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I wonder if she can tell at night
when we are tangled together
I am half goddess -half white hot anger from my mothers side
when I go to touch
It ends in bruises and bite marks
Disguised as pleasure because this is what I’ve been shown
Can she see the glow inside of me
Is eons of galaxies
Condensed to fit inside this skin
I do not belong here
I tell her all of it
How I fell all burning and ash
like a comet
Curious about what it felt like to love
I needed to taste
what it was about this emotion humans would start wars over
I’ve only ever been on battlefields ending with one lone victor
I’m trying to understand the way love moves
to becoming something I would bring cities down
to feel
to taste
to touch

- How to fall in love with a human part 3
I have seen friends tie themselves up to the bedposts of lovers
who would never give them a second thought
If all their pretty untouched skin wasn’t right there
To bruise and taste at their convenience
we have been told there is no other way for us
to hold any value as a person unless someone wants us
I have seen friends cry so hard they puked
as they untied themselves from those bedposts
their wrists had been rubbed raw
and they still left their heart behind in hopes
he would return it with his own in tow
I have seen friends make themselves
names in a little black book
A faceless body  
They will let you treat anyway
you want because it’s better than alone
I have seen friends
Break themselves for this twisted messed up version
of love that’s being sold to us

- Who taught us how to do that to ourselves
- Everyone, everyone, everyone
Paul NP Mar 13
You may call it Sky.
I call it Blue Breeze.
You may call it Sun.
I call it Zen.
You may call it Rose.
I call it Reason.
Elizabethanne Jul 22
Forgive this Father
I hear those angels speaking of providence
A weight on my shoulders reminding me I could be holy
This is all my mothers ever wanted for me
Bear witness Father
They whisper fire is the only way to cleanse
Ashes to ashes/ dust to dust
The trail of bodies left in the flames wake
Belong to no-one other then me
Hear this now Father
These sunset red lips are paradise to anyone
Who wishes to kiss them
The angels tell me I can use that to ease a sick soul
Trust in this father
I’m told I am only doing Gods work
Elizabethanne Jul 21
He builds you a cage
making the walls out of honey and dew to lure you inside  
Putting in windows only to then glue them shut
He shouts “you can leave whenever you **** well please.”
Relishes in punishing you with black magic-
that leaves you dizzy for days whenever you try
Wilts the flowers you grow for company
Convincing you it’s your fault they always die to begin with
“If you would just be good maybe I wouldn’t have to do this.”
laces you up with ribbons and spider silk
Reworks you until you are docile just in his image
He’s a dead ***** necromancer and you're the best of both his worlds
always on the cusp of being half alive
He takes to placing bouquets of your dead flowers on the windowsill
his voice renaming and whispering spells to them
He does this every time he visits you
until they are gleaming once again
Eventually you see this act for the warning it is
Sitting pretty and doe eyed
You now only shimmer and shine if it means he will let you stay

- You’ll learn one day that this is not  happiness
I am afraid of punctuation
very sorry
ChinHooi Ng Jul 21
Bypassing the low wall
asking for a historical clue
from a quaint corroded gate
entering garden of reeds
crescent pond
withered leaves
background is wintry
amid the elegant layout of great old building
a row of lanterns discolored under the eaves
like an ellipsis
telling of the gardening style
ideology and culture
horizontal houses left and right
air raid shelter behind
then turn back toward the hall
going down the lane
quiet compound of ancient times
stuck in the wound of war
of the resistance.
Elizabethanne Jul 20

My Love
Your dreams are all made of war-
forged straight from your heart
You claim iron does not bend-
Only darling
I see you choking on the sulphur
Why do you give yourself to something so hateful?

My shining light
My dreams are all made of war-
forged straight from my soul
And it’s far easier to swing swords
never second guessing-
whose on the other end of the blade
If everyone is the enemy
then who do you have to mourn-
When you're standing alone on a killing field of your own making  
Dear heart
How could I not give it everything I have?
ChinHooi Ng Jul 18
Days of pots and pans
ladles and bowls
sweet words have been
cut down
during the day
the habitual silence
can only be broken
with stainless steel forks and spoons
at night the bed routine
both tied back to back
snoring and buzzing of mosquitoes
intimate conversation happened
a long long time ago
this double bed
bigger than the endless night
the fatigue and exhaustion
they can only tell you the next morning
with a wry smile.
Sarah Synk May 22
Art is creative,
It’s meant to express your thoughts and dreams.
Art is breathtakingly beautiful.
Art is meant to inspire everyone around the world.
Art represents the color of the rainbow----
All colors.  
Art means it’s full of rich, diverse ideas---
That is strung from the mind.
Art is fine.
Art is creative.
-What does art mean to you? And Why?
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