Gray Jun 1
Hey! What’s going on with my computer?
It’s acting very strange.
It’s making everything seem so deranged.

I’ve never seen my computer act this way.
It’s screen is frantically pulsating,
It’s making everything seem so obfuscating.

Why is this happening?
I really do not understand.
This was definitely unplanned.

Now it’s really starting to worry me.
Perhaps i should just turn it off and go away.
I think this was enough internet for today.
Vexren4000 May 2
A space set out before me,
Blank with the bright snowy electronic white.
A mechanical canvas,
Made of pinpoints of light,
Hopefully we will never lose,
The sight of a normal,
Blank piece of paper.

Lily Apr 25
My fingers flit over the keys,
Possessed by a mind of their own.
The smooth plastic of the letters,
The small bumps on F and J,
The overused comma key,
All are alive.
The laptop understands me, it’s an
Extension of my fingers.
Without trying, my thoughts flow,
Gracefully, effortlessly, tirelessly, they flow.
The harsh light of the screen produces an
Almost alien-like glow, shrouding my face
In unnatural radiance, leaving it flushed.
Yet the darkness of the room is all around me,
The stillness of my surroundings haunts me.
I am the only thing alive,
The only thing still awake at this ghastly hour.
I know if I shut down, turn off the glow,
I will be left alone in this gloominess.
The computer makes me feel wanted,
Secure, safe, protected.
I must get my words out, I must tell the world
What I’m feeling, what I’m thinking, what I am.
Before the world turns to darkness...
L M Biese Apr 12
OH my god.
It's happening.
I can finally end all this stupid shit.
[Cause : Lack of air flow through neck]
[[Locating source]]
I can't do this.
not yet.

Maybe tomorrow night.
Sometimes I feel like the only thing my head can't do is notice its own problems.

or maybe that is the problem.
That blinking line mocks me
I can not move forward
nor can I reverse back
I am cemented in this moment of ambiguity

That blinking line mocks me
I have an idea of a destination
but with no path to follow
So I stay at the beginning tormented by the possibilities

But that blinking lines mocks me
My mind is a chaotic storm of ifs wheres and whats
But I have a story that must be told
It has a start and I'm revving to go
My thoughts trying to get anything written down-if you didn't get it the blinking line is the cursor line on a computer
joel jokonia Mar 19
I Let you right click my heart
And i gave you all the  options
You could have saved me
But you hit the "send to" button
And sent me away in a flash
We are all fools of love sometimes
Blake Mar 13
<starting wake.exe>
<enter password:>
<password incorrect>
<password hint: your password is [alarm]>
<password correct>
<sleep.exe has stopped>
sunprincess Feb 9
Someone said you granted wishes
Well if you actually do
And you plan on giving me one or two
Could I please use just one
Whenever you deem possible

Well anyway here's my wish
and it's for a poet friend
I wish, I wish, I wish
I wish for David's poem to trend

Do whatever you can HP computer
and Thank You so, so much!
"Make It Happen"
A fabulous poem by -David
oft they've inquired as to
why their poems don't trend
this is a mystery only known
at the algorithm's end

a random pick done
by a selection device
inside the computer program's
unspecified dice

it is hoped that this brief
explanation gives some insight
as to how an anthology
receives the green light
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