40 years we have lived in the light and baunty so bright,
then comes 40 Years of darkest night.
Our town sleeps one last time in our lovely homes before we set off for the land of safety and light.
The twilight is here to the town's dismay,
the horrors come forth from the darkest pine-forest beyond our friendly place.
The town here's the evil waking in the dark place beyond and sounds the horns to board the ships that will carry them to safety from this soon-to-be horrid place.
We left a lovely town in the shadows of death,
we will return in 40 years to reclaim what we have left.
Good luck to those who stay behind for we are the lucky ones that flea  from the coming endless night.
Those who stay will face their ugly nightmares,
but fear not for we will be back to bury your bones beneath our lovely Town in 40 years.
Whether you're brave or stupid we shall not know.
Death awaits you beneath the snow.
Good luck you poor soul.
Copyright Michael Robert Triska July 2018 This is a Dungeons & Dragons 5th edition game called Endless Night. The players are besieged by all manner of whores has the 40-year night Falls over the town and the town villagers have all left the village for safer climates.
Evan Jun 27
I'm looking for
love as limitless
as the amount of
antique shops in any
given small town,

where the stories of old
take the form of rickety
milk carton crates
refusing to be sold.

Give me love as strong
as those floorboards
gently cradling the past.

The owner flips the
sign on the door.

I was traveling through my home state and noticed that every single small town had an abundance of antique shops. Something about that hit me with an overwhelming feeling of inspiration and this poem was the result.
Annie Jun 27
I gave burnt flyers to this town
Ran so fast –could not be found
Left behind, only betrayal
I can't hear you criticise from here
Your lips are surely moving
But my strength has gotten so loud

Everything's the same, but everything's changing now
The sun, the moon, the stars
Shine brighter somehow

Anyone hardly knows who I really am
And for the first time it feels great
Outstanding —even when I fake
They said, "You'll yearn love."
Oh but love's a cage,
No feelings, no strings attached,
No worries about my heart being snatched
when the workers came
in the pouring rain and
they sledge the stakes
with a hammer
the railroad spike
was wedged in tight
and the rock all cracked
and shattered
passing through town
like a carnival clown
with the Gypsies, Irish
and Spaniards
where the ranchers plow
the dusty fields with sow
and the slaughterhouse
has gotten its fodder
and the hobos cum
on the swollen tongue
from the filth you call
your daughter
the albino skin
was burnt again
as the sun was
getting hotter
the graveyards full
and the jailhouse closed
and the violence
expanding faster
the natives come down
from the mountain
but they won’t piss
in the foul water
he was buried underground
when the rain came down
like the belt from his
and the boys are dumb
with the girls cherry plum
and the shoebox matches
the coat hanger
winos drank jugged wine
like the porcupine
and they pay for their
bedside manner
the consorts fight
through the dead of night
and the air polluted
with bad grammar
I don’t know
what I’ve been told
but I don’t think
it really matters
You can hear them if you listen
When the wind blows in the night
The people who once lived here
Who are gone now, out of sight

The buildings, many shuttered
Housed ten thousand at it's peak
Now empty, vacant, skeltons
Once vibrant, now, so bleak

Silver once was mined nearby
Thousands flocked here for the chance
To strike it rich, be wealthy
Uninvited to the dance

For all that comes with promise
The devil comes as well
With money comes temptations
As the small town starts to swell

Business and homesteads
Spring up where once was none
Lawlessness is rampant
The law is by the gun

Saloons, hotels, and harlots
Soapbox preachers, grab your purse
We all cannot be winners
That is just the boom towns curse

Like a zephyr in the desert
A boom town changes in a flash
Prosperity will vanish
And so does all the cash

The boom town dies as quickly
As a flower in the snow
Scattered now back homeward
With nothing left to show

The earth takes all she's given
The buildings may still stand
But, the mines are all now empty
There's no value to this land

Listen to the voices
The wind let's them sing out
You can hear them in the darkness
That's when the locals all come out

A ghost town is a relic
It shows the best and worst of man
So, listen to the wind now
Hear their stories if you can
hxrvld Jun 18
Shoulder to shoulder
Finger to finger
Thirst of love
Filled with love
Overflowing love
City lights in Eden
Caresses somewhere hidden
Streetlight kisses
Walking beside the blue river
Lured by the old architect
Under the lost city of Pompeii
French kisses in the quiet palace
Sinless pleasure
Singing beside asphalt
Down to the town
Of dazzle diamonds
Lovely dinner
Fulfilled the hunger
Ends at the train station
With no kisses
& heavy feeling.
AllAtOnce Jun 7
my favorite thing
about you was the way that
you fell
from the sky and
set my entire universe aflame
with a white-hot
accidental fire
and the way you let everything
burn down
instead of roasting marshmallows
over the ashes of our
minuscule town
because if we can’t celebrate
the inevitable destruction
of our lives
then maybe you should’ve
stayed in the sky
We drove past it every Thursday;
blank, bleach white walls.
Clean, block rectangular.

There was a garage
and sometimes a black car
in the driveway.

It stood out crowded by cluttered
town houses smothered in ivy,
with long grass, red brick or pebble-dashed.

Glass on the street and supermarket
bags on the path, traffic,
conventionality, routine, and teletext.

But his house stood out.
The closest vision of showbiz style
I could see with all I knew being

he grew up near here,
like me, and that must be it,
the very house where

he would live if still in this city.
Creating a myth to myself
that he was allusive but he was inside.

I’d wind down the car window
listening out for the sound of
his songs in the air,

or watch to see if anybody
opened the door, lights of cameras
in the seconds we pass the junction.

Of course, never saw him
on the Thursdays our car passed by
but knew he was very busy.
Steve May 26
Make a note
Jot it down
Get your coat
Let’s go to town

The bus is there
Right on time
Climb the stair
Church bells chime

Room on top
To see the sights
Don’t miss your stop
The name’s in lights

Thanks mate
Stepping out
Time to skate
To twist and shout!
Every journey’s special
Alec May 10
Lost in Paris,
But stuck here at home.
Envisioning the cobblestone streets,
Stopping at cafes to escape the heat.
Laughing and smiling in Paris.
The mental trip is a need,
Wanting to be
Lost in Paris.
But stuck here instead,
In Cali.
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