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Take the chance they don't today
May be risky who's to say
The stars above

Blindly stepping off the cliff
Move too quick while they're all stiff
Fool for love

Look around as they despise
Mocking stares at the one who cries
Away you shove

Take a lesson from the fool
The hero others cannot rule
Fly like a dove

Alpha Jan 13
So this is where it'll end.
This is where the sky will fall.
After all the gods died here,
So why shouldn't we all?
We've fought for so long,
It's time to get some rest.
We've done all we can,
We've done our best.
But when it's not enough
A sacrifice must be made
To alter the cruel path
That the devil has laid.
Not honour, nor money
Will redeem our reward.
Only a life will do
Where no shield can ward.
So this is where it'll end.
This is where we will be doomed.
This is the final battle.
For a new world under a new moon.
Unpolished Ink Dec 2022
To be a hero
is not just about the action
but when the day is done
to quietly get on with your life
and show them that they never won
Galib Sep 2022
Life brought love that is not easy to find,
Love that poked spine with toxic dart,
Her sad glimpse has touched the heart,
Silhouette of her occupied the mind.

True feelings resembles to zero,
Those that made feel like hero,
She reached the soul to feed her ego,
To hypnotize, suffocate and go.

Dream was to hold hands by sunrise,
Instead, got Indifference as a prize.
She brings up things to realize,
To bury love and be wise.
Joseph C Ogbonna Aug 2022
Intrepid gadfly;
the voice of dissent.
Multiple times stricken,
multiple times resolved.
Though he bleeds,
still the pen that chides never bleeds,
nor is it obliterated.
For three decades and four,
death he evaded,
still, multiple times stricken,
evasive he remains.
A poem dedicated to the intrepid author, Salman Rushdie.
Andreas Simic Jun 2022
Everyone would call her a hero
Carrying yet another soon to be orphaned child to safety
Leading group after group destined for destruction
Down the railway track of hope
Fighting not only the threat of death
But nature’s cold frigid grasp
Her own safety in the balance every time
She returned over and over again
Man, woman or child equally saved
The risks were great the reward greater
In a time and age of war
With no regards to race, color or creed
Cruelty unbound
She plodded on
Exhaustion filling the mind with thoughts of giving up
Yet her drive and spirit refused to cave in
Each trip meant more would live
How could she stop now
One day when all was said and done
Would they remember her or her deeds
It didn’t matter because this was about them
She knew the way
And would light the path
To a life which would grow and flourish
Her reward the look of relief on their faces
When they realized they had made it to the end of the line
Freedom was waiting

Andreas Simic©
snipes May 2022
Is death disordered
Is life intermediate
Can I talk to peace
Tell it what I mean
Instead of it telling me
What it all really means
Will I die being a villain
Or live as the hero
Hanging from a ceiling
Can I talk to you
One last time
So I can know
What it all really means
This could be forever
Don’t let me die
Off of a cliffhanger
Scarlet McCall Apr 2022
“I don’t want to be a hero.”
said a short Jewish comedian
who never commanded a regiment
or entertained heads of state.
But when you said that victory
is lives saved, we knew that you are one.
When you said “we will win”
we knew.
Our countries have
handshaking, photo posing,
equivocating, suit-wearing,
empty words repeating,
backslapping, deal-making
cowards who never faced down
an enemy who rapes mothers
in front of their children
and tosses corpses into streets
and leaves dead young men
on the battlefield so that
their mothers will never
know the truth.
Perseus didn’t negotiate with Medusa.
Nor David with Goliath.
Nor Churchill with ******.
An Enemy must be defeated.
We need more heroes.
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