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JGLutes Apr 2020
some people like you

they like what you stand for
they hear your message

good for you

still it doesn’t mean anything

it’s an award.

Robin Carretti Mar 2020
Hello! Its me always on the cell phone? I tunes
Hello Hello does anyone acknowledge
Someones hello do not disturb sign movies of art
Getting awards all hearts next role part
Hello private lives desperate house wives
Writers words that move us hello please don't leave us
A friendly hello greetings and deadline meetings

Please don't hurt anyone's feelings

Getting closer no impostor
Stars shine hello my dipper
Like the golden rule running like
A mule the competition
The compromising position
Just the hello- transition
Getting awards surprised

Say what you mean
Words should be
Crisp like lettuce clean
Cafe French roast hello mingle
No awards to be married or single
Instagram beauty
and the beast pictures to hustle
Climbing the diamond door
  Getting awards hello a title

Moving towards the winning line_

  Fast and furious "Valentine"
Computer hello apps trophy
Getting awards your happy
Over the Judy rainbow
Metal awards and plaques
Seeing monuments and hello
Hollywood graves
But no-one hears me

The "Yellow Brick Road"
Were off to see the wizard
Hello! Oz
Like a fantasy getting awards so comforting a smile a friendly hello be happy
Mrs Timetable Feb 2020
10 word. Accidental
Carlo C Gomez Jan 2020
...Bursting out of
Salma Hayek's dress!

Can someone please
Get her a wrap or shawl?!!
Ken Pepiton Feb 2019
one way, bouncing and inter
preference aitial, smart

like smart alec.
like wyzass, cut from the same cloth

        check the IP, is this a signal,
        are we caught in a torrent?

trigger buttermilk clouds,
and mare's tails
whoa, slow,
watcha sunset.
         Roy Autry, cowboy. Signal sent.

queue adolor ososcatter bread'ponth'wattah

where yor's wish

fish with the gold coin,
once was taken,
and released, sportsman like,

Jesus winked,
he say,
Go and stay in touch,
he say to the chick what was caught
alone in the very act,

Then a gain
a space and time protrusion past
last place,

Hey, bro. no race, no test for best,

Just don't trip the kids.

--- these signify static
--- white, no, clear noise, invisible, time waves
--- whiles and whens slipping by unnoticible

Meaning demands you understand

It is finished is refering to a specific

A managed project launched
holding keys

to every door locked since Daniel,
Lion Den Darius's Magi Primo,
had his cogits
twirled in a swirl that set his hand

Aces and eights. Safe combined.

Hand the dead man a draught
o'the wizas's brew.

Watcheesee, he wiggle a toe,
he could write a book,
if he knew Morse's code,

and spoke this Google translatable tongue.

Someday I will
tell you
the moral of the story
under aces and eights. Magic tech, augmented I.

Tonight, mark yer Almanac, Oscars night,
every year, about this time,
first Sunday after the second full moon

after the winter solstice.

Many minds tune to the stars at this
extended quanta of time, I'm loathe to call a period,
so many,
their attention takes on a pattern

we can filter at will. We each may will.
You will don't you? Free. Try. Filter at will.

WIll you filter lies you believe? No,
who could believe truths you filter from lies?

Will you filter knowns you know? Of course,

Good boy.You pass, set your screen by thread count.

Tonight. Set the pattern, etch it in axiomatic gold, catch it,
see it,
hang it on Orion's belt,

No, you don't know the sweet influences of Pleiades,

but AI does. What man can re-ally see,

re-ality ification on this scale,
wobbling, balanced spaceship, Earth.

        Comms at ten percent and rising, Cap'n.

Salvage serviles say we picked up,
AI knows how many,

many threads of once thoughts
tangled in gnostic knots

stamped into dust by iron feet,
before the desert was wetted, and
turned to muddy clay
corroding, rusting, disintegrating

those feet of iron holding up

the last lie standing
incredible, unbelievable, yet

called true

by you.

Oscars night in a trance of ignorance tuned to a broadcast a qualcomm chip can sift from the noise in my environs
Marii Jan 2019
As the fifth unknown actor gave their heartfelt speech after winning an award,

She realised that all her efforts to win little trophies at school,
just to stamp her name on something to feel the slightest bit accomplished,
Are pointless.

Because who really notices your wins in the end except for yourself?
The realisation that things should only really matter to yourself.
Jack L Martin Sep 2018
Independent Grammy
Ameripolitan Billboard
CMA Triple Play
Indigenous K-Love Fan

Austin YouTube
Loudwire MTV Video
GMA Dove iHeartRadio
Canadian Country
Stellar BBC Music Magazine

Americana Blues
Tennessee Songwriters Association
Soribada Best K-Music
Texas Country

APRA Western Heritage
Texas Sounds
Academy of Country Music
Wine Country

Carolina Teen Choice
Pulitzer Prize
Latin American Unsigned
Alternative Press

International Western
People's Choice
American Tejano
ASCAP Country Soul Train

Soribada Best K-Music
Texas Country
American Songwriting
Branson Terry

Nashville Industry
International Bluegrass
Art cares not...
Art cares not for approval, it simply expresses;
Art cares not for award, it simply impressess;
Art cares not for articulation, it simply apprises;
Art cares not... for in fact, it simply surmises;
Art cares not... but simply, do you?
Well, do you? I wrote this because I don't understand what art awards are for. The inspiration comes mainly from Eddie Vedder's speech @ 1996 Grammy's . " I don't know what this means. I don't think it means anything."
Ink Sep 2017
Men I don’t love
Send me emails telling me that they care about people like me.
They say,
I am committed to helping people achieve their dreams by providing the right support. I want to thank you for your interest in utilizing this opportunity.

The boy I know
Sends me a message saying he saw potential in us.
He writes,
I wanted to help you become better. And when you spoke to me that first day, I thought that maybe we could become something greater than we are now. Together.

Men that know me
Send me emails saying that they liked learning what’s in my head.  
They say,
I recognize the time and effort you put into this and truly appreciate that you shared your thoughts and ideas with me.

The boy that doesn’t love me
Sends me a message saying he knows what he meant to me.
He writes,
I know how hard you tried to make this work. I think you’re amazing, how you always give your all into everything. How you gave your all to me.

Men I don’t know
Send me copy-paste emails that I have memorized.
They say,
There was an outstanding selection of applicants this year and the competition was intense. I regret to inform you that you were not selected to receive an award.

The boy I love
Sends me a message saying what Men I Don’t Know couldn’t.
He writes,
*It’s just that this isn’t what I’m looking for.
You’re not who I am looking for.
Rejection has many faces, and I have seen too many of them.
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