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Mikey Kania Nov 2019
damals meinte bonez:
"ey wir sind bald stars!

und jeder aus der gruppe übernimmt
sein'n part" (he)

er hat zu mir gesagt:
"setz dich hin, schreib bars! (los)

"denn von den meisten
gangsterrappern stimmt kein satz!" (nä)

back in the days bonez
told me:

"we gonna be stars
every one of us
gonna write his part" (nä)

he told me to sit down and write
bars (aight)

cause german rappers be
phony (nä)
youtube: "187 strassenbande mit den jungs"
Jack L Martin Sep 2018
If I could,
I would!
But, I can't,
So, I won't.
Isaac Aug 2018
What is homier than your bedroom?
Having God hold your hand.
What is cosier than your blankets?
God's promise forever to stand.
What is more intimate than your pillow?
God's thoughts of love for you.
What is more snug than your pajamas?
God's grace carrying you through.
Written 21 August 2018
annie rose Oct 2016
my favorite season has arrived.

standing outside in the sunlight,
feeling the cool breeze
   slip through my fingers,
      weave in and out of my hair,
         and twirl me around like the falling leaves.

standing inside in the firelight,
absorbing the smell of the
   cinnamon, and the
      roasted potatoes, and the
         hot chocolate and coffee and tea.

true happiness has taken its place,
and i finally feel the joy.
Letahbo-lee Aug 2016
Under the sun
Glass of wine in one hand
We chat our lungs away like we mothers of no sons

She's way cooler
I'm warming up
It's the beginning of a countless number of never heard before laughs...
We don't reside here even!
This place of light and happiness...
We from the dusty side of town, where darkness is the new definition of light.

Its never about the struggle
But the new ways around the obstacles along the way.
She goes on and on...
My cerebrum isn't responding.
And the eye finds an opportunity to focus its retina on her smile

Beauty isn't within
It has found its way all over us, inside and out!
There's happiness
Hope and love.
Grandma said that's all that matters!

— The End —