sunprincess Feb 9
Someone said you granted wishes
Well if you actually do
And you plan on giving me one or two
Could I please use just one
Whenever you deem possible

Well anyway here's my wish
and it's for a poet friend
I wish, I wish, I wish
I wish for David's poem to trend

Do whatever you can HP computer
and Thank You so, so much!
"Make It Happen"
A fabulous poem by -David
oft they've inquired as to
why their poems don't trend
this is a mystery only known
at the algorithm's end

a random pick done
by a selection device
inside the computer program's
unspecified dice

it is hoped that this brief
explanation gives some insight
as to how an anthology
receives the green light
Lets keep this, binary
COBOL 64's too hard
Java, dot NET, or Oracle
that's goin, way too far

Examine every daemon
Apache at the gate
handing out some cookies
a simple no wait state

I used to do it in my head
now, it just makes it ache
assembly language, never dead
true LEET, is never, faked
Wandering my past exp with mainframes and BBS' :D
(derived from a snippet)
Psychorange Jan 29
I'm a man of the internet, all sad and depressed
Who clicks all day, what video is next
Who reloads his page, not for his own book
Who expresses his pain,  here you can look

I'm a man of the internet, just kind of indifferent
Some things are funny, some things are interesting
Some grand political scheme clashing together
Who is wrong, who is right, how? however

I'm a man of the internet, all weird and excited
Eccentric, and youthful. Socially invited
I can hand you a million memes all day
I could plan a meeting with you today

Not all words need to be typed
Not all scenes need to be screened
Not all dreams need to be dreams
All you see is what you believe

A window to a door and I'm out of the house
If you're stuck with no way out. I'm with you, and I'm getting out.
Try detaching yourself from the Matrix--
for just one day--no TV, no computer, no cellphone.
After your probable failure, ask yourself: How much
am I already enslaved by Artificial Intelligence? How
much more will be my subjugation when money
is digitized? Your virtual--though, very real--
chains have already been forged.
Eno Jan 21
Just being close
Can cause malfunction
I am robotic
When we share the same space
My programming
Has been invaded
By a bug
A bug called you.
Star BG Jan 14
My computer-like self
is frozen in thought like the outside chill.
Mouse moving in heartbeat fashion.
Light pulsating to
balance eyes that stare outward.

Time slows
while flashes of visions come
upon minds screen
melting into a field of technical descriptive words.

Software of passions and goals
must be updated to align with
lifeforce energies.

Dreams become distant
in hard drive of heart
while rain fills eyes
and keyboard
resonates with sounds.

Virus must be found
by breath and focus
grounding in a sea of gigabytes
housed in cells
taken over until balance can be achieved.

Platform is set with intention
for real self to meet fabricated one
as old fears are dismantled
and guided to a tunnel lined with trash.

With flip of
button all is eradicated
in just seconds
for a new thought to anchor
and peace to be part of a new program.

Second to reboot my consciousness
for guidance and spirits love to enter.

StarBG © 2017
Just a thought that floated into mind and I used as a diving board to swim in words. Just a thought to ride the waves of a frothed verse to photograph by assembling words. Just a thought.
Billy Vayne Jan 13
Miss You
Need You
Search You
Find You

Meet You
Help You
Toutch You
Save You

Use Me
Cut Me
Break Me
Crack Me

Kill Me
Burn Me
Leave Me
Erase Me
Star BG Jan 12
In an HP sky of verse
words float like birds.
They fly so poets divine
watch with binocular eyes and like buttons.

In an HP landscape
verses gathers inside seasons rain.  
Sometimes thunderous poems are posted
Other times light poems that harbor rainbow.
Occasionally they even shine with sun.

In an HP home people gather
singing, laughing, screaming, crying,
in language of hearts
from around the world.

In an HP platform
magic is born tickling senses.
Becoming a melting pot of jargon
in a computer screen world.
Inspired by the great Sarita Aditya Verma a great poet
am i aging or am i past my time
the tools to make me better aren't here
am i an advanced prototype
or am i an old pile of outdated gears
my wires rust from time to time
unable to move them
and my processor is a mess
it shorts out and i boot up somewhere else
my cooling must be bust from how hot i get around you
whats wrong with me
where did it all go so wrong
blurry rendering
is it my eyes or my graphics card
is my sorrow programmed or am i really feeling
fix me
i know you can't
but please try
i can't run like this anymore
i've been pressing sleep for far too long
and its too late for a restart
update or shut down
hello world
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