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rebecca 1d
How will you remember me?
The one who wasn't skinny?
I want to be who God wants me to be.
Not someone labled by beauty,
I want to be intelligent,
have a warm personality
He sees me as lovely,
so why do I care if I'm just remembered as the one who wasn't skinny?
Depression is a war, one that i’m trying my hardest to battle but still no matter how hard I try, I can’t seem to fight. The words are painful, they hurt more than the ones kids at school would yell.

The words I tell myself daily, like “kill yourself” they are the echo of this world I was brought up in, they are my fathers words, the bullies, the ex boyfriends, the ex friends. Those are the words that ring in my head, as I tell myself daily how much I would be better off dead.

I look in the mirror and I can’t find anything else to say except ‘ew’ the once pretty boy I knew is now a ghost, an empty shell of someone who tried to take on the world but ran into the wall of reality, that this world isn’t perfect like it’s said to be.

I struggle some days to get out of bed, I stay awake at three am, grasping onto any happy moments I can find in this empty fucking head. I need happiness, I crave it like it’s a drug, and hell to me, it is.

My life is like a dumb game, one that I don’t want to play. I would think I was dead if it wasn’t the constant heaving of my chest as a reminder that i’m still alive.  

Depression is a war, like I said. I’m not a fighter, and one day, I’m going to be dead. Maybe not now, or even in a few years but I struggle to live. This life is hell, I have no friends, no family to care. Poetry is my only escape from here.
Jordan Miller Sep 13
How swift and sharp
They cut through my heart
All i wanted was silence
But now i got what i asked for.
Denise Uy Sep 13
how can such hollow words fool you?
how can you not see from your point of view?
you let them pluck you like a fragile lute,
you let them piss on you as if you were the ground.
stop letting them smell you as if you were foul.
just fight back and start with a growl.

don't let them move you around in a chess game.
let their every advance not allow your mind to sway.
you could be losing but don't toss the board yet.
stay even when all seems to go downhill,
stay and don't let your losses shake your will.
just fight back, break yourself free, and live with thrill.

roar even when they can barely hear
and know that they're not the ones to fear.
do what it takes to amplify your lion heart.
you can borrow my light to see through the dark.
aim carefully like you were shooting darts.
just fight back, shield your person, and make your mark.
learn to listen and stand your ground. g'night mga doi
Sean M O'Kane Sep 12
We are the kids – beautiful blank canvasses ready to receive the joy of life.
We are the kids – hope & love consuming our souls, grasping at the shiny & new.
We are the kids who played in the fields and danced in the sun.
We are the kids with innocence in our hearts and a cheekiness in our soul.
We are the kids who believed in a benevolent God and the generous teachings of Jesus.
We are the kids whose imagination was an infinite resource - bounteous, diverse and effervescent.
We are the kids who reveled in the fancy, the nonsensical, the romantic and the wild.
We are the kids that couldn’t wait to grow up,
We are the kids who believed in our future.
We are the kids who never saw it coming.

We are the kids who lost our innocence as soon we walked through the big school gates for the 1st time.
We are the kids who were told to “think of your future” and to suppress creativity.
We are the kids who were forced to grow up very quickly.
We are the kids who didn’t know we were “different” but there were plenty out there who did.
We are the kids who had to pretend to be what “they” wanted us to be just to survive.
We are the kids who came home with scars every day – both physical and emotional
We are the kids who endured the obscene words of Neanderthal hate every single day.
We are the kids who were screamed at by our parents to fight back even when we really didn’t have the capability to do so.
We are the kids who were told crying was a sign of weakness.
We are the kids whose so-called classmates stayed silent when they did their worst.
We are the kids where the school gates were no barrier to their lynching.
We are the kids who turned quickly from being wide-eyed & hopeful to being terrified & desolate.
We are the kids who dreaded every single weekday from first term to last.  
We are the kids who fruitlessly prayed to a God who had deserted them.
We are the kids taught by teachers who were found wanting.
We are the kids who suffocated in sheer hate.
We are the kids who took our own lives or at least tried to.
We are the kids who self-harmed.
We are the kids who sometimes never came home.
We are the kids who survived but never really left the school yard behind
We are the kids.
Your kids.

June 11, 2018.
They may think they know how I feel,
They may think they know my pain,
They may think they know everything,
But they didn't,
They have no idea what I've been dealing with,
They have no idea what I've been struggling with,
Just because I'm a girl and I have darker skin than other girls,
Just because I'm a girl and I have darker skin than boys,
Just because I'm a girl and I have darker skin,
Just because I'm a girl,
Just because I have darker skin,

"Um, why is your skin color looks like the color of an avocado seed?"
My skin looks like the color of an avocado seed cause God gave me this skin tone, that's it,

"Ayyy this is our black girl!"
Even if they said it's just a joke, they said it's a 'special' nickname for me, it's not how I wanted to be called,

"Your skin shows that you didn't take care of your skin,"
It's not that I didn't take care of my skin, it's just the way it is,

"Novella, you're a girl, no guys will interested to you if your skin is black like this,"
And I ain't interested to picky guys,

"Novella, your skin is darker than my skin, you want me to take care of your skin for you? I know you rarely use makeup."
So what if my skin is darker than their skin? It's not because I rarely use makeup, it's not because I don't know how to use makeup, I just don't want to cover my flaws with those things and I just wanna be thankful with what God already gave me,

"Novella, we're in Indonesia, we're Asian and you look like African-American people, lmfao,"
What's the difference between Asian and African-American people? We just have different pigments, so basically we all are one race, all humans are in one race,

"Ew black girl! She will never get a boyfriend,"
Ew racist people,

Shout out to anyone who felt the same way that I felt,
Stay strong,
We all will get through this,
I know this isn't easy, but I know you can do it,
Don't let their words creeping into your mind,

With love,
Lily Sep 6
The whispers
                 behind his back
                                killed him.
I'm sorry I haven't been posting recently; there was a tornado touchdown in my area, a lot of damage has been done to my town, and I haven't had power for a couple of days.  I hope you are all well!
"Back off, leave me alone,"

"I won't leave,"

"I swear to god, just leave now,"

"I won't leave,"




"Cause I know how it feels like, I know how that feels. That moment when you told people to get out, to leave, while deep inside you don't want them to. That moment when you said you want to be alone, while the truth you want someone to realize that you need a hug and a shoulder to lean on.

That moment when you said you're fine, while you're dying inside. That moment when you close your eyes and hoping everything's gonna be fine, but you had a war between your heart and brain. That moment when you act like you're brave, but you felt so scared and you're shaking.

These are reasons why I won't leave, reasons why I'm staying. Don't tell me you're fine, cause I know you're not. Don't tell me you're brave cause I know you're scared. Don't tell me 'you don't know me' cause I know you. Don't talk to me like I don't know what you feel.

So please, let me stay, let me be a shoulder for you to lean on, let me wipe your tears, let me tell you good things, let me be with you,

Forever and always,"
English isn't my first language, sorry if there's something wrong.
Khrome Aug 25
Loner, Weird and Timid that's how people address me. If not in the upper left corner sit in our school auditorium where nobody can notice, you can find me behind the farthest shelf in the library. It's not because I'm hiding or something. It's just for me, being alone is convenient.

Loneliness is my Sanctuary, my Haven, my Paradise, or so I think. I don't really mind. I'm happy with the presence of every character in the stories that I read. I'm already preoccupied with enough drama, excitement and adventure that I get in the different worlds that I've been in the comfort of this bench in the bleachers or the behind of this shelf.

If the cosmos requires me to interact with my fellow homo sapiens, I often do nothing to caught their attention. The last time i was in this realm I'm in the middle of name calling by those so called "Alphas" that think that they're so great. I even got bruises when one of them pushed me. I don't mind. I won't be in this realm for long anyway. Once this is all done I will be again in the comfort of my Sanctuary, fighting alongside the allied force for the safety of the Galaxy.

Endure it, endure it, don't fight back, use your brain rather than brawns, you can't defeat them in brawl just endure this until they got bored. Whew, this is harder than the ambush that  the alliance experience when they were in the asteroid belt. But I can do this. I'm just a little bit dizzy and a bit hurt mostly in my head, wait what's this? Blood? That stupid alpha gotten too far. I must evacuate. I must..

Where am I? Where is this?
"So you're awake now cadet." Who's that? "You've fallen unconscious on the ambush in the asteroid belt but now you're awake" what? The last thing I remember is that I'm in the middle of the bloodthristy alpha in our school ground. I guess I'm a cadet of the alliance now. I don't get it but at least I'm in the happy place now.
Bullying. More of a short story rather than poem.
Dani Aug 20
To all the beaten
To all the abused
For all the hurt
For all the accused
This is for you
This is a token
Listen to these words
Listen to the outspoken
Those who hurt them
Those who are mean
Look at what’s done
Look at what’s keen
Some run and hide
Some ruin lives
They come in sweet
They leave with knives
This is the way
This is how it's done
It helps the evil
It helps no one
Leave the lost alone
Leave them to be found
Notice the hatred you have
Notice all that's sound
Look at what you do
Look what's been made
They show with guns
They come with a grenade
Taking you away
Taking your life
Death is the cost
Death reaps with a scythe
You broke a heart
You broke your own
Not easily fixed
Not as a bone
Tell the world
Tell its worth
Breaking to be broken
Breaking this Earth
Written after watching a young boy being bullied on the school bus. All I could do was walk him a few blocks to his house. I couldn't stop it, i was so scared. I wish I had said something in the moment. Afterwards I went home and wrote this.
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