When I go to sleep
I start dreaming,
When I awake from my dream,
I thank God for waking me up.
After I'm done with that,
I set up to fulfill my daily agenda.
After that, I take my laptop
...and start to write.

When I stop writing,
I'm reading.
When I stop reading,
I'm thinking.
When  I stop thinking,
I'm talking.
When I stop talking,
I'm working.
When I stop working,
I'm eating.
When I stop eating
I'm resting.
When I stop resting,
I'm sleeping.

Passionate souls
drawing in the wind
Making colors with the stars
Dreaming souls
waking to do it all again
Sending life into a tailspin
Rendering life as is
Creative souls wildly dancing
music in there hearts
When all souls come together
imagine the scenes
the visions we would see
Wildly fun a bit crazy
Wouldn't that be fun
like a trip on imagination
gripping us to stay
maybe finding it a bit more bearable
then the shit we see today
© Jennifer Delong 3/2018
Didi B Mar 14
In quiet spaces...
I contemplate the essence of a breakthrough.
Trying to find the right words and the right time
To mentally and physically express what's on my mind.
Overpowering the loud with the rhymes that overcrowd
Such a condense space drifting me into an unknown place.
In quiet spaces...
I escape.
I find serenity in my own agape.
Reflecting on self-love and self-confidence
Trying to forget how society judges my relevance.
In quiet spaces...
I find me.
And I am happy to know
Who I am, where I'm going and who I want to be.

Tina Mar 5
On the count of three, my journey begins
Through soft silence touching my bare feet
Three: Too much noise in my rucksack to carry
malignant, cancerous, deceiving on the contrary
Swallowed by silence and my rucksack is free
Damn that constant pain I had to endure!
Two: My heavy eyes search for an end
at the far end of the sea.
My eyes fallible and fed with grandiosity.
The sea sniggers.
A sudden closure.
One: The journy pulls me through like magnet.
Not that I feel ready.
Not that I feel.
Not that I think.
Not for a moment of certainty I move or blink...
The moon looked like a
white chocolate button , so I
licked the window clean
Fun silly one :)  hey I'm a chocoholic can't be helped :)
Lately, I been in a different mind frame.
I been writing poems trying to change the game.
Lately, I been thinking bout the bigger picture.
Thinking that my niggas really ain’t my niggas.
Lately I been feeling I should give it up.
Thoughts be on a high while I smoke a blunt.
I been scheming.
I been tweaking.
Heineken drinking.
Making plays through the week and chilling on the weekend.

Lately I been trippin I been acting different.
I been acting fake busy, I been working on the mission.
Been feeling bossy, Randy Mossy,
Shout out P Rock.
Fuck these, suburban ass niggas, go hang on the block.
My mama and my baby mama say I’m acting distant.
But really, I just been taking care of most my business.
For TDS,
Fuck all the the rest,
Like it’s no other way.
I been Lowkey, ain’t made a post in days.
I’m talking 1 week,
2 weeks,
Maybe a month.
I been stuffing all of my demons in the back of trunks.
Tryna put my son and sisters in a good position.
So they ain’t gotta worry bout no other nigga.
I’m trying to teach them now not to trust niggas.
I’ll be everything they need,
They can count on me.
Don’t worry bout them they with me
I’ll be all they need.
Just know if you cross them;
Then you cross me.

It’s Pressure.
This for all the people that’s gonna rep us.
Everybody telling me I’m next up.
I gotta stay strong through it all
And act like I ain’t going through it all.
Through this pressure.

But the devil is the driver;
I can’t get no higher.
Asking how much is your soul to be the top buyer.
Him and the angels in my favor, they point out the liars.
Down to the wire,
I’m the decided,
Seb now retires.
CA Smith Mar 2
Is it words?
Is it rhythm?
Is it emotion?

Thoughts just jumbled onto a page,
in hopes that they match some literary device?

Or imagery.
Outside of
                                  ....the box?

But what's a box besides,
                                        What we make it?

Why can't we take
                our perspective,
                shift it    
                                            And change it?
Write poems for,
                              new (or even all of them)

They don't have to rhyme.
Or make sense.
Or even be legible.
As long as it helps you, isn't that enough?

"But others read them too"

But they don't always.
Some poems I write on my worst days.
They don't,
My handwriting is.........

The words aren't
                          even eloquent.
            them (my thoughts that is)
                          down to paper helps
                                    me  though.  (or is that too selfish)

But what
                is a
                          poem (a real one)

I guess I'll never, really, know.
개자닌 Dec 2016
Everyone has an inner child, do they?
but why do they act like they don't?
negative thoughts are all they can think of
and hides the creative in their unknown.

We were once a child.
Each of us has a story.
yet why do you feel so incomplete and lonely-
when you know more than better?

Satisfied, are you not?
The dreams that were either reached or shattered
You were the protagonist in your story.
How did you end up being like that?
uhmm so yeah.. I forgot TT
Remember days bagging up some minerals.
Trying to find the toys in our cereal.
Now me and Don hiding from the ops like we federal;
Getting kinda hungry, not for food but for miracles.

I’m just thinking bout the old times.
This little light of mine, I’m gonna let it shine.
With TDS, for success, keep that in my mind.
And summer eighteen, promise it’ll be mine.
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