nawke Jun 29
life's constant journey
always tooling.willing.bleeps
precision mapping
What do we willingly bleep?
Dear Google,
Why do I chew up popsicle sticks?
Why do I rock back and forth?
Why does my head twitch sometimes?
Why won't my ears stop ringing?
Dear Google,
What's wrong with me?
Why am I so moody?
Why can't I forget what happened?
Why can't I tell anyone?
Dear Google,
Why do I pace my driveway and talk to myself?
And why do I talk to people who aren't there with me?
Why did the evergreens seem to twist and distort when I stared at them with empty eyes?
Why did I collapse and cry?
Dear Google,
Why haven't I run away yet?
Why am I not free yet?
Why do I allow myself to be trapped here?
Why hasn't she left?
Dear Google,
Why is there more than one 'version' of me?
Why do I talk as these versions?
Why do they all have different voices and personalities?
Why are they so mean?
Dear Google,
Why do I even try?
Why am I still alive?
Why don't I just end it all?
Not trying to be an attention whore, so I'm sorry if that's how I came off.
It's kind of another vent and just a little nod to all the people googling questions that Google can't answer.
Try it,
I highly recommend  it,
Just open your mouth to say,
I hurt,
I am in pain,
I  feel low,
I can't,
And hey presto!
You will be flooded with a long list from advisors and counsellors with:
Motivational  quotes,
Wise sayings,
Home made remedies,
You have been witched,
A list of remedies from Google,
A list of their personal experiences.
Famous of all:
Be young at heart,
Have a positive attitude,
Don't be a cry baby.
Do they understand your pain,
Your feelings,
Your hurt,
If only one would say,
I understand,
I know what you are going through,
I care.
So next time my advise is to,
Keep mum!
Go to a doctor,
Or best go to a priest and say,
"Father I have sinned."
At least he will pray for you.
God always forgives and your ills can be halved.
A Apr 27
The world we live in,
Just isn't the same,
In the beginning,
Before Google came,
We paid attention,
To things that were there,
There were no distractions,
We truly did care,
About people's meanings,
About what they said,
Do you have feelings?
Or believe what is read,
We judge but don't know,
By posts on twitter,
We follow the show,
Leaving us bitter,
Who's body is best?
Skinny or fatter?
Who's better dressed?
Like it really matters.
Don't care about you,
What lies deep inside,
We judge by your shoe,
We judge by dress size.
So please take me back,
Cos society is shattered,
Oh please take me back,
To when things mattered.

Shreyas c9 Apr 13
I think I may have taken a wrong turn somewhere,
No! Not on the road, I’m not going anywhere;
I think in my life I have gone astray,
I want to change my path but I can’t find my way;

Travelling on the road at least you have a GPS,
But in life your decisions are just a guess;
Even for life I wish there was Google Maps,
Why hasn’t anyone created any such apps?

I think I’m lost, I can feel it in my gut,
Maybe THE way has already been shut!
In your journey, you can always take a U-turn,
But can I do it even in life, to know that I yearn;

I am completely lost, I am pretty sure,
Is this some illness that you can cure?
I know that my life will need a lot of corrections,
I am ready for it all, but could you give me directions??
When we get lost on the road how easily we turn on the gps and find our way.. but what should one do if they find themselves lost in life? Who will show them the directions then?
Aaron LaLux Mar 13
The internet’s not going to save you,
not sure why you keep thinking it will,
logging on Googling “Redemption”,
action’s only possible if the thinking is real,

yes we’re in The Matrix,
no I don’t care how you take it,
why am I only paying attention,
when both of us are naked,

everything’s so boring,
and most of it’s unrelated,
I’m not sure if she’s sure if she likes me,
we’re not sure what time and space is,

all we know is,
one simple equation,
there’s too little time,
and too much spacing,

to close on time,
yet too far apart,
I’m looking at you,
you’re looking at the clock,

but actually,
that’s a half true,
or as they would say,
that is Fake News,

because actually I’m as distracted as you,
logging on and Googling “Truest Truths”,
hoping maybe before I log of I can save me,
even though we both know the the truth,
the internet isn’t going to save me,
and it’s sure as heck not going to save you,

but what else is there to day,
it’s Saturday night I’m alone in LA,
almost feels like things were meant to be this way,
I see her so clear even when her image begins to fade,

which I suppose is appropriate,
in the City of Angels,
like seeing wings on a being,
but just at the right moment and angel,

Corporate Patriotism,
don’t forget the dot com,
we’re all the same equation just different angles,

feeling like God,
or at least Hermes with wings on His ankles,
or souls on his feet or Achilles with all His feats,
a Warrior for Love with a weakness at the ankles,

don’t hold me back I need to fly,
into the sunset a bet less romantic than Icarus or Sure,
because it seems at the end of the day,
Heaven is Both ocean and fire,

now before we go please one last quote,
and that’s don’t let yourself be chained to desire,
even though if I said that I also wasn’t stoned,
and chained to desires as well well I’d be a liar,

and we don’t need lies,
what we need is truth,
and the truth is the internet,
isn’t going to save you,

the internet’s not going to save you,
not sure why you keep thinking it will,
logging on Googling “Redemption”,
action’s only possible if the thinking is real…

∆ LaLux ∆

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I am gonna say this the best I can, Man, I don't even know where to begin, On my face there is a grin, Yet I feel ate up with sin, I look in the mirror, I see broken, You can't see it when you look at me, That I feel lost  as can be, I write these stupid rhymes And I don't even like mine, On the inside I feel terror,
The thing is I'm so happy, But something in me is empty,
I finally have a good life, I am a proud wife,
Still not a dime in my name, But happy just the same,
My soul is soaked with rain,  Because my heart cries from pain, Then when no one is home, All day somedays I sit here, And I cry outloud and alone, There is so much I miss, And darker grows the abyss,
No need to mention all that I miss, Because I can't go back to reteieve any of this, People, name's, memories and could be's, I always carry them with me,
I can try to be bad with a frozen heart,
It don't work when I try to play the part,
I wished I could, I wished I was,
Was so bad without a care,
If I could then I wouldn't have to wish I was,
Because yeah then I would,
I don't know me,
I know what some other's see,
When I glady go down to my grave,
No one will shed any tears,
I doubt any of the one's I love will even be there,
I don't even see them now,
I pray God takes me soon somehow.
                                       -Ven Jencie Arnold
True, Too tired of going over it and over it again. If you have questions, I will answer
Thank you and God Bless
"Give 'em what they want to see,
and only what they need to hear."


"A person who acts in a manipulative and devious way,
typically to gain advancement within an organization."


"A person who tells lies."

Give 'em what they want to see,
and only what they need to hear.
Give 'em what they want to see,
and only what they need to hear.
Give 'em what they want to see,
and only what they need to hear.

uhhhhhhh Nov 2017
Mitch McConnell could be the biggest piece of shit in American history.
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I wish you would.
I personally DO NOT work retail. However cum breath , the people who do work retail and any non essential non-medical job deserve a holiday off with pay same as anyone else does just as president Lincoln declared in 1863
you unpatriotic inbred cattle fucking piece of uneducated shit.

If I posted what I actually wish for the bastard from Kentucky, I would hear a knock on my door and guys in blue suits with sun glasses.

He looks like a loaf of shit that is beginning to poke out of your ass prior to reaching a toilet.
That bitch can die in a well.
uhhhhhhh Nov 2017
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