Lylock 5d
One night in a town
A main road goes empty
Apart from a few
And I stand there

On the edge of the road
The river band of concrete
Worn down and smooth
By people with places to be

The 3am lights
The orange yellow blankets
Down on the ground
All is still

And still
And still
And still
Muskan Kapoor Feb 11
unknown people
unknown minds
known hearts

It was neither the people
Nor the small cafe’s
In this small town
Which made me
Feel like
One step in this dreamy
Place, with hundreds of
Trees all around
And uncanny spots.
The city couldn’t
Hold me in her
Huge arms,
So I stepped back
And came here.
The regular diners,
The same faces everyday,
Gossip flowing like wind
In autumn,
But it felt more and more
Like I was meant for it
Because the hearts of people
In this small town
Were still painted red,
Not black with a tint of grey,
Like city people.
 It was neither the people
Nor the small cafe’s
In this small town
Which made me
Feel like
You got brown eyes,
thin thighs,
but I wouldn't change you for the world.

You're a lost girl.
Say you're finding yourself girl,
but we all know the more you search,
the more you come back to me.

In our little town they all know,
who will stay and who will go.
You will always come home to me.
Bret Jan 28
ive never been
to this part of town

second thought
ive never even been
to this town

then why
does it feel
so goddamn familiar

why do i remember
getting drunk in
that bar
chipping my teeth on
that curb.

i think the parts of me
that don't like me
stay here.
calling out for skin.
im freezing out here.

i havent been
warm in so
My Town
My town is a cool town, where you can go and drink beer in many pubs and clubs, from rock and metal ones to trendy dance bars. Fancy dancing the night away? Night clubs are open till gone 4am, with girls to dance close to and cocktail drinks to exotically drink. See a live band in The Abbey or Whittles, see a drag act in The Dog and Duck or try some Real Ales in The Upsteps.

If you want a job you can work in a variety of industries, from being a baker at Park Cake’s bakery, making cakes like chocolate éclairs and custard creams, to warehouse work in Littlewoods or Jacobson’s. Want to better your education? There’s a university and a new science training centre where you can learn something different.

If you want to write, there are several writing workshops. From Fitton Hill library to Oldham Central, where you can write poetry and stories about anything your heart desires. Myself, I write about my life and times gone by. Want to check your emails or go online? Every library is plugged in so you can chat to your pals in Australia.

Much of the old town is gone now. No more Mump’s Bridge, the two rail bridges are gone. The huge mill on Park Road is rubble, making away for something new. Same with the train station, haven’t you heard? We’re getting the Metrolink and trams to Manchester and elsewhere. You can come up and visit me and my town.

We’ve plenty of sights like Dovestones with wild moorland, deep blue reservoirs and hidden deep valleys. Enjoyable in every season, taking your breath away. Spend a day in Uppermill, a small tourist village, with a historic museum and lots of gift shops like Pieces of Paradise. In the other directions, you have Rochdale, Ashton and Manchester, where there are shops aplenty to keep you occupied.

People from all four corners of the world come and visit Oldham, some settle here. From the Caribbean, both America’s, Asia, Europe and more. Languages from many different places are spoken here and people have unique names like Anneke or Dalmia . All unique, adding to the culture. We’ve no aliens or Martian’s yet but never say never!

If you want history, you’ve got it. Churchill was once an MP in Oldham and a deadly Nazi V-1 bomb hit Abbyhills. Many died. To balance it out, you’ve local bands like Blouse, with not a breast in sight, doing top rockin’ tunes. A host of others do fun gigs and excellent nights out. This is my hometown, Oldham. Come and visit us, have a beer and try a local chippy or kebab.
A noose hung high,
For the man lost of mind -
The town gathered round'
For the hanging tree mound
With shouts
With stones
With condemnation
To an innocent man bound;
A burning avatar yield,
Dead - by word of town.
Why is everything such a witch hunt nowadays? What happened to innocent until proven guilty? People are crazy today!
Motel room, U.S. map made of license plates
everything I need for a week is here, king-
size bed, microwave, fridge, tv, hot plate
the carpet's pretty clean, the bathroom baptized
and there are two mirrors in which to imagine
myself, to analyze and idolize.
WiFi, no Elizabethan inn,
in a century when we fear nuclear war
and we're warned against the shock of fast changes,
the door sports three locks though nothing dangerous
could happen in a town like this, named for spring
water found by thirsty desert travelers.
My home for a week living alone, contained
safe from the elements, roar of airplanes.
Jikai Zheng Jan 3
New start in a small town
Pulled apart by foreign eyes
Not like when I disappeared
Into the chaos of crowds

Grew intimate with a tease
Underneath a microscope
All being introduced too soon
Bore the promises of deceit

Paused the mainstream music
Needed to get out of this party
Didn’t need a fuckboy to leave with
Not drunk enough to lose myself

Drove home silently along lit roads
Careful to turn off headlights
Before approaching driveway
Turned off my buzzing phone
Rick Dec 2017
A man rode to town last night
but soon was drawn off course
Lost in woods out went his light
for wind did blow with force

He looked long without his sight
Far away came a glow
he made his way with all his might
and long his path did go

Thick brushwood put up a fight
but soon the path grew hot
the guide flew up to a height
the sun then took its spot
july hearne Dec 2017
Happy, happy April Fool’s Day,
Make it a good one
Search terms searching the night away
I have gone too far away

Nothing to breathe
Pleasure and the fume
Fists of a clock
Entering a dark room

When you were younger, you sort of looked like
Lou Reed looked when he was young
Maybe not up close, I was too far away
It was too hard to see
You were all I could see
That's just who you were to me

So many, so meaningless
I could not ever make you exist
I should have kept it zipped
But I turned the vocals up just a little bit

I should have been more kind
But not to you,
I should not have lacked so much in empathy
For all those suffering around me
I should have kept them better company
But it was too hard to see
You were all I could see
Good, good things happen to bad people,
To cruel and unusual people

There is good news, even for bad people
Bad people are never alone

Dumb fathers many children
L’Wren Scott never had any of her own

Seven million, so many, so meaningless
Too many pay too much for this
High prices for good feelings that just don't exist

Do not go back to visit on a day
You have nothing to do or on a day
You have other things to do

Leave it where it is
It is in its place

Haunted in empty fairgrounds
Canary not coming back from the coal mine

Missed connection disconnecting

Better keep the past in the past
Lowly places built in place
Of torn down places
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