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Caitlin Feb 3
I'm told I don't see your true colors, I see you through rose coloured glasses.
I try to convince them that they don’t know the person I have grown to love.
The only person I’m fooling is myself.
Jack L Martin Sep 2018
There once was a woman with thumbs;
thought everyone's poems were dumb.
She'd click on the "like" with a vampire's strike,
till her ego was comfortably numb!
Lshassan Aug 2017
we fall in love
so the one we are falling for
catches us.
When they let us fall,
it's hard to recover.
It is not an easy fall.
It's one that is damaging.
It's one that takes a while to cure.  
When you fall in love and you do not land well,
you finalize with a broken heart.
Anonymous Jun 2014
I don't have a gag reflex anymore
Because I've shoved my fist down my throat
Far too many times
Just trying to pull out the words I cannot conjure
They all taste acerbic
And sound as bitter and damaging as they taste

— The End —