How magnificent it must be to be written about.
Your name replaced by descriptions of the way your pink sumptuous smile looked in the shoddy light of your living room last night.
The people read his paper for entertainment.
So could you call it progress?
Possibly character development.
To read about yourself flourishing into the miscreant you were always destined to be.
How engrossing it must be to gradually watch that pink sumptuous smile turn into nothing but a starless hole.
The critics are bored and dehydrated. On their hands and knees, they beg him to compose more.
That's why he stays in the living room and stares at me.
He waits for me to make one wrong move.
But there is no more life in this room.
Only a pen and a subject.
I don't need you to write anymore.
Raviha Hussain Dec 2017
They sit between me
laying down their knees

Finding entertainment
to make themselves free

Oh dear friend I
love the way you see

You don't know the harms
that might cause you dark

Just play any channel
and make the weather better

Just click,click any button
I changes all the situation
T.V button are regardless  all time
enriko Dec 2017
you are the fundamental sin,
a new junkie's oasis.

the night has come,
no one is hard to please.

feeding off of your emotions,
the portal to your gentle vulnerability
which i lack-
i want your bones, your flesh;
i want your pale skin, your soul;
riddled with my purple euphoric prose.

i look out
for your words to expose
and expose more and more
of your cracked skin.

you need love, red skin
and wet lips without blood
blooming underwater-
and i need another
warmth i cannot

entertain me,
entertain me,
show me what i am obsessed with.

i want to over-indulge again.
Druzzayne Rika Dec 2017
the nice toys we are
much like puppets
quite the entertainment
destinies pulling the strings
and we are dancing to tunes
all under its powered reins
what control we can
the life we spend
I        I
I          I
I          I
I        I

Ira Desmond Nov 2017
This Time-Lapse Video of
Disneyland Transforming for the
Holidays Is Truly Magical

The Deepest Fish Ever
Captured Is So Ugly I Want
to Throw It Back in the Sea

Sounds Like Ant-Man and
the Wasp May Have a Major
Impact on the Marvel Cinematic Universe

Watch Amputee Monkeys Control
Robotic Arms by
Changing Brains

The White House's Christmas
Decor Looks Straight Out
of a Horror Film

An Asteroid Will Pass
Near Earth Next Month But
No, You Don't Have to Worry

Hold Up, the New
Jumanji Movie Is
Actually... Good?

Over 75,000 Evacuated in
Bali as Mount Agung Spews
Gigantic Clouds of Ash

Your Dark Side Shrine Needs
This Burnt Darth
Vader Helmet Replica

The End Credits
Scene of Justice League Has
Been Bugging Me
It doesn't seem as if there is anything new under the sun
Other than What one can create
when she came over,
we viewed some pornography
our own reflection
This haiku was based by a posting by Don Al-Malik of Lagos, Nigeria on Facebook
Many psychologists
Would say that President Donald Trump
Has "Control Issues".
Some would say that he's a
"Control Freak".
However, many would ask,
"Who is controlling him?"
He is,
The Puppet of Certain Corporate Interests.
The Question is,
"Are the people of the United States"
"Enjoying this Puppet Show?"
The Entertainment Industry is for AMUSEMENT.
We elected a President who was part of the ENTERTAINMENT INDUSTRY,
But he isn't amusing!
His behavior is disturbing!
This Political Reality Show
Is not enjoyable to observe!
Joshua Haines May 2017
Solo, like Star Wars or women's soccer
I sit on a dirty chair with pure liquor
sealed from the rest of the world

Numb, like Linkin Park or lithium
they hold my wallet like it's a gun;
want to use it to gauge my meaning.

If you want a dollar, babe, then
you gotta work to separate
yourself from everything sane
or how else can you gain

the feelings you see on t.v.,
what E! says is reality--
because you're told that's
what matters, entirely.

Identity; conform to be something
marketable -- or, at the very least,
conventional. I want my insides
to be considered pretty, but
I'd have to hope someone
would give the effort to
cut me open and ignore the joy
that my bleeding out would bring.
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