Emma 6d
whispers chasing you as you run down the hall
don't look back at them, you may trip and fall.

Girls share secrets at lunch in the bathroom,
you hear your name, you leave the room.

running from the whispers cant stop them from starting
harsh words, behind your back they are darting.

don't run from your problems, they'll only get worse,
and then they'll take your soul away in a hearse.

so keep your mouth shut, don't make a sound,
don't let those pesky rumors, come around.

stand up and fight, for what you believe in,
if you do not, you will let the gossip win.
Joy Jul 8
Blackened hearts and sharpened tongues reside,
In the rotting corpse shells of these halls.
Preying on the weak, and going for the strike.
Mind numbingly following the herd, never even really awake.
Follow the leader, tag you’re it, Simon says, “kill yourself.”
But does Simon really understand?
That the weight of those words is greater than his precious ego?
It’s easy to be a target when the bright fluorescents and cold linoleum leave you unguarded.
But Simon will never know that, will he?
He’s guarded by the maggots that feed off of his discarded victims.
Julie Mullins Jun 29
Dear girl,
Who doesn't know me,
I'm doing better now,
Did you see that coming?

Dear girl,
Who doesn't know me,
Words may hurt,
But they don't break me

Dear girl,
Who doesn't know me,
I've grown to love myself
And that's put me
In a good place.

Dear girl,
Who doesn't know me,
I am human,
Same as you,
And I have survived.
How inspired I am tonight. Honestly, how inspiring life has been the past year. I know that no one here really knows me, but I have grown oh so much and all I have to thank is poetry and my closest friends. "Dear Girl" was written in December of 2017 and "Dear Girl Part 2" was written June 2018.
Julie Mullins Jun 29
Dear girl,
Who doesn't know me,
Thanks for the insecurities
I've only been bullied
All my life.

Dear girl,
Who doesn't know me,
I hope you feel good
About yourself
Because I'm not.

Dear girl,
Who doesn't know me,
I'll be drowning
In this box of water
That I can't escape.

Dear girl,
Who doesn't know me,
I'm dying
And you're the one
To blame.
I just wrote a part two to this poem as I was about to post it and it has made me so happy. I found inspiration in my own work for another piece. I will be posting it after this one. Much love to this website and all the poets here!
I spend it on my face
To make me love myself
Even when the person I show now is not even me.
Hide all my mistakes
Erase my flaws
Erase me
One stroke at a time
Hour by hour
I erase the girl I was
And replace her
With what everyone wants to see.
With time
I erase
Brent Kincaid Jun 16
Poor little chunky girl
Never had a chance
Losing to the skinny girls
Alone at the dance.
Poor little skinny girl
It’s making her sick
When her godly classmates
Refer to her as "stick".

Poor little plain faced girl
They tease her for no makeup.
Poor overpainted girl
The social kids just break up.
Poor little not bright girl
They call her by names
Poor little brainy girl
They do the very same.

Poor little boy in glasses
They tease him mercilessly
Poor little nearsighted girl
The tease when she cannot see.
Poor little boy who stumbles
They tease because he’s no jock.
The same boy after school
Who has to work on a dock.

Poor little kids who suffer so much
Because there’s no cash for clothes;
Some of them live in camps so
They can’t always smell like a rose.
Poor little kids who are in trouble
Can expect no help from schools
Because the faculty is gun shy
From being sued by stupid fools.
Max Jun 16
The marks that line my arm
Were done in the topic of harm.
The lines that cover my wrists
Are kinda like long lists.
The wounds I draw on my skin
Are there to remind me I do not fit in.
Society is cruel to us.
Sometimes I wish to get hit by a bus.
But then the light flows
And the wind blows
And my idle remind me
That I am not a bee.
That I am not alone
And that he does not condone
People like me harming ourselves
Because we are not someone's elves.
And we can take a stand
And make a band
Of people against this negativity
soph Jun 14
ain't no disability, i'm a superhero
- kanye west
who i am

is a complicated shit-show of

mental illnesses, diagnosed

and medicated to make me able.

according to the kids at school,

i will put you in a chokehold for flexing your double-

jointed finger.
autism is strange,

because words hurt more

than you could image.

a few words are no longer spoken

in our household.

freak is one of them.
have you ever feared someone

because of rumors?

if you have, then i announce you as an enemy,

so let's duel with choppy movements

and irrational fingers.

school is out,

and i'm thinking that

who i am

is a  delicate shit-show of

who i want to be
Is she gon' make it, TBD, huh.
Ijla Jun 12
wolf whistles, cat calls
She hears them everyday
On the roads she takes
And even at school
Everytime she walks by
You tell her she is beautiful
But me,
Im invisible
Cause by society's standard
Im not beautiful
By society
I mean people like you
You think you are degrading me
But to me its a relief
A sign which tells me
That im different
At least Ill know that people like me for me
Not just my looks
Cause god knows people dont befriend another
Unless they are either pretty famous or rich
Its sadly the condition of the world we live in
A world full of selfish people
Now, you might also think by doing that
You make me feel ugly
Self concious
Foreign in my own body
You cant be anymore wrong
I know Im beautiful
Real beauty is a kind heart
Not just flawless skin
Real beauty is inside us
Its magical and special
Unique for each person
In their own way
So dont go around
Throwing aound such a
Wrong concept of what beauty is
Cause in the end
Its the inner beauty
That would matter to the person
With a mind open to the world
And a heart beating in rhythm
For a long awaited love
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