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Kyle Kulseth Jan 10
Cold nights
               It's always Winter here.
It seems this season's stretching on all year.
               The beers are gone
               so let's get walking.
    your coat and let's do some talking.
Loud, through the night.
Know our strides will crunch through old snow
beneath old street signs.

                                         bets aside,
                                    did you gamble
                                       on my days?
                               Did I waste your time?

Days come early,
nailguns out.
Walls go up and ambitions drown.
4 blocks down the street, you're screaming,
"**** the cold and this town. I'm leaving."
                     Sheetrock walls
               and paycheck borders
                     keep us pinned,
                in line, on short order.
                    our melting brains.
                        Froze in place
and broke your heart, rinsed me down the drain.

Cold nights
               It's always Winter here.
This frigid season's stretching on all year.
               The beers are gone
               so let's get walking.
    your coat 'cuz them ghosts been talking.
Howling each day.
Haunting all our snowbound steps and
rattling their chains.

                                          Alarms and cars
                                        and pulsing hearts.
                                        prices paid to make
                                                our wage.

                                         The clocks in bars
                                       count tarnished stars.
                                         prices paid to pave
                                                 our ways.

                                         bets aside,
                                    did you gamble
                                       on my days?
                               Did I waste your time?

Days come early,
nailguns out.
Walls go up and ambitions drown.
2 blocks down the Ave., I'm shouting,
"**** the wind and the snow that's pounding."
                     Rent check walls
               and sheetrock borders
                     keep us pinned,
                in line, on short order.
                    our melting brains.
                        Froze in place
and broke my will, rinsed you down the drain.

                                            And I'll move
                                                4 blocks
                                              next Spring...
Kellin Jan 9
Maybe the reason I feel lifeless is because this place *****
Martina Jan 7
On our first date,
We walked around your town.
You told me that you would have held my hand,
if yours weren't busy.
Eventually you would have held it countless times
and as we walked around your town
with our fingers intertwined
I always looked at the shop windows.
Not because I was interested in what was exposed:
I looked at us.
I looked at how good we looked together.
I saw glimpses of the beauty you often attributed me,
the one I've always denied.

Now that I walk around my town, alone, I understand.
You were my beauty.
You were the most stunning feature of my smile.
Your hand, wrapped around mine, was the warmest glove.

I look at the shopping windows, palms stuck in my pocket.
You're not here anymore  to complain about my cold touch,
Your blue eyes can't pierce my mind from where you are.

Staring at your face while you slept, heavy on my chest,
is my favourite memory.
Minutes passed by as I counted your eyelashes
and every single hair of your beard.
I looked at the straight line of your little nose
as it turned into your beautiful lips,
slightly opened as you snored softly.
I loved every part of you,
even your eczema.

We said it wouldn't be easy,
to love each other from different parts of the world.
It is hard indeed,
It's like running with one leg.
But as long as I know I'll walk around your town again, someday,
I can take it.
empty seas Jan 6
the world
is so much
than i
have been told

one person
was never
my world

one town
is not
my world

my world
is the universe
and everything
i can get
my hands on
the world is so big and beautiful
Xandra Lynch Dec 2018
I hate this town
The beige color hangs all over it
The sky is heavy and frigid
Not the kind of frigid that invigorates you
Not the kind of frigid that runs through you
Not the kind of frigid that buzzes around you and causes the hairs on your arms to rise
The kind of dull, heavy, good-for-nothing frigid that is like a wet blanket on you.
This town absorbs the inspiration from me
Like how the universe ***** all of our souls eventually
With cruel passion no longer how you fail to escape it
This is the town that grows on you
Like a parasite
I miss my old me, that very young boy at the school yard
Now I am a teacher in that old town
Always filled with hatred and frown
Once taught teaching was a crown
but here I am with nothing but cloud full of bills of next month
Jo Barber Dec 2018
The way the rain splatters
against the windows of the car
as it drifts through the city.
Each droplet looks like a tear
as it streaks its way across the pane.
Laura Dec 2018
Midnight thoughts of troubled minds
Wandering around the city.
Through empty streets, up lonely hills
So silent yet they’re screaming.
Each one is walking by themselves
But somehow they’re together.

My mind walks with them, up and down,
Through memories and what-ifs.
With old friends and lost reveries
Visiting familiar places.
No one will find me hiding there
amongst all things I left behind.
8M Dec 2018
The snowy mountains of old
Rose up above the top
Teeny tiny raindrops came
Onto the ground, plip plop

Children young and old run
Ready to slip and fall
Once they saw their bruises
They would whine, scream, bawl

There was woman in a house
Known as Ellie Regard
She ran a petite flower shop
And once dated a bard

She said, "I know you're having fun
But worry about this town
Soon the rain will grow plentiful
And then we will all drown."

Not heeding her warnings
They shunned her little shop
They threw dung and wet clothes
On the ruby red rooftop

Ellie could not help but scream
And run far away
Into a dark and cold cave
Where she would stay

It came to the point when the rain
Grew a staggering whole foot
Frantically, they tried to counter it
By throwing bags of soot

Ellie felt a dark force
Whispering to her ear
She hit it in a fit of whiplash
And begged, "Please disappear!"

Shots rang out into the night
The only source of light

Ellie screamed once more and ran
And saw the flooding town
In a livid shock she said,
"I knew you all would drown!"

But she herself was swept up
Struggling for air
A wooden oar that had splintered
Took hold of her red hair

She knew that she would not live
And knew that she could not forgive
Huxley Web Dec 2018
I plug my headphones in
The music echoing like pleas of wanted freedom

This town is dying.

No cars on the roads
No sound on the streets

Ghost town.

The apartments forsaken
The stores losing business
The people losing interest

Of a dead town
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