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the ice cream truck
passing through my street
as the thunder, booming behind it,
covers up the ringing of its bell
walking outside for a reminder
of better times
and a smile
that only cost me
a couple dollars
more than what I have to give
may you marry a millionaire
and born dozen of sons
and daughters will be as your suns
they will be like their father

have a millions of Dollars
their poor will be out of sights
may you live

hundred of long life
that will be happy
and you may see

your grandsons and granddaughters
who will have happy
by their rights
their names will be begin with letter M
and you will be the emperor of M
a wish for faith and dar human  may be occured vand have good and long and happy life
Jack L Martin Sep 2018
was uttered in a
computer generated,
gender neutral tone
by the impersonal,
grocery checkout machine.

"Enter your customer ID now!"
demands the artificial human.

"And... if I don't?"
I query the metallic shell
of what once was
a minimum wage employee.

There was no reply.
mikumiku Jun 2018
I’m ‘bout to work my fire *** to ice
No need to guess, baby, or roll the dice
I pray like “dolla dolla make me holla”
That’s how I build it up with every caller
Ain’t no one’s gonna motivate your ***
You’re either sweatin’ or you get no sass
I earn them dollars just to stack them good
I don’t mind grindin’ as I know I should
I works from Monday straight to Friday night
Pick up the calls, fill up the tickets right
Here I acknowledge your sincere applause
Don’t touch my money with your ghetto paws
I’m way much flyer than the God’s big curse
If you can’t handle it then call a nurse
I came to work it down, Lord is my witness
Yeah, I gon’ slay like it’s nobody’s business
Wyatt Jun 2016
Turns out everything isn't as great
as it seems.
There are people left and right dying
and nobody is seen.
People messed up in the head
and we seem
to push them away and hurt everybody
instead of getting them what they need.

When did it all become about the dollars?
What about the son who lost his father
to a drug addiction that could've been prevented?
When did it all become about the dollars?

There are a lot of people starving
and meanwhile I'm sitting here eating dinner
after I had lunch, breakfast and a snack.
I don't feel like I winner, I feel like a hog
keeping blessings away from other people
who could sure use it.

When did it all become about the dollars?
What about the girl who wonders why she bothers?
Should we ignore the markings made clear on her skin?
When did it all become about the dollars?

We're trying to find a backdoor
out of life and win the lottery
and when we do...we never donate it to charity
like we say we're gonna do when the cameras are all in our face.
We get high, drunk, and die  a little more all at the same time
and we wonder why we've got a substance issue?
All we ever want is more, not more for everyone.
When did it all become about the dollars?
I don't even have that many.
When did it all become about the dollars?
Beau Grey Apr 2016
"Knock knock"
Still in my pyjamas.
We drank coffee and smoked cigarettes.
He went to a rap gig the night before.
Fifteen dollars wasted.

An old school friend.
More coffee.
We spoke of art, travel and vegetable gardens.
In Japan they don't eat or show affection in public she told me.
Aokigahara finally makes sense.

Lucky Coq.
Girls would ****** for his hair.
He told me of his grandfathers poetry recitals every Christmas.
Idiosyncrasies are the ventriloquists of my heart.

We smoked under vine-entwined lanterns.
He fell in love with a French girl once and lived with her in Versailles.
He was young and went back home.
Regret at the fork in the road.

Left to find a 24/7 bottle shop and go home.
Crossed paths with old friends.
"Come have a drink with us"
Esther Feb 2016
Is this really what I want?
To spend hundreds of dollars,
On brand name clothing
I'll eventually grow out of?

Is this really what I want?
To act like someone
Who is the exact opposite
Of who I truly am?

Is this really what I want?
To do things
That go against my beliefs
Or what I see to be right?

Is this really what I want?
To pay hundreds of dollars
Every few months
Just do get my hair done?

This isn't what I want,
This is what the
world of today wants.
Breanna Stockham Nov 2015
Since when is good enough,
Good enough?
Minimum, easiest,
Thoughtless and rushed.

We're giving pennies
Wanting dollars in return
We expect the gold medal
Without effort, it's not earned

Giving enough
to get by, and no more
Yet expecting the best
From the rest of the world

Too focused on taking
To ever give
But a one-sided life
Is no way to live

Good enough is not good enough
Half effort won't yield a full life.
If you feel like you deserve all the best
You've got to give what you'd like.
There's holes in all my pockets
No more money do they hold
My hands can't go much deeper
Trying to shield them from the cold
I've got 'bout fifteen dollars
Rolled and stuffed inside my boot
Got it from a pawn shop
Where I went and sold my suit

The road to where I'm going
Is one I've never been before
I've gambled all I own away
I'm looking for a score
All my life's possessions
Are scattered cross the land
In pawn shops and casinos
In the mountains and the sand

I gambled with the devil
Didn't win, had no chance
Now, I'm hitching it to nowhere
With empty pockets in my pants
A dealer with a lucky streak
And me on my last legs
Now, I'm one step up from dying
I'm now one of the worlds dregs

The money in my left boot
Won't last long when I hit town
I'll find the first casino
And my sorrows I will drown
Be it on the tables
Or at the bar telling my tale
It won't last long no matter
But my soul still ain't for sale

I gambled with the devil
Didn't have a chance at all
It's amazing that the distance
That there is for one to fall
It didn't take a decade
And it didn't take a year
But, I'm one step from the bottom
Aching hard for my next beer

I'm hitching it to nowhere
But, I'll know when I arrive
Don't know how long I'll stay there
Or how long I will survive
I've got holes in all my pockets
All I own is on my back
I gambled with the devil
He took red, and I took black.
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