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Syv Elena Nov 2022
my nightlight
on the nighstand
keeps the monsters
at bay

my nightlight
on the nightstand
keeps the sadness

my nightlight
on the nightstand
has nothing
to say

my nightlight
oh little nightlight
next to you
I lay
My boyfriend got me a cat shaped nightlight. I called it Naruko. I miss her.
Peyton James Sep 2022
Wee little beastie; though now you’ve grown.

Once a dust bunny, underfoot,

To my silent confidant,

With purs that dry tears,

Blanket of fur,

Brazen tail wags,

And vast eyes,

My dear

I'm posting something fun for a change! It's an angst-free zone this week.

In all seriousness, Luna, my black cat, is much more to me than a pet. I adopted her as a kitten for emotional support while recovering from anorexia. She kept me company when I lived alone in University and I didn't have friends
Randy Johnson Aug 2022
It has been nine years since I adopted her.
She was like a daughter and that's for sure.
We were together for nearly seven years.
When I say that I loved her, I am sincere.
When I found her dead, I was horrified.
I felt pain when I learned that she died.
Losing such a wonderful dog is a disgrace.
She was one in a million and can't be replaced.
Steve Page Jul 2022
A loving dog is an unmatched prize
unconditional devotion and unrivaled joy
highest pleasure in the smallest of treats
persistence with (ocassional) fearlessness

unmatched energy for short car rides
turning inside out in excess excitement
highest stretch for meat thought beyond reach
rarely without a glorious itch

A loving dog is an unmatched prize
and our loss unmatched at this, our last goodbye.
Part of our family for 16 years
Ren Sturgis Jul 2022
Puppy, Play, Pet, Pleased
I sit on the floor next to you my head in your lap as you caress my hair.
So soft and pliant underneath your fingers.
I nuzzle your thigh and you cup my cheek.
"Such a good sweet boy."
I melt under your praise.
"Look at me.", and as I do you kiss my forehead, my eyelids, my nose, my chin, and my slightly parted lips.
I'm yours completely.
You lead and I follow.
Every step I fall for you.
Deeper, my heart is in your hands.
A red ribbon seems to bind us together.
Consent, Content, Connection, Calm.
Randy Johnson Jul 2022
When I adopted you in 2013, Chihuahua dogs quickly became my favorite breed.
You died seven hundred and thirty days ago and it hurt, it hurt very much indeed.
I named you after a very special woman who was my mother.
When it comes to having a dog that's as terrific as you, there can never be another.
I knew you would eventually die but I didn't know that your death would be so near.
Your death occurred twenty-four months ago today, you've been dead for two years.
You were my dog and the love I felt for you can't be measured.
Pets don't live forever, while they live, they should be treasured.
Every pet owner will eventually have to face the pain that I experienced on that dreadful night.
You were like a daughter to me and the thought of losing a pet sure does cause a lot of fright.
I see dogs being sold for over three grand at a pet store in the mall.
But they aren't as special as you were because you were my baby doll.
Coralie Marie May 2022
I remember afternoons with you,
we spent days lounging in the old armchair,
rays of sunlight shined through the blinds and my favourite color is still the amber of your eyes.

Do you want to go for a walk?

Shared adventures, we travel on foot. The world had so much to offer to us, let’s run for hours.
Gone wild together. Rain and storm couldn’t harm us, later we’d warm up in the armchair.

I had to grow up quickly while you remained a puppy. Couldn’t take you with me because cars freaked you out. I had left for the city and my life was too hasty to spend a thought on an armchair.

You were with mom, I knew you were save there.

Every time i visited your fur turned grayer and your bowl stayed a little fuller until the end of day. You walked comfortably, we just made it to the hill behind the house, your tail still wagging.

I wish I could turn back to the old days.
I wish i took time when you wanted to play.
I wish I never had to sit alone in this armchair.

I regret.
GaryFairy May 2022
I have never felt a love like this
I've never smelled a love like ****
I have brought my meaning up a bit
I've been cleaning up your ****

kennel love break your heart?
chained to a fence with no open part
trapped within my stupid walls
I'll be there when cupid calls
I am looking for work. I am in Dire Straits here. I do not want money for nothing. Some chicks for free would be a decent trade. Seriously, I am up for hire. Interested in reporting or helping someone write a novel. Anything for some money...and I mean ANYTHING.
Maurice May 2022
Whenever I return
I make sure to take notice
of all your quirks and the works
that in a few years
will be gone on short notice.
I photograph and I film
so later I can reflect
on all the time together
we have spent.
My best friend since birth
my partner in crime
we do everything together, yet
I cannot imagine a world without you
my beautiful divine.
Hair as white as snow
and eyes as blue as the sky
your pink nose, and ears
and the smile you leave behind.
I cherish and treasure
every single moment together,
you are spoiled and sometimes rotten
but rest assured, that in my life
you will never be forgotten.
They say mans best friend
is D-O-G
but to me that's a fable,
because for me
it's C-A-T
never forget, I love you Kenny
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