A Tango 1d

I like how the wind bristles against your fur
I know it whenever you purr
Your tiny paws are adorable
You're cute even if you get in trouble

I'm excited to go home that night
I expected you'll be there,
waiting for me at the door

You're not the type who smiles
You're not the type that greets "hello, hooman"
But I love you so much

I fill your bowl with treats
hoping you would come back
I leave the door latch open
just in case you go back

My room
is now silent and dark
Nightly, I wept
I can't help but sob,
knowing you're gone

I miss you
Come home

Poem for my missing cat, Earl Grey

He set a motion that tied the night
with a surge of peace through flight
A walk at pardoned him for this fight
the doorway sought now
as his fortune with the moon!

And a primal scream that retaliated fraught
but down by fairgrounds his doggy run
still furry friends rode in heat,
and they couldn't be sheep in these latitudes that wool adorn
when a caper was a precedent.

If ghosts perched upon the cases
where sprinkles attended from where they stay
but they must defame those breeds
with suggestive wiles they rehearsed.
furthermore their embrace did employ
what dignified lust was another cornflower day

Simon Soane May 29

You've got softer these days.
When we met you were fiercer,
propensity to vicious in all your paws
and claws,
you relax in moments
and stretch out full, unafraid and happy in the sun;
love makes me feel secure too,
strong and lit,
ahh my less ferocious domesticated Poppet.

Inside out May 20

My cat is crazy
He pelts around the room
He arches his back menacingly
And his tail looks like a broom.
As he side winds towards me
He looks like a furry crab
He will come within a foot of me
Until I make a grab!
Then he's off on his assault course
Tearing round the place
He really thinks he is fierce
And gets right in my face!
If I should make a sudden move
It really is quite funny
He shoots straight up into the air
Just  like a leaping bunny!
Then as soon as he has started
His stamina lets him down
He's ready to surrender
My lovely, furry clown

alan May 2

Tail up like a flag and ready to protect,
for his owner is a country and there's a war he won't neglect.
Running on soft padded paws,
growling and flexing his claws.
But before he begins his attack
he whines a little and looks back
to see his beloved owner standing there,
moving further he wouldn't dare.
He barks to catch his owner's eye-
but his victim starts to fly
and lets out a hideous crow,
leaving behind it's furry foe.
Then the dog comes bounding proudly back,
he has finished his "attack".

I miss you everyday
Not much as I can say
I love you more than a friend
A love that will never end

I miss you everyday
I miss watching you play
Your happy eyes that speak
Your looks that get me weak

I miss you everyday
I wish you would stay
Now you're in my passenger seat
Thinking we're just going out to eat

This hurts like hell
I have so many things to tell
You're staring at the window
My tears start to get shallow

This hurts like hell
I can't let go, my sweet Belle
You look at me with a smile in you eyes
But I know the pain in disguise.

This hurts like hell
Catching you every time you fell
You were with me all these years
But we have to let go of our fears

I can't watch you die
All i can do is cry
I drop you off by the vet,
Telling you "You'll always be my favorite pet."

I can't watch you die
But they told me to give it a try
It will end your pain and mine
What a way to end the life of a canine

I can't watch you die
I let out a heavy sigh
I saw you release your final breath
I closed my eyes and accepted your death

My first friend was a big dog
A great big beautiful boxer.
His name was Duke; he loved me
Seemed prepared to stay forever,
Protecting me from any and all
In our house of anger and noise.
Two careless adults lived there
And no other girls or boys.

There was just the three of us;
I, the first child, and damaged,
Whose infancy was one of abuse,
Whose trust had been ravaged.
A child naturally cries sometimes
And irritates a self-centered dad
He can approach and gesture
And convince the dog he is mad.

Beloved friend, center of my world
Was gone from me the very next day.
Until I was an older child I was told
Dad raged then he took Duke away.
Duke didn’t know, nor did dad
That on that sad and scary day
Dad took not only my doggie friend
But he took trust in my dad away.

Duke was only doing his job, but
Dad saw it as a protective stance.
When that dog growled at him
He damn near peed in his pants.
“I won’t have a dog that threatens
Living in my own house with me!”
I know after living decades at home
What was threatened was dad’s authority.

Randy Johnson Mar 17

I have a puppy who loves to run and jump.
I have a Chihuahua that is named Trump.
He was born on the 14th of January and he's special indeed.
I now have two Applehead Chihuahuas, that is their breed.
Trump is some feisty and he's as cute as he can be.
He is my new pet and he means a great deal to me.
It's nice to have two dogs that are purebred.
I love both of my Chihuahuas who are Appleheads.

mitch green Feb 28

my dog is dead

we killed him

because he was old

it's whatever

These are phrases from a conversation I had with a friend whose dog just died.
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