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She appeared innocent
She crooked one
She had a good heart
She had totally a black
She was always eulogised
She was often criticized
She appeared of sound mind and stable
She was arrogant, considered herself intelligent
She lacked courage and lived in silence
She was cruel and lived with arrogance
She preferred she
Lost grace and innocence
She got grinded with she
Like mite gets grinded with wheat
Admittedly, a truth!
JCabanilla Jun 23
Your talents and intelligent was a treasure.
You were a great artist even if you weren't sure.
You are a beautiful gift given by the heaven,
So put a smile that will struck a maiden.
Day 7!! June 24, 2020. He made something for me and he still feel like he wasn't good enough so I want to cheer him up by this poem.
She wore knee-high socks and black flats
A look only the incomparable her can pull off
Purple glasses sat heavily on the bridge of her nose
Like an old librarian with all the tea to spill
She was a giant compared to me, a beanstalk
With the knowledge of a renowned-dictionary
She was my best friend.
Nabil Falchou May 24
grant me wings
so i can fly away

grant me intelligence
so i don't have to use fancy words to sound smart

grant me wealth
so i don't have to act like i'm wealthy

grant me love
so i can forget what it feels like to be in pain
Poem from my book
Maria Mitea May 16
Lean                                                             ­       
Delicate                                                 ­                                                     
“ne plus ultra”                                      
Cooked slow                              
Gastronomically Intelligent        
Gentle ­                                   
“ne plus ultra”                                          
Ethical         ­                                         
Ecological ...    
...voices rumbling through refined-dining,

Excuse Moi, Mr.Gluttony

Since when is Meat Ethical?
If meat became so Ethical,
How Ethical You are?

Sheathing your hypocrisy                
and luck of humanity                                
with pompous words,                      
style and fancy clothes,
while you tingling your gustative papillae
with  “le goût friand”, étiquette,
capris and mannerism.
You                                                            ­    

Don’t **** the rabbit! so                                                    
the rabbit can **** you in no time, “pooka”
Don’t tell                                                  
No one pre-empt you,                            
when asking for healing.
The story behind;

Rabbit meat is popular in refined dining cooking in France and Europe. On the menu, cooking magazines, media, cooking books it is called Ethical Meat.

Gluttony means over-indulging, over-consuming food, drink, or wealth items, particularly as status symbols.

Pooka is a rabbit creature in Celtic Folklore,   considered to bring bad fortune when perpetuating harm to others.
Maria Mitea May 15
When the geometry of  sombra
seems to have a life of its own on the underworld walls, above the surface arrogance takes shape believing that it is more intelligent than, I, who can see the train coming. Uncertainty won’t bother impotence resting on earth’s shoulders, and Sleeping Giant can wait forever for the lost sailor.
What a blessing!
The Company of:
An intelligent friend will nourish your brain.
A loyal friend will safe guard your heart.
A motivated  friend  will fill your life with energy.
A wise friend will show you the way.
A kind friend  will fill your soul with love.
An optimistic friend, will fill your life with hope and inspiration.
A moral friend, will bring a purpose to your life.
A humorous  friend will bring laughter to your days.
A spiritual friend will bring peace to your life.

Hussein Dekmak

My co-worker at Beaumont Taylor Hospital '
Karina Sherwin Bloom' had inspired me to write this poem.
Asominate Mar 13
Sometimes it feels
Ever so slightly annoying
Sometimes I just can’t
Be on my best behaviour

Life is a test,
I’m failing my papers
I want me dead
But that is for later

I am obsessed
There isn’t enough evidence
My worthlessness’s
Determined by my intelligence

Days. Weeks months: time
I’ll tell you that I’m feeling fine
My performances are only Fs

My heart is what broke
I sw**r I wouldn’t do it again
Knives, lemme *******?
Can’t disappoint you if I am dead
"Get lost and never be found."
That’s what she said
Sometimes I wish I was worth more than my intelligence.
sometimes it will be
seen with others of its
and sometimes it
is seen without any of its

the American Indians
have befriended
as they've felt an
affinity with

you might get a shiver
down your
if you hear the sound
that it will

it is an animal of great
and it also has a watchful

from the prairies
to the snow
it will tread a path
on their
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