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A Simillacrum Sep 13
Start to dance,
maybe my bones break.
Start to chant,
maybe my voice dies.

Start. Stop. Start. Stop.

With this wand,
I waive rust.
With this wand,
I let blood.

Start. Stop. Start.

I don't want blood.
I don't want to buff
your sword and
your armor

I only learned
this trade
for the portal spells.

I only want to
I have a virus
That is creeping through
All of my programs
Rearranging me

My memories wiped clean
I'd forget my name
Without my phone to
Keep reminding me

Yet I'm infectious
As I ever was
Prettier than I
Remember being

The bug has downsides
I'm sure of it cause
It's harder to relate
Than it was before

Loneliness finds me
Often too confused
To fix the problem
Hard to meet people

When you barely know
Your own name but I
Keep searching out that
Human connection

One that transcends the
Layers of fluff and
The lies we hold on
Our exterior drives
Hannah Jul 14
I’m like the update reminder on my computer
remind me in an hour...
remind me tonight..
remind me tomorrow...
what happens when I update
will I perform better
or just be slower than before
is the update really worth the risk?
Liz Jun 8
We smile through eyes of sadness
Contradicting the choices we make,
Within hearts once full of gladness,
We smile just for old times sake.

In a land of decaying democracy,
Breaking down every wall once built,
Controlled by their vials of hypocrisy,
Injecting us with industrial filth.

Determined by the touch of a button,
Technology is the hope of all loss,
Like lamb dressed down as mutton,
Covering up the truth at all cost.

In a world full of corruption,
Stale from the greed of power,
We feebly await the eruption,
Whilst bravely sitting back too cower.

Then when all has become too little,
When we have sat back and waited to late,
When we are all too weak and brittle,
Have we succumbed to our chosen fate?

Lets not wait for fate to choose us,
Lets reach out for tomorrows dream,
No more watching the corrosion of rust,
Lets put a stop to yesterdays scream.
Star BG Apr 25
A mouse potato sits
before computer screen
searching to occupy their mind.

Step aside book if thy had legs
Move to corner of desk telephone
longing for a voice if it could talk.

Competition rally has begun
Computer geek vs nature

Beware! New times are here
and battle begins at daybreak.
Also inspired by Lexilcon Condranax Thank you
There are things called chromebooks, and they are like laptops
but they have one small difference,
they can fit in your bag,
they can run offline,
they can by used by schools,
they can be monitored,
they are cool
they are lightweight
they are good-looking
and most of all
they are fun to use
this is something close to my heart, so I like it
Em Mar 13
Well aren't you a little computer!
So smart and witty!
Knowledgeable and oh, so clever
yet you're so itty bitty!

Such a smart young girl
How have you come to this?
Studying and learning
Is it all for your bliss?

I know you're real smart
and I know you're so strong
Yet you will only be reduced
And that's the end of it.
sometimes women arent appreciated for stuff :/
You probably notice some of my poems start off with rhyme and a sort of beat and then fall flat at the end
I hope you did
i t s  o n  p u r  p o s e
Megan Parson Feb 22
Once there was a file,
The file was used in a program.
Unfortunately, could never smile,
Digitally stuck in rolling RAM.

Wanting a life beyond the lab,
To be called more than just a tab.
Instead AMAZING, cool & fab,
Being able to dance & dab.

Tired of being cut, copied and pasted,
Duplicated, locked and wasted.
So s/he married a trojan,
And eloped, far from that dungeon.

To party with android & PUBG,
Feasting on apples & candy.

Living life in blissful entirety!
Bonjour my fellow poets & poetesses, i know its been long but my exams are finally over  *dab*  I wrote this poem in my computer lab, with the first 2 lines left behind by some kind soul. Love, Megan.
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