Rylee Sep 6

Thursday, December 8th, 2016
Builds up inside of you waiting to break out of the jail that is your mouth,
Biting your tongue so the prisoners wont escape and cause trouble.
You can see others opening the cell door with no trouble, no pain, just with ease
in fact its not even a cell its more of a joke book with every opening of the book others laugh and smile
Wishing i could be like them but instead i try and keep my jail doors closed not letting out the prisoners that have hurt many before but they come out anyways
The prisoners force me to open my phone, i beg of them to not make me but they do it anyways.
The letters my very own fingers are typing are turning into horrible words but i cant stop
then the leader of the gang comes in like the evil queen in snow white, the worst of the worst, feared by many.
It goes by the name of Hate
Hate takes over your life
He comes and takes your happiness piece by piece until you are left there not knowing if you should live or die
He makes you want to cry,
Cry until your tears form a river and carries  you away from your problems, your friends, your family, your everything.
Hate has no regrets he makes people do terrible things.
He let the prisoners in my mouth out to terrorize others and capture their voices.
People let hate consume them till their body is filled with pure rage.
Hate did this to me
Hate made me say this horrible things, he didnt even give me the courage to say it to your face
Hate made me hide behind a screen and hurt you
Hate made me do it so that he could take over you as well

This is my side to being cyber bullied. Im trying to think maybe he didnt mean to hurt me, maybe he just couldn't control it. Also i preformed this poem of mine in front of everyone in my school, including my bullies.
Ollie 5d

I can’t remember my name half the time
I think it’s because kids keep yelling new ones at me as we’re stranded between these hallways
Like two of them are my parents and they can’t decide whether to put “lesbian” or “faggot” down as my middle name because they already chose nerd to be my first
I can’t tell you how I learned I’m the worst and how the only trophies I ever got were for participation
But they never told me what I participated in
Like with a grin they said “you didn’t succeed in life, but you tried.”
I can’t tell you how long I cried over this, like, people making fun of me because I wanna give girls a kiss
I can’t tell you what I could see
The first time I listened to spoken word poetry it was by a man whose last name is Koyczan and I sobbed
But for a different reason
Cause these kids never had me beaten and bruised they just told me I was a loser and you could tell they wanted to do worse
Your words hurt
Sticks and stones may break my bones but words can stab you through the back, hit your heart, and rip the tendons of your rib cage until your bones aren’t broken but they will never fit back into the right place
I can’t tell you how long it took to find my place
And how right now it’s with a boy who has green hair and a girl who loves the color purple
We call ourselves the peasants
But how do you think we got that name
It’s because we were ashamed and words made us that way
Nobody ever wanted us to stay around and play around until we were 13
It took me 8 years to find it and I still find myself apologizing for it
I know I’m boring and I know my words are but at least they aren’t ripping your heart in half from the inside because my place and my rainbow shoelaces are the only thing holding mine together

I still don’t know where this came from. I imagine myself reciting it.
Salman Nov 7

I walked across an empty land
I walked for miles and miles and
No ones there
I walked until my legs work no more

I sit
I watch the sun set
Still no ones there
I sit until the sunset is done

I get up and walk back
Walk home
Back to the beginning
There is people there

I walk in and greeted with
Hugs and kisses
And my family are there

I walk out
And every street is charted
My street
The people
The weather
It is all charted

A gloomy Monday
A light hearted Tuesday
Raining Wednesday
Cloudy Thursday
And windy Friday

On and on



a single notification
The whole world melt
It made everyone crazy

People notice each other and
Want to talk bout kylie Jenner
And not current affairs

Wanna talk
And films

But not what we did
Or even a simple how are you

We are trapped in a single mere image

We are trapped in a illusion
Where we don’t see the bad things
And we care more about the gossip and
The Kardashians.

We care about the next movie
But not family

We laugh at bullying
And not help people in need

We don’t talk to each other
And we result to violence


Learn to love and rise above hate

Hope Nov 4

Beep, beep, beep.
Mundane sounds from her alarm clock
Waking her to her seemingly mundane life
Scars on her wrists still there from last night
It’s time to pretend that she is alright

Walking to school and she's laughed at already
5 minutes into her day and they know what to do
Struggling to keep her breathing steady
Strangers are now looking at her too

She hides her tears and walks through the gate
Trying to forget it, but it’s already too late
This is her daily nightmare that’s just begun
Time to be the target to everyone’s endless fun

For 3 years they’ve told her, now her fighting’s in vain
The insults have become her opinion as she hears them again
Telling her to die, asking why she's still alive
Now she's started to forget the reasons why

They push her and belittle her, it’s all the same
She’s said nothing but she’s the one to blame
Ready to give up, her ‘friends’ have all gone
Maybe she only ever wanted to prove them wrong

Beep, beep, beep.

this is my story...
Jae Oct 27

Why do you call them ugly
Why do you put them down
Why does nobody help
Why does no one make a sound

Why do you think you can judge them
Why do you sneer at them in the hall
Why do you treat them so cruelly
When you don't know them at all

Why do you spread rumors
When you know they are not true
Why don't you ever think about
How you would hate it if it were you

Why are you too ignorant
To care how you make them feel
Why are you a heartless thief
Why is it their happiness you steal

Why must you behave this way
You strike others down to build yourself up
Why can't you find other outlets
Why does sadism fill your cup

Why must you take your pain out on others
Why must you hurt people to feel good
Why don't you turn the other cheek
If you opened your eyes you could

Why can't you see their epitaph
And know you'll have no one but yourself to blame
Why don't you realize your wrongdoing
Before it is too late

Why do you think you're untouchable
You don't predict reprisal from those you are nasty toward
I really hope you change your ways
For being a bully will have its just rewards

Miss Me Oct 14

They said "snap out of it"
   And the hurt only got worse
Do they not know
   Next time i might be in a hearse

Can't they see
   I am broken
I am not a thrill ride
   That comes to life with a token

The loneliness
   Sets in even deeper
And I want my life
   To be a keeper

I can feel me
   Escaping my body
And am struggling
   Not to be a nobody

But even after
   All these years later
I still feel their puncture
   And view them as a hater

Rylee Oct 4

Thursday, September 7th, 2017
She might’ve dressed to impress
She dressed to the nines all the time
But can’t you read between the lines
Couldn’t you see the signs?
And see the way she shines when she,
Gets that feeling,
The feeling when she looks in the mirror
She doesn’t give a shit about anybody’s opinion
She doesn’t want to be one of the world’s minions
Sticks and stones may break your bones but words will never hurt you
You say she’s a slut, she says she doesn’t give a fuck
But underneath her bones are breaking from the sticks and stones,
Her heart is hurt from those words that were supposed to not hurt
But when you fuck with her, you fuck with me, and trust me
In the end you will have wished you never called her a slut
She has problems of her own
She doesn’t let them show
She doesn’t want to seem weak, so she doesn’t speak
But on the inside she’s crying, and that shine is dying
The feeling of looking in that clear mirror
But in the end
You called a dead girl a slut

The black boys felt the sting of discrimination.
They felt trapped
By walls of exclusion,
When they got the upper hand,
THEY became the abusers.
THEY became the perpetrators.
They beat the white boy
To a pulp.

helena alexis Sep 22

you tell your friends bad things about me
you tell them lies about me
to make me look bad

you tell them im weird, ugly, and annoying
you tell them all these false things

just to make them like you
to make yourself feel powerful

to put me down

why do you hate me so much

my brother is 15 years old and he’s always making fun of me and spreading lies and false things about me to his friends so he can fit in with the popular people at his school
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