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Life is not about money or material things
It's about love and the joy it brings
I live by this mantra
basil Aug 2021
maybe if i could show people
the poems i wrote about them
i wouldn't need to write them at all
Amanda Kay Burke Jul 2021
Nothing there anymore
Everything good thrown out
Did not try to stop it
What is there to talk about?
We have already discussed our problems a hundred different ways
Amanda Kay Burke Mar 2021
I cannot express how wonderful it feels
For the first time in so long
I sit down to write a poem
In which your name does not belong

Somebody else
Drifts in and out of my thoughts each day
I didn't know it was possible
Although your face is still here to stay

I don't even remember what it is like
To daydream of someone other than you
You've occupied my brain so many years
It feels strange to make room for him too

I wish he could replace you
Instead of only serve as a distraction
Though to him I am drawn
For you doesn't waver my attraction

It seems no feelings will ever be strong enough
To stomp out the ones you left in my heart
But that I have them for anyone else in the first place
In and of itself is a pretty good start

Before I couldn't even look at another
Without my stomach turning sick
Now I am hanging out with someone new
Used my Polaroid camera to take a pic

You may have moved on faster
But I am slowly losing the fear
That I will never fall in love again
Though it'll never be like when you were here

I have accepted I will never be as happy again
As I was when I was with you
But I don't need to duplicate those emotions
Not-quite-as-happy will certainly do

I admit that the first time he kissed me
"He's not as good as you"
Repeated in my head
But now I realize that you are not better
I was just craving familiar instead

After spending so much of our lives together
I don't know how to be with anyone else
But I know comparing everything
To the past can't possibly help

I understand you could never be replaced
Unconditional love for you I hold in my soul
I am not searching for my new soulmate
Finding someone who makes me smile is my goal

There may never come a day
Where he has as much of me as you
But I don't need him to travel to my depths
Only to give me an equal piece too

You never let your walls down for me
Though I bared my most vulnerable parts inside
I don't care if he tells me all his secrets
As long as he shows some sections he hides

And is willing to chisel away the armor
Your mistakes have left around my skin
I don't expect him to understand me
But you wouldn't even begin

So many memories we've shared
Things we've done
Places we went
Now I have to start all over
But that time was still well spent

I don't think he will ever coax out
The level of ecstasy you did with your fingers
But his hands give me butterflies
And a chill that lingers

When you walked out the door you took my hope
Left me with an inability to feel
But it has returned along with the sense
Wounds you inflicted will someday heal

If I am patient in the future I'll awaken
With his name on my mind first
And find comfort knowing that even if he breaks my heart
You've already put me through the worst
This poem is pretty ironic but hey small steps
Garrett Johnson Feb 2021
Felt through the turquoise left in bloom.

Specialty repeat of your notebook.
Like sad lips.
Sad chairs.
Maybe... just maybe sad.
Not only blankets covering my head.
Your head.
Maybe once like on the lawn in Kauai.

Garrett Johnson.
Hmmm, yeah I think so.
Eva Dec 2020
Needed a friend
I wanted to be alone t(w)oo
Chris Slade Dec 2020
...but NOT of the Pantomime kind!

Alan & Gus - unruly cousins of mine…
Bold, naughty boys: brothers in arms!
They would fight, squabble
cause widespread mayhem.
Anything but sublime, rarely calm.

My Auntie Nellie, their mum, she couldn’t cope
their behaviour would often drive her nuts...quite mad.
And Uncle Charlie?  Well, you’d never want to witness
the legendary temper he had...Not nice.
He’d even boxed my ears once or twice.

Anyway, it was December 10th when the boys went out,
He wasn’t in - so they took Charlie’s prized car for a spin…
No licence, no test, no insurance…Nowt!
Well, for 12 & 14 year olds, this was so very, very far out,
…on a limb I mean.

Quiet roads only, of course!…only lanes beyond Preston.
A bit icy like. And Alan overcooked the corner at Lelley
and finished up rolling into the ****…
Proper upside down it were - all four wheels pointing up in the air.
…You can see it was not going quite how they’d like!

So…It was getting dark when the car limped back home,
dents and scratches, all oil, mud and slime - hard to hide…
Charlie saw them drive past t’front room window…
and he met ‘em out in’t yard… Only one word was spoken,
like a maniac he screamed… “INSIDE!”

Punishment back in those days was stern
a leather strap… across bare buttocks
That’s what you’d earn…6 times…
and another if you dared flinch.
Ironically that was the bit they found easiest to bear - a cinch!…

But the bag o’Cinders instead of presents on’t best day o’t year?
That’s what really hurt… Not even chocolate money or an orange!
AND… being made to wash the car every week for 12 months…
Pocket money cancelled… so, not a scrap of good cheer…
And neither one of ‘em drove a car again till their 17th year!
All true and back in the day... Cinders at Christmas was a real threat... I don't know if it was just our neck of the woods or worldwide. Ooh but we were good in the run -up to Christmas!!
Let me unbotton
The scarf of the feelings
Behind your chest
The layers of mirage
That filled you with mist
The fetters around your *****
And let me try
To break your shield
On the rips of truth
On the lips of the lightening words
In the middle of the night
I want to creep so deep
And reach your glass of thought
That keeps you afar
At the doors of the facts
To watch your limbs
Striding the moon
And beam with pleasure
In the eyes of the young
So tightly clung
To the sides of the river
That springs in your heart
With dispatch
That is born in brains afresh
To start from scratch
Poem by/ Hassan Mohammed Alemrany
You tell me
We can never be together
Here I am
Sitting with myself
Thinking of ways to keep myself
From falling apart
tenfeetdrowning Oct 2020
"Will we be together soon?"
"I guess. We'll never know what's forever if we just let it pass, right?"
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