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Have you no manners your words full of hate and actions unruly.
Tearing others down and being a bully.
You choose your victims by what your eyes Can see
It’s what’s on the inside so much pain waiting to be set free.
You don’t know their struggles and yet still don’t care
Bullying is no game so please be aware.
Your words one day could very well be the push over the edge
Mr Bully was their life worth the jump off the ledge
You don’t have to hurt others to stand tall
You would have been more the hero if you saved them from their fall
I hope it was worth it all the cruel things that you said
Mr bully he can’t hear your words anymore you hurt him so badly now he is dead
Bullying is a sickness and needs to be addressed so many young taking their own life because they were bullied.
Chiara Sep 28
A long time ago I had many friends,
Had all I could ask for, but that didn’t last.
Elementary school was great, I was liked by most,
I had great marks, but this too wouldn’t last.

Grammar school came and my friends became fewer,
I got bullied at school and my grades became lower.
I was a mess, didn’t want to get up in the morning,
Every day I was sad, didn’t know what to do.

When we moved town, I also changed school,
It was a new start, but my confidence was gone.
I was an outsider, too shy to start conversations,
That’s why I made no friends and was painfully lonely.

One year it took me to finally speak up,
I made some friends in my class and was happy again.
Life was better, even though my marks were still bad.
I realized grammar school wouldn’t make me happy,
So I applied to a college and changed school yet again.

I started at college, by now much more confident,
I made a few friends, but sadly slowly lost my old.
I tried to hold contact, but they didn’t do the same.
I stopped by time and time again, but they almost never did.

Three years of college went by quickly,
I graduated as best in my class,
But education wasn’t over, I applied to a new school again.
My class was quite nice in the beginning, though they were older than me,
But soon I found out, that they spoke about me.
They talked behind my back, said many mean things,
They denied all of that, but I no longer believed it.
How will it turn out, will they ever stop?
I’ve been disappointed in life so many times,
But what can I do?

You ask yourself why I’m shy, why I don't trust easily.
It’s because of my past, 'cause I've been let down too often.
That's basically what happened to me from the age of 6 up until now. I felt lonely for a long time and lacked friends I could really trust. Now I have two good friends, but school is still difficult...
R A Pilch Sep 24
When I thought I was a monster
I was so enraged
I was treated as less than human
I was thrown into a cage
I didn’t know you loved me
I didn’t know what gladness meant
I figured I was just defective
I hated that I was different
When I thought I was a monster

So I acted like a monster
I hated everyone I met
They would never understand me
With that I was content
I didn’t want to be around them
I didn’t want their fairytale
Each time I had tried to grasp it
I continued then to fail
When I thought I was a monster

People saw me as a monster
And the hate turned back on me
Everyone was sick and tired
Of my pride and villainy
They began to band together
Being united by hate
They schemed and worked together
In an attempt to seal my fate
When I thought I was a monster

Someone had to slay the monster
But it wasn’t who you’d think
And it all happened so quickly
You would miss it it if you blinked
Not the mob that band together
It was one who came by stealth
Because when I learned you loved me
I murdered my old self
I was no longer a monster
The story of my depression and self-hate and the way God changed my life and empowered me to slay the beast that haunted me.
Shaikyrra Sep 22
A man and a woman who didn’t love each other right,
Spent many nights picking pointless fights,
To much time in darkness without any light,
Instead of leaving each other, they conceived a child.

What they did not know,
How fast it takes to grow,
Before that child knows,
How their love really goes.

That girl was brought into a world,
With no chance of being a little girl,
Stuck in a world that is tainted black,
And a place where you cannot come back.

Every night nothing but tears flowed down,
And the heavy sobs were the only sound,
That broke up the silence throughout the night,
This poor child had to fight for her life.

Everyday that girl went to school to see,
All of the other children with such great families,
She was having a lot of trouble at home,
Just to come to a place where she felt all alone.

No one to comfort her,
Oh how she wished they could have,
Then maybe that girl would have,
Never felt pain in the way,
As if it were her last days.
This was a reflection piece written about a time in my life where I felt I couldn’t escape.  Hope you enjoy it’s deep qualities.
agnes Sep 13
whirlwinds dust ashes
it wanders and follows your every step
your hair turns into moss, your fingertips connect with your accomplice
someday you will have to saw them in two
I wonder if your laugh will be the same once its your fingers under the blade
you’re turning bald and your nose is merely a button
can you smell the stench you create every time you lower your lip?
do you see the trail of destruction?

your bed is a coffin
your heart is non-existent
it’s a shame your teeth don’t even match the vision
your eyes aren’t rubies and your gums aren’t ******
glory is fictious, horns are the dream
not even that is what it may seem
for your head is a block of dirt and your thoughts are deflated
perhaps the worms came and ate them
perhaps they feast on you the same way you feast on me

except you don’t
the feast is your imagination
your perception is pitiful
you are forever insubstantial
Kai Sep 8
I didn't ask for this
it's all drama here

I wanted to play
but now I'm here

It's all in the looks
on the shallow stage

Now I'm crying
in the backstage
He held a grudge
Did not like me
He found the beach sand
Hot and dry
I had only asked him
To sit beside me
To watch the sea-water
Boil and roar.
Starry Sep 5
As I see on imvu
Calls me Demeaning names
Fighting words
And claims to have had
With my love
I know this is a
Pile to split us apart
Not happening.
Starry Sep 4
As i look
At the mountain
Full moon
Raising from the east
I wish I was just as beautiful
But this scene
Before me show that everything
Is beautiful
In their own
Lika a fingerprint.
Starry Sep 4
When I was
In catholic school
This is what the people
And teachers looked like
For they thought
That's what I true looked like
To them
I say
I am beautiful
And brilliant
In my own way.
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