japheth Jul 4
i’m like an old dog
sleeping in your couch
alone inside your apartment
only lit by the rays of light
glowing in the afternoon
that slowly fades
as the night falls down.

i wait for your return
— as always.

i casually hear the sound of footsteps
outside the door
and my tail wags,
my ears bolt up,
hoping it’s you
jostling around
holding your groceries
(with occasional dog food in it)
fumbling for your keys.

but as usual,
it’s not you:
it’s probably the postman
or the neighbor.

i plop my head back
on the pillow you gave me
back when you just had me
which i totally outgrew myself in.

i’ll wait again in the evening
— as usual.
i’m reading a book called “the subtle art of not giving a f*ck” and it has been an eye opener and a gentle reminder of how i value things in my life.

anyway, here’s a lazy poetry i made. i missed my dog at home and i got inspired by the way she wags her tail whenever im back
Chris Blaze Jun 29
The cat:
A wonderful creature.
She creates a throne
Wherever she lies.
She stares at you
Through her crystal eyes.

She sleeps all day
Without remorse.
She lives to eat,
Not eating to live,
Of course.

A loyal creature,
She follows you around.
Her ears perk up
At every little sound.
David Lampert Jun 21
Cats have dreams, or so it seems
Their paws move like Mike Andretti
Chase laser beams on carpet seams,
Or dangling strings of spaghetti
Perhaps they recall catching some small
prey on the ancient Serengeti
And then just doze in a treetop repose
"I'll just snooze until they pet me!"
I wrote this for my daughter to get her into poetry
Today, my cat died that I had for nearly six years.
When I found her dead, it brought me to tears.
Animals always bring plenty of joy.
I adopted her in September of 2012 and I named her Boy.
I named her Boy even though she was a female.
It was heartbreaking when I had to say farewell.
It wasn't until she died that I truly appreciated what a special cat that I had.
Boy and I went to Sneedville and spent the last Christmas with Mom and Dad.
She was very pretty and solid white.
She was indeed a beautiful sight.
It's very sad to know that she no longer exists.
Goodbye Boy, you were my cat and you will be missed.
Randy Johnson May 26
As I walked down the highway, I saw a dog that had been killed by a car.
That poor animal had irresponsible owners, whoever they are.
If a person is irresponsible, they should not own any pets.
Even though it wasn't my dog, seeing it dead filled me with regret.
I felt sorry for that poor dog and angry because of the owner's irresponsibility.
The dog was allowed to walk down the highway, the owner is to blame entirely.
Because of the irresponsible owner, that unfortunate dog's fate was sealed.
If that dog would've had a better owner, the dog wouldn't have gotten killed.
If you own any pets, please take good care of them.
Because if you don't, they might die and it will be grim.
Megan May 8
For two years I'll give you unconditional love.
And make kissy noises and give you ear scratches and belly rubs.
I'll say I love you and that it's ok that you used your teeth to chew on the wires that connected the house together.
It's the same way I'll feel after two years.
Alone again and mad at the world.
Two year will never be enough.
It's just a rat they'll say.
They'll say you're a vermin and just a rodent.
They'll say just get another.
But you won't be easily replaced in my day to day. And in my heart and in my head you'll continue to gnaw at me--like you did
to the wires.
I miss Petal she was my first rat and she was so cool you guys she could do tricks and she knew her name ... yea...
Jake May 4
Why do I follow you like a pet?
I feel like I have a collar around my neck
You’d drag me to a cliff
You beat me with a leather whip
Why do I follow you like a pet?
Is it because I want this pain
Better than being left in the rain
Or Is it because I’m just another man
Too distracted by your beauty to give a shit
Or is it because...
Sometimes kind words slip
From your soft lips
Every time I see you I almost trip
But I’m afraid that, one day
You’ll beat me into the ground
Or leave me at a pound
My perfect small friend, you were so young.
I'll never forget all the songs that we sung.
It's true you were always in the mood for a fight,
But now that you're gone I can't hold you at night.

Did you know that you stuck out your tongue when you slept?
Did you know that no one was safe were you crept?
Or that when you were mad, your jaw would drop down?
That you were the angriest darling around?

When you were too lazy and tired to care,
You'd finally allow me to play with your hair.
And you'd stretch on the bed, and glare at me,
With those young, tired eyes, as green as the sea.

I can't count the tears I've cried all this week,
At the thought of your fingers dug into my cheek.
And here's what I wonder if you'd approve of, my friend:
I will not fall in love, not ever again.
I wrote this about a dead cat...
Aa Harvey Apr 19

Dragon is my future cat.  I haven’t got her yet.
She is an idea, a hope and a dream,
But that which is written has now been said,
And I am not one to break my word.
My words are my bond, bound truth, without which I am nothing.
One day, I promise, I will find her.
One day I will no longer be missing.

A dragon with a tortoise shell,
Like her predecessor and her son.
Those which were, have never been forgotten,
But I have lost the son and the mom,
To a former love; once upon a time she was mine.
It is time to walk a different line.

Dragon shall be the beginning of a dynasty in the making;
This is no place for fakers to be faking.
Step 1 is Dragon;
Step 2 is a cat called Dog.
Step 3 is a small dog called Cat,
And with that, the trinity shall be done.
These are my wishes,
They contain no fishes,
I may only keep pieces,
But these are my wishes.
Cats are better than dogs or fishes.

If dragons do exist,
Then place one beside me
And I will be something I have never been.
My dream is simple and I need these three,
To become the person you should see.
My wife will present one,
I shall discover the rest,
And one day our children’s names,
Will be added to the list.

My tale began a long time ago,
Where a pet was lost to sorrow.
Another one disappeared,
For she was no longer in our home.
The third began her family,
As did the first,
And a giant was born,
With thunder paws.

I hope they all know,
I will love them ‘til the end.
I hope they are all still at home,
And only I have been condemned.
I hope she still takes care of her,
Though she no longer cares for me.
I hope they multiply.
I love my animal family.

I will care for Dragon, like I cared for the others.
Mother, daughter, mother, son;
Dragon will need a brother.
A panther was lost,
It’s mother long gone.
A monkey stole my heart,
So now I am impatiently waiting for a dragon to become.

(C)2018 Aa Harvey. All Rights Reserved.
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