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I never thought I'd meet a animal
as unique as you
The moment , I saw you
my heart just knew
I was gonna love every minute
being with you
You were not mine as of yet
But you came to live with me
and so happy I was
You had the most funny
most goofy attitude
and you were the cutest
babygirl !!
Everywhere I took you
People got such a joy
from seeing you
Having a hedgehog
But not any hedgehog
I had you
I watched you explore
cooked up treats for you
I now miss those time
you poked me a time or two
I miss being awoken at night
You running on your wheel
scratching and burrowing
I miss holding you
That was the best
loving you watching you
sleep on my chest
I miss you my sweetest girl
Today , I had to say goodbye
It was the hardest thing to do
I now am lost
I wake up there's no you
miss hearing you play
you scratching about
It's lonely here
but your with me always
I know we will meet again
So keep chasing butterflies
And I'll enjoy our memories
We were quite a pair
Have Pippy will travel
Now what am I gonna do
Cause there's no replacing you
Forever my friend
Forever My Pipsqueak
© Jennifer Delong 11/11/18
My beloved babygirl my hedgehog passed away on veterans day ..She choose to pass on the same day my dad did 17 yrs ago.
I miss her terribly. She was a pygmy & lived 4 yrs , She didn't want to leave so she gave me another year..Always w you Always w me
i'm looking at her and she's looking at me.
orange-gold eyes shift slightly to my left.
was it my evocation that caused that?

she's a tiny, stripey chatterbox,
but not in a typical sense nor a sensible way.
she doesn't meow;
rather, she'll whine,
or trill,
or complain in indiscernible phrases.

she's like an old man, occasionally!

even as a child,
i would marvel at how animals
feel so different
after a shower.
scrubbed clean,
no lingerings of the day left behind,
they feel new and baby-like again.

i feel old again,
but her fur slipping past my freshly dried fingers
feels just like how
i dream
a cloud would,
a thought would,
a dream would.

"it's time for a break," i'll tell myself,
as i ****** her,
and it's a good break.
goodbye producing,
goodbye aging.
she and i have run this routine for years,
but we're not tired of it yet.

she likes to pretend she doesn't notice attention,
she'll avert her eyes and stay still and quiet,
basking in your rays.
then suddenly she'll turn, sharp-like, and stare at you
for a moment,
before doing a small quick hop and a turn
and running off again.

she's so small.
sometimes i'll just gently grip the folds of her skin
underneath her fur.
it feels like she could just shrink away into herself.
but her bones are thick,
and her muscles are enough
to hold her back from that.

a bolt of fuzz, warm in color but colder than blue.
mostly quiet, mostly missing,
but always around.

such a little source of gladness for me,
and she means something different,
a different, little, happy thing,
for everyone.
***, i miss my cats.
This morning, I experienced some good luck.
I bought a Chihuahua for one hundred bucks.
My new dog is brown and his name is Red.
He will be my dog for many years ahead.
Like other dogs, he probably loves to gnaw on bones.
Red makes the third Chihuahua dog that I own.
Jon Thenes Oct 28
Another day lumbers ...

My Canine is still and pet
my diet is poison-less
my Simian; grounded
my plumage; tame
my imagination is prank-free
and my Feline is out of mischief ;
in a productive slumber

In soothe to say
It's better this way
And so passes
Another safe day
When they reached his house he entered in hurry
She stood in front she was not happy
As she remembered her husband ,she was married
He wanted her to enter and she wasn't ready
He said "why do not you come and you will be funny!"
"You would have here a lot and will gain happy"
This clothes will dismiss and we will without thing
We will spend all day with love and I'll return you in hurry
She remembered her husband ,she remembered her holy tie
When the man said "do you accept him as your husband?"
She said "yes" she strengthened  that bond
She said no to the ***** of blind
She said yes faith of feeling of ***

As he saw her attractive as he saw her a woman
As he was wolf and she was in a weaken
Why did he wait ? He attacked in moment
He cut off her cloths she screamed for save
She said with her pains "fear of your ***"
He said my *** is devil and I was ordered
By him to destroy you and make you appeared
As a  naughty  woman and get you a part
From your husband and he continued
He wanted to make her lie to made his bad
She demanded his kind she demanded his help
He forgot everything except her appearance
He could make her lie he would be mad

She screamed in high ,she screamed at loud
The winds refused that mad, the winds refused the bad  
They were carried the woman's screams to all sides
Of that deaf world ,of that blind universe
Her husband heard her ,her husband knew her voice
He was shocked ,he went to his house

He found no one he found the winds
He remembered the only one, he remembered his ***
He kneeled to the earth ,help me ***
The winds blew up ,they carry him wide
Till he reach there ,he saw the blind
the man who carried hate ,act as a blind
the bad was strong ,the devil gave his hand
the man didn't stand ,he attack without wait
the man stood and hurt him hard
the woman was afraid
that her man might be beat
the husband was completely tired
the husband was completely beat
the winds blew ,the sun shined
the trees moved in speed
the woman stood and she called

she called him strong ,she was not afraid
he thought as she was beat ,
she would do his want
he came with smile saying my darling
opening his arms with happy speaking
you will be my *** and I am praying
To you all days and nights, with I did as you want

he stretched his lips to catch her kiss
he closed his ears, he closed his eyes
he came forward the winds said
with anger "oh wrong comes with bad"
"he must gain his worth"
the woman hurt him ,hurt
he fall to the earth
the winds blew up and carried in a distance
the husband looked at her eyes
she demanded his forgiveness

she said you are worth that as I worth
he looked astonished and said in weakness
She said "you didn't fold me"
You didn't say you love me
You didn't say you follow me
You didn't ask "do you admire me?"
He said "I went to work"
To be reach to live in a rank
As rich people in act
She said "**** rich ,**** all act"

The heart like a plant
Must be watered ,every be pet
If it doesn't get he may be gone
the love is like the plant needed to be watered
SofiaBelhadj Oct 8
She chases autumn leaves
As though they’re
Wild scurrying mice,
Of brown and red,
And yellow ochre.
There’s a flurry of leaves
As she pounces onto her
Imaginary foe,
Which barely escapes.
She carefully peers beneath
Her soft playful paws.
In a whisp of crisp air,
It vanishes.
Out of frustration, in a confused state, I feel heartbroken that I can't save my lifeless beloved.  It all started with a minor rejection of your favorite but I took less notice of your lack of appetite because of time constraint due to recent progress in the course of my profession.
Dear Harvey,
If my blood can revive you, I'm ready to give a thousand pint of it. Please, show some response to your treatment because I am scared of the unknown.  If I can go back in time, I will make you my secretary so that I can keep an eye on you and progress with you. Do me a favor by not giving up because the pursuit of another bestie may show an unending search which I can not risk. Quick recovery my precious dog because our journey is yet to start. I will surely win this ghost that came to hunt.
My sweet baby dog is sick and I'm confused.
We dug through dusk,
well past flash-light and mosquito bites.
Kim planted Roxanne almost three feet below,
swathed in cardboard and blanket folds.

No spoken words.
Just a cinder-block marker and a promise
of daffodils

to pick gently
next Spring.
Jack L Martin Sep 25
Pain in my rear
sitting here
dog pants in heat
expecting treats
for being good boys
You get the shovel
I’ll dig the hole
we’ll bury her together
off to heaven I suppose
or wherever dogs go
you go and grieve
I’ll let the little one know
in a little bit
just expect company
RIP June 9/19/2018
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