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Jack L Martin Oct 2018
Cookie Cookie
Yum Yum Yum
in my mouth
down to my tumm

Specks of crumbs
upon my thumb
bit it off
that was dumb!
Jack L Martin Oct 2018
There once was a place
where the townspeople were formal
they made fun of people
who didn't act "normal"

The loyal, royal cow
didn't like
that the townspeople
wouldn't bow

The scary, hairy bear
didn't like
that the townspeople
would stare

The teeny, tiny mice
didn't like
that the townspeople
weren't nice

The swirly, whirly bird
didn't like
that the townspeople
acted absurd!

One day a wise old owl
came to town
and asked the townspeople
to settle down

The wise old owl
made a decree;
"The townspeople should be nice
to everybody!"

"There are people afoot
that act different than you,
but they are still people,
and deserve respect, too!"

The townspeople realized
that the wise old owl was keen,
The townspeople felt bad
that they were being so mean.

The townspeople's hearts
filled with love that was hearty,
and decided to throw everyone
a party!

Thr loyal, royal cow
liked that the townspeople would bow!

The scary, hairy bear
Liked that the townspeople would stare!

The teeny, tiny mice
liked that the townspeople were nice!

as for the the swirly, whirly bird....
the townspeople's friendship, was preferred!

The End
Jack L Martin Oct 2018
He stands next to her bedside
Her eyes closed to the world
Unaware of her surroundings
Unaware of his presence

It was three weeks since the accident
Her children did not survive
The other passenger that was in the car
In the other room, barely alive

The news crews have disappeared
The lawyers and judges on hold
Our attention spans have vanished
This story has gotten old

He extends his hands loving warmth
Gently below her breast
Wishing to feel her heart once more
Beating within her chest

A smile breaks his haunted face
As memories flow within,
Of life she shared with all her kin
Each victory, every sin.

The ache in her soul, it resonates loudly
The misery and pain that would follow
too many years of aches and recovery
Haunts when she wakes up tomorrow

He knows that he can take only one;
All the burden and nothing to gain
The power that's bestowed within him
He decides to relieve her of pain

His gentle hand caresses her cheek,
The devoted servant standing by
A shock of hope, an energy bolt
jolts life and she opens her eyes!

Un-amused, bruised, dazed and confused
The patient in complete disbelief
As if surprised, looks in his eyes
This man; the sickly heart thief

Her eyes filled with tears, her heart filled with fears
Not knowing of her dear children's fate
The man reassured, they both joined the herd
Their souls rest at God's pearly gate

She wanted to scream, in horror, it seemed
Not knowing at what's coming next
The very kind stranger who laid in a manger
Now stands at the pearly gate's steps

He reached out his hand and issued command
"You're safe now, your life is now free.
"You'll surely employ, your heart filled with joy
Now, child please do come with me!"

"And what of my mate, and what of his fate?
The man in the adjoining room?"
The soul of the sky, with tear in his eye
Said that her mate's soul was scheduled for doom!

"The man that's next door, is mean to the core
His mind and his heart, black as pitch,
The hurt left beneath, forever bequeathed
His soul's path is straight to the ditch."

"His heart full of tar, he left me with scars
Forgiveness is not what you preach?
My soul will not rest as it views from afar
This man that you leave at the beach."

The holy man said that before he is dead
The darkened heart has time to heal
Forgiveness and penance is now his life's sentence
The darkened heart needs time to heal

And so they ascended, their holiness blended
All things that were wronged turned to right
The angel of death; he took her very last breath

and her essence.................... returned to the light!
Jack L Martin Sep 2018
Doggie Dog, Doggie Dog
Writing in his doggie blog.

Catty Cat, Catty Cat
Chillin' in her catty flat.

Mousey Mouse, Mousey Mouse
Cleaning up his mousey house.

Foxy Fox, Foxy Fox
Packing up her foxy box.

Ducky Duck, Ducky Duck
Swimming in the gunky muck.

Goosy Goose, Goosy Goose
Putting her smart mind to use.

Ratty Rat, Ratty Rat
Story's over.  That is that.
My first children's poem.
Jack L Martin Sep 2018
A bowl of coal to feed my soul,
An elf, a shelf;
reindeer retreat.

A toll to troll the Northern Pole,
A sleigh to treat my seat.  

He's making a list...
Jack L Martin Sep 2018
I ate a monkey;
It tasted funky.

I ate a mule;
Yeah, that was cruel!

I ate a squirrel;
My stomach whirled.

I ate a skunk;
Oh man, that stunk!
Jack L Martin Sep 2018
I have some aches that are not fiction
so my doctor wrote a prescription

She sent it to the pharmacy near
so I can get my mind adhered

I went to pick it up today
assured that all would be ok

The pharmacy tech was really nice
but said I had to pay full price

It seems as though I was denied
my insurance claimed the doctor lied

All I wanted was to feel better
but now i'm shackled to this fetter

I pay my premium; my budget festers
while the insurance company pays their investors

I guess i'll wait another year
insanity comes closer, I fear.
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