I once had a friend, who understood that I couldn't always be a hero.
I had a friend that understood that, in their presence, I'd be most vulnerable, so this friend of mine made the environment so comforting, by making me comfortable with being weakest, around them.

My friend would, lay me in a bed of safety, with sheets of security, and I had to kick off my insecurities, almost like how I kick off my shoes just before I get in bed.

My friend would, read me bedtime stories of how hero's hang their capes at night, after a long day of being heroic.

My friend understood that failure was my kryptonite, so, I would come to this sanctuary, beaten and bruised with words I hoped would mean the opposite, because my aim is to make you happy, and even still, you turn to me and call me heartbreak like it's my superhero name.

They say a hero is everything people can't be, and since they can't be me, the real hero is the real me.

You see, this friend of mine made me believe in first impressions a little more, because even though they didn't know your intentions were pure, soon they'd realise that you're an antidote, the people's cure.

In my journey, I learned that my friend loved me. My friend cared enough to wash my bruised self esteem and stitch my scars carved into soul.

In turn, I learned about how to be a better friend, and love the way my friend loved me. I learned that every hero, needs a safe house, and my safe house had a heart of gold, and with my heroic instincts, I treated gold as if it would be stolen by this thief called insufficient time.

This heart was my life line, and I would never let go of this life supply. My nature soon became part of my safe house's heartbeat.

I fell in love with the time I had with this friend of mine. For a year in my life, I had a privilege to call her mine, and she called me hers.

Insufficient time was our last name.
I was the people's hero, and she was mine.
Time, had plans I couldn't alter,  even with my special powers, to time, I lost her.

Star BG 1d

As I hold the hand of inner child,
my hero is Mighty Mouse.
He’s small but confidant.
Daring, but handsome.
Graceful and smart.
He’s my hero on silver screen,
as I am forever young.

The eyes, as they look
No one gives the hoot
He was one last hope to last
But dead in brain
Soon his grave burnt in fears
Nothing could hold back her tears
A shiver
Clinched his hands
And the town was no more like the past
And a hero dies
As the town falls

The clocks all chime in choir
time for heroes bold
ticking skull with watches dire
a stick man, heart of gold

A suitcase full of eloquence
and time to compose
looking for clues, of excellence
before they decompose

Wandering great halls of words
prosed lines and melodies
searching for tunes, unheard
and poetic symphonies

Skeletor and Sticky
a hero and his side-kick
harmonically quite tricky
as ripostes and quips, they click

Yup, where would I be without my trusty side-kick Sticky! LOL :D~

Hard, as it gets
inscrutable and scallywag
unfinished statuettes
untamed as any wild stag
un-hegded wagers, bets

Unraveled layer hearts
hardened and inured
unrefined, as better parts
but none the less, are pure

They live among us all
pretending to be tough
heeding the hero's call
as diamonds, in the rough

Kinda thought about Disney's Aladdin, as the cave proclaims "a diamond, in the rough" :D
Zan Balmore Mar 29

Hand over hand, checklist and
A pen
Hull breach after hull
breach blown
Liquid leaking uncontrollably
Blank black space, vacuum
Eating up luminescence lost
Clarity, comfort me
Vacuum dines on comfort, too
EVA whistles somehow sad between
Waves of static and silence

Where is the sunrise headed?
Where is the new dawn?
Is this transference, or
164 Eva cuts my cheek
leaves seeds embedded
in flesh that betrays the blood.
If Earth is the lonely world
I'm watching the worst sci-fi short
I'm a hero with no extent,
all patched pores defeated
By carbon in the end

Atoosa Kourosh Feb 28

You don't even know you failed your spiritual test?
Treated me like one of your side projects –  left unfinished
You were surprised to find my self worth undiminished
You only devalued yourself and now your charade is finished
So take off on some other vision quest

You'll never even see how much you were blessed
Given so much more than you deserve
You could've had it all if you'd found the nerve
To keep the true course instead of swerve
Break promises and pretend you've done your best

Tore open my eyes and showed me you're no better than the rest
Just another coward claiming to be strong
And you proved to me that my heart was wrong
For my fire in your cold world cannot belong
You're not the hero I deserve and I won't settle for less!

#IntuitionFAIL (I should have heard some alarms, right? Maybe love is deaf as well as blind....)

Free Will overrides destiny
Chloe Chapman Mar 17

Blood drips,
                      In lurid globes
Down the shadowed folds of heavy velvet.
            cloying stench,
                      shattered china.

Your spine is twisted under stretched yellow skin,
Disjointed vertebrae break through, glinting white.
Your lost words heavy on your tongue,
Ringing in my ears.
Every villain believes
   they are a hero dear.
         even me.

Not a huge fan of this one if I'm honest. Thought I would post it anyway.
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