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Claudius Apr 2020
My Kryptonite,

A month has never before felt like a year.
30 days of breakdowns and sanitizing my tears
A month alone-
Quarantined from everything but my thoughts of you

Just one day is what I crave
24 hours of bliss that bring me back from the disassociation of the everyday
I know I shouldn't risk life for a day with you
Yet the temptation grows as fast as COVID does

Tell me it's wrong
That I should keep us both safe
Remind me of the cost even if it hurts me to hear
Remind me that 30 days is nothing compared to a life without you.

Day 30 and I want to risk it all.
For the person I didn't realize I had feelings for until I was lockdown away from them and all I want to do is be there with them and scream how much I want to be with them.
Zack Ripley Jun 2019
I need to get something off my chest.
When it comes to friends, there's no second best.
And when it comes to people I love,
every time I look at you i forget about the rest.
It's amazing how your words give me so much hope.
Like a street lamp guiding me home in the night.
And yet when I finally find the words I want to say,
I look at you and it's like I'm being hit with kryptonite.
I don't know what the future has in store, but as long as you're in my life, you make me ready for more.
Mark Toney Nov 2019
Patience is my super power
On full display every hour
If someone mad gets in my face
My patience helps me maintain grace

When railroad crossings block the road
I simply enter patient mode
If caught up in a traffic jam
My calmness filmed by traffic cam

Long checkout lines leave some irate
Patience helps me endure the wait
Restaurant wait times are the worst
Composure wards off loud outbursts

Patience is my super power
Keeps my life from going sour
One exception my Kryptonite
Sibling face-offs leave me uptight!
11/5/2019 - Poetry form: Kyrielle - Copyright © Mark Toney | Year Posted 2019
Silverflame Jul 2019
I feel too much and even though it's great at times
I also hate it, because I can't control my emotions.
It's like caging an animal born in freedom,
you'll only end up hurting yourself if you try.

And I have tried, believe me.
I've tried so many times.
And I've come to realize it doesn't matter
whether I try to cage them in or let them run free,
it's always me who ends up being hurt.

And it ******* hurts.
It makes me not want to be me.
It makes me not want to live.
Because I can't express the things roaming
inside of my mind, my veins and my heart.

I'm going crazy inside my private circus
I'm the clown, the elephant,
the ballerina and the ringmaster
how am I supposed to balance all these roles?
It's no wonder I'm going mad
and tearing myself up from within.

Help! I need help, but the help won't reach me
since I convince myself every time that I need no help.
Because I'm afraid to be weak, for others to see me as weak
and that's my own problem: I'm my own kryptonite.
Amanda Kay Burke Jan 2019
It's a new year but I'm still the same me
You say you're a new you but I disagree
We both have made changes good and bad
We have aged quite a bit in the short year we had
I may be a little colder but I'm a little wiser too
Yet I find my Kryptonite somehow is still you
You are making an effort like you never did before
But the dope comes first and you always need more
You still feed me the same old tired lines
I still eat them up though I know they're only lies
So how much have we really changed this year?
So much has happened yet we're right back here
Two different people. Too much broken to name
A lot of pain between us but our hearts still feel the same
As much as I tried to get over it, let go of you, and grow
I'm exactly where I was 365 days ago
Paul.. tsk tsk. I don't know what exactly went wrong, but I want more than anything to be happy with you again like we were as kids. I hope we can make that happen somehow.
Sergio Gonzalez Nov 2018
I stay up
Late at night
My head keeps spinning
Let me hear the rain
It’s the season
Sweaters exist for good reason

Islands in the clouds
Calm waters all around me
And if I’m gone
You should know
I’ve searched for something better

I dig into my brain
I forget all of my pain
Even if its just for a second
Call me by my name
And I’ll run out to you
No matter the situation

Tell me that you’re alright
Let that flower bloom
That’s its purpose to the world
Too many variations
Of the same kryptonite
Keep me from traveling
At the speed of light

I keep my loyalty
Walk me to the city
Lights shine so bright
I guess it’s alright
I can hardly see at night
So I guess I’ll kick it here
Til the sun shines so bright
rory Oct 2018
anything sweet
is his
it sounded like a rhyme in my head but not anymore? my boyfriend loves sweets more than he loves me sometimes!
Jack L Martin Sep 2018
I'm not a fan of Superman,
he doesn't know what it's like,
to be human;
a foe he can not fight.
Selcæiös Apr 2018
So, here's the cache:
Make sure
all & any & every
single move you make
you won’t regret

in years or even days
keeping you at 3am
in the bath wide awake

as a preventive
bound tight to this vow, I stay

say what you mean
& mean what you say

Like champange with *******,
you'll have been overcame with duende
for this phrase

& it’ll keep your subconscious feeling clean
while you continue to slay away
at just your normal hygiene for today
or maybe a few disarrayed prey
it'll even help trick it when you actually are totally aware
you’re instigating & quite quietly steering
some rather nasty foul play

but besides the fact the move’s today
and still, I attempt to cajole
and I’m now regretting not only an action
but a whole section
an entire chunk of my life spun out and
became some mangled & ******-up black hole

& the worst part is, its long past,
I mean it's looooong since slipped outta my control
& it's long past me being the one looked to for decisions
& its long past when I sorta lost
all & any & every
bit of possibly existing trust

& long past, I just now noticed it all
mid-through one of countless attempts to self-console

because when I went crazy, everyone still called me Superman

Because when Superman bumps his head,
who’s gonna get past the
Super in Superman
and ****** pick him up and put him back on solid ground?

Because that’d really **** if Superman wound up dead
Because no one thought the dude that shut down the Ku Klux ****
Could be uncrowned &
end up all bled out & drowned
i hope you mean it.
Mary-Eliz Mar 2018
moonshine, puzzles, kryptonite
they will surely take me down
they'll push me left, they'll push me right
shoving me round and round

they'll fill my head like a willing cup
confusing me till I don't know
which end is down, which end is up
as I'm stumbling to and fro

can you blame me for being cautious
can you see it's not just a dream
they'll cause me to be very nauseous
polluting my very bloodstream
since two out of three are rarely found
the other you need not be around
I guess you're safe for now
but to keep you from having a cow
I'll help keep a watch for them, anyhow
So what's with the * * for italics? Anybody figured it out?
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