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You get the shovel
I’ll dig the hole
we’ll bury her together
off to heaven I suppose
or wherever dogs go
you go and grieve
I’ll let the little one know
in a little bit
just expect company
RIP June 9/19/2018
Amanda Sep 12
You have been my closest friend from the day you were born
Back when you were just a tiny puppy
I promise to always protect and provide
As much love as you have given me
For my dog Mocha
Enslaved with the beautiful appearance of this lovely Creature, the innocency of the eyes and the sparkling hair.  I found solace in my bored lonely path. When I craved for companion, I was betrayed and disappointed although I learnt my lessons in that frustrating way.  Not only that I trusted this little pet, I named him Harvey because of the what comes with the beautiful name.  Now I write

Dear Harvey my baby pet as I usually call him,  I love you to the moon because of the gap you have filled although I know someday someone will fight the position with you but I promise you will always be my baby and sweet dog.
Boss Kally Okoye
Evelyn Smith Aug 10
We'll find you something, I promise you.
Something for you to put all your love into.
Something for you to trust without the fear of getting hurt.

Soft paws and mis-matched ears.
huddled in the corner,
over energetic and out of place.
Just like me.

You're the one.
The one that isn't human.
I can look after you.
I can love you unconditionally,
You're my soul mate.

Jump onto my chest at 4am when I cant sleep.
You don't make me feel awkward.
Run around me while I'm curled in a ball.
You never make me feel bad for how I act.

Big brown eyes and a twitching nose.
You're always willing to be cuddled.
You never call me too much.

I'm just enough.

Lick the tears off my face.
Nudge yourself into my shoulder.
I'm so glad I have you though you never speak back.

Scared to sleep without the lights off,
But I feel safe knowing you're close to me.

I hope you understand when I say I'll always protect you.

I don't care you're not capable to process how much you
really mean to me.
Because when I can't make it out of bed you come to sit with me,
When I talk too much you never tell me to be quiet.

Your paws on my face are a lot softer than a human fist.

I don't know what I'll do when you pass,
I wish you could live as long as me.
I wish you could see me when I'm well.
We'd live a better life,
I've give you a beautiful lease of life.

I'll always be thankful for you,
Soft Paws.
I love you Parsley
Xander King Aug 5
Charlie was my pet rat.
She died in my arms this morning.
Her birthday was a week away and even though I knew she was old and frail nothing could have prepared me for it.
My boyfriend found her leaning against the side of her cage confused.
I had no idea how long she had been like that.
I held her for hours while I waited for my mom to take us to the vet to say goodbye.
She had a stroke so half of her body didn't work, she didn't have control of her tongue or left eye.
After a few minutes she seemed less confused as she recognized my scent and heartbeat.
Since her eyelids didn't work anymore I had to help her blink.
Her tongue didn't work so I slowly let water and yogurt run down her throat so she wouldn't be dehydrated or hungry.
This was the first time we ever cuddled, she never slowed down enough to be held for longer than a couple minutes
She was the reason a group of rats are called mischief
If there was trouble.to get into you know she'd be leading everyone else to it.
She would be your best friend if you shared your food and would still love you when you didn't
She loved her chin scratched and tried to eat my weed a few times.
Even at the end of her life she'd still chitter her teeth and boggle every time I'd put my lips to her little forehead.
Even in death her beautiful soul and pure love lit up the room
She passed a couple seconds after my mom walked through my front door.
After I took her to the vet to get her paw prints he promised me she went peacefully.
That she felt no pain and the DMT in her brain made sure she was happy.
At least she wasn't alone.
I hiked into the mountains walking down the river with my best friend in a box till I found the spot her old friends were buried.
As I write this that spot and moment feels so far away.
Like it was some ghost of myself that held her through the seizures and that covered her body in dirt.
I feel like my spirit left with hers.
Her love, like all animals was pure.
She never loved because of what I gave to her, she loved me for me.

She was my Charlie, my Char char, my charbean, my little ragdoll, my food hoe, my little derp, and occasionally my little shithead. She was my optimism and the silver lining to every bad day. But most importantly she was my baby and I promised to love her forever and even though she is gone I will always keep my promise.
Xander King Aug 5
Dear Chloe,
‎I don't know if I ever felt truly loved before you.
‎Every love I've ever has felt like a performance, hiding the parts of myself that felt undesirable so others could love me.
Who knew a sweet little rat would be the one to really see me.
‎You came from ruin like me. our lives were cowering from the predators all around us, it was looking over your shoulder and making yourself as small as possible for fear of being the next victim.

So ‎when you first crawled into my sweater and fell asleep to the sound of my heart beating I knew I would never let you go. That I had to keep living so the metronome of my heart could always be your lullaby.
You will never know how you saved me.

Sometimes I wonder what you must think of me. We will always have a language divide, what do you think of my tears? The big wet drops that fall from my eyes and onto your head as my body trembles and I hold you so tight.
Do you get scared for me when I hiccup like I do you?
When I feel you for bumps and lumps do you know I do it out of love?

You have grown so much, you have gone from a shy child hiding behind her mother to loud and proud. You're not afraid to yell or fight even with those closest to you, asking for love has always been easy. There's so much I have learned from you .

You make me whole. You make my days so much brighter. So when I found the blood the month of your first birthday everything went dark. The shadows you had evaporated in the back of my brain crept through my body and froze my soul.

I rushed you to the vet to be poked and prodded. For two weeks after I spoiled you and gave you medicine, I swear you thought it was poison until surgery.
I remember waiting for the call, my leg bouncing for six hours while I stared at my screen like some twisted Schrodinger's box where you were both alive and dead on the operating table.

I finally let myself cry for the first time in weeks when I was told I could take you home.

That night I had a nightmare your incision opened up and guts came tumbling out into my hand. So when I woke and saw you chewed it part way open I ran you back to the vet. They put you back together and I dedicated all my time to you. I slept every night for a  week with my hands in your cage holding you. And the other two with you asleep on my pillow.

I know you'll never understand this letter  I hope that you know just how much I love you. I don't know how I'll ever cope with the shortness of your life but I will make sure everyday you feel loved. Though your light burns bright as fast I will never forget the love you have showed me.
Annisa Jul 27
di rumahku
semuanya kamu

di teleponku
tentang kamu

pengerat berlari
kamu sendiri
pengerat pergi
kamu tidak cari

setelah kami ini
ada lagi
setelah kami pergi
suaramu meninggi

8 pagi sampai 5 petang
posisimu selalu terlentang
dibelai-belai penuh kasih sayang
bila telat jam makan kau mengerang

sembari menonton sinetron di TV
sembari menghitung sisa uang jajan kemarin
sembari memakan indomie
ketika pulang dini hari
semuanya, kau jadi saksi
japheth Jul 4
i’m like an old dog
sleeping in your couch
alone inside your apartment
only lit by the rays of light
glowing in the afternoon
that slowly fades
as the night falls down.

i wait for your return
— as always.

i casually hear the sound of footsteps
outside the door
and my tail wags,
my ears bolt up,
hoping it’s you
jostling around
holding your groceries
(with occasional dog food in it)
fumbling for your keys.

but as usual,
it’s not you:
it’s probably the postman
or the neighbor.

i plop my head back
on the pillow you gave me
back when you just had me
which i totally outgrew myself in.

i’ll wait again in the evening
— as usual.
i’m reading a book called “the subtle art of not giving a f*ck” and it has been an eye opener and a gentle reminder of how i value things in my life.

anyway, here’s a lazy poetry i made. i missed my dog at home and i got inspired by the way she wags her tail whenever im back
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