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Green light beam shines upon the web of streets,
The messenger from strange and distant worlds.
You're far away, for me it all repeats -
My town is empty, shadows roam the walls.

No Savior comes, I run into the void.
And when the masts of pines come into view,
I stop and fall on salty sand, destroyed.
It does not matter if I cry for you -

It's not the wind that rustles sleepy trees,
It's not the chirps of sparrows or jays,
It's Moira, saddened by the Fate she sees,
Unknits the lace of my remaining days...
exist 6d
how can i talk about how the world is
when i’ve only seen such a small part of it
but i guess when you’re stuck in a bubble
it starts to be the only world you know
i only see what the media wants me to see
Jack L Martin Sep 28
A bowl of coal to feed my soul,
An elf, a shelf;
reindeer retreat.

A toll to troll the Northern Pole,
A sleigh to treat my seat.  

He's making a list...
Sharon Talbot Sep 26
At first the air seems too dry;
Then you see the mist --
A small town on the horizon;
You decide to ride on,
And give Father's headstone a last kiss.

You find yourself wondering why
Anyone would stay here.
Some of those who passed before
Left their mark on rotten doors
Memories strangely dear.

Love's a gamble in a ghostly town;
It could move you, swift or slow.
You unholster your heart,
Wonder when the shooting will start,
But you already know.

Dozens to go and only one down,
Riding through a town of slaughter,
You're both alive and dead,
Mute bullets whistle by your head:
Are you a killer or a daughter?

He was here once, before you knew
About the emptiness outside.
Still you followed him.
His face was harsh and grim.
And he told you to leave or hide.

Love that's cold, deadly and true
Is the easiest and hardest kind.
You can kill him or just love him;
You'll never know much else of him,
But he’ll never leave your mind.

Dawn bursts over the sharpest peak
And the town streets fill with gold;
It’s the only kind this place will with see.
You know that soon, you and he
Will shoot each other or fold.

Yet, love in a ghost town always dies,
Killed before it can start.
Spanish ladies even now wear mourning veils
And the lovesick couples' faces pale
When you shoot each other through the heart.
Partly inspired by The Lady or Ellen of “The Quick and the Dead” and the violence of passion--especially that which happens internally.
Anne-Marie Sep 10
This town smells of my cigarettes,
but I don't remember the last time when I was smoking.
The winter here is endless like a train
and my affliction go after it.

Please, say me I will not stay here forever,
It'll destroy me.
I forgot that words about that everything will be better, and all that stupid things you're saying to me while I'm crying.
I'm just going down, down and down, falling down like a dead bird
(have I ever wings to fly?)

Why any of stars in the sky isn't shining to me?
This town exists under the dome, I can't make out anything.

I'm just going down, down and down, falling down like a dead bird
have I ever wings to fly,
or everything is just a dream?
Welcome to the dystopian town.
No sign of life anymore
The houses are red and the air is brown.

No monarch to rule with a crown.
You will find bodies lying near every door
Welcome to the dystopian town.

You are allowed to frown.
But there is no one alive to blame anymore
The houses are red and the air is brown.

You can try making your way to downtown.
But, there is nothing left worth going there for
Welcome to the dystopian town.

You will see more bodies with their faces down.
While inside you will feel broken, numb and sore
The houses are red and the air is brown.

The sky is dark grey and brown.
Hope is not an option anymore
Welcome to the dystopian town.
The houses are red and the air is brown.

Tanay Sengupta, Copyright © 2018.
All Rights Reserved
What do you think this poem is about? I leave this one to you. Happy reading!
Summer Wright Aug 28
There once was a girl from a small town
She was a shy, small girl.
She spent all her time on the computer
At the age of 14, she had many friends.
Far and near, she eventually grew up to be 18.
She was still heavily into the computer world, she didn't
spent much time outside anymore.
The internet was all she knew, She grew to be 19
She decided she had enough, she took herself to a trade school to get her diploma.
There she struggled for a good long year to get her Diploma, she was still on the computer.
She had met a wonderful guy, that she was only friends with at the time.
She and he had grown closed, and decided that he would move in with her only after being together for 3 months.
Her mom agreed that he could with them, as long as he went to the same trade school and got his Diploma as well.
Somewhere along the line things got messed up and he didn't end up going to the school but he did move in with her.
He moved from Indiana to Maine to be with this Girl to prove to her that she was worth it. That she meant something to him.

September 2015 He arrived, and this Girls world exploded. They shared things that she had never known before. She gave herself to a man that showed her the world that she walked on was made of gold and diamonds.
They were the perfect pair, for a year he stayed with her. He helped her moms paper route and helped fixed things around the house that needed a little tinkering.
He helped her mom whenever she may have needed it, with Dishes and other little things.
Her family grew to love him as one of their own.
A year later a call came that he had to come back home to help his mom. A big decision laid in the Girls palm, she had to decide if she was going to follow or let him go.~

She had made the biggest decision of her life, she had thought she would stay with her mom her entire life and that's not because shes lazy and didn't want a life for herself but more some because her mother was her best friend and she was her entire world and the thought of leaving her was terrifying.
She spread her wings and on the day of August 16th they set out on their day and half bus ride to the big city.

She was scared and she was heartbroken to leave her mom but she was 20 and it was time to be a big girl. So they went from town to town, to city to city to get to Indianapolis. August 17h they finally arrived.

This small town girl was in awe of everything, she had never seen such lights, heard all the sounds, smells, all the things to look at. She was just struck by it.

They had finally reached her Boyfriends mothers home,
About a month or two later they had found out that they are pregnant and everything exploded once more, fast forward 9 months the day after her 21rst birthday Their little daughter was born. 7/15/17, 7lbs 14oz @10:24am 21 inches long. She was a beautiful baby girl ♥

A month later She married the man of her dreams 8/07/17, fortunatly they had signed the wrong paper and didnt end up getting offically married till April 30th, 2018.

But here we are, sitting at the end of this story, its a wild ride and many thing more to come.

I am happily married, and have the most perfect daughter and husband in the entire world ♥
Danneli Aug 25
You see, this world is twisted fair
A knotted and entangled stage
We slit the throats of them who dare
Put our minds in a broken cage

All is quiet, can't you hear?
Their words have fallen out
Rotted by their lies, and ears
Truth never hangs about

Take a look round this gallant town
That revels in an ideal good
It helps the poor and broken down
At least, that's what I'd understood

Those gathered people standing close
Are blood-bred but estranged their own
A closeness is what matters most
But assumption into minds they've sewn

Sometimes a tale should stay a tale
A heart shant be unlocked till dawn
Take your place in the waiting gale
Can't be the one you never saw.
Been on my mind lately.
Ana Sophia Aug 20
when it collapses,
it feels like the end of the world
but it felt like that so many times
and it hasn't ended
so I don't even fear anymore.
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