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if I were to get famous
for some talent that
I haven't discovered yet,

and stand in front
of an audience with
hundreds of people,

I don't think I could do it.

but that's not because
of my stage fright.

I don't need to imagine the
audience in their underwear,
or whatever trick performers use.

I don't think I could do it
because my eyes would never
stop scanning the crowd.

even in a sea of
people who love me,

I could not stop
searching for you.

and it's so much easier
to imagine that the audience
is wearing something dumb

than it is to imagine
you being a part of that audience.

I couldn't trick myself into
believing that you are there.
you're not.

my imagination can't change that.
So Is It... " Your Dream "...
To Become MAINSTREAM... ?!?

Sometimes My Mind...
Has Been Inclined...
To Visualise A Time Where I...

Could Be... " THAT GUY "... !?!

That People LOVED...
Like... “ WARM Sunshine “... !!!

But Recognised That DARKNESS Rides...
With Getting A Slice of The DEVILS' Pie... !!!!

Because MANY It Seems...
Now Seem To BELIEVE...

That ILLUMINATED Teams....
Run MAINSTREAM Scenes...

“ Know what I mean !?! “ …

So If That’s.... “ True “... ???
Mainstreamers Move...
With... “ SHADY Dudes “...
And Females TOO... !!!!!!!

“ Mainstream for two ? “

“ Nah dude, just you !
I think I’ll cool, and do my do,
for the heads who choose,
to listen to men who deal in sense,
instead of those who present,
big hype and pretence,
for dollars and cents
from, Corporate Heads “

You Can See It In Sports...
I’ve Competed With Guys...
Who’ve Received AWARDS... !!!

Been In NATIONAL Sides... !!!
And Watched And Thought...

“How are they mainstream,
when they’re clearly weak,
and aren’t better than me !?!“

But Then WAKE UP...
From My Daydreams... !!!!!

That To Join The TOP FLIGHT...

Some Athletes Find....
That They Have To Compromise...
But That’s Alright...
And CAN... DEPRESS... !!!!!

Some Mainstream Heads....
Have Met With DEATH...
Because of Their DESIRE...
For The Mainstream To...
......... “ HIRE “.........

Their EGOS For SHOW...
And YES... BRAVADO... !!!

Because They LOVED Being KNOWN...
Wherever They’d Go... !!!

Mainstream For Me... NO... !!!

But I Want Some DOUGH... !!!
From Their Pots of Gold...

Cos' TOO MANY **’s... !!!
Have Got The HIGH Roll...
For... SELLING THEIR SOUL... !!!!!

It’s Time For TRUTH SAYERS...
To Get... MAINSTREAM Paper... !!!

And Start To Turn Heads...
In Their RIGHTEOUS Benz’... !!!!!

Cos’ NO Rubbing Shoulders...
Or BENDING Like Folders... !!!!!

Because WE ARE Soldiers...
Whose Wordplay Is BOLDER... !!!!!
Than... Twerking For JERKS... !!!
Cos' We ***** Their Shirts...
With Our Written Works... !!!!!

And When We... “ PERFORM “...
We’re... BEYOND The Norm... !!!

We ARE Something MORE... !!!!!!!!
Than MAINSTREAM TYPE ******...

So Let Me Make CLEAR...

To Get Their POSITION...
In The MASSES VISION... !!!!!
But Like... “ Q-Tip said “...

“I ain’t messing with them
til’ I cop a deal,
that gives me exposure,
and spotlight to steal !“

So That I CAN EAT... !!!
BEYOND Where They Be... !!!

Because NOW The Streets...
Would... RECOGNISE Me... !!!!!

“ Big Virge In CONVERTS ? “

“Maybe a... Bentley !?! “

See THAT’s How Worms Turn... !!!
LEADING To GREED... !!!!!!
And EGO FILLED Deeds..... !!!!!
To Get... BIG MONEY...
And FORSAKE Artistry... !!!!!

I Just Want A Piece...
To Live... Comfortably...

And Write What I See...
Debt FREE... HAPPILY... !!!!!

A Couple of MILL’...
Should Do Me NICELY... !!!

Then I Could Just Chill...
And Build... LEGACIES...
of... Poetic ART....
That Touched MANY HEARTS...
From NEAR To AFAR..........................

Because I STAYED SHARP... !!!
And Just Took A Small Part...

So That I Could SEE...
A Part of The Scene...

That Is DEEMED As...

... “ Mainstream “...
It all looks great, however, one has to wonder just how great it REALLY IS ... ???
Jenie Oct 19
Insecurities rising,
jealousy over what we are not
and sometimes wish we could be;
Does it make us bad people
or just ordinary?
When we could harm
with easy pettiness, belittle or shut down
the glorious mountain-top creature
in an attempt to feel better
for a short while,
but worse
how can we process,
how can we let it go through us,
without a word spoken,
when odds are,
and with luck maybe,
we will never be anything other?

- Write!
"Fame is an enhancer, but for everyone else's insecurities, and it just, basically it directs it all towards you, because they, like, I don't know, people like look at you differently. Like people you've been friends with for years, like the amount of people I don't speak to anymore just because it f.cking turned weird." Ed Sheeran
Lanech Oct 13
The sun would shine into my eyes,
And cause a reflection upon the land,
And the rythme of my heart became the fate of all men.
Stanza B ... Do you want to know what happened to the writer?
Nylee Sep 30
who is the winner,
who is the loser,
ask the ashes, dust and paper.

the papers inked from history
what does it really tell.

the victor of half the world,
he had to surrender too,
who is the real victor
when the time came
and even the greatest empire fell!

A single word in history,
maybe not even that,
like losing identity
with a swish of a spell

Ink the story,
blue, black, deep
where I haven't even been
My ancestor's glory
won't keep the gleam
the light will fade off
the coming years will tell.

A select, an opportunity, a calling
it is coming with the wind,
but what does it really mean
what does it sell?

wise words,
and nothing, well!

No name for the fame,
a letter to begin,
but it is the end, expel.

My end, and yours
we'd leave the world,
leave behind our body
what of the legacy,
is there even one?
I'd be in places,
earth, heaven or hell

would it matter even,
I am going off empty hand
my hands that type won't accompany even.
He has tread his path alone
He will tread his path alone
You know he hates name and fame
He wishes to remain unknown
For You too are Unknown
He wishes to go towards You
Please don't stop his heartbeats at this juncture
He wishes to fulfill his some important responsibilities
Later if You willed he wishes to be a wanderer
Moving across lands and oceans
You know he doesn't  even wish to put the burden of his death on anyone
He just wishes to get lost and vanished in unknown trails to be one with You
God gifted us with life
We don't live
For name and fame
We strive
All sorts of games we play
Almost whole life is spent
In this pursuit
Then we ask God
To grant time to live
It's time to LEAVE
He says!
Carlo C Gomez Aug 22
Marie Antionette
preferred pie over cake,
and briefs over thongs.

A fervour for fashion,
But not a fan of
The Flour War,
nor her ghastly wrongs.

Poufs and panache?
Imprimatur, for sure.
"That's entertainment,"
said the brochure.

Affair of
the diamond necklace,
such a coup.

A material girl,
how about you?

Now remember,
how comely the rose
when she was so rich and red.

But also the onus
to how she lost
her pretty little head.
Kayla Gallant Aug 13
Fill your body to the brim
With everything that feels good
It never ends
More and more
Never satisfied
The day will come
When your vessel can take no more
The seams will tear
You shall burst
Greedy little beggar
Open your eyes
If you still can
Look around and see
There is more to life
Than having everything
Success to the Excess
Jenish Aug 12
Death is not your aim, Life is not for fame
Between lines of nature’s rhyme,
Luck is not the same.

Mouth is not to mime, lust and luster’s chime
Beggar’s garb on dame,
Why the heart not flame?

Tin of humanity shame, opened loud to blame
Without having the brame,
Uttered vanity claim.

Time is not to tame, minds of ruthless lame
Do your little dime,
Not for name or acclaim.
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