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Donna 5d
My boys have gone out
My youngest boys gone to sleep
Yay time for Netflix

My boys are my husband and sons **
Every silly thing
comes in

It makes me
sick with

I'm entangled
in the

Is this all the
race has left?
Grantland Mar 3
The TV is filled
With preachers of doom or waste
And other fun shows
Alyssa Gaul Feb 20
I am a collection
of half-watched movies

End yet to-be-determined
Stuck in the middle bits

An unfinished  biography
of a life put on-pause

The characters have no future
Just like I have no future

My library remains full
An over-whelming archive

When will the master
finish the piece?

The follow through
is the most important part

The neurotic longs to discover
the treasure at the end of it all

Though sometimes the final destination
is only death or tragedy

Only pain and no closure
And nothing meaning anything

And maybe the movies are
half-finished because

I already know
I'll be disappointed in the ending.
When there were no T.V's or cell phones,
When the sky was sequined with stars.
After dinner,family members and neighbours would gather outside on stone benches and chairs,
News and gossip would be shared with keen interest......
Whose wife ran away with whom,
Who delivered a baby,
Who was getting married.
Songs from the latest movie would be sung,
Stories and anecdotes  related,
It was fun.
We shared one apple and drank from the same bottle,
Are  fruits like mangoes and guavas from the fruitcarts without washing them,
Nothing happened to us.
We never went to a playground,
We played football,cricket, marbles, seven stones  and other games on the streets,
And if broke a window, we would run for our life.
We just popped in at our friends' house and shared their food,ate what was cooking in the kitchen,opened their fridges,
No formalities,
You didn't need a nanny to look after your children,
Extended family and neighbours helped out.
Everybody called the grandparents dadi or dadu,
The whole neighbourhood was one big happy family,
Those were the times.
In those days in the 50s 60s life was fun in E.Africa
amniotic caves. brushing up and flavors darting round your tongue.
     dancing and
          fresh soft and smelling like snow they
               melted in the sunlight of your eyes.

                                       eye am sound.

a birth a vacancy pushed. major arteries walled surrealist retaliates so often shot subtle and then rearranged.

can you hear me?

                               from out of the ooze eye return.
Chris Feb 3
Why do we need PG?
It's an ******* reality.
What will a child see?
*** and violence on TV?
There's *** and violence plenty more,
In schools, in alleys behind the store.
So let your children know the ropes,
So that you don't raise a corpse.
Let your children see ******* and killing, because it's natural. And kids, go, ****, don't wait until marriage, married *** ***** ***.
my mother
is whether
trump this
newly schooled
design in
threadbare attire
was navel
today but
in her
suit there
was my
heart may
rule again
in bachelorhood
and aspire
proclivity in
flaxen hair
remember that it is trump affair
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