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It was..
Pitch black
Mid December
Fire and ash
Red embers
Dead center in the midst of a
Cold Winter
I'm talking..
Shiver me timbers as the
Black Pirate.. enters
Death symbol.. my emblem
Sport'n a black eye patch
Black skull hat to match
Yo, it's me.. the soul snatcher
Always ready to attack with
accurate acid
Too venomous for my enemies
to answer?
Yeah, I tend to leave em all
dead.. in a casket
Heads and limbs
I guess,  I remember them best
if dismembered any way
Slash away
As I soak em all up in my rhyme
My master piece, I put em on
Cause I'm a sick
with no next of kin
I got a basket case display case
just in case you thought I was sane
I been strange
Deranged, when I spill blood like
Just call me able ( Abel ) to.. avenge
Now that.. the ****** sabers are on
the table
My headhunter mantle.. is fully
Dismantled the body count
I dismembered them.. countless
Count Dracula countin
Countenance drunken on a
blood trip
Death  Rip
Hauling death.. cargo
Bout to zip the body bags up
moving stiffs
The ****** rags I.. huff and sniff
as if.. killing was ****** to me
But kinda ironic.. I think
My spider sense tingling in my
finger.. tips
Which is..
A pins and needle sensation
Being driven to evil incarnate
In Carnage
But I just call it a.. manifestation
of my Ego.. trip
This is a old write of mines, back when I was a lot darker with my writings and my messages. I use to use mainly aggressive rap freestyle based wordings  to describe what I was thinking and feeling at any given moment.. It was my way of lashing out. I'm only posting this just to show the difference and the contrast in how and what I write about now
cleobug 4d
in the backyard
lighting up a smokescreen
high on all the thoughts
of what once was and could have been

filled to the brim with these emotions
but i don't feel a thing
how tiring it is to always think so much
and still remain the same
cleobug 4d
concerned for my future, got my mind stuck in the past
barely made it this far as it is how am i  honestly expected to last
but i made it, i'm here
no applause, please, no cheers
this isn't quite how i envisioned it
not how i pictured it
still fighting for control of my life despite everything
end Sep 11
i wanna kiss your face
take me back to your place
my mother will never know
oh oh oh
i'm afraid i'm gonna like kissing your girlfriend more than you
i'm afraid she's gonna find out that i wanna be used by you too
i'm afraid you'll hate me hanging around
i hate the sound of my own sounds
and i hate how your feelings drown me
and thoughts of you surround me
in the best possible way
i've never been one for fate
but there you are
still standing by me
end Sep 11
strawberry dress and clear lip gloss
laying your head on a soft bed of moss
the way you run off
reminds me of ballet
and your smile in the sun
just makes my day

but you're like a nosebleed
you really taste so sweet
i wanna take care of you
but you're no good for me
i've never had a nosebleed
i wish someone would hold me
and sing me soft songs
in their arms as i fall asleep

your scraped knees are so cute
i wanna say that i love you
but by now it's too late
you've got a boyfriend anyways

i spend all my money
on a tissue box
and waste all my time on
the show you watch
hoping that one day soon
i'll get to be the one with you

but you're like a nosebleed
you taste so ******* sweet
but you come with a punch to the face
and you make me wanna leave this place

you're like pulling teeth
it's what i need
but i ******* hate you
you're like a nosebleed
know what i mean
you taste so sweet
but it's painful
and just like me
you want everything to be perfect but you're so unstable
begging to be taken on a table
you're a self inflicted injury
and i've been clean for several weeks
Overdosed on the nova just to
ease the pain..
A shot to the brain
Going insane
So why you trigger happy lackeys
tripping all the same?
Man that's awfully lame
Hey, y'all to sane.. Smh
What a shame
Thinking I'll make you all take a
dirt nap.. Unhappily
Sadly feeling nothing for you
while laughing gladly
Yo Suzy.. Slap me silly and call me *****
Cause im trip'n off of this here Philly's
Yeah.. I'm talking about your bff
Mary Jane Miss Suzy.. Im very blunt
As I'm questioning the thoughts of suicide in my new ill ride..
She giving me ill head, Call it a thrill ride
Got me doing stunts from the front to the back,
Side to Side
Aye Yo.,
I imagined all that on my sofa, far from being sober
I'm so High
Now as I'm watching Free *****,
I'm thinking..
What a great movie
Been then again.. No, not really
Cause honestly, the ending really didn't
move me
Must have been trip'n again to even think that
I mean really, How can I pop a wheelie
in a Maybach?
Maybe a Bugatti or a Ferrari if I leean.. way
Oh.. now there I go mind trip'n again
Lost in the stone age I'm stone trip'n again
So much in fact, I should get my name engraved in stone
Uhh.. now what's my name again?
Oww.. now I think I done fell and bumped
my head again
Cause I'm trip'n on stones
Mind trip'n like a ****** hippy
Yeah man **** right **** skippy
**** it I'm ******!!!
Wrote this as I was reminded of a time when I was wasting my life away getting high... Still got a lot of growing to do but I've come a long way from where I was..
I just want to see you grow
Stronger than  were before
I know it’s hard to trust a hope
But your heart was always stubborn

Hold on my darling
Don’t you let go
For don’t you remember
There are flowers beneath the snow

Well the path is may be long
To find again your soul
But I know it’s still there breathing
Your inner child knows

The walls you built were safer
But every wall it must come down
There is pain with all things beautiful
Your mind will come around

Hold on my darling
Don’t you let go
For don’t you remember
There are flowers beneath the snow

I see you in these fields of green
Your smile broad and true
The light it has relit your eyes
A stronger, prouder, you

Hold on my darling
Don’t you let go
For don’t you remember
There are flowers beneath the snow
Aaron LaLux Sep 3
State Of Affairs

Pandemic still isn’t over,
starting to think it might never end,
searching for a 4 leaf clover,
so I can get some better luck or at least pretend,

but I can’t complain my life is great,
I’ve got everything I ever wanted,
bought it all without getting the cops involved,
got it so good I don’t even need to flaunt it,

as honest as a lost comet can be in all this,
I thought,
we’d finally be free but I guess it’s a process,

it’s 2021,
Year Of The Machines,
seems we're finally one They finally won,
& we didn’t even put up a fight or flee,

Covid gets headlines,
while unnoticed goes cancer & heart disease,
which I could explain it better,
but I guess I’ll leave that to the machines,

every call & text monitored,
every movement tracked,
how many more shots before we’re all shot,
how long until we get our freedom back,

spending more time online than with real friends,
touching our phones more than we touch others,
no one even sees each other’s friendly faces anymore,
can’t even find a friend out there let alone a lover,

as the satellites hover,
AI is in orbit but we just ignore it,
& I know we’re in a game for our humanity,
but I don’t even know what the score is,

pandemic still isn’t over,
starting to think it might never end,
searching for a 4 leaf clover,
so I can get some better luck or at least pretend…

A Lux
Aug 27th, 2021

Moon is up, stars are out, lighting up the night sky...
i see your face through the window trace and i want it too,
oh you see, it is me and you, whenever you're in doubt i'll always be there to catch you when you fall, so tell me now, tell me then, i will always be with you till the end, sing me a song about how long our loves gonna last.

Moon is up, and sun is down, never again will you be without,
every night it's dark outside, when i'm lonely i always count our memories through the stars, that you will see me and I will see you again.
cause whenever you're in doubt i'll always be there to catch you,
there to be with you and hold you, oh.
Times of change and we fall out of place,
but the only thing that will ever remain,
is the love in my heart,
love in my heart
for you....
A song I made.
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