I wonder if truck drivers ever get tired of the open road,
Where cars speed past in angst of their destination,
Red and white lights filling the darkness.
Endless dedication to wearing down the pavement that sticks to the Earth like a bandaid.
I wonder if Earth gets tired of us littering,
Peppering it's surface with blemishes to be reconciled with.
I wonder when humanity is to be torn down,
Another plague roaming the planet ready to be wiped out soon enough.
We don't compare to the locusts,
The frogs,
The volcano ready to wipe us out.
40,000 years overdue,
The ash ready to cover the sky and pollute our lungs until we suffocate.
I wonder what will happen to the highway then,
Maybe reclaimed by the grass that once existed here.
I hope the car lights stop shining,
I hope the truck drivers reach their destination to finally rest from the constant stop-and-go.

Just highway thoughts.
Shofi Ahmed May 10

Come on the highway
to the Moon let's go.
Take a turn to the stars
Without further ado!

V Anne Apr 17

I understand
The overrated teenage urge
To scream out of a sunroof

While racing down an empty highway.

Sometimes your heart feels
So heavy
You wish you could take flight.

Release it all
With the wind.

KKM Mar 28

-iced coffees and knife tattoos couldn't justify the broken glass glinting off your back, so water down the orange sadness in your grey eyes and start pulling apart the summer nights' convenient secrets
- the gas station 6 minutes from home can teach you a thing or two about energy and mileage but no matter how far you go, the moon will always being its stars along to remind you of brand new ideas and bright eyes; don't blink or you'll miss a gunning thought
- with the loose thread on your hat's embroidery, stitch together 24 dandelions and swallow the ink that runs from the moments that you put you on a golden high; speeding down the highway on the road to a fresh, green burst of adrenaline on the coast is one that turned into silver
- your walk to the white laundromat down the street required a soft cold slurpee that would quench more than just your summer vibe but you picked up a medium iced hazelnut coffee instead and called it 'starting over' so your best friend would be proud of the way you handle new beginnings and stale cookies

I want to dive on the
All night long and not
Look back I just want to go
So fast that I can feel the
Wind in my hair and
Just think about stuff
I have a lot on my mind
I lost my mind since the
Day my boyfriend passed
Away I just some time what
To kill myself and not go
On with life anymore
I just can not to it anymore
I miss my love so much
The pain is burning inside
I think about you everyday
© Amanda Kay Hill

McDonald tsiie Dec 2016

Let's go out a couple of nights
One feels up whilst the other bites
Let's do what feels right
Lets not fight

Lets not take drugs and fake hugs
Lets passionately get lost in each others arms
I'm waiting on the back of the hill
Staring at the highway trying to stand still

Are you patient? Oh please
Are you patient? Are you free?
Can you see? How it's obscene?

Come on now make a scene
Come tomorrow I'm coming clean
Cross my heart and hope to die
And wonder next who'll lie

I was counting on deceit of the day
To create a proper feeling of
What I was going to say
But I would make false re-sort
That said I never trusted strangers
And my crushes weren't short

So lets let love play it's part
Before we're apart lets start

Sean Scribbles Dec 2016

It is raining, you must be crying.
I left you on the dark side of a broken highway.
Just outside of the intersection of time and change.
You did proclaim that you were afraid that I wouldn't stay.
That I wouldn't live to see the light of the following day.

And I didn't.
You were right.

I got in my car and drove away.
But not because I wanted to.
But because I didn't feel at home enough to stay.
How could I possibly find our way, when you were without a map everyday?
Once alive and bright like the dashboard light.
I faded away, into the dark of this good night.

Yet you never saw the sadness which I kept when I did drive away.

Thanks for reading. I don't write fiction.

                                                Enough is not enough
                                                     I want too much.

                                                      “Excuse me sir
                                           you haven’t paid too much.
                                                  I gave you too much
                                               and you ate everything.
                                        I need to throw away something
                                                 and the bin’s spilling."

"I drove too many footsteps
past too many throwaways
too many pylons
water towers
possum-eaten polystyrene cups
camel boxes
and walkers
with socks as hard as coffins.”

                                             Enough is not enough
                                                  I want too much.

Thoughts on the road in America.
stargirl Oct 2016

it's been forty nine days
forty nine goddamned days and he still hasn't
even picked up his phone to tell me
that he was at the bottom of the lake
somewhere and that i needed to worry
because his car's on fire

he saw me bleed and didn't even move
a finger, i cried and told him that
he made me feel like a thousand suns were
under my feet and the weight of the
world was on my ankles, he wants me to
hurt to point where i collapse

forty nine days and i (i should) be feeling better
sitting, shotgun while we drove down the
highway, the light in my throat and the wind
moving through my finger tips
your gun in my hands and your heart
in my shoe, i ran down the hills and to the lake;

and i swear i felt the heat of hell

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