Supporters over haters
Aiming for more likers
Hope to be known
When a real work was not shown
Shown whenyou share it for fame
To be called by a famous name
Cant you feel a lil shame
When someone shows their works not for fame
Show it with notebook and pen
Don't plagiarize just for fame

Hades 4d

What if this attention or what mortals called fame,
Vanish all of a sudden, will you still stay the same?

What if time slowly takes my voice away,
Will you turn your back and finally stay away?

What if life keeps me under the soil of the earth,
Will you ever voice out all the pieces I've written for the youth?

I'm a small pilgrim of the earth,
I'm the most trusted of the Deities
I'm the enemy of the mother planet
A tiny dust breathing under the vast skies,
Soon I will die and be one with the ground
And fade away like the sunset,
Letting the dusk that they call death
Take over and be in union with the night sky.

JR Rhine Jul 14

How long behind Bob Dylan’s Shades—
smoke furls and curls among the glass—
before a man belies his fame?

The corner of the room pervades—
imbued with smoke if so to pass—
How long behind Bob Dylan’s Shades?

Visage so cool but starts to jade;
will eyes see through and to surpass,
before a man belies his fame?

Caught in the great aesthetical wake,
the fans will bend and surge en masse—
How long behind Bob Dylan’s Shades?

His words, his voice, depict a sage—
I wonder if the lore will last
before a man belies his fame.

But once the petals cease to sway
and blades blow back a pompous ass—
How long behind Bob Dylan’s shades,
before a man belies his fame?

Arcassin B Jul 11

By Arcassin B , soul S , Richard L.A

SS : Bars on windows ,Bars on doors
Metal ceilings ,Beveled floors
Come in folks!
There's lots of room!
It don't matter it's a tomb...
A prison cell of bone & hide
You won't know Til you're inside...
Here I am, I'm in the lobby
Locked within a broken body
Makes me want to scream & shout...
I'm just dying to get out!
There's the rub... just want to cry!
To get OUT I have to DIE.
There's just one way To be free.
But I don't want to die, you see.
I guess I'll stay & just be ME.
AB : To posses more ,empathy,
Weeping over dead bodies like the anniversary of
9/11, God bless each and every person in this world to
live long and prosper, this is hostile,
waiting on Jesus to descend to us and preach the gospel,
there's not enough empowerment to help the weak,
And there's not enough food here to feed the homeless,
Not even enough  friends around your child to see her smile
and you always treat her like nothing so she thought her
life was worthless,
looked into the barrel of the gun And, POW!,
Didn't even say her last words , not even a letter,
you should have spoke to her,
could have been a better nurturer.
RLA : Living In  the Projects. ...

I learnt my name.... I learnt my fame...
Living in the Projects....

Learnt how to skillfully write my name in lights.... All over the place. ...
I was living in my own mind when it happened....

Happened to Me...
From where you came, I had No idea....

I was lifted up, above my feet...

Don't leave me hanging ......
Around for too long.....

Sam Anthony Jul 5

Welcome to the stage on which
Life is lived as a performance
Welcome to the office in which
Every day is a job interview, where
Work is nothing more than being looked at
And admired
And despised
And envied

Welcome to a new bank account, with
More money than anyone needs, and
More pressure than anyone deserves, to
Spend it as tabloids demand

Welcome to criticism, for clothing choices –
Too last-year
Too slutty
Too creative
Too similar to someone else
Not flattering enough
Not slutty enough
Not daring enough

Welcome to scrutiny, over
Every romantic detail
Every baby’s name
Welcome to mockery

Welcome to an opportunity to
Use your voice
Take a stand
Make a change
Welcome to pressure to
Toe the line
Stay mainstream
Take no risks

Welcome to a new form of slavery, offering
Wealth and adoration
Freedom for some and shackles for others
Welcome to a ruined, wasted life lived short of its potential –
Relationships missed
Role in the home passing by, and
A tempting, all-you-can-eat buffet of mental health issues

Welcome to a new status, to be
The centre of attention
Off trend

Welcome to the celebrity contradiction
Attention-grabbers, with
Demands for privacy

Welcome to someone just like
Me –

Alexis Hart Jun 29

"Candy is dandy,
And liquor is quicker,
But fame is quickest."
Said the pessimist.

sunprincess Jun 7

His self-portrait's quite alluring
and screams desperation
Wonder why he felt desperate?

Perchance money, fame, romance
Or an urgent need for medication?
Suppose we shall never know..

"The Desperate Man" 1844-45
By artist, provacateur
Jean Courbet

Lux Falls May 29

This show ain't my own anymore,
I've got to pack up and peel myself
Away from the light,
Burn into the darkness,
Become a cinder in the night.

sometimes the sky is black as hell
and there is nowhere to go to escape from its infinite void
and sometimes the rain drips down
from its steady black gaze and all is
wet and dank and the ground is
cement keeping feet
hostage and
a deep red pain
steals from you the light that once lived in your soul
and throws the light in the sky
so it will no longer be dark
and sometimes a star is born
but sometimes
                           its not.


If you are reading this
You know nothing of me.
People who know me, know I hate being red.

If you are reading this
You think nothing of me.
Because I misspelled read as red.

If you are reading this
Know that I think nothing of me.
Because the thought of you reading this makes me red.

If you are reading this.
Know nothing of me.
For all I am will one day be red.

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