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I just wanted to bond

with you

But I guess you’re just not fond

of the things

I like

I am elated when

I hear you laugh

At the comedy shows

I love

I don’t know what the feeling is

Inside of me

But it allows me to escape

My ill mind

For just thirty minutes

Each episode

I love to hear you crack up

And see you laugh

till your stomach hurts

At the character’s silly jokes

and mannerisms

It makes me happy

To bond this way

My interests are validated

And I don’t feel alone

I guess today

You didn’t want to

Maybe I’m forcing

You to

And you’re just pretending

To enjoy it

To make me happy.
Isaace Jan 22
The world as seen on television screen
Was mistaken for ourselves— forming dusk from dusk-‘til-dawn.
It was a recreation of The Early Garden
That sat atop great, Gravel Tower.

The Gravel Tower:
A remnant of a world enshrined
Within exalted mind and eye—
Ushered in by old Dante’s vivid verse;
Old Dante's vivid verse, reborn
For an irradiated filmscape.
Gerard M Jun 2022
Just want to let everyone know that I have a book filled with all except one of the poems on here. The Book is called Patient 139, I’m Not Okay (I Promise) And Other Poems and you can get it as either an ebook or a paperback on or at the link
Kamal Jun 2022
Drowning in a deathly quiet
Thinking and making plans

A bug keeping me company
Humming a forgotten tune

The phone is dead
The tv is churning non sense

So many stories left to tell
Love verses to spread


My hand is heavy
My heart is empty
Living without you
GaryFairy Sep 2021
Object of game - to draw a circle around two words of equation. Then you must land other equations within that circle while it is spinning, without knocking the original equation off the globe oops i mean board. Shut up!

Rules - See object

Way to win - we tell you later

Grand prize - everything!


or choose your own words!
check local listings or  play at home
Nigdaw Aug 2021
so many places
I have never been
and never seen
yet they are all here
the world visits me
in my ineptitude
a movie
a moving mirage
expanding like the universe
further and further
away from me
making spaces
leaving traces
my mind fills in
the world becomes picture
Hitachi, Sharp, Sony
so many meetings
but none of them mine
I am alone
as a polar bear
on an ice cap
a Native American
in his own land
populations explode
and interact
to become lonely souls
the last of their kind
waiting on a final chapter
an end to the movie
parker Mar 2021
the bright light of the tv bleaches my eyes of any thought i ever conceived;  
A laugh track plays, as i slowly pull my chest to my knees.
my phone is screaming
and yelling
but i just leave it be.
I fuse to the couch and let darkness crawl over and cover me

until the roar of a laugh track sings me quietly to sleep
i use tv and other forms of media as escapism
Creepypumpkins Mar 2021
I don’t watch the news for one simple reason
It’s stereotypes goths and punks
Not all of us are in the black occult
Not all of us are killers
Not all of us are either school shooters either

I don’t watch the Newfor one simple reason
They paint
People with mental health issues
In a very bad light
showcasing our bad sides

I do not watch the news for one simple reason
Foreign perpetuates hate
Islam a phobia

Let’s turn off the TV said and think for ourselves as human beings as we are supposed to
Not as fearful robots and computers programmed to hate
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