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Ken Pepiton Oct 8
Here is the rub. Riddles we never got. Oh, my.

Serving to illustrate my point of departure from the mean norm.
the rub is the cause of the pain, not its purpose.

Pain is not for punishing, whatever that means to you.
Pain is for correction, for your own good, ditto the meaning part.

The rub is where touch goes too deep, applies too much braking,
the humdrumconundrum setting on life's pace (get the app) in the age of Google.

For more time than Google or its finders could agree, with me, to believe,
I have been waiting for this moment to arrive. There are places where that rubs.

Fiction, that does lubricate real ification, doesn't it.
I never noticed, until now. That's why liars prosper, maybe.

Jah, I saw it comin' on my back, in a safe place, two days before leaving Bien Hoa, Spring
1969. The White Album, Koss EPS6's, tight, no sound, dark, I wandered homeward.

Not all war stories are lies, some are parables, some are prophecies.

I waited until now was firm in every mind involved,
then launched the grand old party line to *** almighty, in my mind

Radioman manifested from the dreams and events that seemed as dreams seem,
upon that time, when I lay waiting, near Bien Hoa.

Look homeward? Where? I have no memory, I've been Bourne Borked, why me?
Was I the hero of the story I was in? I must have been, I am alive and I am old.

And there, the acid message burned through my sckull and I played something
like Russian Roulette, with a character named Ken Kingman, who grinned like a devil.

All this in my mind. Where were we then, we Googled men? We friends on the grid?
Flesh and bone, muscle and blood, for *** and country, do or die, don't ask why?

Airborne, All the way, ah, we sang that cadence in our dreams, even after we got the joke.
But we was always only me, we are imaginary, in my mind, extensive, albeit, still mine.

I didn't know.

No, you could not have known, that was just me, the meek little me speaks,
peeking beneath the banner over me. You never crossed my mind.

The show runner speaks up and has nothing more to say, we run on, fo' a long time,
lemme tell ye gotamighty gonna cut chadown. Run on, fo' a long

The point. Fret not. Been there done that entered the vernacular on my watch, I saw this.
I'm ready. You ever been slammed, honest t'*** slammed to the ground, breathless?

breathing brings us to the center. Home is where your heart is. That's a riddle, BTW.
Where a thought is first thought seems to establish its eventual trajectory, don't you think?

We be comin' to some real that normal can fix on, soon, waitin's what we do til then.
No pain.  No rub, no, friction fiction uses warm a weary mind as to what might be.

When ye think a bout it. Something in the way we thought must 'ave mollified it, the rub,
above, with **** we let slip by. The aitch's do that. Aitch sounds. 'ushin' ohmmmm.
Here is where my hope, dear reader, lies.
Emilia Ellis Oct 6
There are two different of karma
For me I have the good karma
There is karma a
When you do bad to people.
They say karma is a *****.
You choose what your karma
Could be
It's could be a male noir female.
Mine karma is a male.
Not only karma is my boyfriend.
But I just don't **** with karma at all.
I could wake in the morning smile. Because I always have good karma my side.
Emilia Ellis Oct 6
I hate when people
Has nothing better
To do with there life.
But talk **** about you

I hate
When people will do anything
To lie on you

I hate
Having more than one

I hate
When people think
They are better than you.
Honestly they are not better than anyone.
Onces again. Ppl are not happy with there life. They want to be just like you.
Emilia Ellis Oct 6
Men are not ******
They could read between the line
Little girl games
For sure they know
How to play the game right.

Men are not ******
When a men buy you
A car genseis
And you doing to much
Not giving
What do think a men
Will do.

Men will steal
The car he gave you
You cannot take something
From anybody's
Without putting out.
This what some women think.
They use again, there beauty.
That's not how it work.
Emilia Ellis Oct 6
Look his dumb **** *** came in called you a mouth full *******
Don’t message me about that ****
***** I don’t think you or his
Raggedy ***
And I never will ******* an him
You not about to get on my Facebook
With your *******

I have a job get one
Stop dealing with a man that
Called you a rotten tooth *****
Maybe it’s true

Either way I don’t speak on you so
See your way off my page for I
Involved your husband *****
Your weird
Grow up old *** hagg
This is a woman can’t have what she want. Because one special person has a friend. She want him.
Emilia Ellis Oct 6
Young woman love to calm something
It’s how some are raise
Parents in fault of responsibility
Won’t take this all on
She speak as much as I
To be better than sexually
Yes carry all the burden
But she’s silly little girl playing
Mine games with older men
Yes, that’s what I see?
A strong woman baring themselves
A strong woman revealing to their head
A strong woman is able to share their heart
But if you burned
By others, who trust you
Because your fear is greater
Doesn’t mean you get chastise over
It happened to me
Emilia Ellis Oct 6
Indiana Jones is a type of woman
Who loves to use man
Has long you got money
She don’t need to put out
She’ll play mine game

Indiana Jones
Love to take other women man
She got men line up
To buy her lunch
Because she use her beauty

Beauty is not outside
But inside
What’s look good to you
Don’t mean it good for you....
Someone I know
Emilia Ellis Oct 5
Good man is curious about all things around
That’s shape and impact his country his town
Raising his voice for those in need
Helps putting smiles on faces that frown

Good man will listen and will give ear
In doing so, he will make his point clear
Good man will respect all other views
Actually the truth, he will stand firm without fear

Good man is like open book
He cares
He respects
He considers
He guides
Good man holds no grudges inside
Faces up the truth, he hides

Good man is never hard to find
Shuns injustice never turn his eyes blind
Good man is inside all of us, yes sir it’s true
He never let that good man die in you
Emilia Ellis Oct 5
It's pretty hard raising a family in the hood
I know in fact
Family has to do what they need to do to provide the needs for their family

Living in the hood
Doesn't mean we Nicolette our kids
Because that's how kids turn to be bad

Kids in the hood
Learn how to steal
Learn how to sell drugs
Learn how to use drugs
Learn ******* your own kind

We as a parent
We have to step in to save our kids
Cherish all that moment
Teach them how to love one another
Show them how to respect other people

Start stopping your kids
Before he ends up in a bag
Blood to blood you cannot replace
Just a little reminder how the world or part the world we live in
Emilia Ellis Oct 5
How much we love it
Truly simply love it
   Listen to  relics to the songs
The true endless love
      Reading books
Unfilled unreachable love
Thank the goodness it was A
Happy end!
How much we love it
We Pretend not to see
Tearful baby eyes
Their mommy in a war
  Switch that channel!
Friends betray each other
Stabbing one another in the back
  Don’t need a reason!
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