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Oh the glorious content
And the endless 1’s and 0’s
Lord I can barely breathe

I’m asking for some relaxation
But all I’m getting is a more stressful equation
Oh the infinite content

A shame that we want to entertain us all
Without asking what the hell we’re even doing
Make sure you follow all the news
It’s too late, I have new content I must obtain
From timelines and feeds
That are constantly calling
This silly amount of selfish content
Oh, I feel it has given me so much
But has it given me anything at all
Except a static reaction
That gives a cold sense of empathy

For only a brief moment...
For only a brief moment...
Tell me a lie

Try to convince, it's true
Try harder with evidences to prove

Tell me a lie

Change the expression to assure
Hide the vibration to prove

I will be amused by
The act
The subtle effort, and
The precious wasted time

Ha ha
Tell me
More lies.......more
Genre: Experimental
Theme: Vibes never lie
HTR Stevens Sep 17
All the world is dim – she alone is light.
With grace moves her limb – she delights my sight.
Aloof like a queen – a fairy she is.
Expression serene – in heavenly bliss.
Her smiles are gracious – warm and enchanting.
Expressive features – to top everything.
Her eyes bright and clear – with laughter supressed,
Tease the audience here – her smile does confess.
Jack L Martin Sep 14
Giannis Antetokounmpo
Drinks Ouzo
In his Greek Freak
Pumpkin Spiced Latte

The grande size is
$5.25 USD
Salary of Giannis Antetokounmpo
$24.16 million USD Per year

One USD per meal (Meal Math)
$24.16 million USD feeds
1,655 families of four
per year

"With two years remaining on his previous contract, according to multiple reports Aaron Rodgers will receive $67 million by the end of 2018 and more than $80 million by March next year."


What's wrong with this picture?
Watching black and white flicks
From nineteen thirty four
With overacting stars and
Rinky-tinky scores;
Heroines with painted lips
To make them twice their size
And everyone with black liner
Smeared around their eyes.

Those were the big old movies
After school in the afternoon.
There were even snappy teasers
That told us ‘coming soon”
But television was free to us
And movie shows expensive
So, my backlog memories became
Inclusive and extensive.

I still can name most of the stars
And even say the name of the flick
And name some supporting actors
And I can do it super quick.
Because that was the entertainment
In a family with no movie budget.
If a movie came on I hadn't seen,
You can be sure I would watch it.

Later TV went to color shows
And it truly made my life great.
I’d see a favorite was coming on
Like Wizard of Oz, I couldn’t wait
To see it in color! Well, at least
Once Judy and the house landed.
It was enchantment for sure
No matter how heavy handed.

But for a decade or more, I watched
And was perfectly content to see
And not have a clue about their hair
Or color that their eyes  might be.
For happy in a black and white world
Pleased the young, unspoiled me.
After all, those fabulous stars
Were there for greedy young me!
Rick Adams Jul 31
last night was our night
we went to a show
and the show started
and we watched the show
and we liked the show
and the show was over
and so was our night
Aa Harvey Jun 14
Love is a calling

Let me be the Romeo you need in this hour;
Let me be the one to bring you flowers.
Let me stand hand in hand with you beneath the shower;
With you in my sight, I could never be dour.

If love is the game, then by all means play on!
In film, in poetry, in life and in song!
Let hatred be scorched and banished from loves eyes;
Be joyous!  Be happy!  Don’t worry or despise.

For u2 shall find love, if you wait a while;
If all else fails, love will help you raise a smile.
I bring good tidings to the empty of empathy
And I spread love all around.
Love can never become a bullet, a paintball maybe;
The laws of nature leave love and happiness, eternally bound.

We are all seekers of love and love forever evolves;
Loves existence cannot be denied, even in the coldest of souls.
Every foot on the planet is hoping to move forwards towards love;
So who are you to give up?
Love is waiting out there for you to give it a hug.

Love loves to hug;
Love loves to be loved.
Love is waiting;
Love is a calling.
Lovers love to love.

(C)2016 Aa Harvey. All Rights Reserved.
Mimi Apr 26
you hear their anger, like a bullfight and your ribcage is the ring
your heart is the rodeo clown,
his job is to take the hits
if you’re not fast enough
you’re not good enough
written 12/26/16
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