I miss you everyday
Not much as I can say
I love you more than a friend
A love that will never end

I miss you everyday
I miss watching you play
Your happy eyes that speak
Your looks that get me weak

I miss you everyday
I wish you would stay
Now you're in my passenger seat
Thinking we're just going out to eat

This hurts like hell
I have so many things to tell
You're staring at the window
My tears start to get shallow

This hurts like hell
I can't let go, my sweet Belle
You look at me with a smile in you eyes
But I know the pain in disguise.

This hurts like hell
Catching you every time you fell
You were with me all these years
But we have to let go of our fears

I can't watch you die
All i can do is cry
I drop you off by the vet,
Telling you "You'll always be my favorite pet."

I can't watch you die
But they told me to give it a try
It will end your pain and mine
What a way to end the life of a canine

I can't watch you die
I let out a heavy sigh
I saw you release your final breath
I closed my eyes and accepted your death

Brent Kincaid Apr 7

My first friend was a big dog
A great big beautiful boxer.
His name was Duke; he loved me
Seemed prepared to stay forever,
Protecting me from any and all
In our house of anger and noise.
Two careless adults lived there
And no other girls or boys.

There was just the three of us;
I, the first child, and damaged,
Whose infancy was one of abuse,
Whose trust had been ravaged.
A child naturally cries sometimes
And irritates a self-centered dad
He can approach and gesture
And convince the dog he is mad.

Beloved friend, center of my world
Was gone from me the very next day.
Until I was an older child I was told
Dad raged then he took Duke away.
Duke didn’t know, nor did dad
That on that sad and scary day
Dad took not only my doggie friend
But he took trust in my dad away.

Duke was only doing his job, but
Dad saw it as a protective stance.
When that dog growled at him
He damn near peed in his pants.
“I won’t have a dog that threatens
Living in my own house with me!”
I know after living decades at home
What was threatened was dad’s authority.

Randy Johnson Mar 17

I have a puppy who loves to run and jump.
I have a Chihuahua that is named Trump.
He was born on the 14th of January and he's special indeed.
I now have two Applehead Chihuahuas, that is their breed.
Trump is some feisty and he's as cute as he can be.
He is my new pet and he means a great deal to me.
It's nice to have two dogs that are purebred.
I love both of my Chihuahuas who are Appleheads.

mitch green Feb 28

my dog is dead

we killed him

because he was old

it's whatever

These are phrases from a conversation I had with a friend whose dog just died.
Kenya83 Feb 28

You'll never have known a love so true
than the love of a dog when he loves you
The wag of his tail that wags just for you regardless if your happy or blue
He'll greet you every morning and stick to you like glue
He'll follow you around as though you are brand new
He'll never tire or get bored of his lot
For in his mind he's hit the jackpot
Cuddles on the sofa or walkies in the park
Curled up by the fire after a scrub in the bath
He doesn't care for material gain
He'll forgive you quick and he'll ease your pain
He'll look at you with love
best mates you'll forever remain
If he sleeps on his back with his legs sprawled in the air
You know he feels safe and loves his place
He doesn't feel vulnerable or insecure with you
He knows you're always there picking up his poo
He may be cheeky and he may be rude
But when it comes to the important stuff he's the coolest dude

For Teddy
Stella Matutina Feb 28

It’s tough to write a happy poem.
The poems about the nasty,
Gut wrenching stuff-
I got it down.
But a happy poem?
That’s gonna be weird.

I think it’s because growing up,
In the home and life I did,
I learned not to hold on to the happy stuff.
To not feel the good feelings for too long.
The happy moments were far and few in between,
And when I had them I was scared to enjoy them,
For fear that enjoyment would be taken advantage of,
When I felt happy moments,
I did my best to hide and push them away.

There were moments though,
Where amidst all the pain and suffering,
There were moments I was brought comfort.
There were moments that made me want to live,
Want to go on,
Search for something better.
These moments were brought by two furry ears,
Eyes with the closest shade to my own,
And a long furry tail.
Yea, I’m talking about my cat.

And now the poem has taken a sharp turn from meaningful,
To just absurd.
That’s what you’re thinking, isn’t it?
Dude, this chick wrote a poem about her cat.
Her fucking cat.

These moments aren’t when my cat was being funny,
Or playful.
There are a lot of those memories that I enjoy.

These moments are the ones where I’m sitting on the stairs,
My hand pressed to my mouth,
Suppressed sobs shuddering through my body.

She’s selfish,
She hates us,
She hates me.
She doesn’t deserve any ounce of pity from me,
I meant every word I said.

You know that’s not true,
She is your daughter,
You should care.
You can’t just freeze her out,
She isn’t one of your old college friends,
She needs you.

She doesn’t need me,
She doesn’t want me,
And I don’t want her.

You know what,
Fine whatever.

I can only hold on to the hope that she was lying.
But even in those darkest moments,
Listening to my Dad try to defend me,
Just to give up and walk away.
Listening to my Mom,
Throw my name around in the mud,
And stomp all over it in her New Balance Sneakers,
Canni was there.

Animals have a queer way of being there right when you need them,
And Canni is one of the best.
She’d sit there patiently,
While I willowed away into nothing,
The sharp,
Biting feelings of pain,
Echoing in my head.
Those feelings took me down,
To a deep, dark place,
Where there was no feeling.
No feeling happy,
No feeling sad,
No feeling hurt.
There was no feeling at all-
It was safe.
But she brought me back.
She’d rub against me,
Nudge her head under my hand,
Nip at my arm if I didn’t pay attention to her,
Or even just sit there next to me.
She’d listen with me,
Her tail flicking back and forth,
Like she couldn’t believe what was going on either.

Maybe she was trying to distract me,
Maybe she just wanted attention.
Either way,
She made me care when I had nothing left to care for.
She gave me something to hope better for,
Gave me something to work harder for,
Something to get me moving out of the dark,
Hopeless place that had become my heart.
If not for me,
Then for the small animal,
That cared enough to know when I was happy,
And when I was sad.

My cat is the reason that I know love today,
The reason I have feeling today.
And for that,
I can’t thank her enough.

A Poem for my Best Friend
Ma Cherie Feb 24

You can bite me hard
I will pet you back.

Ma Cherie © 2017

Inspired by my kitty LOL
Victor Timmons Dec 2016

Today I watch your eyes fade to black
Today I listen to your final whispered silence
Today I feel your body sleep it's final rest
Today I loved you as your peace came
Today I release your soul to be young again
Today I set your spirit free to run joyfully again
Today I will be strong for you
Today I will cry for you
Today I will smile for you
Today I will remember you
Today I put the end in a box and gave you the gift

Written by Victor Timmons 12/5/2016

Understanding we all have a end does not ease the pain. Love you Jake. See you in that big dog park someday.
Elin Mellbergstedt Nov 2016

Your ears are like black silk
Your tail is long and proud
Your paws are white as milk
Your fur is as fluffy as a cloud

Right foot, left foot, right
Up and down on my chest
By my side all through the night
Helping me to get my rest

Your nose against my cheeks
Wiping away my tears
Side by side for 512 weeks
Companions for over 10 years

Sniffing your neck is comforting
I don't wanna live without that
Without you I will be suffering
Figaro, my beloved cat

My cat just got diagnosed with an illness. He is my entire world, yes I'm a crazy cat lady, and I am completely heartbroken.
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