Life is indeed an incredible journey
when I was young I grew up in a different place
that place was the cause of many wars

When we left there, I was a mere child and
it was to allow us children the opportunity
for a better life and a chance for normalcy

Yet learning a new language, being ostracized
feeling the pain of being different and carrying
the stigma of being a foreigner was a heavy burden

And were all part of the process of assimilation
of fitting in, of being like everyone else
oft a painful journey both physically and mentally

Years of being different, melding to become the same
and so over time you blend in, the differences becoming
less stark, day by day, year by year

Then as if by magic you are one of them
you graduate high school and college and get a job
you have children, own a home and a standing in the community

You realize that there comes a time to forgive
forgive your parents for taking you from your old home
where you knew who you were and looked like everyone else

Forgive the other kids that bullied you and made you feel unwanted
for they were kids being kids and didn’t know any other way
to accept someone from someplace else

Forgive yourself for feeling the way you did towards them
for in the end we all learn, learn to adapt, learn about acceptance
and learn to forgive.

Andreas Simic©
Sino ba ang mali? ako o sila?
Palagi na lang ako ang nakikita.
Mga bagay na ayaw kong marinig
Mula sa mga labi nilang hayok kung magparinig.

Nakakainins na talaga.
Palagi na lang ako ang nakikita.
Ako at ang mga mali kung ginagawa,
Sa mata nila'y lagi na lang pabida.

Nakakabingi na talaga.
Mga salita nilang nakakasakit na tagala!
Gusto kong lumaban para maibsan ang kasakitan
Pero pag-iyak ang laging nagpapagaan.
This poem is dedicated to my friend Cedril <3
Throw your insults at me like I am being stoned.
Don't expect someone to jump in.
Long ago, I was disowned.
No one will ask how I am or have been.

I stand in the middle of the town circle.
The whole town stares at me, aiming their rocks.
At me, they all shout and call.
This whole situation is somewhat of a paradox.

If it were one of them up here,
they would scream for help.
They would want to disappear.
Just like I, they would scream and whelp.

But since it isn't them needing someone,
they are hiding behind a huge mask.
I have literally no one.
Alienation is a hard enough task.

So why come after me?
What did I do?
I'd be much happier alone and hanging from a tree
rather than being the main attraction at the zoo.
Do you remember those days before when we were care free?

Before when nothing mattered other than what adventure we'd go on next?

Before we had to worry about real world problems?

Before we made our social media accounts?

Before we encountered that first bully?

Before mental illness bothered us?

Before we felt like we were drowning?

Before we slit our wrists that first time?

Before we got so depressed that we tried to take our own lives so many times that we lost track and failing each time and each failed time adding to that collection of scars on our bodies that, if we ever get out of this black hole, will one day look back on and wonder how everything got so bad, but maybe I won't, maybe I will be successful.
I WANT TO START BY SAYING THAT I'M NOT CURRENTLY IN THIS MINDSET. I have however been this bad if not worse. When I was in year 9 (aged 14 years) I experienced bullying and I wouldn't really say it was the bullying that led me to that point, but it certainly didn't help. I felt a lot of hate towards myself as a person; not my self image, but my self concept. The bullying I'd then hold against myself and blame myself for and /that/ is what got me to where I was.

3 years later, I still struggle with depression, however I've recently started CBT (I'm getting it for depression, anxiety & chronic stress), so I'm going to see how that goes. I really hope it works. If you're struggling please seek help; take this from a girl who waited almost 4 years.
Karl Tomkins Apr 7
Little Johnny took his life last night because him and his girlfriend got into a fight. She said I want us to be over and he found solace at the end of a revolver. Now she’s crying by his coffin saying she still loves him. Things would have been ok in a day or two if they had of talked like adults   do. All the adults will say he had his whole life ahead of him.

Young Chloe reads her last text then takes a hand full of pills. Her so called friends that sit there at the cemetery say that wasn’t the intent of calling her a pig in her prom dress. Never mind about the thousands of messages they’ve sent before telling young Chloe she’s a whore. All the adults will say she had her whole life ahead of her.

Young Jim got this Skyline for his birthday he’s been driving for a year or so. He thinks it’s awesome doing skids. till he looses control and hits the pole that was hid. His friends that sit in the little church that cheered him on say it was all over in a sec man what a wreck. All the adults will say is he had his whole life ahead of him.
I wrote this piece manly because in New Zealand we have such a huge youth suicide culture that still isn’t getting fixed as well as young people in cars way to fast for what they can handle. Yet nothing gets done
Umi Apr 6
Eternity can change in a fleeting moment,
These are the hopes of a girl, bound to a chair, looking out of the window, seeping sadness with in a barage of frustration locked away,
Rejected by the other kids because she was different, she soon has stopped to bond anymore, friendships seemed like a happy illusion,
Too scared to go outside and be made fun of, or called out for her oddness which would unfold in special, yet fascinating, blissful ways,
Days pass by, which become months, with no range of change to be seen or gazed at, sealing her emotions away to stay sane, one option,
Reading to develop a further understanding of humans, as to develop greater, wonderous capabilities of imagination to simulate a world within her little, fragile, yes almost broken mind, in which she can grow strong and happy, alike her flowers she calls her own children,
After all, each time she desired to get close to one or another, a cold shoulder has been served, their backs turning at her in spite and hate,
But, this girl has lost the reason to mind it, after all, her loneliness is her shelter, her fantasy and her dreams a happy place to return to,
Left behind, like a one winged heron.

~ Umi
Randilly Apr 5
You think i am dumb?
this will surely be fun

I live my life,not caring to seek,what you others
consider to be the peak.

I dont speak often,why waste words on you? Its not like i dont

want you to shoo.

You act like im dumb,but you think your number one? I know a million more things then you,

so stop,go play peekaboo
This is mainly out of just...Well...bullying.At school people were busy acting today as if im dumb,ignoring their calling me names and trying to trip me (something i already do enough of),and so,i decided to make this.Peak as in po
Anonymous Apr 5
The obsession
With depression
Is really a lesson

Lonely, sorrow, and hurt
Your brain is anything but alert
Nothing but a dead concert

No one understands
They reach with clenched hands
Merely making the wide hole expand

You fall deep down
You feel yourself drown
Left in a ghost town

Before you go to say,
Ask yourself, "Is this okay?"
Because the words you speak,
They will obey.
You gossiped around
And you put him down
Since he wasn’t as rough
Was in no way as tough
As other guys were acting
You continued the trashing.
Bullying is always in fashion.
Alawys some wimp needs mashing.

His clothes were impeccable.
You found that despicable.
He kept himself neat and clean
You did with that something mean.
He was good at sport games
You reviled him just the same.
He got high grades in classes
Still you all acted like asses.

He won awards, your taunts tripled,
It couldn’t be worse if he was crippled.
We can see now his incipient fame;
You never let up with the ugly names.
An A student, who never did wrong
You let bullies lead you along,
Another poor schmo for you to dismember;
What do you suppose he will remember?

Will you suddenly call him friend
When school and the torture ends?
Will you go see his lectures and shows?
Isn’t that the way it always goes?
Suddenly the bullies are good guys?
And you think nobody ever catches wise?
Go on and hope that is how it goes.
He’s an elegant guy. So, who knows?
Hailey James Mar 30
laugh all you want to
but at the end of the day
the real joke is you
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