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Her glass was half empty
in more ways than one
She lies awake
still haunted by all of the promises broken
all of the to gropes unnoticed
all of the refusals ignored
She wondered if she was asking for it
but it wouldn’t have mattered anyway
She couldn’t stop the sky from falling
They take what they want
while she lives in a storm of melted ice
throwing punches to her own head
trying to beat out the feelings no one will validate
Punishing her body for the sins of her mind
She was hurt by those she trusted
she was burned by the stars she reached for
No one is coming to rescue her from her
So she hides under the bar in the shadows
from evils one couldn’t imagine
With bottles of contempt broken over her head
being burned to a million ashes
sprinkled in the ocean
The flashing lights can’t brighten
the darkness she knows too well
She wondered if she was meant to suffer forever
Trying to punish herself with each sip
Looking for God in the spilled drink on the floor
getting high to be closer to heaven
She would never tell you about the forced submission
the stardust left behind
in place of her innocence
She knows no one would believe her
so she believes in nothing

- Starlet
Peter B Sep 22
And when I die,
the fame will come,
but I'll be far away from the limelight,
from all the glitter and gold.

From posing to cameras,
from being someone I'm not,
from doing this for the money.
I'll be far away.

I'll be - home.
Hlengiwe Sep 22
Seeking fame
In the wrong lane
Results in shame
Making you insane
Creep in
Ceyhun Mahi Sep 3
Had your thoughts been more pure like your skin,
As bright as the diamonds on your soft wrist,
Had you been more away from fault and sin,
Or giving each action a cunning twist,

And had you been more noble than fine art,
More modest like a meditating monk,
From desirous fame and names apart,
And not on an uncontrollable lust drunk,

Your style would have been much more prettier,
And pleasing to look at – without a doubt –
Both the inside and the exterior,
People would not see you as a washout.

But you'll not change until you see that rules
Shape prettiness right, like forms do to jewels.
Aaron LaLux Sep 3
All those years worn,
you never did make it outta The Valley,
all those feature film premieres, never did land a starring roll,
or get any recognition, let alone an Oscar from The Academy,

all those foggy eyed groggy times,  you were probably high,
all those checks you cashed, for your non refundable time,

waking up one day, wondering where it all went,
driving a car with a lease more expensive your apartment’s,

still stuck in that same apartment, off Ventura Blvd.,
still a B-List actor ******* that A-List ****,
still getting haircuts from stylist, still racking up milage,
got more clothes in your closet than dollars in the bank,

& in the end after it’s all said & done & all the time is spent,
& you’re finally spent, what’ll you have left to show for it all?

All those years worn,
spent suspended in mid air, baking in The Valley,
all those times you attended, those feature film premieres,
still no recognition, let alone an Oscar from The Academy..

∆ LaLux ∆

from The Hollywood Hearts Trilogy Vol. 3:
Dark Lights | Bright Shadows

I'm letting it all go, telling it like it is in Hollywood. This book is the one. Get it, or if you can't afford the $3, let me know and I'll buy it for you.
leo arden Aug 27
i do not care for grand glory, nor fame,

for inspiring just one, means all the same.
Peter B Aug 22
So you are a poet and one day
you want to be known to the world?
You will, when you die,
just wait.

You want your books
to be published and selling out?
Okay. But first
you need to be dead.

Poets get no recognition,
before they die.
But they still write,
they do their thing,
they raise their inner voice.

Maybe they sometimes
want to shut up and quit,
but they have no choice.
When in love without a lover,
all one can do is write poetry,
talking over one’s heart.
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