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Jenie Sep 27
Pacing up and down I call for the gentle cat
food in hand and slippers on I walk to be kind
to the small black and brown looking lost
the young hungry female wandering our street

For a name and a home to our neighbours I chat
until petting hands to the child left behind
we offer warmth amidst the rising frost
a listening ear a cushion to lay on and food to eat
Randy Johnson Sep 17
It was very sad when your life came to an end.
You weren't just a cat, you were also my friend.
You became my cat after you were born in 2002.
You were good to me and I was good to you.
You were black, white and gray.
I miss you because you passed away.
You made me feel better whenever I got upset.
You were my big buddy and you were a great pet.
You were very pretty and friendly too.
It was a privilege to have owned you.
Andrew Layman Aug 27
That face
how it shines
seeking to be closer
to those fingers that caress
softly spoken words
that call the divine.

So precious
all knowing pet
lovely creature that hums
such purpose becomes that closeness
in your eyes
you think me God.
Mitch Prax Aug 21
I guess our dream
of owning a dalmatian
doesn't matter
Natalija Aug 10
He loves me, pretty much
Has a big heart.
My appearance is the one
He knows best!

Keeps me warm at cold nights
And brightens my day
Every day.

The one who cuddles.
Oh the cuddles have to be gentle
Watch out!
Never stroke him harsh.

At the end of the day,
He is a good listener but sometimes
Acts as a child.
That is why I love him too..
My furry, four legged ball!
To my fuzzy fuzz companion, cat named Mali.
Jenish Jul 28
Bygone days of childhood
I met a pet, a grave and graceful purring cat
My 'Poppy'

Her coquetry
Still sybarite years cherishing
With love

Oh! she
Dusky colour

Bygone days of childhood
Still sybarite years cherishing
Randy Johnson Jul 26
You were without doubt the best dog I've ever had.
Your death has broken my heart and I'm very sad.
When I named you Agnes, I named you after my late mother.
I was your owner and you and I had a lot of love for one another.
You were a Chihuahua and you were an Applehead.
It tore me up when I learned that you were dead.
You were pretty with dark brown fur and you were small.
You weren't just a dog, you were also  my baby doll.
I owned you for almost seven wonderful years.
I found you dead in my kitchen and it drove me to tears.
What I'm about to say is no lie, it's one hunded percent true.
You were my baby doll and your Daddy will always love you.
Ainsley Jul 10
When I look into your eyes
A curve appeared on my face
I wondered what it was
Questioned and was answered
"It was so called a smile"
To my love
Yashashvi Jul 8
Harmonizing with his un-understandable melody
I vocalize in a loud blare owieee-ee
he thinks I'm being a typical stuipde
than he raises his note to another key
thinking I'm going to sound like a monkey
Owieee-ee-eh-ee utters again my mouth
but this time mine is a little high pitch
"doesn't gives up", my baby sings now in a breathless tone
my amazed mug does nothing else than dropping jaw around 10cm length
proud in his face kills me to give a try
and here I go with another woah-oh-oh
not surprisingly I fail yet I'm delighted
to see the pride in his eyes
who knows all this starts with
a small piece of bow-bow,
ends with a long chord of boooww-boowowiehh
my little four-legged handsome hits it so perfect
all the weight of my burdens exonerates
I swear he can be a singer
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