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Perhaps I was never meant to be the hero of my story.
Heroes always die.
But I am still here
I can only wonder when it will be over.

Or if I am to be the tragic antagonist
In the story of another.
But one thing I can confirm
Is that heroes are never happy.

And regardless of whether I am
I certainly will meet a tragic end.
That's always how these things go.
I don't think my story was written with a happy ending in mind.

And thus one day
Just when things feel like they're finally
Finally going right for me.
I'm going to collapse again.

Maybe it is time for me to accept that things won't get better
and that they're only going to get worse from here.

Tragic Comedy kinda beat.
Lil Moon Moon Apr 15
The hero dies at the end of this story
We all know how it goes
The same old song goes on and on
So strap in and raise your chins
Its a scene we already know
The hero dies at the end of the story
And were left wondering
What even was the point of it all?
There’s a thin line between hero and villain.
Everyone’s a hero in their own story,
But someone must be the villain.
Both are born through trauma and grief,
Yet one rises above
While one brings others down.
A gentle push from fate
Spirals an innocent mind.
Eventually a choice is made.
The proverbial line is drawn.
And teetering on that line
Is the indifference of man,
Waiting for their push.
All I can ever ask when you leave me

Was I enough?

Would I ever be enough?

People are always fascinated by me

Attracted to me.

Proclaiming that they will love me for all eternity.

And I can only sadly laugh at such mockery that fate keeps bestowing upon me.

Face it, for all of you who try to love me.

You cannot handle me.

In the end you will always leave me behind.

While I am stuck with the burden of trying to forget.

Your love is not enough.

And you only view me as your saving grace from this ****** world you only suffer in.

But I cannot save you.

To hell with your hero complex.

You most certainly can't save me either.

Love is not enough.

And I am not worth the trouble

I'm not your savior.
As the thoughts of Night cruelly meander
I await your light like a Czech Leander
to guide me over the river of sadness
my Hero's arms purifying my madness
after I appear soaked by the nightly swim
ready to hear your voice that sings
like the most beautifuly flock of birds
you are a true shepherd of my mental herds
Ntando Ndlela Mar 19
The Villain
A normal civilian,
A soldier in the war again innocence,
An open minded critic of morals and tradition,
A seeker of glory only obtained by those without shame,
An optimistic individual with no plans for love, just blueprints for unconditional pain,

The villain,
An object that those who do nothing use to avoid the blame.
Copyrighted ©️.  Written by Ntando Ndlela
Terra Levez Mar 16
a hero will love you as long as you're right
a villain will hold you through your darkest night
to make a villain fall in love with you must be hard, because he has only ever been hurt by the world, has learnt to mistrust it and be disgusted by it.
Juliana Mar 5
You are not a wolf, my sweet.
You are not all that’s wrong with your world.
You are not the silver bullets
your fingertips let slip away,
you are not the knife at her throat.

You, my darling,
are a prince in disguise.
You, my dear,
are the bloodied rabbit
who wriggled your way from the fox.
You, my love,
are the villain who escaped
the prison of your own imperfect poison.

You are the laughter I feel on my lips.
The cracked song of a crinkled French lullaby.
The memories of a duet passed down through the ages.

You are the pain in between my heartbeats.
The open door after a wave of tears.
A bandage that will only separate
from a soul after a lifetime of picking.

You are the sweet, sugary lies I could only hope to believe.
The maze I long to get lost in.
The fountain which clings to my youth.
The fairytale I choose to believe.

You are tied to the girl who fell at your hand.
You traded a wrinkled suit in order
to join her in within the stars.
A crown of gold for the shine of a barrel.

You are tied to the girl whose blood matches yours.
The girl whose purple flowers you’d never trade
for the twinkling power of another’s eyes.
A hero in denial with other matters at hand.

You are tied to the girl whose future
lies in between the pages of a story.
The girl who ran into the woods
leaving your soul empty as the blackest of nights.

You are not an angel.
You are far from a demon.
Totally not based on a Wattpad book. (Y'all go read Expiration Date)
Faiza shekh Feb 23
Dear mother,

You're a superhero,
without any cape.
You've some special super powers,
No ordinary person can have.
All your life you faced this cruel world,
But still are standing so firm and so strong.
You're an angel,
And this is not the world from where you belong.
You deserve only happiness,
And no any harm.
My strength, my heart, my power is you
Thank you my dear mother,
For being an amazing father too.
Dedicated to single mothers
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