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Chris Lazzaro Mar 28
My thoughts are the hammer
My tongue, the trigger
My words, bullets to be sprung.
For I am a loaded gun.

Delicately pulled to a click
Gums and lips, greased and slick
The barrel has already been spun
For I am a loaded gun.

Pressure between my cheeks
Words spoken, ejected from my teeth
The invisible lead is still warm
For I am a loaded gun

I reek of smoke and Ash
Fire is on my breath
There is nowhere to escape or run
For I am a loaded gun.

They do cry and choke
Not accepting those words I spoke
Realities something to be forlorn.
For I am a loaded gun

Penetrating through their chest
that iron lays on their every breath
Hearts ripped and torn
For I am that loaded gun.

Something to be feared
Something to be adored  
I am often met with scorn
For I am a loaded gun.

Pointed at their nose
eyes tight and closed
Contentment, something to be warned.
I am a loaded gun.

A gun under your chin
Is enough to make you think
to never go unsung
For we each should carry a loaded gun.
Jack L Martin Sep 2018
There once was a man named Rick
Who carried a red blackthorn stick
He flailed it blatantly
that ancient shillelagh
The bataireacht fighter was quick!
Bjan A Feb 2018
Fake smile
Fake Laugh
True pain
True tears
Dried eyes
Unseen cuts
Dying thoughts
Rope Tight
Loaded gun
Trigger pulled
Viseract Aug 2016
A flash, a crack,
Twirling smoke
Sharp smell of powder
On the fume, slight choke

A flick, a twirl,
A clinking sound
Empty shells
Upon the ground

Don't even try
I'm locked and loaded
Accidentally deleted the original, so I had to try and re-write it. I apologise!
Stewart barns Mar 2016
my head it resembles a revolver
My mind the spinning wheel
Loaded  with thoughts
ready to shoot out
hoping it catches someones eye
Josephine Dec 2015
Leaning here
Hoping to have a moment
Bring to me; a piece of mind
If God exists I'm begging
If Ghandi grants wishes
If I can please ******* find some peace
Or even just a piece
Something to hold onto, someone to hold my hand
Because truth is I'm scared
Truth is I'm holding my heart, griping my keyboard, hugging my mind
They don't tell u how real it is
Always gotta learn the hard way
I don't even know what I'm writing about
I'm just laying here; laying here trying to stay woke, stay free, stay alive
I went to school today and didn't do to class
I stared in a boys eyes, told him I'm not gone
Keeping in touch, seems a bit to much
Seems like I'm fighting myself
Everyday I'm struggling
Fear and doubt
I will prevail I will not fail
I have nothing to prove, I shall own up my sins
I shall caress every acquaintance; in a home that feels safe, where we aren't afraid
Clenching my jaw, body like a suttle current, with a mind like a hurricane
I shall not fail myself
I shall not let myself go
I shall not hate
I'm never giving in, not headed to that golden gate
"Catch me if you can"
Took so much
I  weighed  so heavy
Drawn in by every burden
Dropping with sheer exhaustion
Had a relasp
Changed my way of thinking.
Pushing  any obstacles out of the way
I said enough is enough.
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