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Big Virge Jun 1
It Was The Rock …
Who Said It ... BEST ... !!!

But I'll Interpret What He Said ...

"It doesn't matter what you think,
of lyrics that I kick ! I'm just being artistic,
so, stop being a ***** !"

It's SIMPLY What IT IS ... !!!

Lyrical ... YES ...
Poetic ... MOST DEF' ... !!!

OFFENSIVE .... Well ...
To ... IGNORANT Heads ... !!!

UNTIL They TRY To ... " TIE My Chi " ... !!!!!!!

But That BELIEVE Is A ... " RARITY " ... !!!!!
Because Most Peeps' Can CLEARLY SEE ...

That I'm NOT The ONE To MESS With ... !!!!!

........ ME ....... ???

Well I Choose To Be A COOLER Breed ...
Than Heads Who NOW Are ROAMING Streets ... !!!!!

I'm A ... " KING of The Cooler " ...
Like ... Steve Mcqueen ... !!!

... WHO You Be ... !!!

… NOT To POLICE ... !!!!!
DO Black Lives Matter ... ?!?
COME ON Folks ... PLEASE ... !!!

ONLY When We ATTACK WHITE Peeps' ... !!!!
Or START To SHOOT And INJURE Police .... !!!

DALLAS Scenes ...
DON'T MATTER To ... Me ... !!!

Because THAT's ONE Place ...
I AIN'T Trying To Be ... !!!!!

With Some TOKEN Chiefs ...

Talkin' Bout ... HOW ...

"People should grieve,
for police who've died, whilst on duty !"

NOW That DOESN'T Seem ...
Quite Right To Me ... ?!?

If It's YOUR DUTY To …
… “ PROTECT and SERVE “ ...

And Wear BULLET PROOF Vests ...
So That You CAN WORK ... !?!

Should I GRIEVE For You ...
Because You Get HURT ... ?!?

Does It MATTER If I ... " Grieve " ... !?!

If You've Been Made To BLEED ...
Until You Have ... NO BREATH ... !!!!!

Now THAT's A Subject ...
That's Got Some DEPTH ............................................

Do Our Thoughts TRANSCEND .......
When Our Physical ... ENDS ... ?

Do Our Thought Waves Send ...
Messages ... To Our Friends ... ?

Who've Long Since Left ..............................
This World To Join The DEAD ... ?!?!?

Do My Poems ...
Ever STAY In Peoples' Heads ... ???

Does It MATTER To The MASSES ...
When Art Is Seen As ... " CLASSIC " ... !?!
By THOSE Who ... CHOOSE To View ...

Art From A ... COOLER School ...
Than THOSE The Media FUELS ... ?!?

Does It REALLY MATTER ... ???
WHO Gets Through To Make BIG MOVES ... ?!?

And Does It MATTER WHO You KNEW ...
BEFORE You Got To ... " SHINE and BLOOM " ... !!!!!!

And ...
Does It MATTER HOW You LOOK .... ???
Or If You ... COOK The Books ...
To Get Yourself A HOOK ...
To CAPTAIN Like A CROOK .... !!!!!!

I Guess It Matters If You're SHOOK ... ?!?
Well Like Mobb' Deep said ...

You SHOOK ONES DO NOT ... Matter ...
When It Comes To REAL Gun Clappers ...
Whose X Factor's ... REAL GANGSTER ... !!!!!!!!

Should ACTORS REALLY ... MATTER ... ???
Because Their Bank Roll's PHATTER' ...

Than Rappers Who RUN Chatter ...
That's REALER Than THESE Actors ... !!!

I Guess It DOESN'T Matter ...
When THEY Get MAD Like HATTERS ... !!!

If They're ... " PRETTY " ...
SMART And ... " WITTY " ... ?!?

Well It MATTERS To Their FANS ...
Which I THINK Is ... Rather SAD ...

When People Who Have NOTHING ...
CAN'T Even Get To FUNCTION ...
Because of ... MASS CONSUMPTION ... !!!!!

NOW It Seems That ...

... " BLACK LIVES MATTER " ... ?!?

When OLD Records Get SHATTERED ... !!!
By Blacks Running Like SLAVES ...
If They Win For The ... " U. S. A. " ... !?!

DOES It MATTER Who Wins Medals ...
If Drug CHEATS DON'T Get ... Levelled ... ?!?

Or BETTER Still ... EXPELLED ...
DEFINING ... Drug ABUSERS ... !!!

Does It MATTER HOW You're ... " Tutored " ... ???

Some Teachers SHOULD Be NEUTERED ... !!!!!!
For Being ... CHILD ABUSERS ... !!!!!!!

Does It MATTER WHO You ... " LOVE " ... ???
Well ME ... I LOVE THIS STUFF ... !!!

To Write And Be A FACTOR ...
In Verse That Sometimes SHATTERS ... !!!

Those Whose Thoughts Are CAPTURED ...
By Data That Is ... FRACTURED ... !!!

So As I End This Chapter ...
I'm BACK To YES ...

... " The ROCK " ... !!!

THESE Words I Jot ...
Are SO ****** ... HOT ...
That ... Like Em' Or NOT ...

WHATEVER The Manor ...
of YOUR ... " Chatter " ...

Let Me Just Say THIS ...

... " It DOESN'T MATTER " ... !!!!!
Yup, all inspired by The Rock's WWF & WWE performances, and the now, infamous saying, from his days as a wrestler ....
Carlo C Gomez May 11
The well dug deep
She is one to forever keep

She dances naked for me
In the coin fountain
She wears **** boots
On the balcony
Amid raindrops
And not a stitch more
For the hyperbole

It's the perfect dividing
Of night and day
This well of ours
From which we play
In the 1880s a former sailor named John Frazier dug a well in the area of Carlsbad, California. The water was discovered to be chemically similar to that found in some of the most renowned spas in the world, and the town was named after the famed spa in the Bohemian town of Karlsbad. It is now a favorite vacation spot.
Original Entertainment 1357
Original Entertainment 1357
Original Entertainment 1357
Original Entertainment 1357
Original Entertainment 1357
Original Entertainment 1357
Original Entertainment 1357

Written by: Original Entertainment 1357
Original Entertainment 1357
Tizzop Feb 13
don't drop crumbs on the floor
don't produce dirt on the sofa

don't be weak but
don't tell me your story
cause i hate it

don't take control in bed
don't try to find the speed
don't talk about your needs

don't question my dont's
don't think that you won't
Today is a good day.
We are paying with our time
We are paying with our money
We even pay with our health
To watch people
Get paid to pretend
To be other people
Entertainment is a I sit here watching a movie I’ve seen probably 50 times
Carl D'Souza Aug 2019
I resist
the temptation
to become fond
of politicians
who entertain me
with clever lines
said with likeable energetic-charisma;

I do my best
to evaluate
how a politician’s policy-proposals
will affect
the joy and happiness
of myself
and others in society.
Thrystan Tate Aug 2019
Bands a make her dance.  
A dollar will make her holler.
So she must be worth a pretty penny,
to flip open your wallet just to call her.
"Hey baby, how much for a dance? Oh slow motion, yeah I like it like that."
Her stripper name must be Visa for her rewards and her cashback.
She can flap her wings to get your mind on track,
of you spending your money all Welly-Nelly,
and swiping your card down the crack.
She's got you running to the private room like she's running game.
If you fall in love with these strippers that's a tale of Two-Pains.
How could a dime be worth a stack and arouse your spending range?
I mean her game so tight she has your whole money roll entertained.
And all she has to do is something strange for you to come out your pocket change.
By: Thrystan Tate
Brian McDonagh Jun 2019
Taking advantage of the milestone age,
Prowling the night by myself,
I pull into an unfamiliar stone ring of parked cars,
Locked the car, and walk-clinked against ground-level stones
Until I pulled the handle of the main door
To my first bar/club entry.
Hesitation and nervousness showed up
When I presented my license identification to the bar staff...
But if they let me in at all,
Suppose I don't give off an adolescent vibe anymore.
Seeing my work boss rock out with his band bros,
Freak Show, turned me from nervousness and silence
Staring at a random TV channel
To responding to Jamie's audience calls,
To dancing like my mom, Robert Barone, and anyone I could think of,
To dancing with other people I never met,
One woman swooning over my self-initiative to dance at all,
And resulted in clogged eardrums
Rock and rolled
Give it time,
This side of me is awakening.

After circling Berkeley Springs
And realizing I passed up Hillbilly Heaven bar
[I mistook it for a car dealership],
l crossed the street into a new-to-me adult audience realm.
Outdoor setting, speakers and techno-colored lights,
A mechanical bull available for riding,
Rock music,
Women grinding each other playfully to the music,
Busts that only my eyes could see to believe,
All under a starry curtain of a sky.

Closer to home,
The parking a trick
That took one circular trip to land a legal spot.
Another unroofed setting,
Downed three Sprite sodas,
Pretending to make a pavilion stake
a stripper pole,
dancing slow up-and-down,
Dancing the same stand-still body-rocking moves each song
Only to support the music being brought by Freak Show.
I sat next to a Dr. Pepper co-worker
Who laughed dangerously the entire night I saw him.
I shook my ***** with a stranger woman
Like two Newton ***** clinking each other rhythmically.
Thanks to supporting staff and benefactors!

Taboo Gentlemen's Club,
The security check-in churned my feelings
Into thinking, I was lying,
Lying to myself and to security.
But I wasn't negotiably.
I passed the metal scan
And paid my way in.
Strippers, poles, birthdays
With spanking.
Luxury chairs,
Flying money.
Maybe there's no club I can join,
But there's always room to join the club.
First timer.
A Simillacrum Jun 2019
It's not enough to be sharp, is it?
I launch my heart
at the walls of the crumbling world,
a thought in it, but,
your heart is despondent, isn't it?

Move your mouth you failing ****.
You glued the glass to the wall, as well,
so you can't stop, can you?

Sell it as it is. Nothing makes sense.
Seeming like a thing you've seen
once or twice before in your life?
Brent Kincaid May 2019
A small platoon of beauty,
Lovely boygirls with tiny *****
Posing like Vogue models
And doing dancing tricks
So, hot. So pretty, but not
In the slightest masculine;
No attempt to be butch,
They revel in being feminine.

They’re better at it than girls
Being more of a success
Than all the ** movie stars
In ten thousand dollar dresses.
Such pretty smooth faces, traces
Of ancestry and cool breeding
For thousands of screaming teens
Wishing they were breeding.

They wish these boys were closer
So they could caress and kiss
Close enough so they could not
Avoid, so the teens could not miss.
They want to carefully tarnish them,
These angels of flashing bright lights,
And cuddle them, snuggle them
If only for one youthful, sensuous night.
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