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Tizzop Sep 5
an old, decayed mine, far from civilization
psychotic warriors occupy alleys, resolutely
this here is their last match, the death match
only one survivor remains, bloodbath

walls are covered with intestines and *****
fuckburst killed five, a female voice moaning:
double ****, multi ****, mega ****, ultra ****!
each increase is arousing our speaker

unreal tournament, land of fun and gore
your addiction is called "flag canon",
"rocket launcher" or "monster ****"
i'm all in now, no worries, no regrets

bloodshed covers you in bloodred
but i don't know the truth, barktooth
we are drinking silver-blue fantasies
as bullets spraypaint your apartment

you switched the game off, but the
monsters are attacking you, warrior
vibrating echoes and their dark voices
in rainbows, in rockets, in repetitions

shadows eat up your courage
motionless, swooshing swoosh
you are trapped inside their thoughts
no chance to escape, you get crazy
Pockets Aug 29
Out of adolescence
turned into metal men
We sit if front of computers
Run programs
Run for promotions
Run from what made us human
The smiles of yesterday have no place on a machine
Cold steel cold heart cold being
The sun never shines inside
Whether that be the office or your mind
We are not what we were
We are not what we were wanted us to be
We are robots surrounded by robots
In a metal city so unforgiving
Nigdaw Jul 16
this is what it’s come to
my wife is at college upstairs
sitting on the bed
with sixteen other people
virtually on her laptop
my daughter late for her lesson
at college
without the excuse of
missed buses or traffic
she got stuck in the kitchen
talking to her boyfriend
on WhatsApp
I’ve booked an appointment
at the doctors
on zoom to diagnose
a worrying mole
that’s giving me grief
and I might facetime my dad later
the only time I see him
for real nowadays
virtual love
virtual hugs
how do you date in a pandemic
I wonder
looking for someone to share
the end of days with
mothwasher Jul 16
We are gathered here today

In the Church of Y2K

To celebrate our word and savior,

Java C

Lift your antennas and let us pray

Our father who art in service

Hallowed be thy wave

Thy computer come, thy will be done

In life as it is Internet

Give us this day our daily update

And forgive us our bugs

As we also have forgiven our programming

And lead us not into life

But deliver us from reality

Forever the monotony, the lifeless, and the holy code

I tell you my friends, I have come to doubt the scripts

I woke up this morning to find my feed filled, but my soul hungry

Throughout the day, my devices said I was charging, but my batteries were dead

When I felt nothing left,

I remembered the simple calculator,

Its solar cells still breathing after living ****** in a drawer

The revelation I bring forth to you today is this

Drown your devices

Soak your SIM cards

**** the frequencies you are attuned to

And abandon your provider

There was life that preceded us

An evolutionary process the corrupt have cursed, wiped, and reduced to bits

In those fragments of simplicity left in you

You will find an outlet of energy of nuclear proportions
Victoria Jul 15
my laptop                       when i type
and even when im not quite sure what it is im typing
it still                                               onward
click click clicks
onward as if something important
dancing sporadically over keys
in that heavy
when i look up i see jumbled letters meaningless little black doodles sprawled across
lifeless conglomerations of things i know and (dont)
just wanted to hear the sound
Amanda Hawk Jun 21
We collect in boxes
Pixelated faces
Shifting back and forth
Our voices clamor against each other
We gather in arrangements
Of electronic meetings
The pandemonium of the pandemic
Has us learning to live in a science fiction novel
Trading in the outside word
For our little cubicles
As we learn to avoid the invisible invasion
Trying to ****** our bodies
We assemble in various forms
Video or voice streaming
Learning to create, to produce
To live within the pixelated dots
Of the computer screen
East or the west, Computer is Waste
Surrounded by mouse, Having no Taste

Operator is a fool, Is never ever Cool
Always in haste, Does Cut and Paste

Encounters error in memory, Shooks his Head
Filled with terror, Shakes his Neck

Restarts his computer, But in Vain
The computer Reports – 'Disk Boot Failure'

The operator restarts, again and again
But no more gains, only pain and pain

Hits the CPU with his Boots
But still the computer fails to Boot

Kicks the Monitor with his Boots
The Monitor Screen gets shattered

The operator gets an electric shock
Utters 'Good Bye World'

Long live the computer, In the Future
To send peoples to the lovely Heaven

Free of Cost – Free of Cost

By the way, If anyone finds himself in the Hell
Then just blame His Highness Great Charles Babbage
Just for a laugh
I wrote this unpublished poem  15 years ago in 2005. Today found this in old diary and published here.
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