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Dez Mar 2020
Your language is dreamy
And your thoughts are gleamy
But why should I read them
Might my eyes fall upon some more desirable emblem?
No I read another poem
For they are all handsome
And I might get a crumb
From those who know how to write a poem.
Wonderful to read what ya'll write!
Dylan McFadden Aug 2019
Flopping, flipping,
Flattering lips
Are the company
Of fools

Or worse:
A bitter enemy,
Who conceals a heart
So cruel

But words of truth -
Even bold rebukes -  
Do accompany
The wise

They are a friend,
And will find favor in,
The men of
Righteous eyes

Damian Murphy May 2019
Let not flattery, praise beguile
Lest you become another's foil!
Brian Yule Mar 2019
When they look back on me

Let them all swear

He always stole diligently

Oft-times unawares

& If he plucked on your heartstrings

Another man's chords

He only piggybacked to reach higher
Jack L Martin Sep 2018
Imitation is NOT
the best form of flattery
when the imitator
gets credit for the idea.
Marla Sep 2018
Once upon a fair evening's bloom,
A fair maiden did make a young
Courtier swoon.
With a touch of the hand
And a kiss of the lips,
She ensured that love
Was not to be
The infatuation before love is sickly sweet
Flattery is the machine
Which inflates balloons
Nineteen to the dozen
Yet all succumb
To the beat of the Heart
Genuine praises
Are the roses
Ever fragrant in the heart
Some old ,  odd thoughts
Not meant for here ,but better here than in my phone notes :)

When you help someone out of compassion ,you don't expect anything at all in return is what I feel :))
You Came in through the back door
I was too blind to see the true you

I pend to see you weaknesses
I could'nt cause it was covered by your glamour
How hard I tried was effortless
I was blind by your beauty

I pend to see changes
But what can I blind man see
I only looked in my mind
And my mind was crowded by thoughts of you
What else was I aiming for

I guess your were the only obstacle between me and my sight
I looked further to see nothing

I never stop hoping
This is the fun part

That I am blinded by you
Druzzayne Rika May 2017
Praises and flattery
works their magic once
then they start becoming
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