Watching black and white flicks
From nineteen thirty four
With overacting stars and
Rinky-tinky scores;
Heroines with painted lips
To make them twice their size
And everyone with black liner
Smeared around their eyes.

Those were the big old movies
After school in the afternoon.
There were even snappy teasers
That told us ‘coming soon”
But television was free to us
And movie shows expensive
So, my backlog memories became
Inclusive and extensive.

I still can name most of the stars
And even say the name of the flick
And name some supporting actors
And I can do it super quick.
Because that was the entertainment
In a family with no movie budget.
If a movie came on I hadn't seen,
You can be sure I would watch it.

Later TV went to color shows
And it truly made my life great.
I’d see a favorite was coming on
Like Wizard of Oz, I couldn’t wait
To see it in color! Well, at least
Once Judy and the house landed.
It was enchantment for sure
No matter how heavy handed.

But for a decade or more, I watched
And was perfectly content to see
And not have a clue about their hair
Or color that their eyes  might be.
For happy in a black and white world
Pleased the young, unspoiled me.
After all, those fabulous stars
Were there for greedy young me!
Rick Adams Jul 31
last night was our night
we went to a show
and the show started
and we watched the show
and we liked the show
and the show was over
and so was our night
Aa Harvey Jun 14
Love is a calling

Let me be the Romeo you need in this hour;
Let me be the one to bring you flowers.
Let me stand hand in hand with you beneath the shower;
With you in my sight, I could never be dour.

If love is the game, then by all means play on!
In film, in poetry, in life and in song!
Let hatred be scorched and banished from loves eyes;
Be joyous!  Be happy!  Don’t worry or despise.

For u2 shall find love, if you wait a while;
If all else fails, love will help you raise a smile.
I bring good tidings to the empty of empathy
And I spread love all around.
Love can never become a bullet, a paintball maybe;
The laws of nature leave love and happiness, eternally bound.

We are all seekers of love and love forever evolves;
Loves existence cannot be denied, even in the coldest of souls.
Every foot on the planet is hoping to move forwards towards love;
So who are you to give up?
Love is waiting out there for you to give it a hug.

Love loves to hug;
Love loves to be loved.
Love is waiting;
Love is a calling.
Lovers love to love.

(C)2016 Aa Harvey. All Rights Reserved.
I can't bear to lose you, baby!
You are my lover in a world
Where there is no love.
Do I now have to ask you about your troubles
Every time I want you
To sing a song for me?
Though it's impossible to make love to you,
I feel that we are SO intimate!
You are
My Sony Walkman Mp3!
Jan 2017
Encountering Jesus at a Strip Club
After Work,
I decided to chill out
By visiting my favorite Strip Club,
"Rowdy Roger's"
To see this hot, Puerto Rican girl named "Luisa"
Strut her stuff.
I ordered a Club Soda,
'Cause I don't drink
And sat on a chair below the stage.
There in the crowd was none other than Jesus Christ!
I couldn't believe it!
Why the hell was Jesus attending a Striptease Show?
I went up to him,
"Hey, Jesus,"
"What the hell are you doing here?!"
"I thought you were pure and chaste and moral and all that jazz."
"I'm human!" he responded.
"Now, allow me to concentrate on Luisa's dancing.'
"She's got one fine bod!"
"But, Jesus," I pleaded.
"Aren't you supposed to be in a Church, preaching the Gospel,"
"You don't want God to catch you in a place like This!"
"God knows I'm here, Moskowitz."
"He gave me the money to buy a beer."
"I'm not a White Supremacist, you know?"
"I appreciate the skin tones of these women from the tropics."
"But how are people gonna' BELIEVE in you, Jesus"
"If they see you in a place like This?" I asked.
"Your Reputation will go downhill," I told Jesus.
"Oh, these people who call themselves 'Christians'"
"Have already destroyed my Reputation, Moskowitz."
"With the support of this guy, Donald Trump"
"By so many Evangelicals,"
"Most Americans think I'm nothin' but a Thug!"
"But don't you think you should be at the Sea of Galilee"
"Or in the Jordan River, Jesus?" I persisted.
"Come on."
"What the hell are you doing here at Rowdy Rogers,"
"Ogling at Puerto Rican gals?!"
Now, it was Jesus' turn to interrogate me.
"Come on now."
"Be honest!"
"Have you ever seen anything more awe-inspiring"
"Than the Female Form?"
"Do you think I really want to put up with that Palestinian/Israeli shit right now?"
"Just thinking about it gives me a headache!"
"So, why don't you just sit back with me,"
"And enjoy the Show?"
I didn't edit this poem at all. I'm just reposting it. It was well-done!
Mimi Apr 26
you hear their anger, like a bullfight and your ribcage is the ring
your heart is the rodeo clown,
his job is to take the hits
if you’re not fast enough
you’re not good enough
written 12/26/16
Laz Farrell Feb 27
Can’t get my head round the email
“Help me get it right”
“It’s why you do what you do”
“What you do best”
“This will wipe out the opposition”
After much soul searching he took the role
A fugitive who lives with an urban family
An honest story that comments on our times
Or an expensive risk?
It’s a case in point
I could tell you stories you couldn’t print.

A deal was made
Much needed publicity
This one can’t miss
A sure fire winner
Lavishly budgeted?
Almost everything was shot at the ranch....
I Remember the poster in the foyer
“The Goal of the assassin”
“Two Bloody hours”
Initially the subject of media ridicule
An eyesore trashed traded or hauled away
Luckily fast forgotten
It died a humiliating death
Lauren Grace Feb 23
How magnificent it must be to be written about.
Your name replaced by descriptions of the way your pink sumptuous smile looked in the shoddy light of your living room last night.
The people read his paper for entertainment.
So could you call it progress?
Possibly character development.
To read about yourself flourishing into the miscreant you were always destined to be.
How engrossing it must be to gradually watch that pink sumptuous smile turn into nothing but a starless hole.
The critics are bored and dehydrated. On their hands and knees, they beg him to compose more.
That's why he stays in the living room and stares at me.
He waits for me to make one wrong move.
But there is no more life in this room.
Only a pen and a subject.
I don't need you to write anymore.
Raviha Hussain Dec 2017
They sit between me
laying down their knees

Finding entertainment
to make themselves free

Oh dear friend I
love the way you see

You don't know the harms
that might cause you dark

Just play any channel
and make the weather better

Just click,click any button
I changes all the situation
T.V button are regardless  all time
NRIKO Dec 2017
you are the fundamental sin,
a new junkie's oasis.

the night has come,
no one is hard to please.

feeding off of your emotions,
the portal to your gentle vulnerability
which i lack-
i want your bones, your flesh;
i want your pale skin, your soul;
riddled with my purple euphoric prose.

i look out
for your words to expose
and expose more and more
of your cracked skin.

you need love, red skin
and wet lips without blood
blooming underwater-
and i need another
warmth i cannot

entertain me,
entertain me,
show me what i am obsessed with.

i want to over-indulge again.
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