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Marya123 Jul 19
Maybe there's no hope, too much time has passed
Whatever I started, never did last
Oh how I wished, I wished it would endure
Perhaps I did it with a heart impure
And now I look at the blank road ahead
Wanting to exist somewhere else instead
To retrace paths and restart, unseen
To come back feeling proud, with my conscience clean
But the laws of physics don't work that way
So if I have to live another day
I'll start again with no expectation
Maybe enjoy the process of creation,
Cast away the ropes that left my hands tied,
Be less consumed by the demons inside.
Let me forgive my mistakes, in the mind
Let me find the strength to leave them behind.
ChinHooi Ng Jul 15
It's raining

cold water hogged the streets

people rain watching

watching the same script

rain washing the frontage

revealing long-lost clarity

dazzling colors of the wall

rise from the ground.
I cannot convey how I feel right now

Not computer
Ball-tip pen
No. 2 pencil
Felt-tip marker
Even mental imagery can depict

I hide in creative silence
Sometimes i lack the means to express myself adequately
Debbie Lydon Feb 3
I know where I belong, perhaps we all belong there, in the light-hearted dwelling of creative arousal,
In that airy perception of beauty around us,
There is residence there for all,
Only waiting to be taken up,
A room in the kingdom of heaven.
Wyatt Jan 30
You loved my "creativity"
but I hate that ****.
You're so sure of what this is
but I've never felt more lost than this.
I used to use my words
to make some sense of this,
now I only do it to describe
how the flames look
as they engulf me.
Scary, right?
I thought you loved creativity, though.
To you it's only creative if it's abstract,
you don't like when I get personal.
You don't like when I give a picture a name,
you just want the art without knowing what it is.
Art brings beauty, art brings things to life
but there's also different art as well
because life can't exist without death.
Sometimes art is made to show
what kinds of things we've lost
or what kinds of nightmares we've had
that woke us up in the middle of the night.
Sometimes art is uncomfortable,
I often get that way when I create.
There's clarity when I share things
but it's born from uncertainty so strong
that you really can almost taste it.
I come from a painful past,
I live in an uncertain present
and the only thing that's left
is how I feel about a doubtful future.
Art can be scary too,
art can make you feel that way
and art can also make you
only want to look away.
Most of the time this kind of art
is all that I can ever make,
so I'm sorry I couldn't write
something happy for you today.
I can't get creative enough
to share emotions that just aren't me
and I guess that just isn't good enough for you.
I felt very honest today. I love beautiful art but ugly art is usually all I know how to create. Maybe that's beautiful in it's own way but sadly not everyone would agree.
Danica Jan 20
A deep conversation with heaven
Unspoken words and sorrows
Emanate from my fountain pen
Igniting my creative flows

-talking to the moon about you
Within the torn books,
As old as the time
Lies an unveiled spell,
Vexing the barren souls.

Amidst this lost world,
Does it whisper its golden words,
Shining through the hazy air,
Those, who listens always finds their way.

And just with a touch of shredded phrases,
The once despaired sky will smile,
Will they see the moon listening to them
The once despaired sky will smile,
Looking the flowers bloom in joy
And listening the winds sing in rhythm,
Will they let the curse vex.

And when devoured to the last essence
Is when the glass will break,
Crushed into little pieces,
Perished to never be welded again.
There arises the dark foam,
Returning to the golden lines,  
But now to be blotted with red inks.
As the wood wails dews on lands.
What is the spell?
Sweet Rain Sep 2021
Stories swirl free
Memory fantasy dream
Constellating stars
Blurring transposing like art
Lonely snowflakes weep,
Wishes for gifts meant to keep
It's about things held deep inside swirling, shifting, dissolving, and then starting to clarify. I'm hoping the meter helps illustrate that?
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