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Donna 3d
One day a giraffe called
Betty Boo woke up feeling
slightly dark blue , she

looked up at the sky
and saw the sun disappear
behind chilly clouds!

She knew it was that
time of the year when green leaves
fell off the big trees.

Betty Boo loved to
snuggled up to the tree leaves
She loved the soft warmth

of the summer sun
upon her face especially
when it’s dinner time

She could eat her food
without being seen , the trees
as tall as her gave

her some privacy.
Even the sparrows magpies
pigeons and robins

would flutter away
so Betty Boo could enjoy
her dinner , she loved

apples and pears and
grapes and peaches and she drank
the dewdrops from the

warm summer leaves , made
her eyes sparkle and her eye
lashes grow..but autumn

is now here and she
must brace herself to share her
dinner time with her

animal friends , she
loved her friends but some ate quite
messy making her

belly feel queasy.
Then she got a brainwave and
popped along to her

local big forest
shopping Mall where she bought a
few packets of soft

hankerchiefs ! That cool
autumn afternoon she showed
and taught some of her

friends table manners!
First of all her friends huffed and
puffed but they soon came

around to Betty
Boo idea, Betty Boo smiled
Autumn seems not that

bad now! Dinner time
was due and Betty Boo and
her friends ate happy

After each munch each
animal would dab the lost
stranded food away

from there faces which
made Betty Boo belly laugh
and rumble so loud

everyone looked at
her , sorry said Betty Boo!
Any suggestions to help

my giraffe belly
not rumble! And before dear
Betty Boo could

say another word
everyone laughed so much it
woke up the sleeping

sun who smiled so
wide that fallen autumn leaves
coloured the earth with

a beautiful warm
magical carpet that took
Betty Boo and her

friends for a fun day
out flying and racing through
the big happy sky
One of children stories , inspired to be read to my grandchildren one day  x so fun to write x
I pen this powerful piece of prominent prominence in praise of my passion
I power these powerful words
To empower your purpose
Your presence, presents
And presentations presented to us a privilege to profit from your priceless
And precious prizes

Weak people prefer power
But powerful people prefer to empower weak people
I am pleased and proud
And promise to provide partnership to your projects

Precisely, I picked and puzzled these powerful words
So particular people can see and pluck from this precious plant
The plain plan of the poem is to paint pretty pictures in pixel

This piece is not a prequel
Though I see the “pre” in the “quel”, I’m trying to recall
The purpose of this prequel
Only for my parents to tell me Patrick, Pause and play this piece in a sequel.
“P”  represent the alphabet “P” and “peeeeeee” translates from Ghanaian Ashanti Twi as “a lot”.
This is a poem full of Alliterations and basically like the tile a lot of P’s.
Starry Sep 11
Hill Morty MD
As we talk on imvu I can feel the desire you have for me for I am an empath. I can feel nothing but love or connection with you. What ever tries to ruin us only makes our love for eachother stronger.

Starry Sep 11
Dearest Hill
I am writing this to you my love to prove my mom wrong... I there's is more then swearing that connects us. We have Kindred spirits who have simular experience and interests and goal. That and feel safe telling you my secrets.
Starry Sep 11

read at your own risk

The dream
I had
Where I walked in
With only lab coat on
And langier
I see you
Where cleaning up
After an autopsy
I went up kissed
And pulled
Me closer to you
And take my
Lab coat off
Starry Sep 11
Before you
Hill Morty MD
I was thinking to my self
To believe....
In true love
Starry Sep 11
A friend of mine
One said
That "we are like mulder
And scully."
Now I pass that on to you
We are like
Mulder Scully
Though I was a skeptical
About romance
Instead of aliens.
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