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She laid me down
Caressed my cheek softly
Kissed my head with love
Brought the light into the darkness.

Don't need a poetry
Don't need a song
Just her by my side is enough.

Hugged me with warmness
Helped me with troubles
Her beautiful face is always inside,
Inside here deep in my little heart.

She's my one
She's my mom
She's my only lullaby in the cold and scary night.
I did not have a chance to reach higher in studies,
I did not have a mama around to encourage me,
I did not have a baba to support me,
These are just the few courageous words I grew up with.

To realize they were words of wisdom,
To lift me up when I am down,
To raise my spirit and determination towards my goal,
Mama, my precious mama, I THANK you.

For all the troubles me and my siblings put you and baba through,
Not to say how many fights to hold our family tight,
How many things you had to sacrifice for us,
The tears,pain and sweat you hid from us,
Mama, my beautiful mama, I APPRECIATE you.

If it was not for your words,
If it was not for your smiles,
If it was not for your strength,
I would not have been the me that I am today,
Mama, my amazing mama, you are my HERO.

To the woman I have become,
To the values I hold thee,
To the morals you taught me,
To the lessons you schooled me,
Mama, my first LIFE teacher, I LOVE YOU.
As children, we are told to be a Beowulf.
To be brave and to put others before ourselves,
To be the strongest and the best,
We are told to be the perfect hero.

In this day and age, it is never really okay to make mistakes, even if they say it is.
We have a drive within us that being the best and the strongest is our only option.
We put the pressure on ourselves to be the Beowulf, which only causes us to wake up the Grendel.

But the real problem is, we are ashamed of that.
We are ashamed of fear, which causes us to act out and create evil.
But when you think about it, what is bravery without fear.
Because the truth is, no one is ever going to be one-hundred percent a Beowulf.

All of us have a little Grendel inside, it’s called being human.
We yell, we scream, we scare each other,
We lie, we cheat, we judge.
We are vicious and hurtful with our words.
At times, we see no light in our hearts,
We let evil win.
We are often so far from perfect.
In fact, the Grendel in me is sometimes more prominent than the Beowulf,
But we have to realize that sometimes, that’s okay.

You see, if not for the Grendel in me, the Beowulf wouldn’t know it’s true strength.
For the Beowulf in me, within all of us, would not fight nearly as hard, because it would have nothing to overcome.
The point isn’t to be ashamed of the Grendel within,
The point is to keep pushing through so the Grendel doesn’t win.
Do not isolate yourself and hide away in the depths of darkness when you can’t seem to find the light.
Find the Beowulf within yourselves,
Embrace it’s fierce loyalty and drive to destroy evil.
Welcome the light within you,
If you do that, you will win the war within yourself.

To all those out there desperately trying to be the hero:
Accept that losing the battle sometimes is okay,
Try your best to win the war,
But do not take on that army alone,
Because the person who fights with no one by their side is bound to lose eventually.

Because how can you be a hero, when you have no one by your side?
Beowulf vs Grendel, war within yourself
Amanda 6d
For so long been a victim to your charm
Sweet and seductive smile
So I have seen voodoo put to work
Learned to accept it, at least for awhile.

Time has taken toll on us
Which is an excuse for behavior
Watch me grow up and grow tired
Of you being my savior.

What do I do to rescue myself?
Heart does not know how to fly
Is the leap worth the risk I take?
He isn't a hero, he's just a normal guy
She needed a hero, so that's what she became.
Skyler 7d
any man can fight,
any man can swing his fists,
or shoot a gun.
any man can fight for himself,
but a hero fights for others.

(he fights their demons, but who fights his?)

any man can defend.
any man can raise his shield,
or make a narrow escape.
any man can defend himself,
but a hero defends others.

(he is a wall of solid rock,
but rock cannot bend; only break)

any man can suffer.
any man can weather a storm,
or feel the sting of pain.
any man can suffer for himself,
but a hero suffers for others.

(he has scars that none can remember;
or is it they not care to recall?)

any man can be happy.
any man can make money,
or indulge in all his desires.
any man can bring happiness to himself,
but a hero brings happiness unto others.

(they praise his name to the sky;
but no one asks why he cries)

any man can die.
any man can be killed,
for he is still but a man.
any man can die for himself,
but a hero dies for others—

and so a hero never dies.

(but sometimes, they die inside,
and there’s no marker for that grave.)
why have you gone now
when I need you so
why have you left me here
left me all alone

why did you leave
you were my warrior here
why have you gone now
you fought away my fears

the only thought that comes to
was that heaven needed a hero
a hero like you
And all of Heaven's battles you will fight.
writer omsy Nov 28
Leverage for an escape
The fearest of them all
Last time he wore a cape
The dearest of them all

Perished, in dirt and blood
Vanished, from hearts and hoods

You witnessed nothing but the lies
Impossible to believe,
Still awakening the witnesses
They don't seem to believe.
Having said that the impossible matters are hard to believe, here, I remind you that's what it makes a man a hero. Several years after when the hero is no more, people tend to forget their effort. Just the slight memory of his existence makes most of them wonder what he was as a person and judge him from that perspective.

Heroes are always heroes. No matter the time or place.
Izabella Nov 23
I have met bad men
Who have been good
For only me
And that is where it
All falls into humanity
The villain in your story
May be the hero in mine
Michael Nov 19
On that day,
When the sky clouded over,
All the heroes stood Shoulder to shoulder.
Villains on each side with tears in their eyes.
They each took a turn,
To show their love and to say goodbye.
None hurt more than peter.
He was held up by tony and reed,
For they feared that the boy would fall due to weakness in his knees.
They all lost their creator,
That is plain to see,
But peter lost his father,
And now complete is something he will never be.
Peter screamed out, Please just take me. Don’t you dare leave me!
Where will I be without him, My father, Stan the man lee.
The passing of Stan lee was a terrible day for those of us whom are comic fans. For Stan spider-man was like his son, so I wrote this goodbye for Peter and Stan.
You're the angel of my dreams
The hero of my nightmares
You're always there for me
When life's too much to bare
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