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Makayla Jane Mar 6
Revving engine there you go,
Twisting the throttle of your Harley Davidson

Sunglasses down, a small smirk upon your face
You think you're better than everyone
You ****** mosquito
A poem I made for my best friend based off a joke we made lol.
Em Dec 2018
A mosquito chomped me!
It hurt, so I got mad at it.
I shooed and swatted it away,
over and over again,
but it wouldn't leave!

Minute after minute
Swat after swat
Mr. Mosquito went splat
And a small wave of victory overcame my hurt.

The chomp was still there
but the mosquito wasn't
Did my revenge really make a difference?
went for a more childish style
eh take it as u will
leave me alon
Pettiness can hurt :)
Pax Nov 2018
you lure me like
a mosquito
craving for your
for your
But then
like any other
you fear
Rizna M Rameez Oct 2018
You chose to mess with
Madison Sep 2018
Every time

You come near me

You kiss me

Then leave

Taking part of me

With you.
A little piece I did a few years back, before I actually started pursuing poetry seriously. It seems a little plain, but the subject matter makes it a bit humorous, I suppose.
Jack L Martin Sep 2018
Micro vampires
A disease spreading blood ****;
The devil's syringe
cayden Sep 2018
i'm on my bed, uncovered.
the fan is on,
it's pleasantly cool.
and my eyelids are heavy,
i'd love to sleep right about now.

hang on, what will happen tomorrow?
let's see, this could happen, or that could happen.
don't those sound fun?

i can't really stop these thoughts,
they're like mosquitos.
there's one buzzing around your head,
trying to **** the life out of you.
then pops in another thought, another mosquito.
and another. and another.
they seemingly never stop multiplying,
attacking you.
they drain the energy out of you,
and you just sit there and let it happen.

i'd love to sleep right about now.
future events.

i'd love it if you can give me some constructive criticism ♡
Brandon Conway Aug 2018
From the thick green canopy
The rain oh how it wept
d                        d          d
r            d                        r
i             r           r
p            i                         i
              p          i
                          p            p
Creating a sad mucky galaxy
Where the mosquitoes brood is kept
Tamara Walker Aug 2018
Mosquito bitten bumps rise and falls
My finger tips pressuring soft cells
Hating how it feels as I take pleasure in killing
These wing foes
To them I am the terrorist with weapons of mass destruction
Not a terrorist of guns but one with pity and power to abuse
My feeling shift hotly from victim to symbolic hero
Everyone needs a bone toss in their direction
From the crude skeleton hiding within the dusty Shallows
Closet the feeling you gift to loved ones
Hush the happy times placed on the back logs of memory
Take note of polite strangers with words not your own
As I use them to speak a language taught to me years ago
When was my first word and did I speak it roughly as sandpaper
Or was it sweet to the ears with a buttery finish  
Am I too personal with my speech as this is all new to me?
Like a mouse with dreamy eyes watching the gleam off claws above
Silence is the key
Surrounded by much braver beast who riot into the night
I want to be heard
Mosquitoes are not my favorite.
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