Mask on.
I become this strong man
to wage war.
The night was cold,
its evils, even more so
I was ready, ready
to wage war
on vast armies.

Mask off.
I was no more than any mere mortal you could find on the face of this god-forsaken planet.
Who am I?
Who am I that I play the hero,
to save the world
when I can’t even save myself?

Mask on.
My strength returns.
I wonder
What is my purpose?
Do I not find meaning in this
reckless ravaging in the depths of this
savage abyss?
Having witnessed the depths of mankind’s depravity,
causing furtherance in destruction.
My efforts are not in vain;
I must do something.

Mask off.
It feels hopeless;
It’s no point fighting.
Why do my enemies mock me,
my own family persecute me,
my friends betray me?
How long more must I turn the other cheek,
whilst others fight to the death?
I refrain from taking life out of rage.

I use it instead to fuel my faith.
That Justice would one day reign.

Could it be so that angels can be found in the likes of men like me?
Could it be that superheros are just as human?
Superman is yet still a man,
what more a man like me?

To others, the mask is always on.
They do not see me as the man I am.
Yet, when the mask is put on,
I become the man I ought to be.

the fight goes on
and everything that is worth
my life.
Dedicated to my cousin. Happy birthday.
"You either die a hero, or you live long enough to see yourself become the villain"
The hero is naive and sees the immediate scenes in front him
He sees the old lady crossing the street
The villain has seen too many old ladies
He realizes the bigger issue of time
The hero sees the person, the villain sees the concept
The longer you live the closer to essence you become
Once you have seen too much, you can't help but destroy
Not out of hate, but out of confirmation of your vision
The difference between a hero and a villain
Is the scale of vision.
Lyn Jul 21
although he never showed it,

he was a selfless man,

he gave his life for the world, for the future

and i couldn't be more honored and proud

being in love with a great man like him
ashley marie Jul 18
how do you describe someone's smile
in poetic words?
how can i tell the person on the other side of the screen
that i crave to see his grin again
which i now only see in still moments in time

how selfless his smile is,
although he is no superman,
he rescues me from my darkness
and returns me to my safe place,
which resides in him.

do i have peace in mind
knowing that he may be seeing this
in someone else?

no, i do not have the right.
our time has come and gone,
like the shifting breeze
and the changing tide.

yes, i will still feel the caress from his hand
on my rosy cheek.
time brought his heart to me,
and i to it,
similar to how it guided me away.

this is part of the journey that i chose.
a thousand more years we may have to wait
for us to love again.
maybe then we will not hesitate,
but for now,
we wait.
About someone I love.
Silverflame Jul 17
The black ink curves over my
skin like a crouching tiger.
The pain is nothing compared to the open
wound that has settled in my heart.
My guardian angel with no wings
nor halo has given me the emptiness.
He sits on the silver-plated moon,
he keeps her company.

The ink has etched into my skin,
writing down his and my history.
Without him the Grim Reaper would
have harvested my life-flower long ago.

He held his hand over me when
I walked on broken glass.
He hummed lullabies when
the demons screamed their chants.
He wiped my tears away
when the mirror was distorted.
His presence played chess with
the ever oppressive solitude.

Now that he is gone, I am an easy
prey for the lions of the world.
I'm just a bunny,
my vegetables can scare nobody.
But he was also a bunny,
a bunny who fought to the last.
So the least I can do is fight so
he can see he did not fight in vain.

And if I ever feel lonely,
I'll just dive into the moonlight
where he resides.
Absent Jul 16
in my fairytale that appears when the sky loses the sun,
the cursive words written were with a silver quill dipped in moondust.
the accounts of my journey to righteous freedom
were engraved amongst the stars on a dark night where obscurity
lingered even in places where flames were lit.
set in the cosmos where children slept in trees
and adults smelt like the salty sea;
where pretty boys could grasp the light found between snowflakes
and flashes from girls were because of bombs chewed in their mouths;
where monsters kissed the sinless lips of innocence,
fairies were created from a single emotion of a human,
and everyone loved the first prince who lightly held their waist.

I live here,
I always have.
and I think that
for evermore will become my blood as I lay among
the wild grassy plains just beyond the barrier of the forest.

in my fairytale found in between the alignment of planets,
the phrases stains the sky when perused and
the waters reflect a fantasy that shows
sleepy children who ruffle green leaves the illustrations of my life.
you will see all that is past.
adventures trapped in a memory.
catch a glimpse of my youth clinging onto my skin.
look into daring eyes that flicker with uncertainty.
listen to songs honeyed with sweetness.
witches may snicker at my innocent self
and creatures of the northern winds could howl at my ignorance
but I will remain timeless in rocky streams, pools of puddles,
wide empty lakes, and the vast ocean that takes the horizon.

they hold
my story,
my words,
my life.
they hold me by sealing my soul's existence in those rough waters.

but if my life was a blissful fairytale,
why are the shades of my tale only in darkness and not light?
if I gaze into the sky during a time when the sun shines,
the body of the sky is made of the brilliance of blue,
or perhaps a stormy gray,
and sometimes, completely clouded in white.
before my story, when the sun begins to fall from its place,
I see the vivid colors of
purple, orange and yellow
painting the waters
before becoming a shadowy hue of blue? of me?
why am I not made of a beauty like that?
why am I made from darkness?
I wonder,
what were the stories written before me in the sky?
how is my story told by those in trees?
why is it that my story darkens the world?

although I have overcome obstacles to my dream,
fought my demons who caused so much pain
and finally lived my perfect happy ending...
I am not the fairytale that I was told.
Khadro Jama Jul 12
Dear old self,

Looking back
I see you've suffered a lot
yet you kept going with all your pain
with every step you've taken
caused you more pain
Even your crowd became toxic
It did'nt stopped there
with a positive mind
you've entered multiple layers of mazes
you've abused drugs &
you just kept digging your own grave
repeating yourself
trying to unravel yourself
but nothing you did helped
even your words
became a cry for help, Soaring
words within words
you went on 365 days
completely unheard of
All your tears dried up
but you were still crying inside
continued suffering
you've forgotten how to heal
you've forgotten how to accept defeat
and still went in a circle of your self created WEB
inside you were in a shell
until your Hero saved you
when you really did'nt want it
because all you thought was
that you were useless
no one worth saving
but your Hero wasn't taking NO for answer
it wasn't easy rejecting a Hero you Hated
They had help of course
felt completely out numbered
you took their hand
you started to slowly Unravel
Everything about you went up to
100% motivation
I know these next steps will be harder
But I'm so excited genuinely
its so hard containing this Excitement inside
My Hero saved me by
Guiding me out of my self created destructed Maze
while I walked out with own 2 legs
This is how I've truly UNRAVELED Myself
& Started my Next Chapter!!
Even when you become a empty shell your hero's can see your suffering from the outside even when your too blind to see the reflection of your outer PAIN.
NEVER GIVE UP even when you want to.
its okay to be selfish, Be 100% yourself!!
i'm dark
and white

i'm sun
and rain

everyday so

one madness
and terror

i'm black
and gray

i'm hero
and fiend

everyday so

one madness
and terror

Aa Harvey Jun 28
My nameless love

I could fall deeper and deeper into your eyes for a lifetime.
As I stare into you, I feel truly alive.
With each passing moment,
We are each only wasting such precious time.
We should be together, we exchange glances,
We dance around each other’s feelings, acting like we are alright…

…but all is still wrong, if I have never spoken those words;
I must confess my soul speaks volumes, never seen, never heard
And inside all my thoughts I keep finding your image.
Allow me to love you and I will forever see your love as a privilege.

Let love’s choir raise the roof!  
The two of us could have found somebody to be true to.
But with love there are no definite answers,
Until your hand has been shown;
Has your heart already been enraptured?

With breathless words, I try to speak.
With forgotten gestures, I remain so weak.
With distant wishes, it is always you that I seek,
But still I am this geek; blessed are the meek.
Please share with me what it is you foresee.

Can you picture me holding your hand,
As the world moves all around us, a loss to all plans?
A break in the code,
A glitch in the system.
Lovers swear an oath which has no need to be written.
These promises are to be made, for love never truly fades.
Is this real love or not?  Are we lips to the grave?
We could become all we each could ever need.
My maiden, oh so fair.  Do you too need to be saved?

Let us each shout!  “I want you bad!”
Give me the gift of true love, the likes of which I have never had.
A love that lasts; an unbroken pact.
An oath or bond never broken;
Cure me of my sad.

Light up my heart with your star, set fire to my passion.
I am burning for you, my theatrical attraction.
My muse, my actress, my play on words…
My nameless love.
Let Aa be the bee to your bird.

(C)2017 Aa Harvey. All Rights Reserved.
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