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Matthew May 13
He scrapes the floor boards with his bony toes
Rips the carpet with his jagged scythe
Is he Behind me or in Front of me?
Tell me
Yemaya May 11
My body was art --- not to your taste,
you covered me in criticism.
Your words molding me like clay
until the mirror reflected a shell.

The child inside,
forever lost.
Yemaya Apr 27
"you know no one likes you, right?"
The girls stared,
one with malice,
the other with pity.
Yemaya Apr 27
Alone on the playground,
counting minutes.
Too much time alone with yourself,
to wonder why you even try.
praise you,
for kicking a girl when she's down

praise you,
lord of cruelty

praise you,
king of snide remarks

praise you,
for your ability
to rob one of their stability

praise you,
king of sarcasm

for chipping off
another part of me
with your casual insensitivity

praise me,
queen of vulnrability
for letting your hurt get the best of me

praise be.
queen of vulnerability
change the word from
to alcohol.
watch the world change
problem solved.
people tend to understand alcohol
Wynn Star Aug 2021
words, I read them
they are stuck in my brain
words, I know who they are from
speak, but I stay in my lane

words, they slice my thumbs
sliding them across the screen
words, what have they made me become?
speak, but I'm only a teen

words, they made me succumb
can someone know my pain
words, can I ask someone to come
speak, "I need help to stay safe and sane"
Sadness fills my chest when I see kids laugh and play with friends.
Friends that I never got to have.
Happiness that was sadness when all I got was myself and a note pad
Seeing happiness filling their hearts m with a sound of a symphony remarking my best words.
My heart fill with joyous, jealous, anger because I wish I could of had the love they had.
Now you see, watching the present reflects your past in a negative or positive way.
Bullies smashing my face with a ball, or rubbing it against a rubber band, making me ****** dis confident.
Coming home to a world of emptiness, and pain.
Caleb Kyme Jun 2021
The sun's shining on my tattered bed sheets
Another day of sadness
Just like any other day
If I don't come back with soiled pants
Then I will go to church and offer a burnt offering
I go to the bathroom
Flinch at every drop of water that hits my ****** wounds
I go to the mirror and look
The big swelling I got yesterday
After the "queen bee" hit my head against the wall
Someone again placed a banana peel on my way
I could only hear shutter sounds as I fell
Became the meme of yesterday
Just like I was the day before the day before the day before...
I look at her in the mirror
In the school uniform
With tears in my eyes
Filled with anger and remorse
Punching the girl in my mirror
I roared at her
I hated the ******* the other side of the mirror... She is hated by everyone. Not even a single soul wanted to be with her. Not even the gods cared for her. It would be better was she dead, right???
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