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She’s not that pretty, she’s not that tall, she’s just a normal girl, but  for them she’s hard to ignore.
They’ve wanted to torture her more.
Scars, Bruises and Dripping Blood
And clothes that are covered in mud.
“Please stop” she begged
“We want you dead”
That’s what they said
But what did she do that made them hate her?
She pleaded and wished for someone to help her
To be able to escape from this Disaster
Until one day she finally did it
What they have always wanted
She found a rope that fits
She has waited until she wasn’t surrounded
A body that hangs like a mistletoe
Finally, her dreadful life had ended
What happened to the people who hated her so?
They are mourning at her funeral
Talking about how they have used to go out every weekend
Because they were her only ”Friends”
A Old Poem that I made way back in 2017
One day, a hand stretched out to me
Like the naive fool I was, I took it
I knew full well that it would hurt
That it was some joke or prank
Just so they can watch me bleed again
Yet I desperately wanted the hope

After that day, he was always there
Studying with me in the classroom
Sitting with me at the lunch table
Playing soccer with me during recess
I was waiting for the sting of a needle
Yet each day went on with no sting

There were changes from that point
I wasn't alone when they attacked
He defended me from them
Or he bleed on the ground with me
He didn't have to do any of this
He was accepted and loved by them

They always made fun of him now
That he was wasting his time with me
The things they said had to hurt
Yet he stood there courageously
Telling them the same thing each time
That he saw a Hero inside of me

My Hero helped me with many things
He showed me how to study better
How to kick the ball properly
A whole world of ideals to pursue
My Hero helped me find who I am
Yet he wanted me to believe in people

We both wanted to prove our worth
Too many told us we were worthless
He had manifested a fruit tree in him
Fruits that would show them the truth
I had manifested a fire instead
One that wanted to make them burn

I think about that day we met still
It's been 14 years since I knew him
I'm struggling as a Junior in college
I'm trying to do what I love to do
I'm working to show them my worth
Yet I still haven't found the truth

There haven't been any hands now
I fought my way here on my own
Yet they still call me worthless
My family, classmates, co-workers...
Not a one wants me around
What am I even fighting for again?

I look back towards that last day
Where I had that fight with him
My Hero acted strangely that day
And for the first time he snapped
And that was when I felt it sting
The needle going through my knee

My fire grew far too large for him
He stood there and watched
As his Hero's fire consumed him
I realize that I never let that tree grow
I guess he was wrong about me
Wrong about that Hero he saw in me
Mae May 10
A disheartening thought has come to mind,

"The more the people find the courage to express themselves
and speak their minds,
the more they seem to abuse and misuse it,
losing and leaving their sense of humanity behind."
John Tan Nov 2018
I have been here before
In fact, I know all the ways to get here by heart
And I am tired, tired of lying on this same ground
Tired of coming back here each time
They hurt me with all their ways

Do I get back to my routine where I try to justify everything they did?
And take the blame
And say it is all cause due to my fragile heart
Or do I return home with anticipation
Praying that someday they will change

No, those days are long gone
Clearly it was wishful thinking
Who am I kidding?
These ******* wont stop at nothing

It's time to stand up for myself
I have been here long enough
I have put up with their **** long enough
It's time for change
Cause enough is enough
Hugs me
Whispering soft letters
That sing together
And let off a gentle glow
They warm me up
And heal my scars

She builds me a sailboat
And I float
Up into cotton candy clouds

She is my sail
She makes smiles creep onto my face
Floating along
My world of haziness
My boat dancing
In the soft breeze
Which caresses my skin
Her whispers singing
Against it

Then I hear splashing
The waves are now rolling
Higher then I can handle
Their insults weaving their way
In and out

Pebbles are tossed at me
Until they are boulders
And my sail is sinking
And my boat is sinking
And I too, am sinking

And now
I drown
In my sea of tears
The waves
Still thrashing me around
And I sift about
Like sand
Letting them
Drag me

I go
In and out
Of school and insults
In and out
Of my home, and warmth
Their words go
In and out
As they settle in my skin
And bleed out of my eyes
Leaving marking on my face
Until I hold onto
Every word they say.
Til I too am a wave
Washing my brain
Filling it with pain
Sifting around in the abyss of my head
I've sunk
This poem is about my own experiences with bullying and how you tend to take what bullies say stronger then what your parents say and I thought I would share it
basil Apr 20
slam poetry
slam poetry, like the way i can't get out of bed in the morning,
as in
showering is too difficult a task to accomplish, because
you're too tired after long nights of tossing and turning,
because every time you go to get undressed,
you remember.

slam poetry, like the way the noose went around his neck
wrapping tightly until the silence called his name
while his mother held him and cried

slam poetry, like the way i cried
when they told me the news no child wants to hear
that my daddy's heart stopped, and they couldn't bring him back

slam poetry, like the way i said "i love you"
as in
every part of you reminded me of a beautiful haiku
one i could never write

slam poetry, like the way i slam my head into my pillow
after school every day
screaming to drown out everything they've said to me
like the way i slam my door when i'm angry
because the only thing i know
is noise

slam poetry, like the way your words hurt me

slam poetry like the way i don't know how to write a poem

slam poetry, like the way
i'll never feel whole
Hi Apr 2
This life Is my life
See what u have done
Hello hello hello
where  are u still here
.... I die inside
But nobody knows
What  is my life
This is not fair
I’m ganna die

Life is cruel
Going to school the very first,
At secondary at my worst,
Asked for a pen gets knocked out,
Wakes up with a scare,
In bed with a broken leg, ahhh not this again,

A lot of pain
Don’t have a clue
Don’t listen
I’m confused
Coming soon
To much regrets
In pain
Not sure what to do
This poem is my original I made this poem a few years ago I hope u guys enjoy
Like and comment what I should do next
Trefild Mar 29
to all who feel like doing truly
rude things, letting loose your fury
as a variant, shooting some bullets
all the imprudent bullies
putting yoofs & adults into gloom &
pushing them to that very solution
will do as ones to get ruined
and if you are one
of them, hope your fu-ner-al
would differ from those that are u-su-al
it should be full of fun
whether or not that is sui-ta-ble
although it has nothing to do with me, those vultures should suffer
Mr Q Mar 25
He ate his plastic bag of fruit
in a sea of sweet snicker doodle
as he rehearsed knock knock jokes
to dusty chairs across the table.

Then like gymnasium whistles
a blue tin bell hoarsely hollered
and thirty ducklings hurried
to waddle out a wood red door.

Now, superglue on race car shoes
root the beast to burning black top
as his mates play patty cake
with no room for pudgy paws.

He leans toward the hula hoops
but pink bowed girls unravel and wail
calling for the tank top boys to save
them from the smile of the beast.

So, he crouches on the tar and holds
his sweaty hands over pointed yellow teeth.
He moans to hide the angry growls
from a round belly tucked in ***** jeans.
A rough childhood
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