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Translated by Przemyslaw Musialowski 10/5/2019

Sitting on the perch the rooster boasted:
soon the king of swimmers I'll be
and laurel wreath I will get:
Cos the champion of champions I am in this respect!
The hens, excited, clucked in admiration,
small yellow chicks silently listened in awe,
oinking happily were the piglets,
and the ducks? Like crazy they laughed!

Wieslaw Musialowski 10/15/2001
Friends, I am asking for your understanding, because all my translations must be proofread and corrected. Poems are hard to translate (even in free verse translations). The original is rhymed. Regards.
Alastair Fenn Jan 2019
If ever the world gets you down
your pet will still be your best friend;
they’re joyful and wild
and with big doleful eyes
their love never comes to an end.

Your pets will not hide how they feel
or lock up their hearts in a box
they’re loyal and gentle
polite and respectful:
they’re everything humans are not.
One more children's verse; back to more gloomy output after this!
Alastair Fenn Jan 2019
If anyone suggests that you keep
your eyes on their pets for a day
before you agree check their pedigree
and see if they’re wild or they’re tame.

Ask them to tidy your room
or set up the table for dinner;
if with roaring and noise they eat your soft toys
you probably should reconsider.

For the snarling beyond the locked door
there may be a straightforward reason;
to be on the safe side put your brother inside
and see if he ends up eaten.
A poem for children.
Brayden Guilford Nov 2018
On pages of a'sewn cream paper
a'pretty princess, a'lights
A'clutching a woven hamper
Through dark, but a'starry nights.

Were a'fields so grey
Or a'yield so gay?
The place where a'noble knights a'lay
Music, of a fairytale, enchanted begins to a'play.

A'wandering, round a million watch-fire camps
Dimly lit, a'brightly lamps
There were her troubles on a'days remorse
Her father dead, her kingdom a'discourse on her birth name.

So, on pages of a'sewn cream paper
Was a'pretty princess a'lighting?
Were she a'clutching, a hamper
Through dark, but through a many-
a'starry-starry night?
Sumedh Nov 2018
I was flying in the air,
I was walking on the water,
I had overwhelming power,
I couldn't get any better.

All of a sudden I heard uncanny voice,
It looked like it was dragon,
It was burning down the city,
I couldn't leave him slacken.

I asked him to leave in peace,
He said "kid just stop the prattle",
I didn't really meant to hurt him,
But it was time for us to battle.

We used all of our powers,
And exchanged some 100 blows,
I was losing my conciousness,
As I felt my heart beat slows.

Suddenly it got lil weird,
Dragon pushed me to and fro,
He started yelling in a woman's voice,
I felt someone tickling my toe.

The voice got much more louder,
I saw my mom and brother,
With a frown I soon realised,
That it was all my dream none other.

I requested my mom,
I was feeling kinda nettled,
"Wake me up a bit later
I must go back to sleep",
Coz I had left a battle unsettled !
Everyone had their own silly fantasies as a child and vague dreams and thoughts....
That thought brought me to write these few stanzas... Happy Children's Day y'all !
Jack L Martin Oct 2018
There once was a place
where the townspeople were formal
they made fun of people
who didn't act "normal"

The loyal, royal cow
didn't like
that the townspeople
wouldn't bow

The scary, hairy bear
didn't like
that the townspeople
would stare

The teeny, tiny mice
didn't like
that the townspeople
weren't nice

The swirly, whirly bird
didn't like
that the townspeople
acted absurd!

One day a wise old owl
came to town
and asked the townspeople
to settle down

The wise old owl
made a decree;
"The townspeople should be nice
to everybody!"

"There are people afoot
that act different than you,
but they are still people,
and deserve respect, too!"

The townspeople realized
that the wise old owl was keen,
The townspeople felt bad
that they were being so mean.

The townspeople's hearts
filled with love that was hearty,
and decided to throw everyone
a party!

Thr loyal, royal cow
liked that the townspeople would bow!

The scary, hairy bear
Liked that the townspeople would stare!

The teeny, tiny mice
liked that the townspeople were nice!

as for the the swirly, whirly bird....
the townspeople's friendship, was preferred!

The End
Stormy Bailey Sep 2018
As I cry myself to sleep,
I hear the fallen angels weep.
If I shall die before I wake,
the world will have one less mistake.
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