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Jay M Aug 26
When the rain pours at midnight
When the melodies carry through the stillness
When tears cannot dare to escape pained eyes
When hearts ache with a grip in their chests
Do they know of one another?

All across the land and sea
Though not a soul could see
Bare witness to the agony within
The hour the darkness threatens to win
To close around tormented souls

Do they know of the others
All caught within the expanse of the void
Silence or noise, either could smother
The soldier, unknowingly deployed?

- Jay M
August 26th, 2021
Somehow, always late into the night, many fall into their darkest or more mystifying thoughts.
Your death hour
Arrives second time
The poet in me
Shall rhyme
Death hour
It's dead hour
Communication supernatural
You sit at
Fifth dimension
I at a 3D junction
Different are ways
We function
Common are
Our concerns and intentions
We work
At different levels
We do solve
Our problems
In your death
I see life
After all
You had been
Still my wife
So we have
Had hearty talk
At this dead hour
Your death hour
Laugh out loud!
You're dead
I am alive
We still talk!
Be blissful
Be at peace
In your 5D world!
neth jones Jun 2
life fends its ache in a solid state of lumber
stretches grouted brawn
and sets its stresses on duty

gaseous pollution meets the daylight
a warming flatulence of the productivity byproduct

parching an arc over the brow
and easing an erase into the eve

then to
the night solution
a fluid of festivity
*** excite in arts and the conduct
a canvas of tincture
to suspend our culture

the witching hour is only a blink
a jiff and a wink
a humour in the plasma state
the process is reignited
and for that brief movement
cleaned out of heads
we are simple
LC Apr 24
the minutes roll past her like tumbleweeds
as her eyes meet the melting, setting sun.
but in the blink of an eye, the night falls
and the hour wraps its arms around her,
keeping her warm and safe in time's embrace.
#escapril day 23!
Ashley Kay Mar 26
Alpenglow overlays
Every surface in oil paint
Courting Golden Hour for
Another encounter,

Tender purples cascade
Down tributaries
Towards meadows
Of ripened cheeks,

Flushed with love
It proves fruitless
To refuse the
Swell of synchronicity
Past Mar 11
This is the end.

The end of what?

dailythoughts Dec 2020
sunray through your eyes is gold
Nolan Willett Nov 2020
Just one, red rose,
Red lips, cute nose,
A smile, bright eyes,
An hour, time flies,
Dancing, the rain,
Car drive, fast lane,
Forget, the time,
Useless, bad rhymes,
A drink, or two-
No, never that few-
The future, the past,
The outcasts, outlast.
luciana Nov 2020
these syllables of past feelings
seem distant now to define
a barrier
put up against.
confused in my head
as I lay here
I remember
you left as the season progressed
saying you'll still care
please tell me
in my dreams tonight
if what you did was fair.
I am now
an emotional state I cannot bare
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