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my highway of regrets (only love poetry)

a transcontinental roadway connecting across oceans,
only in time measured, decades in length, he, distances,
adds daily, mile markers flying in, landing in factual order,
a differentiation, chapter headings, incidents and accidents
regretting the good, the bad, and the very ****

collection of mixte memories, carefree happy, some
funereal deaths, due, & yet outstanding, stone & steel,
miles & kilometers, trips of consequences, many are the
languages, seasons, and faces associated with
regretful tunes of longer agoes, highway markers of regrets

faces mostly all gone, some from this earth dead wet wiped,
some, in faint residuals soapy bubbles of the mind,
undecided if, when to dis- or reappear, or just forever burst;
these pinpricking triggers, some shiny, more rusted, fingers
target images/spheres that over fill the hippocampus

oh god, the greats, regrets, the faces of lovers/escapees,
driving from Genève to St-Tropez, on Route Napoléon,
unknowingly selecting  Bastille Day for our back country tour,
the stone mile markers gave no warning; making history, our own,
upon a yacht in the Greek Isles, the crew, our own, ours to command,
now ashamedly, I cannot remember the faces, names, the  lovers
now, called only with uncoiling sadness,  my own, my owned, them,
whose, when, and why, and how I regret my forgetting

the children lost to bitterness and feud, silenced by a wailing wall
double thick and impenetrable, living in an apartment whose walls
are photo albums of curses and lives poorly acted; oh god, why?
are there no exits on this highway, no rest stops for bad coffee,
we drive slow so the blurry memories seen in HD sharp living color,
all are billboards on my highway of regret,
a poem completely forever incomplete

10/9 ~ 10/10
this is a poem was commanded every time I hear the words
“highway of regret”
Ismael Ramos Sep 18
My heart aches.
There’s no cars outside when it’s night
But my mind is full of traffic
I’m at the intersection what way do I take?
Take the highway to my soul
But there’s nothing but a black hole
There’s a dead end to my brain
It’s no use we must turn around
The only was we know is the road to my heart
The road is lit up, like a suburb city
But where there’s light there’s darkness.
There’s fear
There’s sadness
There’s regret
My heart aches.
I fell in love
Her voice cracked and
I heard my own

I exploded in
To a story I knew
Was hers and mine

Led me along
A time and a dream
Riches to rags
You Get
Johnny walker Aug 21
The highway was once for strangers that I travelled
on led me to your door to a life I'd never known
And the stranger I once was became no more finally find found a place to settle down
with a
I once could only dreamed about the stranger who came knocking on her door suddenly became a
stranger no
Johnny walker Aug 20
I've driven a hard road along on my way through life easy Its never been more rough than smooth on my travels upon the highway of
a highway that never seems to run out of road on my travels through the journey of whats called my life mistakes failings unsuccessful
ventures tragedy all disgarded by the road side as I'm traveling along on what sometimes seems like a highway to
100 miles
Down this road
Ignore the fuel dial
I have thousands more to go

A rainy night
With a lo-fi playlist
A day devoid of light
The sun clouded by mist

Some time late at night
Or in the early hours of the morning
Trying to outrun the day
So I'll keep driving
Down this deserted highway

Lonely traveller
Long way from home
Where is home ?
I trip and fall a lot
I guess I'll wander and roam
'Till I find somewhere
Until I meet someone special
Someone I won't scare

Away from my heart
How can you love the dark ?
How can you be dreaming
Of these inner demons

I'm gonna feel sorry for myself
Because I don't want someone else to
I'll try to look after my degrading mental health
And I'll try to make that lie come true

Somewhere in the night
Or in the dark part of the day
Dreaming devoid of light
On a deserted highway

About to crash
Into a concrete wall
End my life
And lose it all
Was feeling pretty down last night. Wrote this.
Brady May 28
Aint nothin ****
As she in circle shades.

She sings, I steer
The music hers to play.

The sun simply shines
She makes the summer day.
Charlie Jupp May 27
Last night I
Covered myself in dirt and rocks
Snuggled in to the ditch I dug myself into
Pulled up my covers of grass
Laid my head on a pillow made of gravel

i dressed in cement this morning
Crawled out of the ditch
put on my helmet and nothing could hit me
Cars can run me over and not break my bones
Designed to go over me unnoticed

Am I a speedbump
or a lost tire from an eighteen wheeler
That tried to bypass the rules
And ran off the road
And got covered in dirt and rocks
Get to the Market

Some people take the back road
Others use the highway
Some arrive early
Some arrive late

Get the market

We all follow our own way
No persuasion
No need to jump a red light
A river will flow where it flows
Carve its own way

Get to the market

Some exhilarate
Others doddle along the way
Walk or run
You will arrive when you get there

Get to the market
Written by Sean Achilleos 03 May 2019©
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