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Jack L Martin Sep 2018
As I stare into the starlit sky
I wonder if i'll catch this guy?
Does Jupiter hide behind it's moons?
Do specters and goblins dance it's tunes?

Will Velma ever sing my song?
My heart for her will ever long!

Daphne, don't laugh at me!
Can't you see that what's happening,
is beautiful and sacred,
I wish you were naked
in my Mystery Van, half bake-ed
Rhianecdote Jan 2015
Thinking you've got hidden depths
When really you've got about as much mystery surrounding you
as an average episode of ****** Doo.

Creepy Janitor, we all know it's you!
Prententious pretenders never fail to amuse me XD
Xyns Apr 2014
I'd love to be your hero
Your knight in shining armor
To take all your pain away

*I'd love to be your damsel in distress
Your Lois Lane, Daphne Blake
Because you're my Clark Kent, my Fred Jones
You're my everything
And, thanks to you, there is no pain

— The End —