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We bond fantastically :
You feed me mice and rice
You feed me bones and roses
And hi speed wi-fi
I'm your favorite pet
I'm your toy
I'm your cat I'm your pup
I'm your horse I'm your bunny
You call me your Big Furry Hurricane, Your Savage Cupid, your Golden Doodle
You're raising me
giving nice baths and haircut
To your beloved American Field lab
You teach me manners
In a natural way
Loving and sincere
I'm well behaved, anf well trained
I'm your emotional crutch
I'm your cane
You smell the sugarcane within my collar
And dive into my waterfalls
And hike my mountains
You're the camp tent
That keeps raindrops and winds far
And you cook incredible meals
Made of laughter and joy.
So I simmer far from the usual cages
And leashes and leads
I simmer between your eyelashes
And I dissolve myself under your island
Warm and sweet like instant coffee
Making you shiver with thunderous bliss.
Iska Sep 23
I remember it was beautiful,
The day that you died.
The clouds were like vanilla candy floss
Strewn across the bubblegum blue sky
The sun bathed everything in gold like melted butterscotch
Such sweet conditions for such a bitter day
It smelled of sunshine and cinnamon sticks
Unlike the salty tears that made their way past my lips.

Then it popped like bubble gum,
And all the sugar melted away
Like a reverse heart beat pounding in my ears
as the sudden realization hit;
that you are no longer here.
Such a sweet pupper to the bitter end
You know that you were loved
As everyone’s very best friend.
For Luke
He was such a sweet pupper
Jeff Lewis Sep 10
Tail twitch.
Cat crouch.
Haunches high.

…silly squirrel…

Tail fairly ***** now
(never understood…
won’t that announce
the cat’s about to pounce?).

that’s it squirrel…

oh yeah…

...silly rodent…

…stay right there...

don’t climb that tree…

…good squirrel...oh!..

you’re in SUCH trouble…

…weren’t a screen door in the way.
Watching My always-indoor cat fantasizing of his next great hunt, then I get his toy and let him **** some feathers on a string.
Alex Gifford Sep 5
Bruised and ******,
arms restrained
this criminal correctly blamed
for trying to release another.

Who not a friend
nor a brother
but thought it wrong
to just let suffer.
So together
in a cage
held conviction,
suppressed rage,

And whispered words
in hopes to capture
a nudging deep within the captor.
but dismayed,
their guardian then proclaimed,
"when dogs are slaves,
you've no regrets,
yet misbehave
when men are
A bit dark. It was inspired by the realization that many peoples explanation behind human value is completely subjective.
Mitch Prax Aug 30
I have forgotten
how many cats she has but
****, are they lucky

6:24 PM
Randy Johnson Aug 27
I adopted Agnes six years ago today.
She'll be my dog until she passes away.
I named my Chihuahua after my late mother.
She's my dog and I won't trade her for any other.
Agnes got sick and a veterinarian examined her.
The vet discovered that she has a heart murmur.
Because of a tick, Agnes was temporarily paralyzed.
I didn't know a tick could do that, I was surprised.
She nearly died and it was hard for me to stand it.
Agnes is one of the greatest dogs on the planet.
I adopted Agnes on August 27, 2013.
mjad Aug 21
i just realized that tonight might be my last
to spend in bed with my obese cat
purring under my arm
because now im an adult
and my life will move on
no more crying too
or talking and cuddling
and holding in front of a mirror
so she can see her reflection
no more petting or kissing
or waiting to scoop up when i come home
because now im an adult
and my life has to move on
and im moving out
a kiss on my finger
one last cuddle by my face
as she walks on my keyboard
as i type  this
accidentally hitting space
the saddest of goodbyes
that i'll ever have to face
true story
Keiri Aug 6
Ferret on my lap.
Fur all over my shoulders.
This is what love is.
I love making poetry about my pet ferrets :3
Do you have furrbabies too? Please share me a poem about your dog, cat, bird, ...etc.
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