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Bryce 5d
The rails scream in the darkness
Sparking, lambent bulbs trace starlight behind tinted glass
No words, just motionless exhibition of man
The shrill yapping of a terrified pup
Ears plugged from the disastrous din of metal rubbing against itself

The train flies through an evacuated tube pressed beneath the innumerable water column
And it is deafening.

Behind us the gentle shipyards, ahead the recipient city
Waiting to drink up our wallets and time with her promiscuous streets
As she bends her towering legs to the ironically Chinese
Blowing its baritone warning flutes
As it tugs itself upon her Bays.

I am reading the book, seeing the Brothers through the din, in between the two cities
The two unhappinesses
and the creatures they identify with

It is a giant artifact,
the tube
It protrudes through
The ships
She sunk and constructed
Market, Mission, Pier, a swamp of concrete
Over the dried clump of trees
A thousand bits of Theseus
And the abandoned bones of thirsting men
Running east, towards Pittsburg
Warm Springs
The line is soft between these rusting zones
And the gold
Forgotten for silicone

I am reading a book
About brothers and the curse of stone
Sharing stares with dirogenous hobos
And girl's pupils
feasting on bodies hidden behind periodicals

The rails scream in protest
The railcars are turning up and out
Towards the end of the darkness
And the start of the largeness

The city waits to list her failures to me
To cry herself to sleep with raindrops of fog
And rasping breaths of breeze.
d r i p p l e, d r I p p l e,
her toes echoing the ripples..

s o o t h I n g s o l I t u d e,
her tensions slowly spawns to elude...

w h I r l I n g w I n d s,
swift saplings of the crisp crimson...

l I m e l i l y p a d s,
citron circles luring the lags...

s w a y, s w a y,
her leafless legs basking the bay.
Jo Harris Jun 10
Voice as deep as the ocean
Hair as vibrant as the sunset sky
Eyes, blue-green like the bay
Skin soft like the fine sand
Gentle like the sea breeze
You remind me of home
With your smile, you can
Let your stress go away,
Keep a heart attack at bay,
Make today a more productive day,
**** your worries, make them your yesterday,
Treat every new dawn as your special holiday!

Hussein Dekmak

rgz Apr 27
Sun and cigarettes
a perfect duality
blissful entrapment
I'm not endorsing smoking, just how good it is.
A ship sailed
Across the  sea
Looking for it’s final resting place
Looking for peace

The ship sailed
Masts unfurled
While in the waves
It was hurled

Another ship sailed
Across the lake
Looking for it’s final resting place
Hoping for it’s last trip to take

The ship sailed
Gently accelerating
While the lake
Was unmoving

A third ship sailed
Across the bay
Looking for it’s final resting place
Waiting for the end of day

The ship sailed
Proud, was it’s crew
While the sun set
And  the night was new
I tried to create a peaceful poem. Hope you like it! Thanks for reading!
Dark night skyline by the sea
Far sighted city lighting
Why the seagulls fighting?
Building tall above them all
Cranes up building walls at the mall
On the streets, on my way
Stop to eat, only short stay
Nice cars and fancy suits
Pirate loot and seaweed roots
Vacation gone, leaving now
Gas station we leaving town
Scraper heights, I just might
Stay awhile driving miles
Off work, out of school
I be cool with the crew
Southern meet danger streets
Stay a week, dreams I seek
Low to the ground, out of town
Around and round and about
This city I am out
Dark sky, interstate signs
This is why I drive in the lines
I'd get lost any other way
The gas cost the next day
Would only go up
Could only slow all of us
Skylines rising above
The city lights are what I love
All silence but the road
Line by line a repeating code
Morse code on the road
Bay ahead the maps show
City lights glow
In the sky city crows
Car meets with stance so low
I can get there by chance though
Night driving by a bay
Luiz Feb 3
I'm a vagabond
traveling the streets
a free spirit walking
to a different drum beat

I do as I please
if you know what I mean
my life is worry free
I live in a dream

drink when I want
honest as can be
sailing with the breeze
I port seven seas

I'll say "goodbye!" one day
when death rides this way

floating to starry skyways
with me a sunny day
Mase at Corner's Bay
or maybe when she said "always"

satisfy your pleasures
do it without measures!
for the black knight no leisures
in the end
only memories are treasures
Justin Zheng Jan 11
i like to leave read receipts on
because i know they belong
in a world full of deceit
tell the truth
an imperfect audit
of truth
Justin Zheng Dec 2018
Dear you,

I guess this is an open letter:
wish things could have ended better;

But I guess it's whatever


I don't have a set list
I'm just gonna try my best
Limit it to about 4 minutes.


Got my airpods in now
Tryna grind until the end of time
Started with you I guess

True love ain't all about ***
cross my eyes and dot the tears
some wack **** coming from my mind to your ears

your touch got me ****** up
touched my phone took it out and made the call
couldn't control myself because of you

lost all self control; lost my soul

Lost my soul to you
lost it all through you
writing this helps change my views
how can I get through?

push into the obscure
past boundaries, past you

this one's dedicated to you

full stop. get out.
pull over, don't make me shout
r/drama, about to acquire clout.
these words don't make sense when I'm angry.

It's better if I take a breath
And relax
and relax/

Writing is so therapeutic I see
this pen is all i really need.

Man i got some ****** up **** in my head
but i guess thats what this is meant to breed
like, i got bars for days
no worries, i'm okay
gotta share this **** with the world one day.
thanks karthik for being vulnerable
shows that your heart was in trouble
can't even write straight
just gotta do enough
scrape by; get high
no lie i hope this don't die

man i wanna do so much with my life
i wanna graduate from nyu stern
i wanna fly to the moon
i wanna be that man on the moon

Poetry is my Jam
do you Slam?
Chance, man -- I know that man can.
Don't even gotta try
he just gets hella high
he learned how to fly
i Wish we could fly
had vivid dreams.

I wish you well.
not Hell
Because I've been there and back
Bipolar; It broke my back.

Do you hear it in these lines I write?
Powerful emotion; primal thoughts of flight?

We are just chickens, you and I.
Do you ever feel that -- in your mind's eye?
Sometimes we feel like we can fly,
others we feel like we about to die.

Thankful for this voice I've found
finally feels like I'm above ground

Being Asian
is difficult I must say
dare I say?

Jazz vibes
I feel alright
into the sky
yes, I could close my eyes
but that'd be detrimental to the write

Long form lines to show you I can write
but who am you and who are I/
Binding two making an eye

nothing rhymes with mitosis

can you hear it in the voice with which i write
these primal emotions of flight
do you hear me do you hear me
it sounds like
do re me fa so la dee

or something like that

because sometimes x y z or 1 2 3

numbers and words; their meanings occasionally escape me.

like 1 like 2 like 3
what is this life that we;
live in like what you and me
are not even petals on this tree
of life you and me
are but atoms you and me
in this life of grandiosity

minimax do you see
compsci is just the start do you see
the matrix maybe not.

thoughts of paranoia plague me
afflicted; like a Zombie

punctuation; time; rhythm; rhymes
couples; words; emotes; I'm fine

Thanks for ******* asuking
like all the ******* time.

sometimes i feel like a baby

i wish i could just close my eyes
and be in peace

a scary thought, yes indeed
but what i really mean is sleep

a restless mind; yes indeed

I'm just going off right now;
complete disregard for my health right now;

i just got the best sleep of my life;
i lie.

don't worry about me;
i'll be fine

just go back to bed
maybe get some head

jokes, don't even own my own bed
a roofed hobo.

I got rhymes all night
yea, you know this **** tight
lemme grab it alright
****** chicken choke this mic



it goes ******* on and on
this life of ours, it's an endless song
feels like an infinity ****
hurts when you never belong
the beginning
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