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Gabrielle Apr 12
My best friend doesn’t talk very much,
He listens sometimes, nods his head and such.

He sleeps all day, loudly most times,
Unbothered by me or nickels or dimes.

He smells damp, his feet are warm
Circled next to my head when my mind is a swarm.

My best friend always knows what to say
If the piles of stones in my head start to weigh.

In that, he doesn’t talk, or even really touch,
He just listens sometimes, nods his head and such.
This poem is about my friendship with my cat.
It's been three months since the day when you died.
You were a wonderful dog and that can't be denied.
I remember the day when I bought you.
When you died, it was a terrible thing to go through.
I became a lucky man when your former owner sold you to me.
You were my Chihuahua and I bought you on August 18, 2020.
When you died, it was something that was sure to devastate.
You were my dog and that's something I'll always appreciate.
J J Jan 10
The sun's still out my head's in the heels of my shoes
I'm surprised I can even dress myself

And though I stand here lonesome
I lift my eyes from the ground
upto those birds that spiral novel uncharted shapes in the blank sky.

Me I'm still bleeding I just don't get to bleed on you now
How lucky for us both
To look back and forgive and forget as we please  and bless sweet nothings in and out of nothingness and choose whether we could or couldn't care less
Nicotine laced condensation scratches the window too blurry to see anything but my face
Though I only see it from the outside when looking back
Jester-like like the black cat's white-outlined grin
before crying to be let in and out of the rooms as he pleases
I know you spend as you get but can't you account for anything at all?

     I'm nibbling my wrists those birds are all I've got to lick the wounds
And I can only care for them so long as they still want me to look at them

And you
You sit with so much on your mind have you really just nothing to say?

I've met you several times but we only spoke that one time, didn't we?

You just took a couple draws from my cigarette and we were both happy enough to leave it at that

If I saw you in the street I may assume the identity of my doppelganger
  I'd still like to call her over to mine someday if I were able to but that's not something I dwell on
You're just the reason I'm starving I wouldn't pay me no mind in your spot either

You aren't worthy of another promise I would've been happy if I could've only atleast had them left to keep
I'd rather crash literal breakneck speed before speaking to you again and you know that by now, don't you?

Fog falls light from small mountains it looks faint but it imposes it's presence to-be
threatening to cover our faces heavy enough to stain our clothes

It beckons those pretty birds to be among the first to rise and
be engulfed

I'm stuck to the ground sweetthing with my eyes falling back down,
My feet are heavy as stone but I can't afford to get tired waking up so late into the day.
(Circa 1926 or something)
Some Chihuahua dogs are hateful but you weren't hateful in the least.
You were a very special dog and it's painful because you're deceased.
Just one month ago today, you were still alive.
It's sad and heartbreaking because you didn't survive.
I didn't realize that you were sick until it was too late.
I lost a terrific dog and it's something I'll always hate.
I was hoping you'd survive long enough for me to take you to a vet.
But the animal hospitals were closed and it's something that I regret.
You were wonderful and it was painful to watch you die.
When a man loses a great dog, it's hard to say goodbye.
Your life came to an end in the evening on the ninth of December.
You were my Sweetie Pie and you're a pet who I'll always remember.
Randy Johnson Dec 2023
You became family when you moved to my place.
You showed a lot of love when you licked my face.
It was sad and heartbreaking when I watched you die.
You weren't just a dog, you were also my sweetie pie.
I bought you in 2020 and I only owned you for three years.
Your death is a painful experience that has driven me to tears.
You were small with chocolate brown fur.
When I say that you were special, I'm sure.
If I live to be a hundred, you're a dog who I'll never forget.
I will always be proud because you were a wonderful pet.
I have something important to tell you because it's true.
You were my Chihuahua and I'll always love and miss you.
Dedicated to Hazel who died on December 9, 2023
Della La Count Oct 2023
Oh if only
I could spend every day
Here in this tiny room
Pleasantly sleepy
With you
Hogging my pillow
Hogging my blanket
And hogging my heart
Randy Johnson Aug 2023
You were a Chihuahua and you were my pet.
You died even though I took you to two vets.
Two days from now will be my 52nd birthday.
But it will be ruined because you passed away.
When your life ended, it was a **** shame.
You were awesome and Puppy was your name.
I bought you and owned you for six wonderful years.
Your death has and will continue to produce tears.
Your death is something that I certainly regret.
You were my Chihuahua and you were a wonderful pet.
Randy Johnson Jul 2023
I found you lying dead on my kitchen floor.
It was sad because you couldn't be my dog anymore.
On August the 27th of 2013, I adopted you.
It was a really wonderful thing for me to do.
I named you after my late mother when I named you Agnes.
You were special and when I adopted you, I was truly blessed.
You were a wonderful dog who I will never forget.
You were like a daughter and you were a great pet.
Dedicated to Agnes (2011-2020) who died three years ago today on July 11, 2020.
LeBobbe Apr 2023
A cat's paw on top of my chest,
Is a gentle reminder of love and rest.
Kneading paws on my heart.
Knowing we'll never part.

A cat's paw on top of my chest
Gives me reason not to stand up.
I won't move till they wake up.
They are reasting in their nest.

A cat's paw on top of my chest,
A bond that will last for years.
Until one of us eternally rest.
Having you calms my fears.
Two of my cats love to sleep on top of me.
Syv Elena Nov 2022
my nightlight
on the nighstand
keeps the monsters
at bay

my nightlight
on the nightstand
keeps the sadness

my nightlight
on the nightstand
has nothing
to say

my nightlight
oh little nightlight
next to you
I lay
My boyfriend got me a cat shaped nightlight. I called it Naruko. I miss her.
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