"I just spasmed
As my life force left me.
At a rate of 2.3 pictometers per femtosecond."

"I hide behind the tears
Of a pretentious moron
Who laments himself at

"Your premise assumes
That writing poetry
Would mitigate my boredom."

"Doing things you do not enjoy
Will serve no purpose
Other than remind you of how bored you are."

"I feel my life force
Being sucked out of me

"Each minute that I endure
The mind-boggling ennui
Is another brain cell
That commits suicide
In order
To save
Its self."

"I may have to resort to poetry soon."
These are his words, not mine.
all for you Apr 15
he was remarkable
he was intelligent
he was kind
he was...the worst thing that ever happened to me
please get out of my life // love always
Cameiyah Sep 2017
She's beautiful
It surpasses skin deep
Because its deeper than that

By the way she carries herself
Just observe her walk
Just listen to her as she talks

Her words flow together so smoothly
The tone of her voice shows so much serenity
As she uses her extensive vocabulary In the right context
You'd have to be lying if you didn't Find It attractive

Nobody's perfect, Not even the Perfectionist herself
She screws up every now and then
She doesn't let that disrupt her Composure

Completely versatile, like she's her Own vixen
Creative in every way possible, She Expresses that with every chance she Gets
She's unforgettable

I mean how can you let yourself to forget her ?
Is it a good thing or bad thing that I write my poems in the same perspective every time ? or what ?
w y n n e Aug 2017
you don't need a boy who will call you beautiful
you need a man who will call you intelligent
a man who will tell your laugh is contagious
that you made him smile
that you have something to offer

Atul May 2017
A** beautiful person is sought,
To fill in colours of happiness,
Upon a big blank page of mine,
Love pearls could be rethreaded.

Now success is on the horizon,
Even though I have tried all along,
Every time I have failed to achieve,
Drawing even closer to success is life,
So have been the recent days of mine.

Loneliness haunts me like ghosts,
Of the future-past will have come,
Vanished from my life are all joys,
Edging closer to the end of my days.
A nerdmaid is a beautiful and intelligent woman.

My HP Poem #1540
©Atul Kaushal
Beau Grey Nov 2016
I told him
     “I’m going to buy lots of make up,
some expensive clothes,
                              you know,
          the ones that come with logos,
and get a proper hair cut.
That’s how you like your girls,
          isn’t it?”
He walked over,
planted a kiss on my head and said,
“I like them smart,
                which you’re not being right now.”

And I think that was the best thing
                        he ever said.
Leigh Marie Sep 2016
Its time we let go of the notion
that our greatness is something to hide in our back pockets
lest we scare away a man
Intelligent or Smart
        Why are we intelligent?
Because we have a mind of
To show what is human Beings.

Smart or Intelligent
         Are we smart to know
No but there is an talent we keep
           Everyday and don't get it
Called intelligent or smart.

Intelligent peoples are more thinking
than smart peoples
Some smart peoples think that they are most important than us today
But has to remember that we are not smart or intelligent.

              By K-mari ©2016
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