Suicide- 1-800-273-8256
Bullying- 1-800-420-1479
Self Harm- 1-800-DONT-CUT
Teen Help- 1-877-332-7333
Domestic Violence- 1-800-799-7233
Rape/Sexual Assault- 1-800-656-4673
Lifeline- 1-800-784-8433
Grief Support- 1-650-321-3438
Depression- 1-630-482-9696
Drug/Alcohol- 1-877-235-4525
Eating Disorders- 1-630-577-1330
Homeless/Runaway- 1-800-RUNAWAY
Mental Health- 1-800-442-4673
Sexuality- 1-800-246-7743

You are not alone; get help if you need it. I love each and every one of you so so so so so much!

Why would I want to be like you
when you go hurting people
the way that you do
You know I try, you know I cry
You know I really hurt
deep down inside
You know I hide, You know I'm shy
Just don't go throwing
things my way
Words can hurt, I can break
but I can't hate
Because with every word
and every breath
I know it gets harder
to get up again

You can bring me down
Leave me in shame
But I won't be haunted
by your game
The pain you leave
Will make me stronger
I won't be the victim any longer

You really don't impress me
with the way you act
So I'm just gonna keep walking
never look back
Soon you'll be the victim
of antidepressants
Razor blade cuts
Cigarettes and drugs

You can bring me down
Leave me in shame
But I won't be haunted
by your game
The pain you leave
Will make me stronger
I won't be the victim any longer

Don't you see
you're destroying yourself
But nobody can help you
until you help yourself
You shouldn't have said
what you did
because what goes around
comes around in the end

You can bring me down
Leave me in shame
But I won't be haunted
by your game
The pain you leave
Will make me stronger
I won't be the victim any longer

©2018 Written By Benji James

austin 3d

it doesn't take much
to be a true friend

it doesn't take years
to do something right

it doesn't take much strength
to reach out and help

it does take a real villian
to hurt those who care

it takes vile crudeness
to make one feel dead

or long to be

be real

Dear Drama
Your words hurt,
It pierced the soul
Of a little bird,

Your ancient army is still thriving
And your biography always surviving,
As you fight a war
Increasing the fighting
You spit the finance
Of instant bribing,

Your touch hurts
With certain stings
Which follow us up
The fellow springs,

Your dinosaurs hunting
The familiar blunting
The blunt enlightening
The never enlightened.

Evan 4d

I clench my tongue between my teeth
Gripping on to the sorrow beneath
This time around I dare not speak

Gather your words like stones and pile them
up higher then what seems to be a mile
I know what I've done and so does the judge
The pain is slow but I hold no grudge
The rocks in their hands and their devilish smiles
These are my peers and also my trial

Pelted, I felt it, the blood, I cower
Up in a ball, a hellfire shower

Sacred lamb, white as snow
Their dominance is nothing but a show
They work together so not to be convicted
Multiple executioners, only one person afflicted

austin 7d

next time, back up instead of shove
you never know how close someone might be
to the edge of their personal cliffs

Flocking towards each other,
All gather in hopeful peace.
Never worried in this special place,
Dreaming of a time when their
Own kind would never be hated on.
Malicious individuals breaking in,
Silence flowing throughout.

The cruelest of words
are those who find the gaps in your armour,
they are the unrelenting whispers behind you back.
A constant echo of assault.

The cruelest of ideas
are those who infect the minds of humans,
They are the venom that attacks intelligence.
An impenetrable barrier constructed out of hate.

The cruelest of people
are those who feed off of others suffering,
They are the embodiment of evil on this planet.
A force that can only be hindered by solidarity.

The cruelest of all
is the one that tears you apart into fractions of flaws,
the one who never leaves you, never relents, day or night.
A voice that sounds all too familiar.
A reflection looking back at you.

I wrote this for a poem competition for my sophomore English class, the topic was bullying.

You look


at me from a skyscraper rooftop,

throwing stones casually

from your glass tower


you sip coffee

as they shower over me.

Falling over myself

to please you,

I climb every flight of stairs,

dodge every stone,


just to find that you

have built ten more floors

‘Come on,

it’s just a stone’s throw for you’, you say

as I dawn another doorway

clutching my gut,

only to find it cemented shut.

You always love to remind me

no matter how much I grow,

I am still ten floors


and it will never be as awe-inspiring as your growth,

the doors I could open; you close.

Thank you,

for showing me that there

is no limit

to the floors I can climb

and stones I can take on the chin

I am so far from the dirt

you would put me in

But I think it’s time I built my own skyscraper

with no stones

no stairs

just elevators

for those within.

ellie elliott

"cant you just suck it up?"
my father asks me.
"maybe you need to be tougher,"
my therapist tells me.
"why do you let it all get to you?"
my best friend questions me.
"just let it roll off your back,"
my mother instructs me.
"what is wrong with you?"
my mind wonders.

we live in a world where we are trained
to be defensive around others,
not kind.
maybe instead of preparing for the cruelty of the world,
we can put down our weapons and
try to change the perspective
by turning the angry words into
hands to shake.

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