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Sabrina 4d
Pretty Dolly,
Pretty Dolly,
That's what they called her.
She'd run around in her white gown,
thinking no one could touch her.
Pretty Dolly,
Pretty Dolly,
That's what she'd heard.
As all the people around town tried to control her
Didn't even exist, but people could see her
Her non-existent heart wrenched as she watched people around her.
Pretty Dolly,
Pretty Dolly,
That's what she'd seen.
Figured she'd put them all out of their misery,
Red splattering her gown,
As they bowed down like she were their queen.
She was the talk of town,
As she ran around
Now that she knew she could only be seen
By those who weren't sane in the brain
How cruel of this world to be so mean
Pretty Dolly,
Pretty Dolly,
That's what they called her.
Her white gown turning brown from the dirt of the world around her
Pretty Dolly,
Pretty Dolly,
Just a ghost of what those who wanted help wanted.
A cruel reality-check,
They were all haunted.
Pretty Dolly,
Pretty Dolly,
That's what she'd been seen as
Her ghostly form
She showed no remorse
As she left them in the dirt
Pretty Dolly,
Pretty Dolly.
I don't know what this is tbh, figured it had a nice catch to it, so I wrote.
I'm too despressed to notice I'm stressed out
Suppressed emotions inside, shouldn't let out
Seeing is believing but what I see isn't real
I am forced to accept these 'realities' and ignore the way I feel

I don't mean to sadden, entertain, bore, or aggravate,
For a decade I find that this is how I communicate
The only way I can precisely speak out on the unhealthy pleasures
As the chemicals of my brain, they fornicate

These levels of relationships aren't supposed to be
It'll kill me sometime later, look at how it has ruined my personality
Seeing is believing, but you won't believe what I see
How can I act 'normal' when you won't acknowledge I can't do 'human being'

My animalistic compulsions are fuelled by my failing brain functions
Don't get too close cause I'll try to bite, I sympathise for your flesh when I malfuntion
Don't be scared, I'm not canibalistic, I just like to use my teeth
Humans scare me, I must defend myself, uh, I mean, to smile and eat

I'm not afraid to say it, but I'm scared when I'm saying it, I have to say
I have been observing your mudane human actions, I really don't want to be put away
I always feel foreign, alienated, out-of-place
But because I'm 'considerate,' I have to bite my tongue to save me some face

I'm too stressed out to notice that I'm depressed
Wanting mental soundessnes, yes, peace, my hallucinations don't give me rest
My taughts speed down their highway, my delusions are always a-fest
They inflict beneath my exterior, but for the public eye, I wear a crest

"I wear my skin well, don't you think?" I lie, becuase it ill-fits
I am totally normal, "I'm fine." Can't change the fact I'm a misfit.
The beams that bear my bag of meat rust and thus begin to weaken
The lethal sagging's caused by the mental luggage, I'm not heard, even though I'm speaking

Many persons think that I'm overly paranoid, I must admit, that I am
You would be the same way too, if about your health, no one ever gives a damn
Help doesn't come, because their 'laters' always becomes 'nevers'
I am not that superhuman, can't keep myself together, forever

They claim that they would help me, some way, somehow, but their actions never initiate
Someday, sometime, it would all be over, through a thorough death physical or mental
Oh yes, I'm still believing, you can't accuse me of not having faith.
I look forward to my healing, but all the while, my brain chemicals fornicate.
there's a monster in me.
it keeps whispering things. so loud. that my mind could burst anytime soon.
inhabit, control, taking over; messing me up inside.
oh mama, i must obey it,
the one i shouldn't commit.
oh mama, how could i live?
in a body i cannot forgive.
please mama, bring some water; pour me the rain, a very heavy rain.
embrace me, hug me, drown me—wiped it all the monster away,
i don't think i could find any other way.
it's a world mental health today, so here a piece of mine that talks about schizophrenia. I haven't meet one, but seeing all who's suffering schizo through online videos just really break my heart. Mental health issue is real and it's matters. And please everyone if you happened to read this, kindly donate what you can afford and above all, what your heart says. No matter how much it cost, it will matters, and they deserve all of our prays. Thank you
Grievance --
a rotten way to be wounded.
all bandaged up, but still hurting.

To hell with people -- I say I'm a
Rotten Painter
all alone
no more whispered words to color the still-empty canvas

Don't be sentimental
You made me ill
I felt like hell

But Hell is warm and the
flames are comforting
This poem is about my struggle with accepting that my beloved voices are gone (due to medication)
Jack L Martin Sep 22
Cured with silver; cavity cave,
gingivitis fills the nave.
Sticky spit flows like an ocean,
Roller coaster motion lotion.

Help me grind the tasty cud;
salad shooter full of mud.
Conversations headed south,
excruciating pain in mouth.

Super duper happy smiles,
pearly whites go on for miles.
Hid behind the sharpened canine
Ridden guilt rides on the main line.

Dudes with moods do take a turn,
good emotions crash and burn.
Absent Minded Sep 20
I can see angels.
Everyone tells me they're not real,
Or that I'm crazy,
Or that I'm seeing t h i n g s,
Or that I'm having an episode,
But that doesn't stop me
From sitting on my mountain,
And watching
As they plummet from the sky
Into the earth,
Burning peacefully and silently
Before transforming into massive forests,
Vast fields of flowers of every color,
And in very rare cases,
Well, well, well
Something that you don't wish to obtain:

Whether it be hunching over the toilet,
evacuating today's third feast of the day,
or continuing to hear whispered words from made-up beings,
not taking the cocktails to silence them
or maybe, just continuing to stay empty,
not letting anything fill the void

Staying sick --
Whether it be of the body,
or soul,
will not make others love you more,
and it will not make others stay
but it will have them fade away
Marissa Sep 14
The ghost of the night,
Out to get me in plain sight.

Can't stop,


Back and forth
And back and forth.

Standing at the sink
Looking up to see
Something I cannot believe.

He stares me down,


"You're only a little boy, who I've been wanting."
look: there’s a blue


everywhere I go
I can’t help it

I thought for a while I was going crazy,
that I’d lost my marbles

but no, this was it
this is what I had been looking for
bodily demutations
avenues of trees lit
by a country light
I knew (because it
was apparent
by the way the ash fell)
that we were in trouble
carrying the groceries
and talking about the news
the mountains
the bananas
the village dogs
nipping at my socks
to make a fool of me
dried up, spat out,
marked off-limits,
forgotten in ditches
drained of sentiment
cement and very small stones
stuck into me
a carousing laughter
ripping the wind apart
and looking up I saw
gigantic turnstiles
ah hah ! ! the CLIFFS
and stars wild
against the soundless
ocean my eyes
like egg shells
and the market stalls
garlic roots
and the beryl wrapped
around your hands
could not sift fast enough
but still
clamored with
the distant trains
and I thought:
legionaries in
their bed sheets
knotted up and
choked on
wild berry jam,
pale jars
on a windowsill,
did not understand (
I still do not
white dust
on the table
in the shadows
of afternoon
at home or
the scents of an
empty world
or the congeries
of saffron-footed
dancing always
in one’s mind
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