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Don't know something;
Don't know someone;
Didn't see something,
Can't do something...

Moms are just so great and surprisingly know so much about things.
Unless you're
Google ,
stop saying you know
But I'm pretty sure that even Google doesn't know everything...
Anton Jan 17
w aitress gibbers
w ith tall public mall guardman
w hile snatching bucks
.  off this garish
g lowing throat.
o bscure
o rg man
g litches
l eans towards
e ons of
с runchy
o range
m eals

I just meant to lay my head on your chest,
For no other reason but to hug you right,
Then I realized for the first time after many a night,
That your heart was beating at it's best,
I smiled and wanted to cry,
          But Instead,
I silently thanked God for giving me the sweetest lullaby,
last night before we went to bed.
©2018 Venjencie Clifton Arnold
Sweetest Lullaby (see) Author Ven J. Arnold on Facebook.
True Story. My husband has a bad heart. Last night, Decemeber 06, 2018 I laid my head on his chest while watching TV for no other reason but to hug & hold onto to him. That was when I noticed the rythmn if his heartbeat. Now you know the rest. I did look at him after a few moments and told him you're heartbeat is so healthy tonight only to lay my head back down and savour it. Then I looked up at him again and said, "You're heartbeat is my favorite lullaby." ©2018. I had already lost all interest in what we were watching on the tube... can't even recall the name of the show now. So I laid my head back down showing gratitude to God.
l Recently changed my profile name on my website here from Ven Jencie Clifton Arnold to Venjencie,(as it is really is; separated Ven from Jencie was my & my mom's personal option to make it easier for me & others in writing it and calling me by, Jencie to shorten it).
Favorite pen name that I've used the most and will more than likely stick with is, SacredInkedBlood. Jesus shedding His blood is sacred to me. And knowing who my earthly dad was who I'd always felt was his very sacred that I'm in his bloodline.
See my FB page Author Ven J. Arnold and feel free to participate. Blessings.
Emilia Rodriguez Oct 2018
There are two different of karma
For me I have the good karma
There is karma a
When you do bad to people.
They say karma is a *****.
You choose what your karma
Could be
It's could be a male noir female.
Mine karma is a male.
Not only karma is my boyfriend.
But I just don't **** with karma at all.
I could wake in the morning smile. Because I always have good karma my side.
Emilia Rodriguez Oct 2018
I hate when people
Has nothing better
To do with there life.
But talk **** about you

I hate
When people will do anything
To lie on you

I hate
Having more than one

I hate
When people think
They are better than you.
Honestly they are not better than anyone.
Onces again. Ppl are not happy with there life. They want to be just like you.
Emilia Rodriguez Oct 2018
Men are not ******
They could read between the line
Little girl games
For sure they know
How to play the game right.

Men are not ******
When a men buy you
A car genseis
And you doing to much
Not giving
What do think a men
Will do.

Men will steal
The car he gave you
You cannot take something
From anybody's
Without putting out.
This what some women think.
They use again, there beauty.
That's not how it work.
Emilia Rodriguez Oct 2018
Look his dumb **** *** came in called you a mouth full *******
Don’t message me about that ****
***** I don’t think you or his
Raggedy ***
And I never will ******* an him
You not about to get on my Facebook
With your *******

I have a job get one
Stop dealing with a man that
Called you a rotten tooth *****
Maybe it’s true

Either way I don’t speak on you so
See your way off my page for I
Involved your husband *****
Your weird
Grow up old *** hagg
This is a woman can’t have what she want. Because one special person has a friend. She want him.
Emilia Rodriguez Oct 2018
Young woman love to calm something
It’s how some are raise
Parents in fault of responsibility
Won’t take this all on
She speak as much as I
To be better than sexually
Yes carry all the burden
But she’s silly little girl playing
Mine games with older men
Yes, that’s what I see?
A strong woman baring themselves
A strong woman revealing to their head
A strong woman is able to share their heart
But if you burned
By others, who trust you
Because your fear is greater
Doesn’t mean you get chastise over
It happened to me
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