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I'm not one for Valentine's Day.
Love wrapped up and packaged into superficial nothingness
The meaning, the weight and beauty of love, made less,
stripped away and replaced with balloons and chocolates.
If you love someone you tell them
Tell them with the way you look at them,
with the way you touch them,
buy her flowers because its Tuesday
dress up for him because you wanna take his breath away
falling in love is a whirlwind of involuntary passion
staying in love is an action
showing love is a responsibility, a choice
don't dull the song of love's voice because it shouldn't be loudest but one day a year
interlock your fingers and breathe each other in
not for a holiday, do it for the grin, that blooms on her face more lovely than any roses in a vase OH dear
Love is not just once a year.
I love you everyday of the year.
Roses are red,
Violets are blue,
What would i do
If i loved me too?
It's a given to have a shot at your standard poem on valentines day.
No valentines for me this year, gotta start on some more self love first.
I'm always sorry
but never apologize
sorry about that
nadine Sep 2017
eyes so deep and blue as though the sky in a humid morning
eyes so deep and blue as though the vast ocean, scary yet calming
so deep, i'd dive in the universe they hold
so blue, it colored my monochromatic world
nadine x
Don't ask me
what kinds of
I have.
I don't even know
what I'm doing
right now!
Plans for next week? Let's just live up to there and then I'll tell you.
It's been
a long day,
but it's finally come
to an end.
The only thing that got
me though
was thinking about
m Jan 31
love love dove
the dove fell far
love love dove
burned to a char

craven craven raven
again rose a star
craven craven raven
picked at your scar

vain vain crane
full of empty words
vain vain crane
of the foolish birds

wail wail quail
a dying creed
well well quail
a time to bleed

a time that ends
the pain of past
a wound that mends
has been passed

i cannot lie
the pain i felt
with our goodbye
oh i could melt

i'm truly sorry
about the necromancer
the love which you gave
to the poor romancer

were you brought
back from the dead?
if so, then please
live and not dread

look on and not dread
the memories
that your mind must tread
got the lucky opportunity to read some poems i'd never seen by you
sorry i read them
i hope that the necromancy worked. maybe you can consider the necromancer the person who just helped you rise up and move forward...
i felt like writing a ****** poem what can i say
Johnny walker Jan 28
Through child abuse at the hands of my mother always lacked confidence
so when I married Helen It was always she who took the lead
In everything Including our Intimate moments because of this and Helen Increasing Inability to walk I found It even harder to approach
But that all changed on a warm day In summer she often got very hot so she would sit In her underwear this was nothing
done this on many occasions before but this particular time she was sat she was cupping her hand under her
Sort squeezing them together totally unaware of what she was doing but I was watching and as I look at her
I could hear myself saying this girl Is beautiful
why are you just sitting there tell her
I did and walked over to her never done this before but for some reason, I gently nibbled her ear lobes and she went crazy she said ***** me which I did while she Inturn striped
she sat back In her chair, the poor girl couldn't stand for long because of pain so laid across her slightly holding my weight of her body with my
so I didn't hurt her but just enough for our bodies to touch and It was beautiful we managed
to make love It was nothing short of Heaven so well I remember that day so beautiful she was to
Remember beautiful seeing Heaven while making love to Helen
noir Jan 28

So bright

Soaring above everything

Everything that I knew

And everything I didn’t

But those wings have been caught


And eventually


I remember how we cried

Asking why

Why this had to be ours

And the only answer we got

Was an echo of madness
I wrote this one a while back (like a week ago). I'm not sure what it was about, but I know I wrote it with like... no sleep so... enjoy!
Jordan Ray Jan 27
I left a part of my heart, down on Primrose Lane,
I used to shuffle my cards, but now I muddle my days,
Everything around me is changing, I still feel the same.

Oh, how I wish you were here, but you never are,
I try my best to move on, but you're stuck in my heart,
I know it's only my fault, but I'm falling apart.

Troubled nights, here I come, I've been waiting so long.

That I don't know what I'm to do,
My life feels empty without you,
I spend my nights feeling so blue,
I spend my days thinking about you.

I left a part of my heart, back down Tenby way,
I tried my best to forget, but she's stuck in my brain,
Wish I could stare into those eyes, but she's looking away.

Troubled nights, here I come, I've been waiting so long.

That I don't know what I'm to do,
My life feels empty without you,
I spend my nights feeling so blue,
I spend my days thinking about you.
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