sour grapes
Luna Maria Mar 23
the silence
hurts more
than the
I get replaced so easily
HeyitsAngel Mar 16
It's dark in the room
With only little light coming from
The lamp at the corner of the room
Alone with my thoughts
Wishing I wasn't feeling unknown pain
Oh how I let my mind wonder
With words like...
Oh how I wish I didn't
Wear this mask as if everything is okay
When you the person I thought would never
Break my heart
I thought friendship was forever between us
But I was wrong
I was replaced
Who knew caring so much for someone was
Who knew trying to keep the one you love safe
Could lead them to hating you
In the Night
I remember our late night calls
Of laughter on the most random things
People would admire how great friends we
It's all apart of life
I grew up and found my love
But I still wanted my love and having you as my
Best friend
But things happen for the best
You found your love
And replaced me
When I tried managing you and my love
I couldn't help to not want to protect you
You were my sister
You were my shoulder to cry on
But I guess when you found someone
Our daily hang outs became none
Our daily chats about our lives became
About me trying to protect you
Or you saying things that I knew were not like you
Or arguing about our boyfriends
As I tried to defend mine
Since you didn't know much about mine
You were the keeper to my secrets
To my deepest thoughts
But turns out
You were just like everybody else
Wanting to advantage of my innocence
With my generosity
And be okay with being the "hidden plan"
When you were with somebody else
You said you understood what I was going through
When you have never experienced distance
From the one you love
I wanted to save you
Protect you
But I guess I couldn't
You broke me
I shall move on with my life
Deal with the things you spread around that are not true
Deal with the things I only shared with you
To be spread to the whole world
I hope you know
You made me stronger
You also made me trust no one
You may wish bad upon me
But I only wish good for you
This is no hate for you
But only love
I hope you have a bright future
I hope you pursue any dreams you may have
But I will no longer be here
I know you don't care
I have been replaced
I hope some of you can relate to this. This is one of the most personal poems I have written so far.
and then life changed,
fast as the flick of a wrist
all that was, suddenly wasn’t
and i suddenly didn’t
e x i s t.
For: Sigrid Mathiesen, Huxley Densen, Jenny Thoma
Grey Dec 2019
My life is like an iPad, once so full of energy and light.
Once so quick to learn, to play, to grow.

And then –

The light flickers out.

Why would anyone see something in it?
Why would anyone try to mend the unmendable?

jennifer delong Dec 2019
Dealing with being replaced
It's a different beast
It's not that your less then
or that your not as good
It's simply means your value is to costly
So they found a cheaper one
It's just as painful and frustrating
No warning no heads up
So yes it's difficult
Your left with now what
Your left with nothing
Your trust issues resurface
Your belief in what you invested your time is ..
it's gone just like that
So here , I am now
trying to deal with this beast
© Jennifer L DeLong 12/08/19
Find a new wardrobe

Hide my old face

Take time out of my schedule

To find my new place

Maybe I’m still full of life

Full of hope and out of time

I’ll make me,

Take me,

Fake me better

And I’ll do it all for you
For: Huxley Densen, Sigrid Mathisen, Alistair Cadger
Sorry I replaced you
But it feels like revenge
Remember a few years ago
You ignored me time and time again?
Now you have a girlfriend
And you replaced me, too
Remember a few years ago
You said you liked me, too?
Our relationship went nowhere
No feelings were there
You weren't there for me
But I tried so hard for you
I wish that we can get along
Put it all behind us now
But your feelings of jealousy prevent it
And I hate it
Can we just be friends again?
For: Huxley Densen
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