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Hacker *****!
Ruining my life with your wit
And knowledge,
Lovely sound of real life expecting you...
Lovely, lovely.
How do you like my share of condescendence?
_Couldn't we simply understand each other? Children wishing for a better world. _

Oh, well! If you couldn't take me as your greatest admirer!
Ash or KC Feb 2018
You use your coded words,
Building up my feelings for you.
I never shared my secrets like that.
Never said how lonely I felt,
But now I don't feel as alone.
You are there in my life.
You inspire the words that I write.
My twisted metaphors,
My once empty writing,
They hold you in them.
You're there in name.
You're there in comparison.
You're there because i put you there.
When a poet falls for a hacker,
They realize that they can hack more than just software,
Or bypass firewalls.
They can hack our feelings,
Bypass the walls we set up,
And infiltrate our systems.
I'm at the time of writing this, seem to have found myself to have fallen for somebody, a rare thing that has happened to me.
Penguin Poems May 2019
Got an email from someone I thought I knew
Curious to know what we were up to
Clicked on the link, but it was just a ploy
To hack into my life and use me as a toy.

Broke into the hardware in my head,
Consumed my credit cards, ushered me into debt
Hacked into and manipulated all I felt
Controlled and restricted the hand I was dealt.

Even with my new passwords and new email
The scar of the hacker will never fully heal.
Blamed it on them being the stone cold *****,
But I’m the one who let them hack with a single click.
So I opened a link in an email from someone and my family got hacked so this is that but d e e p lol.
Jack L Martin Sep 2018
Hint: I put a hex on you!

Dedicated to all the geeks and freaks who support the digital world.
my nuts
put your ear closer
hear read

pin Mar 2017
Appears so easy, for u to read binary on finger tips.
& u always greet everyone with a lie,
Lie like smile
Google voice, tripping-salamander tail ready to grow.
Lilac lips, black eyes, 2000 words a minute,
Seems so easy for u to smell blood through skin.

— The End —