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Temporal Fugue Oct 2018
I was told today
by a troll
I've been hacked
and compromised

I was told today
by this troll
pay up or there'll
be a surprise

I was told get
me some bitcoins
you're at the mercy
of our wishes and commands

Get a couple dozen
or we'll release
everything to everyone
pay heed to our demands

They're clueless ****** fools
I've no secrets in email
just another trollish tool
used against a woman, or a man

I casually hit delete
emptied all the trash
the hacker with no clue
a troll from somewhere in Sudan
Serious, got an email telling it was gonna release all my secrets and **** to loved ones and friends, they had hacked my puter and had taken control of  my webcam LOL, what a weak pathetic extortion attempt *******.
Jack L Martin Sep 2018
Hint: I put a hex on you!

Dedicated to all the geeks and freaks who support the digital world.
my nuts
put your ear closer
hear read

Temporal Fugue Sep 2017
Please don't stuff the ballot box
our choices already chosen

The soviets, with hacker skills
our email accounts, now frozen

Interfering with companies, and corporations
dispersal of the wealth held dear
the one percent, in constant motion

If you really want to hurt us
and bring down our society

Shut down facebook, and twitter
destroy our social, stupidity

And then we'll be more malleable
no outlet for our drivel, the constant idiocy
and, you'll do us a favor
setting us, completely free
Phone slaves! Rise up! and put the phone, down! ;D
pin Mar 2017
Appears so easy, for u to read binary on finger tips.
& u always greet everyone with a lie,
Lie like smile
Google voice, tripping-salamander tail ready to grow.
Lilac lips, black eyes, 2000 words a minute,
Seems so easy for u to smell blood through skin.
Temporal Fugue Oct 2016
Stole what they could, destroyed the best
encrypted the remains, ransomed the rest
They found a way in, probably electronic mail
sneaking like a weasel, and all that, that entails

Shrieking in glee, streaming the Internet
reveling with cronies, they've never seen, or met
Socially awkward children, living in the liquid crystal glow
holding their virginity, fan boys, wallowing a hero show

Black hats worn, in darkened caves
darknet files, and tools that they've saved
Fat fingers fly, on gaming boards
over twinky crumbs, and hot pocket hoards

Hacker hacker, not found everywhere
hacking machines, on whim, and a dare
When dinner is served, Mommy will call
waddling from the basement, and slinking the hall
Ya gotta wonder how pale and sad such a life would be...

— The End —