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noren Dec 2
Our monster moments
are too many,
our saintly seconds
too less.
Haylin Nov 30
Every 40 seconds
someone in the world dies of suicide

Every 41 seconds
someone is left to make sense of it
julia Oct 17
halloween is for being something that you aren’t—

this year i’m going to be happy.
my first 10 second poem
thanks for reading
W Oct 8
I remember the moment our eyes met
I swear I saw the flowers around us
I swear i heard fireworks
All because our eyes had met
And in that moment it felt like time had stopped
Just for a second

Äŧül Sep 29
I do not want to pile on,
But I am in sweet pain,
Just below the belt...

Pain due to nervousness,
My dad was unwell,
He got successfully operated...

He's my dear guardian Angel,
Sustained injury whilst protecting me,
I escaped with minor gashes.

He's undoubtedly the best father,
There may be any trouble on me,
But he's always standing on guard.

I strive to make my father feel proud,
And though I often fail to make him feel so,
I shall not give up hope that I shall make him feel proud.

Right now,
I am in pain,
I am unable to urinate.

But this pain is bearable,
I shall now help him recover,
My life is his blessings all over.
Maybe due to the subconscious tension about my father's recent surgery, I am unable to urinate after the morning bath but it will be alright.

Nothing scares me after my tete-a-tete with death for the 28 days in the comatose state and then the utterly painful but necessary physiotherapy. These bothersome little troubles are not something that I should be worried about now.


My HP Poem #1723
©Atul Kaushal
i made this in seconds
i felt these before
i type and write and type and write
iv'e felt this way before
when all i can do is creative away
the pain right away
coming from the side walls of my heart
something meaningful and powerful
to me
to we
to us
later on in life
what can you write in seconds?
Jack L Martin Sep 22
The city tourist
waving to the TV screen;
it's not about you!
duncan Aug 13
i will spend the week
in hourglass torture.
listening to seconds
go bye.
i cant save them
they live as quickly
as they die.

there is no tragedy
in seconds.
no funeral procession
for time lost.
just memories and
blank space.
the bitter blade
of nostalgia just
sharp enough to
pierce weak skin.

there is no excuse
for lost time.
just a .44 pointed
straight at a mirror.
one victim.
one criminal.
i am as guilty
as i am innocent.
so i am really nothing.

just a quarter
in a crisis.

the king of
Caren Marins Aug 6
The sun is shining, we poets are rhyming.
Others might be out to bathe, but we fill our sheets with creative parts.
This is a thirty second writing, as I am freestyling the way I am diving.
Had an Idea of 'freestyle writing' within 30 seconds, that's the result.
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